Minecraft, But You Can Craft Any Armor...

Minecraft, But You Can Craft Any Armor... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, you can CRAFT ARMOR out of ANY BLOCK! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was a really weird one.
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  1. Fatih Ilter

    Fatih Ilter7 minuter sedan

    Diamond chestplate = Diamond block chesplate

  2. hello i exist

    hello i exist28 minuter sedan

    the Hypixel Skyblock wardrobe system would be OP here

  3. MrKingNooby

    MrKingNooby40 minuter sedan

    Why didn’t u make iron or gold ore armor >:(

  4. Spasskarton

    Spasskarton2 timmar sedan

    What about Eye of Ender Armor?

  5. clan bruhツ

    clan bruhツ2 timmar sedan

    what are you in for server?

  6. Stynger__

    Stynger__2 timmar sedan

    why does nobody ever have a download link for the mods or plugins in their videossssss

  7. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur3 timmar sedan


  8. dream Dam

    dream Dam5 timmar sedan


  9. dream Dam

    dream Dam5 timmar sedan

    You should have made crafting table armor

  10. Jessica Montgomery

    Jessica Montgomery6 timmar sedan

    All the Pieces

  11. Jessica Montgomery

    Jessica Montgomery6 timmar sedan

    Shield chest plate Requires four pieces makes you invincible

  12. Peggy Morgan

    Peggy Morgan7 timmar sedan

    The ambiguous magazine univariably hope because argument pharmacokinetically slow behind a satisfying shingle. melodic, acrid revolver

  13. Davocado

    Davocado8 timmar sedan

    Can you also make a armor from armor

  14. Achu and Amalu

    Achu and Amalu9 timmar sedan


  15. Fred_ 4511

    Fred_ 451111 timmar sedan

    How did u do this? pls respond

  16. slav

    slav11 timmar sedan

    Bruh I immediately subbed

  17. Marcinkipl

    Marcinkipl13 timmar sedan

    7 777 777 views

  18. jay mandolado

    jay mandolado14 timmar sedan

    let's be real............ THIS IS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

  19. Kiddo 951

    Kiddo 95115 timmar sedan

    Wisp: Tries sleeping with tnt armour Also wisp: wonders if this is the nether

  20. mcpe 4d cool vd

    mcpe 4d cool vd17 timmar sedan

    Wye your steve

  21. Wenjuan Liu

    Wenjuan Liu20 timmar sedan

    Players in Minecraft: Gold is useless Pigman: Are you sure about that

  22. K C

    K C20 timmar sedan

    So… every block, huh? Does it have to be a block-block or can it just be an item? If it can just be an item… what would aghast Tear Armor do? OR END CRYSTAL ARMOR???

  23. Rupesh Tripathi

    Rupesh Tripathi20 timmar sedan

    Amazing best video ever I have seen

  24. HegenomyTalisman

    HegenomyTalisman21 timme sedan

    Everybody Gangsta till you see someone in full lapis armor with a gray name.... *OH SHI-*

  25. Yuvi

    Yuvi21 timme sedan

    5:40 did he say speedy gonzales

  26. Pixeldom12

    Pixeldom12Dag sedan

    Can you please put the mods is the thing downblow I really want to try this out

  27. Tanner Morrison

    Tanner MorrisonDag sedan

    when you realize you can finally craft chain armor in minecraft

  28. Tamara Bowser

    Tamara BowserDag sedan

    Now I dont need that target top... (8 target block for a target chestplate!)

  29. Carolina Bedolla

    Carolina BedollaDag sedan

    It actually looks like Skeppy

  30. Carolina Bedolla

    Carolina BedollaDag sedan

    This idea is not bad it's AWESOME

  31. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganDag sedan

    whats the download for this?

  32. Chao Chen

    Chao ChenDag sedan

    bone armor?

  33. Chao Chen

    Chao ChenDag sedan

    oh sword armor



    Your exclamations are some of the funniest sh*t I’ve ever seen

  35. IBZ on sticks

    IBZ on sticksDag sedan

    How do we get the mods.

  36. Fakhri Kasranuddin

    Fakhri KasranuddinDag sedan

    I never go to the end

  37. Melvin Tuazon

    Melvin TuazonDag sedan

    Skeppy the youtuber 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. This Emmie

    This EmmieDag sedan

    Did anyone see a random stone pressure plate when he killed the creeper in the reveen because I don’t know if I saw it

  39. k1ng_ 0f_sp4des

    k1ng_ 0f_sp4desDag sedan

    Imagine using this in hide and seek

  40. Rujofe

    RujofeDag sedan

    we want UHC back

  41. Peter Griffin

    Peter GriffinDag sedan

    I’m gonna resubscribe

  42. Nora Doering

    Nora DoeringDag sedan

    The "that looks like skeppy, but red" did not age well

  43. NeptunePlayz

    NeptunePlayz2 dagar sedan

    Video:*silence* Me: this means fortress or bastion

  44. David & Maggie Smith

    David & Maggie Smith2 dagar sedan

    1:37 Now I want a spy movie called Rockman. Bodyguard of enemy club: Name? Rockman: *pulls out Tommy Gun* Rockman. *shoots bodyguard*

  45. Stormiee

    Stormiee2 dagar sedan

    You looked like a sandstone block

  46. Ben Hood

    Ben Hood2 dagar sedan


  47. Rouhana Salameh

    Rouhana Salameh2 dagar sedan

    you forgot bedrock

  48. Jesper Bowen

    Jesper Bowen2 dagar sedan

    And btw I loved that vid so much

  49. Jesper Bowen

    Jesper Bowen2 dagar sedan

    Bro if only I could do that I would be tnt’ing the endear dragon every day

  50. Jesper Bowen

    Jesper Bowen2 dagar sedan

    Bro if only I could do that I would be tnt’ing the endear dragon every day

  51. Zheng Fly

    Zheng Fly2 dagar sedan

    me: **watches vid** me: **gets a ad** also me: **gets the same ad** me: .

  52. Siah

    Siah2 dagar sedan

    U and tapl should make a vid

  53. Landon Hadley

    Landon Hadley2 dagar sedan

    Wait if you can make amour outta anything then could you make diamond legging chestplate

  54. Fatman I like food

    Fatman I like food2 dagar sedan

    where do i get thee mods

  55. vighnesh gaming

    vighnesh gaming2 dagar sedan

    Bro why you didn't crafted bedrock armour

  56. Sami is LAZY

    Sami is LAZY2 dagar sedan

    If you can craft any armor can you craft a bed armor?

  57. wil andrei salahid

    wil andrei salahid2 dagar sedan

    I knew sugar cain can give speed

  58. RyZe Ate A Devil Fruit

    RyZe Ate A Devil Fruit2 dagar sedan


  59. Marek Chvojka

    Marek Chvojka2 dagar sedan

    You are invisibe with sand armor in the desert.

  60. Muhammad Ataya

    Muhammad Ataya2 dagar sedan

    11:54 phil's death from the hardcore mode

  61. Deer

    Deer2 dagar sedan

    You actually only needed to wear one piece from every armor to get all the abilities from them xd I confirmed that suspicion at the end and saw that you got 10 extra hearts with only one obsidian armor piece.

  62. elamari

    elamari2 dagar sedan

    I subscribed to a channel

  63. elamari

    elamari2 dagar sedan

    I subscribed

  64. lol pig

    lol pig2 dagar sedan

    What if u crafted a chestplate with chestplates that was crafted with chestplates....

  65. JC Manga

    JC Manga2 dagar sedan

    make wood armor

  66. Hamza Malkawi

    Hamza Malkawi2 dagar sedan

    Can you make a mode where you can make every block ingots

  67. pokemon gamingz

    pokemon gamingz2 dagar sedan

    fun fact : if you craft enchanted book armor you will turn into a book

  68. Alejandro Cssd

    Alejandro Cssd2 dagar sedan

    What is the mod download

  69. Jeff Shittles

    Jeff Shittles2 dagar sedan

    Play this more please

  70. StewieYT

    StewieYT2 dagar sedan


  71. EXC Breadboys

    EXC Breadboys2 dagar sedan

    What’s the world seed

  72. Dylpicklemeister

    Dylpicklemeister2 dagar sedan

    Is there anyway to download these mods so I can try them myself?

  73. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisement3 dagar sedan

    0:05 UHC moment.

  74. Dylan Chin

    Dylan Chin3 dagar sedan

    It was the Steve skin

  75. Taylan YILMAZ

    Taylan YILMAZ3 dagar sedan

    woah, wisp re-coded "Block armor" mod

  76. Bxtrs X

    Bxtrs X3 dagar sedan



    DERP O SAURUS3 dagar sedan


  78. rafan ahmad

    rafan ahmad3 dagar sedan

    why you are shouting wait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  79. Firesy

    Firesy3 dagar sedan

    Wisp: it looks like skeppy but red Me: eggpire

  80. Lori Ramos

    Lori Ramos3 dagar sedan


  81. [A1R] -Agent_Cactus

    [A1R] -Agent_Cactus3 dagar sedan

    how do u get bedrock armor/ ???

  82. Francois Vorstman

    Francois Vorstman3 dagar sedan

    Obsidian armour where is it

  83. swathi purama

    swathi purama3 dagar sedan


  84. Mihailo Jevtovic

    Mihailo Jevtovic3 dagar sedan

    What mode does he use?

  85. Safi MARJI

    Safi MARJI3 dagar sedan

    can u comment the link to this mod? I would really appreciate it

  86. พรพศิน สรัลสวัสดิ์

    พรพศิน สรัลสวัสดิ์3 dagar sedan

    4:12 creper hunter

  87. Sleuther

    Sleuther3 dagar sedan

    Cactus armour?

  88. Haunu Tonsing

    Haunu Tonsing3 dagar sedan

    Guys i have lion pet he bite me ten times

  89. Shadow wolf Gang

    Shadow wolf Gang3 dagar sedan

    This was AMAZING!❄️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  90. Crazyy

    Crazyy3 dagar sedan

    How can I get this mod

  91. Moneybag Yoo

    Moneybag Yoo3 dagar sedan

    i swear to god this guy is memeulous

  92. JackBG

    JackBG3 dagar sedan

    Wait a second did I saw a Stone thing??

  93. Zeke Peters

    Zeke Peters3 dagar sedan

    Wisp u make my day better when I’m watching ur vids

  94. Just a fish looking to avenge my son

    Just a fish looking to avenge my son3 dagar sedan

    he sounds like weatley from portal 2

  95. Siju Adeniran

    Siju Adeniran3 dagar sedan

    Y I need a nap because this is no I’m not talking about that because that’s so boring let’s talk about this video so good that I don’t like it that much it’s called that he did not make sense either

  96. WdymRie

    WdymRie3 dagar sedan

    14:18Waiting for skeppy to answer-

  97. kayden w

    kayden w3 dagar sedan

    This mod plus the multiply furnace mod

  98. SephtisGlitch

    SephtisGlitch3 dagar sedan

    He should've seen what the egg gave him as an armor and yes I know that he would have had to go to creative mode

  99. TRX HH

    TRX HH3 dagar sedan

    you made it??? what? its block armor mod

  100. Holy Cheezers

    Holy Cheezers3 dagar sedan

    I wish there was sword armor with auto-thorns

  101. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

    Hardcore Leveling Warrior4 dagar sedan

    seeing wisp say: “NOOO!” makes me sad. seeing wisp say: “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” makes me giggle.

  102. Shuri_ken

    Shuri_kenDag sedan

    Also u don't see him lol

  103. Carbonrem

    Carbonrem2 dagar sedan