New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill calls on Democrats not to write off all Trump voters as deplorable and asks Republicans to consider whether some of their anger is misdirected.
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  1. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller8 timmar sedan

    Every Republican and Democrat and Independent needs to watch this video!

  2. Propane

    Propane13 timmar sedan

    The very type of people who stormed the capitols are the ones Trump would be having his body guard remove them when they come within 50 feet of mara lago

  3. Amelia B

    Amelia B22 timmar sedan

    I’ve always wished that we could just completely do away with political parties and everyone who runs for office would mix and match what they feel are the best ideas. In most instances this would mean a candidate would have a mix of what is considered both left and right which could be extremely unifying. Both parties are rotten to the core this point and I find nothing in common with either of them.

  4. M L

    M L22 timmar sedan

    California is a joke. I use to live there and people who says California is great are F***ing idiots.

  5. littlerascle59

    littlerascle59Dag sedan

    Ashli probably voted for Obama but after his time passed and Americans saw the radical leftists mobs riot, looted and burned down cities all across the USA last year a lot of previous Obama/Biden supporters figured Trump was a better choice. Biden and the leftist politicians refused to condemn far left violence.

  6. Jimmy Smith

    Jimmy SmithDag sedan

    Hes got to say that to keep a job

  7. Mitchel Mahar

    Mitchel MaharDag sedan

    The dems are just as bad as the Republicans. All the parties need to be replaced

  8. Angela Bowman

    Angela BowmanDag sedan

    You suck, Bill! Getting ratings on the death of a human! YOU F'n SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  9. cb750

    cb750Dag sedan

    How do you share a country with people you cannot stand? Don't impose one way of life or plan on everybody. Got that PROGRESSIVES? Diversity and inclusion ARE POLAR OPPOSITES. What you want is a box of crayons. Sure you have a pink, blue and green crayon but they are all crayons and they all draw WHAT YOU WANT, not what they want. Life is not a polite Starbucks with patrons all wearing different hats but drinking the same 5 coffees owned by white liberals. Its a market place. Keep your plans to yourself... that's what we true liberals back in the day had to tell conservatives and now we have to tell you leftists the same thing.

  10. carlos ortega

    carlos ortegaDag sedan

    Yet Trump has no answer for her death..He needs to be accountable

  11. Niki Perez

    Niki Perez2 dagar sedan

    Wow, way to speak ill about the dead and give opinion on someone you absolutely do not know! Despicable Bill. Your view on the world is your view, it’s not a given that it is right (or wrong), so how dare you incorporate it on National TV in accordance with her death. Think about that. She’s dead and can’t speak for herself so you have no problem speaking for her. That is sick. You ‘make’ your liberal audience laugh while giving your little monologue about her death takes the cake. Shameful and disgusting. If that were my daughter, you would have ruined my life twice over by putting laughter of death in my head with your smirky smile.

  12. dicemanace

    dicemanace2 dagar sedan

    The Funny thing is Bill thinks his way of thinking is always the right way of thinking !

  13. Binge Appalooza

    Binge Appalooza2 dagar sedan


  14. windjamrr

    windjamrr2 dagar sedan

    Bill. Ya got no heart.

  15. KrisJM1234

    KrisJM12342 dagar sedan

    I have to admit I still have a lot of bitter resentment after the "economic recession is worth having if it means beating Trump" statement, but I have to watch your videos to realize that there is some unity on both sides and not all liberals are totally insane. You're still an massive asshole for saying what I just mentioned and I'll never forget it.

  16. Zayde Shaddox

    Zayde Shaddox2 dagar sedan

    The woman Bill Maher is making an example of may have made some shitty choices but at least she did serve in the military. Compare that to all the useless kids who just went to college to get a degree in gender studies or liberal arts and now find they can't get jobs and have a massive debt for their stupid, bullshit degrees... and they too are blaming "the system" for their own sucky situations.

  17. J Cole

    J Cole2 dagar sedan

    I don't have any sympathy for those knuckleheads who stormed the capital. I am not rich. I work for a living and am subject to the same negative forces that they are, however I would never be involved in such pointless nonsense. As far the woman who got killed is concerned, if she was really fighting for the life of her business she wouldn't have been in Washington dicking around and playing revolution. She would be back in CA doing what she needed to do to keep it going, Also, I would never accept a loan on those terms to keep a business going. If you're at the point that you would consider something like that, then your business is most likely going nowhere. It would be time to wake up and realize that it's time to get a day job.

  18. Al H

    Al H2 dagar sedan

    Let's not give black people special treatment. Let give Babbitt the same treatment we'd give a Black person killed by the cops. Also had two restraining orders

  19. C L

    C L2 dagar sedan


  20. Pasquale Auburn

    Pasquale Auburn2 dagar sedan

    Turn this around and the media would be screaming.

  21. Autumn Hannah

    Autumn Hannah2 dagar sedan

    Pushing your agenda off the back of a dead veteran. Shame on you.

  22. Rob Brown

    Rob Brown2 dagar sedan

    What about the murderous BLM riots all summer. An ongoing insurrection incited by the media. Cover that Maher you self righteous prig.

  23. thgrtedf

    thgrtedf3 dagar sedan

    I blame two things, religion and trump. I pity these people, they bought a lie and was scammed by a scam artist. But the connection to them has been christianity...believe one insanity you'll easily believe all the crazy shit people will tell you.

  24. Bill Gates

    Bill Gates3 dagar sedan

    Maybe you should claim 250% interest, since you give no proof, oh right, believe you no matter what....Baaaa Baaa

  25. -Carlos -Danger

    -Carlos -Danger3 dagar sedan

    I don't agree with Bill's micro view of the right, but I do agree with his macro view of the state of the divide in America. I'm glad there are still honest traditional liberals.

  26. Nick Sewell

    Nick Sewell3 dagar sedan

    I thought things were going pretty good with Trump, before Covid-19.

  27. Donald Clément

    Donald Clément3 dagar sedan

    Your are still a clown

  28. Tyler Carpenter

    Tyler Carpenter3 dagar sedan

    I’m a republican and think that Republicans won’t destroy the country and Trump is one of our greatest presidents, but I don’t hate Biden voters or liberals in general. Opinions are opinions.

  29. richsargent73

    richsargent734 dagar sedan

    Way to go bill. Mocking a dead woman. You're a pos.

  30. lee gibson

    lee gibson4 dagar sedan

    How are yall liking Slow Joe and Kameltoe? No, really. I want to know.

  31. lee gibson

    lee gibson3 dagar sedan

    @pejpm I would agree. VERY adult. lol

  32. pejpm

    pejpm3 dagar sedan

    Nice to have adult leadership back in the WH

  33. Infinity Gauntlet

    Infinity Gauntlet4 dagar sedan

    That peaceful protest was great. Let's do it again.

  34. Dan Buker

    Dan Buker4 dagar sedan

    3:30 Mythbusters explains why you got no laughs on that punchline. No not really. People just didn't follow it well enough.

  35. Rey DelMundo

    Rey DelMundo4 dagar sedan

    DemoRat Voters: Keeping racism alive in 2021!

  36. The Out Of Doors

    The Out Of Doors4 dagar sedan

    The only tragedy is the 10's of millions of fraudulent votes for Biden and that they got away with stealing the election. Go ahead and be so insane that you don't think it happened when it obviously did, or be happy cuz your guy got in but this will have massive ramifications going forward.

  37. Joe Bertrand

    Joe Bertrand3 dagar sedan


  38. Alan Brent Hermann

    Alan Brent Hermann5 dagar sedan


  39. Wes Cardwell

    Wes Cardwell5 dagar sedan

    Wow. So glad I don't watch HBO!!!

  40. Rokit Ritch88

    Rokit Ritch885 dagar sedan

    We ALL need to realize that MORE government (more red tape) is completely not the right answer. We can’t keep on doing these massive shifts back and forth every two to four years. The only people who suffer are the American People Democrat and Republican alike.

  41. Rita S

    Rita S5 dagar sedan

    It’s good to have a platform to talk down to people.

  42. 1Not my Pedo-dent 2

    1Not my Pedo-dent 25 dagar sedan

    You were the china! Crickets! You were the CHINA!

  43. Steven Lonien

    Steven Lonien5 dagar sedan

    Corporations greed rights superior to citizens to vote . false accucsations win elections like hillery emails did. corporations own the press not truth.

  44. Steven Lonien

    Steven Lonien5 dagar sedan

    Russian selected republicans have idolized last one. Good riddance

  45. Alex Geronimo

    Alex Geronimo6 dagar sedan

    Stop you're redirect because of a few bad apples it couldn't come close to the Wack Jobs of the Left who will destroy this country as we know it

  46. byron livermore

    byron livermore6 dagar sedan

    I'm conservative as hell but bills making alot of sense these days

  47. AlcoholicDysonSphere

    AlcoholicDysonSphere6 dagar sedan

    Bill once again dropping a solid point to calm me down

  48. Jim Mooney

    Jim Mooney6 dagar sedan

    I was a Dem for 50 years, but the party became soooo corrupt, corporatist, and warmongering they betrayed everything I stood for as a working man. So I voted for Trump out of disgust after the DNC and MSM knifed Bernie, Tulsi, and Yang. Trump is very flawed but the MSM Obviously exaggerated and lied with silly crap like Russiagate. Voting for Trump wasn't a mistake. Voting for the most rotten, corrupt party Is. And sadly, that is now the Dems - who are also hard at Cancelling people for their Free Speech. They even hate Lincoln.

  49. Roger Montoya

    Roger Montoya6 dagar sedan

    Who listens to the opinions of a scumbag. Answer is. No one. Who care what this out of touch with the real world mouth piece even say. Best way to hurt these one sided beings is to ignore them.

  50. Tom van Oosten

    Tom van OostenDag sedan

    she is dead now

  51. Marie Clark

    Marie Clark6 dagar sedan

    Bill Maher is actually one of the largest purveyors of Cancel Culture. Bill Maher's show REAL TIME supports and thrives on CANCEL CULTURE. They could have called the show "Cancel Culture with Bill Maher". Bill won't survive the attempt at canceling Cancel Culture. It is way too late to defeat the wave of hate he helped built.

  52. Clyde Crail

    Clyde Crail6 dagar sedan

    That sounds like an unhappy man. Yeah California has its faults BUT IT'S still one hell of a GREAT STATE to live in. California is the 4th or 5th largest economy in the world and people are still moving in!

  53. Michael Janavel

    Michael Janavel7 dagar sedan

    There are some fumes,; there is some smoke; there are some flames; and finally a raging inferno (this is fine). The flame fanners bother me.

  54. cosmo vellucci

    cosmo vellucci7 dagar sedan


  55. Bap Finkel

    Bap Finkel7 dagar sedan

    You were one of the first and one of the worst purveyors of the liberalism that has destroyed this country.

  56. Scott Ganser

    Scott Ganser7 dagar sedan

    Trump is great! Best President ever!

  57. Ahhotep1

    Ahhotep17 dagar sedan

    @Real Time with Bill Maher and some commenters here: I am not a Trump supporter and what happened Jan 6 was disgraceful on many levels... But mocking Ashli Babbitt's death is just wrong in every way.

  58. Isaias Morales

    Isaias Morales7 dagar sedan

    Just came to read all the comments.

  59. Kelly Sanders

    Kelly Sanders8 dagar sedan

    Well? I have always said they are indoctrinated to point in the wrong direction. They need to point up! However, I know the difference between Americans asking for justice and obdurate children throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their Nazi for Christmas. She got what was coming to here if this is her solution to her problems. They are ungrateful immigrant Dreamers who took America for granted,...because you know, White Privilege, and now they are mad because People of Color who do not take America for granted, they can’t afford to, are leaving them in the dust. We the People need to point up, not “over there.”

  60. Jack Lakeland

    Jack Lakeland8 dagar sedan

    Wait until they win the house next year and Trump becomes speaker. Hahaha

  61. Robert Ward

    Robert Ward8 dagar sedan

    Lost her life being a damned idiot. Win in my book.

  62. sato AU

    sato AU8 dagar sedan

    people aren't assholes just because they vote for a particular party. they aren't even assholes for being angry at the government. it's no coincidence that most of the people arrested at the capitol were under severe financial strain. you don't get to call someone you've never met, don't even know, and whose life you have never even vaguely experienced, an asshole.

  63. sato AU

    sato AU7 dagar sedan

    @Ahhotep1 many good points. the idea of true good and true bad is something i disagree with. there is no dichotomy in most things. however i completely agree that things have gotten dangerous, mostly because of the idea pushed that there is a dichotomy - anyone voting for the other party is wrong and a bad person. we've allowed ourselves to be caught up in what people supposedly are, and thus are distracted from focusing on problems, which have nothing to do with good or bad.

  64. Ahhotep1

    Ahhotep17 dagar sedan

    I am not a Trump supporter...never was. I know his history. I know he is using and is abusing his far right base supporters to the point of creating a highly destructive cult mentality based on many many lies. Many of which have given a platform for bold racist and anti-government action. I know he and other like minded Republicans are getting rich off of all the Small Dollar Donations they are syphoning off that base. And I know that Trump does not care about them. He only cares about himself, money and power. But I also know something else... You are right, sato AU I wish we could respect one another, cherish each others unique existence...easily know the true good from true bad. Not use or abuse people simply because they are different or disagree. Unfortunately, things have become very complicated and dangerous and some good people are getting caught in the middle from many directions.

  65. Stephen Gordon

    Stephen Gordon8 dagar sedan

    Naww I'm good I'll keep disliking trump supporters

  66. Josh The Boxer

    Josh The Boxer9 dagar sedan

    Her death is far from tragic she knew wtf was gone happen😂

  67. Brentford 1889

    Brentford 18897 dagar sedan

    You could apply that to every criminal BLM marches for.

  68. Shaun Guffey

    Shaun Guffey9 dagar sedan

    The arrogance of ignorance is strong with this one.

  69. Brian Malone

    Brian Malone9 dagar sedan

    Bill Maher is a Idiot!!!! Mocking a life lost and he's attempt at comedy to give a Democratic explanation for it. For a supposed open mind, he obviously doesn't have much room in it for common sense.

  70. wolf trader

    wolf trader9 dagar sedan

    His production company is called "Kid Love Production", dude is a pervert and a liar, what do you expect

  71. Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan9 dagar sedan

    Anti Trump yet you admit CA is a leftist failure.

  72. Arashk Borzoo

    Arashk Borzoo9 dagar sedan

    Wow this was probably bills best clip😭😭

  73. Red Buffalo

    Red Buffalo10 dagar sedan

    I love Ashli Babbit. A true American hero fighting for freedom. Now we have a communist party destroying the former United States day by day.

  74. LandseerNorth

    LandseerNorth11 dagar sedan

    Maybe they all thought it would have been better for our country. What a concept.

  75. Kengine Express

    Kengine Express11 dagar sedan

    As a Trump voter, it was refreshing to hear a liberal head attempting to humanize our base. No, I don’t agree with everything and believe it’s lifetime politicians like Pelosi and McConnell are the problem, but I respect his point of view nonetheless.

  76. rich4444hrsm

    rich4444hrsm11 dagar sedan

    Ashli Babbitt wasn't mad about her loan, she wasn't mad about money being stolen... she was mad that it is very apparent that enough election fraud happened on a large enough scale to swing the outcome of an election. She was mad about her vote being stolen. Bill, she changed her mind just like you said from 2016. Maybe you could too?

  77. Orion 1

    Orion 112 dagar sedan

    Am I going crazy? I am becoming increasingly disturbed at how people are laughing about this woman being shot and killed, and reading comments from people making fun of her grieving family. I don't even lean right, I'm not even American but - wtf am I seeing right now??

  78. Vaibhav C Anil

    Vaibhav C Anil12 dagar sedan

    Yeah no the woman's problems would not have been solved by Democrats who are all about increasing regulations and taxes. Republicans are not great but atleast they have been cutting regulations and taxes. If she lived in a red state it would have been *less likely* that she ended up in a situation where she had to borrow at 160%.

  79. OriginalSchmick

    OriginalSchmick12 dagar sedan

    Civil War is the ONLY answer

  80. Paul Garcia

    Paul Garcia13 dagar sedan

    Wow! Even ridiculing the dead?! That's cold! More liberal garbage! What about last summer? You don't remember the rioting and looting of MINORITY OWNED businesses? Yea I figured you didn't because that would be admitting to your hypocrisy

  81. Jordan’s Elections Hub

    Jordan’s Elections Hub13 dagar sedan

    Why is this show called "Real Time With Bill Maher"? It *should* be called Real Talk. Straight up.

  82. Roy Ernst

    Roy Ernst13 dagar sedan

    Thank you! Blue and Red have both made the working class black, blue and bloodied. Look at the names on the ballot, check their qualifications then pull the switch. Look past the D or R as the qualifier. Lastly, if their in now, gone next vote. Bid farewell to bad trash. Let's make America great at last!

  83. Kevin Meehan

    Kevin Meehan14 dagar sedan

    Bingo !

  84. Grant Ray

    Grant Ray14 dagar sedan

    Impeach Biden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Clavers1369

    Clavers136914 dagar sedan

    Bill Maher = deranged fascist

  86. Kit Richardson

    Kit Richardson15 dagar sedan

    The squeezing is being done by big corporations by Amazon and Walmart and Raytheon and Google and Facebook and general electric and AT&T the people who run MSNBC and CNN. They are the people doing the squeezing they are the people of want these constant wars overseas the Trump fight against, they are the people who want to ship American jobs to China because it’s profitable even though it cost 70,000 factories while Obama was president. They are the people squeezing us we know who squeezing us bill. And it looks like you just want your hand at the trough

  87. Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa15 dagar sedan

    Bill Maher found out Santa wasn’t real and hasn’t recovered. Santa syndromes gotta demon so far up this Guys ass it has a tv show.

  88. judith howard

    judith howard15 dagar sedan

    I live in California they keep using the red flags on me institutionalizing me instead of allowing me to make mud dirt dome houses that live forever but you know track housing has too much politicians having too much money in their pockets so they want a little square houses on the little square streets on the little square roads are dirt and San Bernardino through with the Santa Anna‘s needs to fly

  89. Nelson Montana

    Nelson Montana16 dagar sedan

    Bill makes it out like that woman is a tragedy because she no longer bought not the lies of the left. Yeah, okay. I don't agree with what she did, but can you imagine if she were black? The riots and looting would still be going on. And I am sick of Maher's disparagement of anyone isn't an elitist. The Waffle House brigade? Oddly enough, he sees the hypocrisy and ineptness of the left, yet he continues to defend them.

  90. hotdyme86

    hotdyme8616 dagar sedan

    Leave 🐔 filet alone.

  91. 1okemes1

    1okemes116 dagar sedan

    I have my tickets for MONTREAL in August 2021 I Just hope my Gr-Daughter doesn’t give birth on that day! I’ll b right in yr face w my sister ( her Earthday). AA14-16. Yes. Happy hippie camper!

  92. Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson17 dagar sedan

    Hopefully she doesn’t have a free military funeral. She’s a traitor!

  93. Nathan Chenery

    Nathan Chenery17 dagar sedan

    Split the country in two. It’s the only way

  94. Mike Burns

    Mike Burns18 dagar sedan

    Donald Trump is a Jim Jones cult

  95. J Mason

    J Mason18 dagar sedan

    Do people really find him funny?

  96. Fabio Bonetta

    Fabio Bonetta18 dagar sedan

    "the waffle house brigade"

  97. Chuck Snyder

    Chuck Snyder19 dagar sedan

    I'm sure his debt to income ratio is a hell of a lot better than this country is...

  98. 99SamIAm99

    99SamIAm9916 dagar sedan

    Chuck Snyder "I'm sure his debt to income ratio is a hell of a lot better than this country is..." He's actually commented on it. He's said that it would be in his best interest, as a millionaire, to vote Republican. But he doesn't because he realizes that there are other people here than just him.

  99. Thomas Martin

    Thomas Martin19 dagar sedan

    By the way, where did all the "Patriots" go? I thought they were proud fighters of fraud and a stolen election. They said they were willing to die to right the wrongs of "The Steal." If they believed what they did was right, then why run and hide and scrub their social media of evidence? Why are they running like cockroaches when the light comes on? Why are they all claiming they were lied to by their Supreme Dictator who cut and ran? So many strange questions when we try to understand cowardice.

  100. Ender7j

    Ender7j20 dagar sedan

    It’s a known fact that many people who voted for Biden are not intrinsically Biden lovers, like me. I wonder how many people who voted for Trump simply voted against Biden and didn’t want to waste their vote? Democrats would be best served by looking at that and taking honest stock of their base.

  101. Patrick Bly

    Patrick Bly20 dagar sedan

    You can put your solar station up yourself you don' t need to be a rocket scientist...

  102. saintnash1

    saintnash120 dagar sedan

    I hear there's a new island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean. It's made up entirely of discarded red MAGAt hats.

  103. ilovethe1950s

    ilovethe1950s20 dagar sedan

    I almost actually liked this, and I voted for Trump twice.

  104. Edwards Crosfield

    Edwards Crosfield20 dagar sedan


  105. Crusty Cobs

    Crusty Cobs20 dagar sedan

    Gee, I thought that after a fifty year Cold War, a 40 year Drug War, and those electable wars, which we lost,. that we might have some stability. Then Trump came with the chaos and hate..

  106. Elizabeth Anne

    Elizabeth Anne20 dagar sedan

    She broke in to the Capitol building!! What did she think could happen!! She was killed because she was a criminal led by a criminal!! Not that much sympathy!!

  107. Geoff Hennessy

    Geoff Hennessy20 dagar sedan

    Katie Couric still hot

  108. Rona Goodwell

    Rona Goodwell21 dag sedan

    Everywhere we look there are problems. That means the source of the problems is precisely where we aren't looking.

  109. Rona Goodwell

    Rona Goodwell21 dag sedan

    Upshot: We're fucked.