I made a Secret Minecraft Ocean Monument Base! (Hide or Hunt)

Minecraft Hide or Hunt, Making a Secret Ocean Monument Base. this is risky lets hope it survives!
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Edited by Ben - @bwt_8
This is a new gamemode in 1.16 where players go out into the world and all compete by making hidden houses and last secret base standing is the winner!
but be warned rules are you can only craft at your beacon which you need to keep safe!
This is Minecraft HIDE OR HUNT.


  1. Holly C

    Holly C17 timmar sedan

    I’ve got an idea so basically you make a base underground but put a secret base in that base not sure if it’s going to work thought

  2. Waffle Fan

    Waffle Fan2 dagar sedan

    I h8 fortnight

  3. Waffle Fan

    Waffle Fan2 dagar sedan

    I like waffles

  4. Waffle Fan

    Waffle Fan2 dagar sedan

    ok I like both

  5. Waffle Fan

    Waffle Fan2 dagar sedan

    not nuggies

  6. that one blader gamer alex

    that one blader gamer alex2 dagar sedan

    I'm subbed

  7. Sarah Moore

    Sarah Moore5 dagar sedan

    Is anyone gonna talk about what’s happening in the chat 32:50

  8. Nedas Raupelis

    Nedas Raupelis5 dagar sedan

    Boys like for dance

  9. Heyimabean

    Heyimabean7 dagar sedan

    Imagine someone from scicraft playing this, they’d encase their beacon with bedrock

  10. Andres Hernandéz

    Andres Hernandéz8 dagar sedan

    Not to be a hater or anything but i feel like ryan has recently been copying dreams ideas/videos

  11. MargaretMC

    MargaretMC10 dagar sedan

    39:08 wow ur hand rlly did shake

  12. Dolphin Girl

    Dolphin Girl13 dagar sedan

    Brian loves potatoes

  13. Ruth Brocklehurst

    Ruth Brocklehurst14 dagar sedan

    Pls can u do Minecraft war???

  14. Pause Gaming

    Pause Gaming15 dagar sedan

    why does it say "comment if u got this far: Brian loves potatoes" it is just funny

  15. Radha Krishna Surla

    Radha Krishna Surla17 dagar sedan

    Can ypu make a nether base?

  16. Aiden Fultz

    Aiden Fultz19 dagar sedan

    What if you made a base in the nether


    J.E.A STUDIOS19 dagar sedan

    is that Jack Manifold?

  18. Pretzel bot

    Pretzel bot20 dagar sedan

    Will you ever try to make an enchantment table in a vid because you usually get level 16 you could get sharp 1 on a diamond axe instead of armor

  19. Chloe Michael

    Chloe Michael20 dagar sedan

    how did his swamp tree base savive still in the other one and how did he even make a base in the ocean monument like how he would have mining thing i just dont under stand and i have liked and subscribed and hit the ntifications

  20. Ethan Hoyer

    Ethan Hoyer21 dag sedan

    I've been subed since your channel was named creepersedge

  21. For_watching_videos

    For_watching_videos21 dag sedan

    You should build a base on build hight idk how it would work but It would be a cool and unique base to have

  22. Jamison Loson

    Jamison Loson22 dagar sedan

    How do i join the hide or hunt

  23. Jamison Loson

    Jamison Loson22 dagar sedan

    A game

  24. BChinHead

    BChinHead22 dagar sedan

    brain loves potatoes

  25. Necro Dale

    Necro Dale22 dagar sedan

    Who remembered the dream team? Twin and ryan

  26. Emily Macpherson

    Emily Macpherson22 dagar sedan

    I love ur vids and you r the king of hide or hunt :)

  27. XOXO nova

    XOXO nova22 dagar sedan

    Lol he said "if we hit 15k likes I will upload the most carziest hide or hunt today " but he got 18k likes


    KRYZL PLAYZ23 dagar sedan

    Brian Loves Potatoes

  29. Me

    Me25 dagar sedan

    Ok I don’t get the lightning.

  30. Evan Memes

    Evan Memes25 dagar sedan

    Will you do a face reveal at 1 million🥺

  31. emma laukshtein

    emma laukshtein25 dagar sedan

    hes already done one a few years back

  32. Ulyana Kostereva

    Ulyana Kostereva25 dagar sedan

    Hide or Hunt but you make a redstone base (or you cant)

  33. HC Gaming

    HC Gaming25 dagar sedan

    The Temple is Blue 21:28

  34. HC Gaming

    HC Gaming25 dagar sedan

    The guy who is insane at PvP and he didn't even know that there's gold in a monument hahaha bringing your hashtag again #*RIPNUGGET* HEART THIS

  35. Keylla Aurora Crespo

    Keylla Aurora Crespo26 dagar sedan

    Did y’all notice he like gg gg gg

  36. nelly .A

    nelly .A27 dagar sedan

    Why did you give it to mikey you could use ittt😑

  37. BabyCiara Playz

    BabyCiara Playz27 dagar sedan

    You got yourself a sub

  38. BabyCiara Playz

    BabyCiara Playz27 dagar sedan

    Oml you hearted my comment your videos are literally the best you will get a mil subs so soon and you deserve much more

  39. undeadsam1

    undeadsam127 dagar sedan

    how could I join Hide Or Hunt?

  40. Dorien Coleman

    Dorien Coleman28 dagar sedan

    Everyone: The Terminator: I A M B A C K

  41. Alex Anglim

    Alex Anglim28 dagar sedan

    Can you start up minecraft war again I miss it so much it was so good and it was really funny

  42. Jefferson Byrne

    Jefferson ByrneMånad sedan

    At exactly 24 mins did anyone c a guy pop up

  43. Aron ._.

    Aron ._.Månad sedan

    Make a base under the chest from the fake base Like so Ryan see this💪🏼❤️

  44. Shaun Roselt

    Shaun RoseltMånad sedan

    Can you please start uploading videos in higher resolution? Maybe 1440p or 2160p?

  45. Sketch Road JR

    Sketch Road JRMånad sedan

    Love your vids keep going and ur content is sooooo good you are funny and I don't know why you aren't like mr.beast anistley you should be the most subed youtuber that plays mindcraft

  46. Sketch Road JR

    Sketch Road JRMånad sedan

    Make a base under a farm in the village or in the roof of a village house

  47. michael lovell

    michael lovellMånad sedan

    Make a stair way up from a cave in in the stair way dig to the side and make a base you could wait till you find dirt or smelt cobblestone

  48. michael lovell

    michael lovellMånad sedan

    Make a stair way up from a cave in in the stair way dig to the side and make a base you could wait till you find dirt or smelt cobblestone

  49. f31ix 7

    f31ix 7Månad sedan

    The axe is better. The trident works better for water fights. Example you killed a guy in 3 axe hits and the trident didn't kill some one in 5 hits

  50. BlackVelvetBlinks JisooSeulgi

    BlackVelvetBlinks JisooSeulgiMånad sedan

    That was so fun to watch ! Thx a lot ~

  51. Dontaskmethat

    DontaskmethatMånad sedan


  52. CheeseWeedle

    CheeseWeedleMånad sedan

    Ayo why Is CreepersEdge name changed?

  53. John Paul Salvador

    John Paul SalvadorMånad sedan

    Brian Loves Potatoes

  54. Anh Quang The Tran (Johnny)

    Anh Quang The Tran (Johnny)Månad sedan

    "Bye the Beacon" 33:54

  55. Anh Quang The Tran (Johnny)

    Anh Quang The Tran (Johnny)Månad sedan

    "CREEEPER Watch Out!" 17:16

  56. Malin Augustsson

    Malin AugustssonMånad sedan

    Brian loves potatos!

  57. Bryant Maliglig

    Bryant MaligligMånad sedan

    Is his or hunt a mobile game

  58. Tyler Bauer

    Tyler BauerMånad sedan

    I can’t seem to join one?

  59. Mya Campuzano

    Mya CampuzanoMånad sedan

    My dog ate my chunk la

  60. Abe A

    Abe AMånad sedan

    I dont know how many of these that you dont upload but I know your work realy hard thanks :D

  61. RainyDay 2723

    RainyDay 2723Månad sedan

    Make a base behind or under lava. Won’t be expected

  62. Wizz Gaming

    Wizz GamingMånad sedan

    Come back to saico please!! we miss you

  63. Knight-26

    Knight-26Månad sedan

    Do you know ohtekkers? Do you know what happen to him?

  64. PSYCHE

    PSYCHEMånad sedan


  65. L U C K

    L U C KMånad sedan

    Attack>Shield(wait for axe to recharge) >attack Repeat process

  66. ĘŘÏĶ XD

    ĘŘÏĶ XDMånad sedan

    Haw can I join it

  67. OathFn

    OathFnMånad sedan

    I’m happy for your success now know as “RyanNotBrian” I remember you being stuck at 399k for sooo long haha you made my childhood man💯

  68. oreo_overlord12

    oreo_overlord12Månad sedan

    Can I ask how long this took to record? This must have been like three hours!

  69. RazorGGs

    RazorGGsMånad sedan

    *For anyone who actually sees this read this:* You're a gift to those around you. You're a smart cookie. You are awesome! You have impeccable manners. I like your style. You have the best laugh. Everyone appreciates you. *(Also I am on my journey to 600 subs with no vids :D)*

  70. XXKNnelty04

    XXKNnelty04Månad sedan

    Anyone miss minecraft war

  71. Enoch Zimmerman

    Enoch ZimmermanMånad sedan

    Brian loves potatoes

  72. Adam Than

    Adam ThanMånad sedan

    Pls Money

  73. Logan Strickland

    Logan StricklandMånad sedan

    Hi Ryan can u bring back the public hide or hunt factions.

  74. scratchy boi

    scratchy boiMånad sedan

    Build a cave base which is a fake but then you tap redstone ore to open a passage to your real base

  75. Pieter Oomens

    Pieter OomensMånad sedan

    Brain loves potatoes

  76. Colton scott

    Colton scottMånad sedan

    Brian loves potatoes

  77. Candice

    CandiceMånad sedan

    Lol.... That was a close one was the best 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  78. lil nugget

    lil nuggetMånad sedan

    huhhhh more hide or hunt

  79. Henry Moore

    Henry MooreMånad sedan

    Bye Bye Beacon 33:56

  80. Henry Moore

    Henry MooreMånad sedan

    CREEPER Watch Out 17:16

  81. Henry Moore

    Henry MooreMånad sedan

    The Temple is BLUE. 7:26 and 21:29

  82. Sup Dude

    Sup DudeMånad sedan

    How many times Ryan not Brian said where:ITS OVER 9,000

  83. Klaudis

    KlaudisMånad sedan

    I fallen so much from your chanell since faction#314

  84. Rawand

    RawandMånad sedan

    Does anyone know what happened to ohtekkers

  85. Rawand

    RawandMånad sedan

    Is this ohtekkers?

  86. normal weeb here !

    normal weeb here !Månad sedan

    Can you not go to the portal or so

  87. Gaming Guy

    Gaming GuyMånad sedan

    Base idea: let a creeped explode and make a base in the hole it leaves cause I’ve never seen you check a creeper hole

  88. eXtract.7

    eXtract.7Månad sedan

    Brian loves potatoes! ☺

  89. Morkie

    MorkieMånad sedan


  90. Armi Lieden

    Armi LiedenMånad sedan

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    The siblingsMånad sedan

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    H3NZ voyageMånad sedan

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  93. Hvro Youtube

    Hvro YoutubeMånad sedan

    No saicoPvp Videos :P

  94. Positive energy

    Positive energyMånad sedan

    Haven’t watched you in 3-4 years : where did creepers edge go

  95. Theo Starbucks

    Theo StarbucksMånad sedan

    oh, it's already 15k! ^__^ I am waiting for the next hide or hunt, Ryan!

  96. Garbis

    GarbisMånad sedan

    Hey you may not remember me but I was in your first video on Overlord Realm saicopvp my name was billygamez, anyway just wanted to say that you really should get back into factions I really miss the cannon raids

  97. Mr. sheep is not here

    Mr. sheep is not hereMånad sedan

    Bring back minecraft war please

  98. Lola Bee

    Lola BeeMånad sedan

    Did u know that the temple is blue?

  99. Luka Micic

    Luka MicicMånad sedan

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  100. Jack Kirsch

    Jack KirschMånad sedan

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  101. Jessica Ancona

    Jessica AnconaMånad sedan

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  102. spazzytom13

    spazzytom13Månad sedan

    U should do one in the middle of the map

  103. Andreas Rasmussen

    Andreas RasmussenMånad sedan

    How often are there Hide or hunt?

  104. Noah G

    Noah GMånad sedan

    Hide under a tree

  105. Nicolas Donohue

    Nicolas DonohueMånad sedan

    love your conentent but your public hide or hunt sever is so pay 2 win you can literally buy a unban that is so messed up