The Best Musicians Of Jay Leno's Garage | Jay Leno's Garage

Avril Lavigne, Seal, Kelly Clarkson - you name it! They've all been featured on "Jay Leno's Garage"! Catch our mini mashup of some of the musicians who have been on the show, and don't forget to watch your favorite episodes on demand now.
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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
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The Best Musicians Of Jay Leno's Garage | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. The Aviator

    The Aviator12 timmar sedan

    8:36 is what we all wanted to watch

  2. Bruce Wilson

    Bruce Wilson17 timmar sedan

    I'm an ordinary American guy. Years ago I sold international long distance when it was all land lines. We had real good prices on calling cards so I ended up with traveling musicians using the card. Among them; Martha Reeves drummer and trumpet player...and I had two conversations with Herbie Hancock. Fun memories.

  3. Spear Fish

    Spear Fish17 timmar sedan

    Wow hard to believe she's 36 years old now. She sure doesn't look it, she must have really good genes. Too bad her music hasn't followed suite. I thought her first two albums were very good, unfortunately after that, not so much.

  4. John Avy

    John Avy22 timmar sedan

    Kenny and Jays hair flying around.Priceless

  5. Shubh Shukla

    Shubh ShuklaDag sedan

    That Tunnel leads to Jay's garage

  6. kiss the sky

    kiss the skyDag sedan

    That mustang gorgeous

  7. Another_Channel

    Another_Channel2 dagar sedan

    All the ppl that wanna bang pop stars subcommittee to mental herpes

  8. hpoonis2010

    hpoonis20102 dagar sedan

    Strange. Billy Joel's Jag has (what appear to be) RAC and AA badges...for left-hand drive?

  9. Dave lowinger

    Dave lowinger2 dagar sedan

    do you know how driving a set of triples to the Nevada deserts like Playing Moonlight. you throw your heel up on the sustain pedal and hope you don't hit anything too hard.

  10. Mariella Ferrari PhD

    Mariella Ferrari PhD2 dagar sedan

    Avril: *trying not to vom* Jay: *almost asleep*

  11. A1 RACING

    A1 RACING3 dagar sedan

    my best Avril moment was her checking me out when i was 20 years old walking by her in the Mall. Shes so hot

  12. james walton

    james walton3 dagar sedan

    I hope one day Jay do a show with the Combat Vets that love cars!!!!!

  13. steve hansford

    steve hansford4 dagar sedan

    Can’t get a fast car in Canada. Hoser A

  14. steve hansford

    steve hansford4 dagar sedan

    Kelly Rocks ! Good girl.


    ROBIN MCCULLARS4 dagar sedan

    What was in the tunnel??? HA!


    TOM PIPPS4 dagar sedan


  17. Leon Maliniak

    Leon Maliniak4 dagar sedan

    This channel is obviously of interest to men and so is HAIR LOSS, so I post this important notice here because lucky JAY has a beautiful head of hair. Conventional medicine has FAILED to solve HAIR LOSS because it has focused only on blocking DHT. I cured my HAIR LOSS with a NEW method described at which explains why the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS is not DHT but a reduction in the BLOOD FLOW to the scalp due to a tight lower scalp layer called the GALEA and shows how to cure hair loss with no drugs, no lotions and no surgery. Get the book and learn how to cure your hair cost almost nothing.

  18. john conley

    john conley6 dagar sedan

    Awww she’s so cute and funny

  19. JohnnyHenry

    JohnnyHenry6 dagar sedan

    luv th histry lesson i was born in '67


    THE REAL ZENFORCE6 dagar sedan

    7:04 to 7:11 Jay is pulling a "Jedi Mind Trick" on Seal, twice.

  21. John

    John7 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for Kelly Clarkson to do some “off-roading” lol

  22. John Hamm

    John Hamm9 dagar sedan

    Hello fan,thanks for your continuous support i really do appreciate you all, You are always free to get in touch with me By my email@

  23. Paul Paul

    Paul Paul9 dagar sedan

    Good lord, Avril is smoking gorgeous

  24. Cdt.Causetout

    Cdt.Causetout11 dagar sedan

    How was this "off road"? It was a dirt road, admittedly, but it was a road. Broad and wide.

  25. Rena Fox

    Rena Fox11 dagar sedan

    Another car song: One piece at a time by Johnny Cash

  26. peter charles

    peter charles11 dagar sedan

    A Daimler with a Jaguar bonnet ornament?

  27. Zero Res

    Zero Res14 dagar sedan

    Very entertaining! Thanks for sharing, Jay!

  28. Cody Testroet

    Cody Testroet16 dagar sedan

    "offroading" on paved dirt roads nicer than the dirt roads I drive

  29. Avronil Sing

    Avronil Sing17 dagar sedan

    Avril 8:36 save your time

  30. Avil Georgescu

    Avil Georgescu17 dagar sedan

    nice vid

  31. adam0U812 Davies

    adam0U812 Davies18 dagar sedan

    I would love to take a ride with Avril 😍

  32. Richard Brooks

    Richard Brooks18 dagar sedan

    Now what was that saying fellas, beauty is only skin deep. You cant seem to get past the first letter in the alphabet.

  33. CrazyLegsMcGee

    CrazyLegsMcGee19 dagar sedan

    Avril drives so slow! LOL

  34. Thomas Blackwell

    Thomas Blackwell19 dagar sedan

    Jay is hugging the yellow line.

  35. spywithme

    spywithme20 dagar sedan

    Jay, that was so fun. I'm loving the Porsche that Kenny was driving sounded great. Does that engine mis when you push it? Seemed like it was cutting out toward the end of the pull.

  36. Justin Tyme

    Justin Tyme23 dagar sedan

    Thank frank Jay didn't let Billy Joel drive. Phew!!

  37. Paul Mohr

    Paul Mohr27 dagar sedan

    Wow Avril just keeps getting more pretty.

  38. Vivian Hall

    Vivian Hall28 dagar sedan

    Avril takes Jay around the track at a respectable 30mph while Jay ups the ante to 150mph. :) Avril highlights the opportunity to ride with Jay while Jay humbly throws the honor back at Avril. Classy guy.

  39. Pasco David

    Pasco David28 dagar sedan

    Forget about the girl she`s nice what Porsche is that!!

  40. pantera owns

    pantera ownsMånad sedan

    Pretty sure Jay hit that after that shoot

  41. Malte Laurids Brigge

    Malte Laurids BriggeMånad sedan

    Somehow I don't think that Jay really cares about Avril's album title and where that comes from.

  42. P B

    P BMånad sedan

    Kinda skipped right to Avril Lavigne. Wasn't really interested in the other characters 😂. Boy, she is Fing hot 🔥. Hotter than I can remember 😂.

  43. Smith Classic Cars

    Smith Classic CarsMånad sedan

    I've never met a Canadian I didn't like. Must be something in the water.

  44. Nancy M

    Nancy MMånad sedan

    The humility of your statement being offered to play in front of 40,000 people and humbly accepting it put a lump in my throat Billy thank you so much that was beautiful it's refreshing to see

  45. Armando Problemas

    Armando ProblemasMånad sedan

    Avril is the most beautiful woman on the planet. I'd buy her the RS6 to take our kids grocery shopping.

  46. Memento Mori

    Memento MoriMånad sedan

    8:34 is why you came. I did twice

  47. kwg2005

    kwg2005Månad sedan

    The girls would be more attractive without the rubbish tattoos on their arms.

  48. El Guapo

    El GuapoMånad sedan

    When did Avril Lavine get hot? That happened out of nowhere for me

  49. John Joseph Flanagan

    John Joseph FlanaganMånad sedan

    Both Billy Joel and Jay Leno are "regular" guys, the type you could share a beer with, and at least seem to have not allowed money and fame to go to their heads. Great video.

  50. Luis Serrano

    Luis SerranoMånad sedan

    Avril is just 💕. How can you not love her ❤️

  51. E5m

    E5mMånad sedan

    Avril is such a pretty girl.

  52. Core i9-9900K

    Core i9-9900KMånad sedan

    *I love avril lavigne*

  53. MrRuger1977

    MrRuger1977Månad sedan

    Avril....Just wow.

  54. BibiBosh

    BibiBoshMånad sedan

    I have always had the hots for avril.

  55. gangstershovel

    gangstershovelMånad sedan

    Got a few good laughs here, being from Canada myself I loved the Avril comment " in Canada we say Give er eh ! " She is so cute

  56. Orson Olson

    Orson OlsonMånad sedan

    Beautiful coaching, Jay!

  57. Lu KN

    Lu KNMånad sedan

    0:07 2:56 5:26 8:34 11:41 !!! 13:46 16:11 19:27 outro

  58. whitedevil2

    whitedevil2Månad sedan

    Seal, Paul Rudd, and Rob Lowe all found the Fountain of Youth and aren't sharing

  59. Rondell Schuyler

    Rondell SchuylerMånad sedan

    Detroit can be made great again.

  60. Clayton Bigsby

    Clayton BigsbyMånad sedan

    That was not off road lmao

  61. jeff mays

    jeff maysMånad sedan

    I'm just here for Avril..

  62. Kevin Cruise

    Kevin CruiseMånad sedan

    Jay leno is so boring.

  63. Michael O'Brien

    Michael O'BrienMånad sedan

    This is like Comedian's in Cars Getting Coffee without the entertainment.

  64. Rob Calder

    Rob CalderMånad sedan

    late night misses jay leno the best

  65. Matthew Mandragon

    Matthew MandragonMånad sedan

    “Do you trust me?” “It’s not my truck!”

  66. Niels kjær

    Niels kjærMånad sedan

    I ❤️ the tour of Detroit with Martha Reeves

  67. MrPaulsf

    MrPaulsfMånad sedan


  68. Rv4 Guy

    Rv4 GuyMånad sedan

    She swears like a fuckn Canadian! Proud.

  69. Nater389

    Nater389Månad sedan

    I love Jay's videos. However, I never give a up or down like...because of what he did to Conan. I give him the view...but not the like...nor the notification bell. Especially not giving CNBC any love.

  70. Sia Ahmadi

    Sia AhmadiMånad sedan

    Gotd Avril Lavigne is sooooo hoooooooooooooooot 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my crush since childhood

  71. Charlie Humphries

    Charlie HumphriesMånad sedan

    luv ya Avril xoxo

  72. adrian angel

    adrian angelMånad sedan

    Wooow....😍 Talking about Avril!

  73. pearlwsz7

    pearlwsz7Månad sedan

    Avril Lavigne is not a "musician". She is someone who sings songs that musicians wrote for her to sing.

  74. Amanda S

    Amanda SMånad sedan

    mm thats not true 😅

  75. avon neave

    avon neaveMånad sedan

    Really nice Jay, really warm and welcoming. Oh if only my generation had of maintained our shared inheritance well that we might of in the future reminisced nostalgically so joyously rather than to now be remembered as likened to the "children of the dust", made so here in Australia at the hand of self serving politicians. I'm currently battling living in a small car from one carpark to the other. Viva la peaceful Revolution. Love your garage. P . S, when will you highlight the exciting advent of the arrival of the Electric powered motor vehicle era?? All the best from here in West Australia

  76. Ace of Spades

    Ace of SpadesMånad sedan

    was interested in the ZZ top and Bill Joel segments.

  77. Gabby Mags

    Gabby MagsMånad sedan

    Mellissa...Avrils replacement

  78. Embargo27

    Embargo27Månad sedan

    You trust me.... "It's not my truck"😂

  79. theedrstrangelove

    theedrstrangeloveMånad sedan

    Good grief, what a sell-out for having most of these people on his show. Avril Lavigne, a talent less auto tuned corporate creation.

  80. Elegant Toilet

    Elegant ToiletMånad sedan

    11:42 - skip over Avril Lavigne

  81. Dave Long

    Dave LongMånad sedan

    My gosh, Avril is beautiful!

  82. billhurt62

    billhurt62Månad sedan

    I’d LOVE to take Avril out in my Porsche❤️

  83. Domino Diamond

    Domino DiamondMånad sedan

    I always had a crush on her.

  84. Oztk

    OztkMånad sedan

    06:24 "a proper englishman" LOOOOOOOOOOL

  85. promerops

    promeropsMånad sedan

    The great Martha Reeves. Bless her!

  86. Versatility Entertainment

    Versatility EntertainmentMånad sedan

    As a long time fan of Avril Lavigne from her first hit song, she has aged gracefully since then. 😁

  87. Jose Alvarez

    Jose AlvarezMånad sedan

    That was fun!! 😎

  88. Skeeter McSwagger

    Skeeter McSwaggerMånad sedan

    Who noticed the fake seatbelts in the 1st jaguar with Billy Joel?

  89. Rich Farfugnuven

    Rich FarfugnuvenMånad sedan

    Did not realize that Seal was so tall...

  90. Nachatar Dhaliwal

    Nachatar DhaliwalMånad sedan

    If I lived in America I would get a pickup truck as a weekender and a convertible for the daily

  91. Steve C.

    Steve C.Månad sedan

    Avril is such a cutie

  92. Jacob Hoffman

    Jacob HoffmanMånad sedan

    Avril is so fricken gorgeous 😍 ♥

  93. Todd Clark

    Todd ClarkMånad sedan

    Hey Jay I'd take her in the car any day till Billy we said hello

  94. Path Below

    Path BelowMånad sedan

    She is a beauty.

  95. C5GalaxyStudios

    C5GalaxyStudiosMånad sedan

    Avril reminds me of Rosanna Arquette. Both very sweet and beautiful women.

  96. John Hogan

    John HoganMånad sedan

    What is up with this video quality? So jumpy.

  97. Justin Time

    Justin TimeMånad sedan

    Off road then proceeds to drive on a road.

  98. Just Another Dane

    Just Another DaneMånad sedan

    Jay taking Avril round the track like a grandpa taking his granddaughter round the track As you do...! :-D

  99. Michael Baldwin

    Michael BaldwinMånad sedan

    That Porsche looks a bit Ruff.......:-)

  100. Ryan's V-Twin Vlogs

    Ryan's V-Twin VlogsMånad sedan

    Glad I’m not the only one that came here and skipped right to the Avril section. Haha. She just gets hotter and hotter. Wow.

  101. Metralon

    MetralonMånad sedan

    Here for Avril