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Someone randomly dropped off this 100 year old safe in our parking lot at 3AM... I wonder what's inside. We're going to challenge the team to open it in 12 hours! If they can't, I'm going to use my plasma lightsaber!
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0:00 Safe in the Parking Lot
0:39 Security Camera Footage
0:55 Setting up a Competition
2:28 Team Smash!
4:13 Lords Mobile Giveaway
5:31 Lightsaber vs Safe
8:00 What's in the box?
8:23 Who's the Imposter?
9:03 The Culprit Unmasked
9:51 Ten Million Subscribers!
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  1. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith IndustriesMånad sedan

    Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: $30,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!

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