Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)

Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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  1. Nejra Terzic

    Nejra Terzic3 timmar sedan

    Lil nas😶🤐🤐🤐

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  9. Parker

    Parker3 timmar sedan

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  10. 비카

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  11. Hekima

    Hekima3 timmar sedan

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  12. Kayte

    Kayte3 timmar sedan

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    i hate this song bc im muslim its bad for our country

  14. SAD

    SAD3 timmar sedan

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  15. Kayte

    Kayte3 timmar sedan


  16. Akash Patade

    Akash Patade3 timmar sedan

    I can see christians burning their laptops after watching this XD

  17. debbie goodsman

    debbie goodsman3 timmar sedan

    *non-binary and lesbian twerking*

  18. Rae’lynn Wade

    Rae’lynn Wade3 timmar sedan

    You did not do the right thing doing wrong things with the Devil but I still like your music and I still support you

  19. therine galacio

    therine galacio3 timmar sedan

    Hell no😩

  20. Дамели Милашка

    Дамели Милашка3 timmar sedan

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  21. Mahdi Raz9i

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  22. Kermit EatsShrek

    Kermit EatsShrek3 timmar sedan

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    Kayte3 timmar sedan

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  30. Im a Fish

    Im a Fish3 timmar sedan

    Another episode of (what the fuck did i just watch?). no but jokes aside it was a good song 10/10 would listen again ahha

  31. ReVQuD

    ReVQuD3 timmar sedan

    God is testing me

  32. Emilla Ester

    Emilla Ester3 timmar sedan

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  33. Olivia

    Olivia3 timmar sedan

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  34. Mihael Vulcik

    Mihael Vulcik3 timmar sedan

    what a fked video

  35. Meif'va Girl

    Meif'va Girl3 timmar sedan

    Okay but why does it look like he's in World of warcraft

  36. DreamKiller017 YT

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  37. The Roachies

    The Roachies3 timmar sedan

    2:37 is very gross but i cant look away

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  40. Ethan Roig

    Ethan Roig3 timmar sedan

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  41. Sarah De-martini

    Sarah De-martini3 timmar sedan

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  42. Ross Graham

    Ross Graham3 timmar sedan

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    Gustavo Ricardo3 timmar sedan

    What the Fuck is this ??

  45. Arpita Sharma

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    yo3 timmar sedan


  47. Ross Graham

    Ross Graham3 timmar sedan

    A song by lil nas x

  48. Jagdeep Singh

    Jagdeep Singh3 timmar sedan

    I wish I was apart of the percentage of people who didnt see this

  49. JAHSEH

    JAHSEH3 timmar sedan

    Fuck illuminati🖕🏾 My #GOD st1 🙏❤🔥

  50. beylerbey7

    beylerbey73 timmar sedan

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    Rana Gümüş3 timmar sedan

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  59. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving4 timmar sedan

    This song is horrible, nothing like NBA YoungBoy music 🎶🎵

  60. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz4 timmar sedan

    Anyone want to tell me what 'red supporters' are?

  61. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving4 timmar sedan

  62. Mustafe Huseen TA10

    Mustafe Huseen TA104 timmar sedan

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  63. Ross Graham

    Ross Graham3 timmar sedan

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  64. ኢትዮጲያ ትቅደም

    ኢትዮጲያ ትቅደም4 timmar sedan

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  65. Toast Loaf

    Toast Loaf4 timmar sedan

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    GALAXVERSE4 timmar sedan

    There was no need to make video on song, those videos are toxic 💀

  67. Flo Men Lỳ

    Flo Men Lỳ4 timmar sedan

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  68. Silvia Zocca

    Silvia Zocca4 timmar sedan

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  73. jxxsi ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    jxxsi ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ4 timmar sedan

    If yall say all gays go to hell then why get mad when they do? :/

  74. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz3 timmar sedan

    @xSimonX Listen to a three minute clip on there blue arrow play button. He came out with a little kids book C is for country, in Jan 2021 for little kids, did sesame street, visited elementary schools, and got a roblox fan following and just recently did a concert for them, etc. And then comes out with the video of him with satan. He intentionally targeted little kids for them to see this.

  75. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz3 timmar sedan

    @xSimonX Search online NPR from Jan 2021 where Nas says children are his core audience and thats OK.

  76. xSimonX

    xSimonX3 timmar sedan

    @NoneofyaBiz still you cant stop him from making music Despise young kids exposed to this kind of videos is only parents fault

  77. Ross Graham

    Ross Graham3 timmar sedan

    @NoneofyaBiz a warning? He's an artist, he makes songs

  78. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz3 timmar sedan

    @Ross Graham He gave NO warning. Bait and switch.

  79. Senn Nwer

    Senn Nwer4 timmar sedan


  80. Akshat's Chess Channel

    Akshat's Chess Channel4 timmar sedan

    Wtf ?????????????????????????????? Is this

  81. Arpita Sharma

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    eezydeviant4 timmar sedan

    @Ross Graham indeed🤍🏹

  83. Ross Graham

    Ross Graham4 timmar sedan

    A song by lil nas x

  84. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz4 timmar sedan


  85. Ice! Official

    Ice! Official4 timmar sedan

    All jokes aside, I actually genuinely really like this song.

  86. Noor Suhaida Binti Saedun

    Noor Suhaida Binti Saedun4 timmar sedan


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    Clorox Bleach4 timmar sedan

    1:19 Slay

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    I enjoyed af🤩

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    Yubi-kun4 timmar sedan

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  90. roblox and YouTube

    roblox and YouTube4 timmar sedan

    I never knew he was gay

  91. roblox and YouTube

    roblox and YouTube4 timmar sedan

    Wtf was this

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    chrenq4 timmar sedan

    a masterpiece ❤️

  93. eezydeviant

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    A music video ❤️

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    Athmaj Krishna4 timmar sedan

    * Blushes when he came down the pole *

  95. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz4 timmar sedan

    What are red supporters?

  96. lazzy keneruson

    lazzy keneruson4 timmar sedan

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  97. Julie

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  98. Selma Mitarja

    Selma Mitarja4 timmar sedan

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  99. Arpita Sharma

    Arpita Sharma4 timmar sedan

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  101. { Spirit-showdown}

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    BLUE FLAME4 timmar sedan

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  103. galaxy wolf boy

    galaxy wolf boy4 timmar sedan

    OK this is an addictive song I don't wanna hear it but I'm already addictive to it

  104. camaflauge

    camaflauge4 timmar sedan

    Oh sh*t.... is this what you yunguns are into..... this is straight chichiman fuc*ery

  105. eezydeviant

    eezydeviant4 timmar sedan

    You’re simply homophobic

  106. Eva Jacquart

    Eva Jacquart4 timmar sedan

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  107. MiloActsDumb Lol

    MiloActsDumb Lol4 timmar sedan

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  108. Mara kuroki

    Mara kuroki4 timmar sedan

    **lil Nas X twerking and pool dance iconic**

  109. Enes Efe

    Enes Efe4 timmar sedan


  110. Your local idiot

    Your local idiot4 timmar sedan

    You we're riding horses yesterday now your riding satan

  111. airin biglar

    airin biglar4 timmar sedan

    Honestly Lil nas x is the only hope for music industry

  112. JORDɅN

    JORDɅN4 timmar sedan


  113. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz4 timmar sedan

    Search online NPR from Jan 2021 where Nas says children are his core audience and thats OK.

  114. eezydeviant

    eezydeviant3 timmar sedan

    @Arpita Sharma preach

  115. eezydeviant

    eezydeviant3 timmar sedan

    @NoneofyaBiz there’s still a thing called SEtoos kids. It’s not his job to watch your fucking kids.

  116. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz3 timmar sedan

    @Arpita Sharma It is his responisbility when he intentionally lured kids here by tricking them to subscribe.

  117. Arpita Sharma

    Arpita Sharma3 timmar sedan

    @NoneofyaBiz that's not his responsibility, you should watch your kids. Even Cardi b said the same thing, there are a lot of wrong things on Internet that kids can approach to. Your child is your responsibility , not Creator's

  118. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz3 timmar sedan

    @chrenq The industry is wrong, and so is Lil Nas X. Doesn't matter the artist, gay straight, nor what gender... you target and prey on little kids, you're WRONG!

  119. i am the biggest gay

    i am the biggest gay4 timmar sedan

    bitch really said, "of course i'm going to hell, i have a kingdom to run"

  120. Ashleigh Orange

    Ashleigh Orange4 timmar sedan

    So this is what non-members are complaining about... Well okay honey.

  121. Mark Oliver Prospero

    Mark Oliver Prospero4 timmar sedan

    Minus 10 muna tayo mga kapatid

  122. Nora Kemi

    Nora Kemi4 timmar sedan

    Berkkkkkkk i hate you

  123. Arpita Sharma

    Arpita Sharma3 timmar sedan

    I hate you more 😀

  124. Sammi Shaw

    Sammi Shaw4 timmar sedan

    Lil nas x is covid safe he plays all the characters

  125. Sasha Deity Phoenixx

    Sasha Deity Phoenixx4 timmar sedan

    This video was fucking amazing

  126. Janessa Jones

    Janessa Jones4 timmar sedan

    the humming parts I think is the best part if the song

  127. Yuki Yau

    Yuki Yau4 timmar sedan

    I saw you on news, red supporters ♡

  128. NoneofyaBiz

    NoneofyaBiz4 timmar sedan

    What are red supporters exactly?

  129. yanga mathole

    yanga mathole4 timmar sedan

    Are all gay man promiscuous.

  130. eezydeviant

    eezydeviant4 timmar sedan

    Same question for straights.

  131. Jakov Poje

    Jakov Poje4 timmar sedan

    *melodic twerking*

  132. Mark In_mask

    Mark In_mask4 timmar sedan

    *twerking because everyone is*

  133. Lipsa

    Lipsa4 timmar sedan

    Call me by your nameeeee, and I'm gonna call you by mine.

  134. Little Sanskrita

    Little Sanskrita4 timmar sedan

    He did what he had to....

  135. Jordan Haerter ferrier

    Jordan Haerter ferrier4 timmar sedan

    allahu akbar

  136. Meti Bekele

    Meti Bekele4 timmar sedan

    He is the real one he is getting close and close wow even the satan it self doesn’t want him

  137. Nilen Abeyratna

    Nilen Abeyratna4 timmar sedan

    Some y'all take shit too seriously let Lil nas x be lmfao