An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settled into Southern California, James Corden thought it was time to show his friend Prince Harry the sights. From tea on an open top bus to visiting the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" mansion, Prince Harry gets the tour he never dreamed of. Special thanks to Spartan for providing an incredible Spartan Race Obstacle Course to run. Learn more:
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  1. daddie17-SWE

    daddie17-SWE19 minuter sedan

    0 to..... 60 :') Some hesitation there of disclosing how cozy these two got haha.

  2. Jadennn Dano

    Jadennn Dano38 minuter sedan

    Gordon Harry

  3. 501st legion bricks

    501st legion bricksTimme sedan

    R.I.P prince Philip

  4. Joyce Joseph

    Joyce JosephTimme sedan

    🙏 James you can make some ones day go well 👍

  5. Amy Michelle Wiley

    Amy Michelle Wiley2 timmar sedan

    Do you think Harry had a double for any of the obstacle course? Either way, fun video!

  6. TheNihalMohd

    TheNihalMohd2 timmar sedan

    I realise I have a better phone than the Prince. I feel rich now. Thanks. Bye.

  7. Alvaro Quevedo

    Alvaro Quevedo3 timmar sedan

    James doing the Tom Cruise run hahahahh

  8. hien phan

    hien phan3 timmar sedan

    Harry’wife is as fake as plastic 🥶

  9. Sheryl Magbanua

    Sheryl Magbanua3 timmar sedan

    I love Harry for being real..and sweet to Megan😘💕💕💕

  10. Ashleigh B Meh

    Ashleigh B Meh4 timmar sedan

    Bravo good sir ✌🏻❤️🙂

  11. F G

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  12. Faye Beattie

    Faye Beattie5 timmar sedan

    Harry why did you decide to humiliate your family on Oprah when you love them so much. If you are hurt by there actions did trying to shame them infront of millions work ,make you feel better? Unfortunately many feel this action was not like you ,it seemed so sad that rather then speak to them privately as to what people do when they feel hurt by loved ones actions you chose to make it public. Maybe just maybe there were other reasons this path was chosen that your not letting yourself see. Did Megan feel better? Did you release your shame that you were unconsciously induced to feel by somehow feeling doing this as an attempt to prove you will protect you woman. Good woman would not covertly require this. Good woman would insist closeness with fam, that is unless fam is being cruel. Who started your train of thought that your fam had acted cruel to your wife ? Do you know what situational anger is? Do you no the term D.A.R.V.O? PSYCHOLIGY IS AMAZING ITS GREAT TO EDUCATE ONESELF WHOM WISHES TO LIVE LIFE IN THE TRUEST FORM OF REALITY. LOVE BOMBING IS AN AMAZING READ IN PSYCHOLIGY,TRIANGULATION AND HOW IT WORKS. i PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR BABIES.I felt dearly for Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp and Alec Baldwin, so I pray for you now. We should always do exercises to practice and sharpen our critical thinking skills; You are a true empath and must always be on grounded guard, for those whom seek your kind out. as they can cause alot of danger on your emotional health, mind heart, soul and livelihood!

  13. Justine Gail Gumalo

    Justine Gail Gumalo6 timmar sedan


  14. Jimmy James

    Jimmy James6 timmar sedan

    Prince Harry seems so happy with his life now.

  15. Faye Beattie

    Faye Beattie6 timmar sedan

    Harry please research covert npd, love bombing, gaslighting and TRIANGUALTION

  16. M B

    M B7 timmar sedan

    there are my best cargo pants!

  17. Joyce Joseph

    Joyce Joseph7 timmar sedan

    We watched you having fun, and laughter was continuous flow 👍😀😀😀😀


    JAMES HULLEZA7 timmar sedan

    Lol Harry and James on the obstacle race is like seeing a trainer and his dog on an obstacle course on a dog show...

  19. gin vodka

    gin vodka8 timmar sedan

    its like prince harry telling his dog to do obstacle course lmao! cmon lets go cordy!

  20. Teri Ennis

    Teri Ennis8 timmar sedan

    He's great welcome to America

  21. abby Birhanu

    abby Birhanu8 timmar sedan

    James being Bts army is the best

  22. Beat Stahh

    Beat Stahh9 timmar sedan

    This is amazing.

  23. US UK

    US UK9 timmar sedan

    And they say Harry is unhappy. He's loving it. Much respect for him putting his wife and baby first. Glad he took his Mothers advice.

  24. Tito 4

    Tito 4Timme sedan

    The British media wanted him to be unhappy so he would come back and be their scapegoat the rentless negative coverage and attacks on him was too much Harry and Meghan were too charismatic they overshadow the other royals the press made them the villain's as that sells but the onslaught was unbearable and not sustainable for anybody to accept without having a mental breakdown. I'm British and sad about what they did to them. Harry has always been the most fun and interesting royal, American look after Diana's boy.

  25. Tom Punnoose

    Tom Punnoose9 timmar sedan

    Amazing !!!!

  26. Adam Patla

    Adam Patla9 timmar sedan

    Harry doing that obstacle course tho...

  27. Alison and Dan Lindsey

    Alison and Dan Lindsey10 timmar sedan

    This-this was awesome to watch

  28. 19Jetta

    19Jetta10 timmar sedan

    No legs on the climb! Well alright :)

  29. Thinadi Prettygirl

    Thinadi Prettygirl10 timmar sedan

    Please Back Pink CRA POOL.........

  30. 정규ily Cheon

    정규ily Cheon11 timmar sedan

    "Do you have army experience?" ??? : "Yep, very much a member of the BTS ARMY" 자랑스럽다 ㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  31. Robert Hill

    Robert Hill12 timmar sedan


  32. JDMAnt

    JDMAnt12 timmar sedan

    Love how people are quick to slate Harry when he has fought for our country and just a sound lad!

  33. Zuluwarrior72

    Zuluwarrior7214 timmar sedan

    Sort your bro out..Birmingham us bro

  34. Zuluwarrior72

    Zuluwarrior7214 timmar sedan

    love to you both..KRO

  35. Bren Haas

    Bren Haas15 timmar sedan

    Great fun... its good to see Harry enjoying some American fun! :-) I love how Prince Harry waits like a gentleman for James.

  36. Antonio Momot

    Antonio Momot15 timmar sedan

    This Haz dude should be the King

  37. Sandy Campbell

    Sandy Campbell16 timmar sedan

    That was awesome. I love to hear Harry laugh.

  38. Abubakar Labaran

    Abubakar Labaran16 timmar sedan

    I. Love this prince be your self god bless you and your family , regards to meg and Archie.

  39. Haniya Morrison

    Haniya Morrison17 timmar sedan

    meghan and harry are so gorgeous

  40. Stephany Alakroush

    Stephany Alakroush17 timmar sedan

    Prince harry and princess megan should be put on the tv shows and living hop hop or something! After all they was royal and the show are to watch the artists and them work hard and get back on track and become successful! Love to see them on the show! I know they will get a lot of respect! And they are actually royal maybe the people on the show will stop saying they are the king and queen when the royals actually have rank over them hahahha

  41. Veronica Rosazza Prin

    Veronica Rosazza Prin17 timmar sedan

    First: Megan is BEAUTIFUL also during facetime. Second: the owner of that house are Italian?! 💛🇮🇹

  42. Rij Nz

    Rij Nz18 timmar sedan

    I love it how harry being sooo normal, talkative and playing.. like zero showing off being a prince. This shows us how he's sucha nice, decent and down to earth personality. Archie and meghan are so blessed to end up with this man of decency. May god bless prince harry and his family. ♥️♥️♥️

  43. Scrambled Samples

    Scrambled Samples19 timmar sedan

    It's like when the 'sporty' friend from primary school meets his 'funny' friend the first day of secondary school

  44. za za tomy

    za za tomy20 timmar sedan

    Love this, hope harry does well in future

  45. Shaima Kader

    Shaima Kader21 timme sedan

    That's why we love Prince Harry 💖

  46. Rachel Crawford

    Rachel Crawford21 timme sedan

    I would be reacting and acting just like James Corden if I was going through the military training section of the video.

  47. Asad Saifi

    Asad Saifi21 timme sedan

    What an episode 👏

  48. Suki Cosplay69

    Suki Cosplay6921 timme sedan

    Watching this made me laugh with joy that I haven’t felt in a while💗

  49. Mrs. Huda Scott.

    Mrs. Huda Scott.22 timmar sedan

    Next time do it with William, I want to see his personality in person. Harry seems super fun.

  50. Tiya Saxena

    Tiya Saxena22 timmar sedan

    Prince Harry is such a complete Human being ❤💫This is Amazing!!!

  51. Ava Laming Fonseca

    Ava Laming Fonseca23 timmar sedan

    I guess James loves guys names Harry HAHAHAHAH

  52. RO

    RO23 timmar sedan

    Harry is just cool. So normal. I like him very much😍

  53. hknb jn

    hknb jn23 timmar sedan

    Prince Phillipe never saw Archie in real life

  54. Edogawa Oke

    Edogawa Oke23 timmar sedan

    In pretty sure prince harry can beat ninja warrior easily 😅 No mud on shirts is unbelievable

  55. Shimmy Shimmy

    Shimmy Shimmy23 timmar sedan

    loving the interaction between him and the Duke of Edinburgh

  56. Nicoz Angelo Manalansan

    Nicoz Angelo ManalansanDag sedan

    bts army lol!!!


    MYTH SAIF22 timmar sedan

    gay army

  58. Al Pastor

    Al PastorDag sedan

    I love Haz...l really love him and his family!

  59. Paul Ocallaghan

    Paul OcallaghanDag sedan

    How can u not like him come on people

  60. thetonight show

    thetonight showDag sedan


  61. Zes

    ZesDag sedan

    wrg, say, laughx any nmw, doesn tmatter, idts

  62. dP RazeR x

    dP RazeR xDag sedan

    Amazing so proud oh Harry to represent the uk ❤️❤️

  63. Connagh stokes

    Connagh stokesDag sedan

    Harry is my favourite royal legend. I am so happy for him and Megan 🙏🏼

  64. Melanie Sanchez

    Melanie SanchezDag sedan

    12:35 😂i cant with James but he’s not wrong

  65. Maximilian Fedor

    Maximilian FedorDag sedan

    So sad that Grandpa Philip never shuts down the Zoom again

  66. Nur E Jannat Oishe

    Nur E Jannat OisheDag sedan

    Bts army 😆😆😆😆

  67. Tamo daleko Moja zemlja

    Tamo daleko Moja zemljaDag sedan

    Il principe Harry e bravo come era sua madre. Un grande ❤️

  68. Vicki Walsh

    Vicki WalshDag sedan

    Now that’s the interview Britain should have seen. A couple of down to earth guys having a fun day out. More of this please. 👍

  69. K F

    K FDag sedan

    Prince Harry's laugh and chuckle is everything

  70. Ranganai Chiwara

    Ranganai ChiwaraDag sedan

    @James we do appreciate

  71. Ranganai Chiwara

    Ranganai ChiwaraDag sedan

    Thank you for sharing this with us of Prince Harry

  72. Ranganai Chiwara

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  73. Aude Stahl

    Aude StahlDag sedan

    This guy is so beautiful inside ❤️.

  74. Rica Ang Antonio

    Rica Ang AntonioDag sedan

    He looks like his mom🥺 he's so gentleman and loving husband 😍

  75. Dian Dee

    Dian DeeDag sedan

    Real Prince❤️

  76. Rebecca

    RebeccaDag sedan

    What a genuine, sweet guy!

  77. YBD TV

    YBD TVDag sedan

    Harry giving me black panther vibes respectfully don’t @ me

  78. catalina escobar

    catalina escobarDag sedan

    James then he's in the best army in the world

  79. Sesameseedss

    SesameseedssDag sedan

    how does Meghan look so perfect on face time???!

  80. Helen _ Patrick

    Helen _ PatrickDag sedan

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  81. Amit Thapa

    Amit ThapaDag sedan

    Meghan is gorgeous

  82. rhiii

    rhiiiDag sedan

    can fully say I never thought i’d see harry singing the fresh prince theme

  83. Weill

    WeillDag sedan

    RIP Prince Phillip

  84. RustyKnight1217

    RustyKnight1217Dag sedan

    So...let me get this straight. In order to get away from paparazzi, you move to Los Angeles? That's lucid. 😖

  85. mayra v

    mayra vDag sedan

    The press in USA is not trying to destroy their reputation, like the press in Britain is fabricating lies about them.

  86. Sherry B

    Sherry BDag sedan

    Aroooo Prince Harry!!!!!

  87. DArussianPING

    DArussianPINGDag sedan

    Harry you smashed it! love how normal he is great sport too.

  88. Marcie Camrin

    Marcie CamrinDag sedan


  89. Mattia Griggio

    Mattia GriggioDag sedan

    15:03 Harry doesn't wear gloves 15:06 he is wearing gloves ahahah😂

  90. Alicja Mikołajczak

    Alicja MikołajczakDag sedan


  91. yungxclean3

    yungxclean3Dag sedan

    BTS ARMY 💜......that’s what I’m talking about James

  92. Liam Aguda

    Liam AgudaDag sedan

    Rest in Peace 10:04

  93. Jalaleddin

    JalaleddinDag sedan

    10:03 When Prince Harry talked about his great father, they drove next to a cemetery ... now he is dead. RIP Duke of Edinburgh


    NOREEN SINGHDag sedan

    Harry was happy there

  95. alan alan

    alan alanDag sedan


  96. Matthew David

    Matthew DavidDag sedan

    But in fairness, he's not really a prince is he? In fact there are no REAL princes or kings in this world. It's just human and animal is it not?

  97. ADANG

    ADANGDag sedan

    AND THIS 👆👆 is how interviews are done! No bashing, what's so ever......

  98. ADANG

    ADANGDag sedan

    Why did it make me so happy to know that Prince Harry watched Prince of Belair?! Also ... I feel a bit self conscious knowing that my house isnt "ready" for a potential Royal visit. 😭

  99. lone wolf1520

    lone wolf1520Dag sedan

    That toilet break is too cute. LMFao

  100. Aldana Ruffo

    Aldana RuffoDag sedan

    Imagine you're just chillin' at home when suddenly Prince Harry asks to use your toilet

  101. Peter Makris

    Peter MakrisDag sedan

    Damn I wish prince Harry was the king, he would be so cool