Tati Westbrook aimed for James Charles. It hit her instead.

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0:00 - Intro
ACT 1:
4:29 - What's up with Tati Westbrook?
9:13 - Tati breaks her silence
14:58 - Debunking the entire "apology" video
21:36 - How it went down in 2019
25:34 - Manipulation tactics and a new attitude
ACT 2:
32:52 - The plot to take down James Charles
38:14 - The art of the 40-minute exposé video
42:08 - SEtoos gets involved
46:57 - Defending Tati Westbrook
51:42 - Ending Tati Westbrook
ACT 3:
55:22 - Reversing the narrative
1:00:20 - Updates to Part 1 and Part 2
1:06:39 - Where do they go from here?
1:08:31 - This will all happen again
1:11:33 - Thank you for everything.
Tati Westbrook aimed for James Charles. It hit her instead.


  1. dangelowallace

    dangelowallace6 månader sedan

    The fact that this all happened over VITAMINS . . . it's like some sort of vacation bible school version of Breaking Bad.

  2. Jasper Travis

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    Dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it

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    MEC31 minut sedan

    And now... everything point to JC actually being a "danger to society" jeez. This is not a justification or an excuse... just point out the fact that the table turned to the dark side.

  9. readingthelibrary97

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  13. im_a_ muffin

    im_a_ muffin2 timmar sedan

    Welp. Makeup SEtoos is a hugely toxic place and most people know this. The people at the top are always the absolute worse

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  15. Justin Hamilton

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  16. autty h

    autty h3 timmar sedan

    Two minor boys(more i think but two that i actually know about) have came out with proof against James now... He admits to them but says they "lied about their age" and he always uses this excuse so i really don't believe him anymore plus he literally got one of them so much hate he left social media(just like tati, shane, jeffree did to him) and I still dont agree with what tati, shane(the audacity), and jeffree did but James is showing a pattern

  17. kacchiii

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  18. Гровер Травокур

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    And here I was being disgusted by James Charles just cuz of his appearance, turns out that's now what rly matters

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  22. Sally Smith7

    Sally Smith79 timmar sedan

    I used to watch her makeup videos all the time. They had the best production quality and she had a lot of interesting series - trying the latest drugstore and high end products, favourites of the year, unboxing PR, organizing her makeup, makeup with friends and celebs. She really wasn’t problematic before all this, unlike Shane and Jeffree. Some people didn’t like her products but then don’t buy them. This was messy but I hope she comes back for makeup reviews. In comparison to Shane and Jefree this is nbd.

  23. Jennifer

    Jennifer9 timmar sedan

    I didn't really look into this scandal until James Charles was recently accused again of the same behavior. Dangelo is super smart and was able to tease the truth out of many of the rumors and lies in this tangled web of social media chaos. However, when it comes to Jeffree Star taking down James Charles, I don't think Star was lying about having some real dirt on his voice message. I do believe Jeffree tried to use it take out his competition. I believe both are true.

  24. Vanessa Clarke

    Vanessa Clarke10 timmar sedan

    But was she minipulated?

  25. Anwar alqahtani

    Anwar alqahtani10 timmar sedan

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  26. katerina krejsova

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    Vitamins were secondary, it was over her business, aka MONEY! Her business just happens to be vitamins. (btw great video, excellent points, top notch presentation and superb audio, thanks!)

  27. Dhias Athalah Naufalakbar

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  28. Thyra Eriksen

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  34. Espresso Depresso

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    "Hi welcome back to me talking about whatever I want" "And today we're talking about Tati Westbrook"

  35. Valeria Duarte

    Valeria DuarteDag sedan

    Whenever James is accused of sexting minors, I rewatch this video to remind me that James' uno reverse card backfired. Because he is actually taking advantage of minors. How many more times does he have to be called out for people to realize that this is a pattern of behavior?

  36. liamdor

    liamdorDag sedan

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  37. Lottie_ K

    Lottie_ KDag sedan

    Watching this 6 months later LITERALLY I FEEL SO SORRY FOR JAMES HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!! He was 19 and literally has so much hate all he does is create amazing makeup content and doing what he loves!!!

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  54. shristi humagai

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    I totally feel what he says about the excessive crying and playing victim...it really doesn't work on me either. Just seems fake

  55. EmJay

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  56. Tia the Creator

    Tia the CreatorDag sedan

    So I'm actually going to disagree here and say that the ageism backlash for Tati is absolutely warranted, because she is 17 WHOLE YEARS OLDER than James, and age is used as an authoritative trait. Her taking him under her wing and "guiding" his career is actually predatory. She saw that this young, impressionable, gay male (who has been open about his own battles with acceptance) was gaining popularity and used that to groom him and form a business relationship in the guise of "helping him". She was trying to snuff out the competition and also take advantage of his following. It's clear that she has a very immature mindset to be almost twice James's age. I know you think she''ll be fine, but beauty community is always looking for fresh, new, YOUNG talent. Even the OG SEtoosrs aren't getting the views they used to. There's always a new creator coming up. Tati knew exactly what she was doing. She knows this YT life ain't forever.

  57. Tia the Creator

    Tia the Creator18 minuter sedan

    @kit katty Oh of course!

  58. Mezza Tazza

    Mezza Tazza13 timmar sedan

    @Tia the Creator lol, my comment doesn’t prove a thing, but I leave you in your delirious fantasies, have fun

  59. kit katty

    kit kattyDag sedan

    I agree that her older age is often used as a manipulative tactic to gain the trust and be in power of someone younger, but I think older youtubers can still be pretty popular.

  60. Tia the Creator

    Tia the CreatorDag sedan

    Your stupid comment proves that I made my point.

  61. Mezza Tazza

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  63. Tia the Creator

    Tia the CreatorDag sedan

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  65. Shella Boudhoo

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    ImmortalBroken2 dagar sedan

    I do think Tati got butthurt about the vitamins (though I also think she legit convinced herself that wasn't what it was about), that made her listen to Jeffree and Shane when she shouldn't, and she let the "proof" of what they were saying be James's own playfully inflammatory statements (like "doesn't matter, I'm famous") that didn't actually prove anything. She does excuse herself too much but she's also genuinely sorry. I'd like to see her come back someday in a video with JC. And Shane and Jeffree can drop off the planet, thanks. Amazingly fair video, D'angelo!

  72. Bubbles

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  74. Katelyn Hill

    Katelyn Hill2 dagar sedan

    I feel like tati sort of had a pattern of behavior? Like she was always very careful to not make a big deal out of it but I remember the first time she publicly collaborated with Jeffree Star that I was aware of, I didn't follow her on Twitter or anything and it was at that point that I stopped watching her videos, and a bunch of people expressed concerns and I think she just deleted their comments. For all I know the commenting was eventually turned off on that video. But it wasn't as big of a deal at the time because the whole Jeffree Star issue was basically laughed off as a bunch of sjw stuff

  75. Gabby Lynae

    Gabby Lynae2 dagar sedan

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  76. Sandy M

    Sandy M2 dagar sedan

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  79. Some Goat With A Hat

    Some Goat With A HatDag sedan

    @David Bejarano James Charles has been accused of grooming a 16 yr old and there is good evidence for it

  80. David Bejarano

    David BejaranoDag sedan

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  81. Radhika Mathur

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  93. Lucina

    Lucina2 dagar sedan

    The only real way she would have known that James was on a high level of a hotel, would have been for him to tell her. And it’s not common for people to discuss insignificant things when they aren’t talking. So does that mean that Tati was being sweet with James prior to releasing that video??

  94. Marina R

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  103. Teresa D'Alessio

    Teresa D'Alessio3 dagar sedan

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  104. Teresa D'Alessio

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  109. H H

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  110. Keiran Ward

    Keiran Ward3 dagar sedan

    And now 2021 James is on his 3rd under age child grooming accusation 🤔 well maybe Shane Tati and jeffree was telling the truth . Tati just shit herself cause of the backlash and threw Shane and JS under the bus 🤷🏼‍♀️maybe

  111. Sleepy Superhero

    Sleepy Superhero4 dagar sedan

    26 min mark: I have a friend who knows Tati personally and she was crying making that last video in part because she knew it was likely her last video for a very long time, and she loves being a youtuber and interacting with fans, but the lawsuit makes it impossible for her to make videos without causing issues professionally. Which seems reasonable to me.

  112. Stefany Flores

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  113. Kathy Victoria

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  120. kit katty

    kit kattyDag sedan

    As others have said, those aren't all advertisements. Those are different sections that are nice for higher-production videos like the ones D'Angelo makes. I do think that you still make money off of those who have premium, as it is a paid service. Like with Netflix, there are no ads but the money you spend gives money to the creators of the shows you watch (I think)

  121. Justin Hamilton

    Justin Hamilton2 dagar sedan

    The gaps aren’t ads, if you have premium you simply don’t see the yellow ad spots, the gaps are Timestamps if you add time stamps in the description then SEtoos automatically cuts up the timeline into sections that you can title as well Good luck on ur channel if u start it

  122. Cross

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    Mr Random4 dagar sedan

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