How to make Russian cheese (Русский сыр) - Cooking with Boris

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Russian cheese is the block of processed cow juice you find on store shelf in Russia. Some love it and others love it. It is the best no doubt. Here is how you make it.
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  1. uamee

    uamee3 månader sedan

    Ayy blyat bring the cheese Boris!! 😂 we all eat Russian cheese from childhood

  2. Jett Enzo

    Jett Enzo3 dagar sedan

    @Cristiano Andres testing it out right now. Seems great so far :)

  3. Cristiano Andres

    Cristiano Andres3 dagar sedan

    Dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. Find it on google xD

  4. Русская Деедс

    Русская Деедс4 dagar sedan

    омдеед ше дп

  5. 501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA

    501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA8 dagar sedan

    @Meme the Bean ah yes indeed

  6. Meme the Bean

    Meme the Bean8 dagar sedan

    @501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA graystillplays guy :p

  7. Toaletni Papirko

    Toaletni Papirko17 timmar sedan

    The most slavic cheese ive ever seen

  8. Dedicated Random

    Dedicated RandomDag sedan

    How DARE us to put the good cheese near those rotten and sweet ripoffs!?

  9. big body BURBAN

    big body BURBANDag sedan

    Id like to Acquire a knife like that where would id find one

  10. Anti furry Crusader

    Anti furry CrusaderDag sedan

    who from poland like

  11. cooler 1910

    cooler 1910Dag sedan

    0:04 *C H E E S E*

  12. kalin

    kalinDag sedan

    "and start slicing the milk"

  13. Drake Blackley

    Drake BlackleyDag sedan

    ...why can you buy fake US money in Russian stores?

  14. Pogger Logger

    Pogger Logger2 dagar sedan

    1:34 Don't mind me, comrades.

  15. geo_K_gaming

    geo_K_gaming2 dagar sedan

    0:56 what the fuck it in that? Raisins blyat? 😂

  16. Polish Onion

    Polish Onion2 dagar sedan

    XD Boris potrafi polski a polska język trudna język XDD

  17. DenRayver Picar

    DenRayver Picar2 dagar sedan

    This remind me from my childhood

  18. Linkat

    Linkat3 dagar sedan

    0:51 "crumble like western economy" had me rolling on the floor

  19. Mothy the Man

    Mothy the Man3 dagar sedan

    My man has a literal golden spoon

  20. Ethan Campbell

    Ethan Campbell4 dagar sedan

    So I noticed the culture said "do sera gouda" on it. Is this cheese gouda? And is Русский сыр just gouda?

  21. Guillermo Sanchez

    Guillermo Sanchez4 dagar sedan

    2:24 Me: *Getting PTSD from getting killed by a scav camping a corner in Escape from Tarkov.

  22. M&B&D Podkast i Gameplay!!!

    M&B&D Podkast i Gameplay!!!4 dagar sedan


  23. Анна Конюхова

    Анна Конюхова4 dagar sedan

    сыр с чем-то сладким... Интересно...

  24. Mecha-Art

    Mecha-Art4 dagar sedan

    Cheese is love, cheese is life *BLYAT* .

  25. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama5 dagar sedan

    If you can figure out how to build a house out of cheese then you are a true soviet. .....or James May.

  26. Tüzes Borz

    Tüzes Borz5 dagar sedan

    7:37 the thing you just made is called túró in hungary

  27. lasagnagame

    lasagnagame5 dagar sedan

    0:06 fart

  28. Gametroll

    Gametroll5 dagar sedan

    This is my new favorite youtube channel. Frickin love Boris!

  29. Angry Bird!

    Angry Bird!6 dagar sedan

    Ты че людей на**ываешь сыр не бывает не русским ни каким он один

  30. InvaderSel 302

    InvaderSel 3026 dagar sedan

    I feel like Life Of Boris is the Russian version of Swaggersouls and I love it

  31. I_Play_WOT

    I_Play_WOT6 dagar sedan

    Just use mayonese Es

  32. 2Fk1629 Mzz1

    2Fk1629 Mzz16 dagar sedan

    Cambodian also use this word too បេតុង 0:41

  33. Kaushal Sharma

    Kaushal Sharma6 dagar sedan

    how do you know

  34. Big Iron

    Big Iron7 dagar sedan

    True Slav has golden spoon

  35. Marco

    Marco7 dagar sedan

    Russian chees is really like My home land chees, Swedish chees Here we cant buy cheddar plastic chees her we buy a big triangel of Hard strong chees

  36. Tin Tin

    Tin Tin7 dagar sedan

    00:08 Im lactose intolerant so I guess Ill starve

  37. Foxon w

    Foxon w7 dagar sedan

    Me when see theres a Polish bag with calcium: O KURWA

  38. Axel Thorelli

    Axel Thorelli7 dagar sedan

    How do you know the body temperature of a cow is 38

  39. Trooper Jack

    Trooper Jack8 dagar sedan

    Russians cooking be like : SUKA BLYAT random shit go!

  40. Andrea Lanzoni

    Andrea Lanzoni8 dagar sedan

    Binging with Babish: So, we are making out own bread Binging with Babushka: We make our own cheese.

  41. NFS&P Barrister

    NFS&P Barrister8 dagar sedan

    This is how we made tofu in asia too. So, tofu is asian cheese?

  42. ethan

    ethan8 dagar sedan

    You know you're doing a bad job as a camera when Boris wants to put you in a meat grinder

  43. Fat Alligator

    Fat Alligator8 dagar sedan

    Ahhh sitting on fire doesn’t hurt when you are slav

  44. ege demirtola

    ege demirtola8 dagar sedan

    07:05 so we can make cheese in living cow right? xd

  45. Honque_thegreat

    Honque_thegreat8 dagar sedan

    This man could figure out some insane way to feed Maoist China x2 in like 1 hour

  46. Thomazacre

    Thomazacre8 dagar sedan

    Its not your cheese, its OUR CHEESE

  47. Diavolo

    Diavolo9 dagar sedan

    Did he just said beton?

  48. GamingCreeper62 New

    GamingCreeper62 New9 dagar sedan

    How could you know the cow temperature Boris?

  49. The Foxter

    The Foxter9 dagar sedan

    Boris: "Now very slowly..... *Migs* " Me: *W H E E Z E*

  50. Ciongsik

    Ciongsik9 dagar sedan

    poland cheese is the best :)

  51. J.R. Caldoon

    J.R. Caldoon10 dagar sedan

    Would love to see you make non-load-bearing сыр for impatient consumption. Bring on the творог! It might not have the fine culture, but it is so tasty and easy to make!

  52. Mrs. Sanchez

    Mrs. Sanchez10 dagar sedan

    As a native english speaker, all i can think is that this is what english sounds like to people who cant speak it. I can understand parts of it by hearing, but the rest ? Nope. Imma just enjoy the accent.

  53. Archie Owen-Wilson

    Archie Owen-Wilson10 dagar sedan

    Thank u for 11 mins of cheese making recorded with a block of cheese

  54. mustardo mano

    mustardo mano10 dagar sedan

    What’s wrong with wendslydal -Wallace

  55. The life of Western Slav

    The life of Western Slav10 dagar sedan

    Hello comrade I am eastern Russian spy in the west.

  56. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

    Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E10 dagar sedan

    I tried it. It was amazing and It can be kept in the fridge for about a week and a half and it doesn't even spoil a bit.

  57. thespogny

    thespogny10 dagar sedan

    now i dont need bricks to build my hosue

  58. Tharmin

    Tharmin11 dagar sedan

    *vadim munching sounds*

  59. Gabriel Bolocan

    Gabriel Bolocan11 dagar sedan

    Boris: Hmmm, what title should this video have....HOW ABOUT TAKE TWO AT MAKING CHEESE- actually, it's bad. It's not gonna attract people enough. I GOT IT! MAKING RUSSIAN CHEESE. YESS. [Boris screaming in the background]: Anatholy, I got the best title ever!!! Anatholy: bruh

  60. Kinda Tim

    Kinda Tim11 dagar sedan

    I miss this intro...

  61. Toadman

    Toadman11 dagar sedan

    That first 5 seconds is gold

  62. haydar yilmaz

    haydar yilmaz12 dagar sedan

    The makeshift income primarily wrap because adjustment psychologically glue despite a gorgeous digestion. offbeat, repulsive snowflake

  63. sluggthesnail

    sluggthesnail12 dagar sedan

    the way he says "eugh it is sweet!" makes me laugh so hard

  64. Chris Ward

    Chris Ward12 dagar sedan


  65. Simon Paillé

    Simon Paillé12 dagar sedan

    Where can I buy the knife?

  66. Saujan Panja

    Saujan Panja12 dagar sedan

    Upto salting the method is same for paneer

  67. Darrion T Garcia

    Darrion T Garcia12 dagar sedan

    grubhub perks give you deals

  68. Алексей Ярмолюк

    Алексей Ярмолюк12 dagar sedan

    Хоп хоп давай

  69. Ian Doster

    Ian Doster13 dagar sedan

    Russia🇷🇺,Kazakhstan🇰🇿,Ukraine🇺🇦,Belarus🇧🇾,Lithuania🇱🇹,Latvia🇱🇻,Estonia🇪🇪,Kyrgyzstan🇰🇬,Tajikistan🇹🇯,Uzbekistan🇺🇿,Turkmenistan🇹🇲,Azerbaijan🇦🇿,Armenia🇦🇲,Moldova🇲🇩 and Georgia🇬🇪 all make the USSR.

  70. meesguy

    meesguy13 dagar sedan

    **smacks on table** _c h e e s e_

  71. Betty Oop

    Betty Oop13 dagar sedan

    “Eats Dutch Gouda cheese 🧀 “ Why? It is tasty and i’m too lazy/busy with other things to make cheese at home.

  72. A normal Duck

    A normal Duck13 dagar sedan

    Comrade, how you know temperature of cow?

  73. TANKop 2

    TANKop 213 dagar sedan

    *российский сыр

  74. Nem

    Nem13 dagar sedan

    99% english comment 1% russian comment *visible confusion*

  75. Niebieska Krewetka

    Niebieska Krewetka13 dagar sedan

    Hello Boris! Here a Polish fan! Only in one market i can buy this mistery green liquid. Ooooo bliiin, it's delicious!

  76. thetf2communist

    thetf2communist13 dagar sedan

    Cheese is cheese, mmm.

  77. Midnight_Shadow Fox8 roblox

    Midnight_Shadow Fox8 roblox13 dagar sedan

    0:02 me when i forgot to turn off my camera in zoom

  78. T o b i L o s GaMiNg

    T o b i L o s GaMiNg14 dagar sedan

    pycckhh cbip

  79. T o b i L o s GaMiNg

    T o b i L o s GaMiNg14 dagar sedan


  80. T o b i L o s GaMiNg

    T o b i L o s GaMiNg14 dagar sedan


  81. Jakob Remes

    Jakob Remes14 dagar sedan

    Where Can you buy the browin produkts, like the calcium chloride One?

  82. TheBereangirl

    TheBereangirl14 dagar sedan

    It was Plav-o'clock here last night, but I don't know about making my own cheese. I wanna see Boris milk a cow, that would be fantastic.

  83. Великий и Ужасный Анусос

    Великий и Ужасный Анусос14 dagar sedan

    Сыр не русский, а российский!Попался ряженый)))) P.S. Google translate can't catch it, but русский=ethnicity, российский=belongs to Russian Federation, also россиянин=citizen of Russian Federation, not ethnically Russian.

  84. Bender

    Bender15 dagar sedan

    Добрый день, когда Борис выкладывает

  85. PIXEL fx7

    PIXEL fx715 dagar sedan

    the camera needs glasses desperately.

  86. Everyone's Idol Goro Majima

    Everyone's Idol Goro Majima16 dagar sedan

    Get a AK47 and go in you're friends room with Russian army suit

  87. Noob

    Noob16 dagar sedan

    We can sell this and get *our* self money

  88. Niko Beličić

    Niko Beličić16 dagar sedan

    When i read the thumbnail i red ruski sir

  89. Flame Mapping

    Flame Mapping16 dagar sedan

    Uhh, the egg is floating, do i take it out?

  90. Dylan Laursen

    Dylan Laursen16 dagar sedan

    I'm new to channel fellow comrades

  91. Amanda Nash

    Amanda Nash17 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsey would be proud of your homemade cheese lol

  92. Это_натали_сукa:D

    Это_натали_сукa:D17 dagar sedan

    нет ничего лучше русского сыра Подождите, вы использовали ультра пастеризованное молоко? Какого черта ты все испортил >:0

  93. Hajro

    Hajro17 dagar sedan

    Ahhh i think all of you from the west thought that cheese is yellow nononon cheese is white if it's from the villages

  94. Sahrul kus

    Sahrul kus17 dagar sedan


  95. Audience

    Audience17 dagar sedan

    *Imagine you use cheese as the wax while the wax is inside the cheese because of same orange yellow color. XD*


    GET WRECKED18 dagar sedan

    What about American cheese

  97. Happy B

    Happy B18 dagar sedan

    Keeping it "Cheeky Breeky" Colorado Rocky Mountain style

  98. Kiruo Rin

    Kiruo Rin18 dagar sedan

    calcium chloride looks like cocaine

  99. RayydedNIML

    RayydedNIML19 dagar sedan

    Boris: cheese crumbles like western economy British cheese: am I a joke to you?

  100. Pixel

    Pixel19 dagar sedan

    what happens if you make it with fermented milk

  101. Harrison The Car Guy

    Harrison The Car Guy19 dagar sedan

    where did you get bayonet

  102. Adhit

    Adhit19 dagar sedan

    I saw polish language

  103. Dusk Moss

    Dusk Moss19 dagar sedan

    Ice cream = Siberian cheese

  104. smiley satanson

    smiley satanson19 dagar sedan

    ah yes, proof that its not american cheese is that it contains culture

  105. Weird Name

    Weird Name19 dagar sedan

    What is the song in steps? someone helpu plox