James May gave us a tour of his new pub

You may have heard in recent weeks that James May has bought half a pub. Although it's still having finishing touches added to it ahead of its opening next week, James kindly offered to give us a sneak peek at what's to come.
Sorry in advance for the audio, James was wearing a very scratchy jumper.
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  1. StoolieP

    StooliePTimme sedan

    I guess we'll see if May's "star power" is enough to bring folks from all over the internets and make this a profitable endeavour.

  2. Rhidian D

    Rhidian DDag sedan

    The ridiculously high VAT on pub beer compared to supermarket beer is indicative of the shortsightedness of UK politics over the last 20 years.

  3. MrArchie800

    MrArchie800Dag sedan

    Instead of Loos I'd go for a classy European vibe like 'Les Pissoir'

  4. paul crick

    paul crickDag sedan

    The Piston and Bores

  5. Glen Muir

    Glen MuirDag sedan

    An interpreter for the bar because Chris comes from Yorkshire.... that's hilarious... and cold...

  6. Mateo

    MateoDag sedan

    Nice to see the former Top Gear 'boys' are finally 'moving on'.

  7. Eamon Curley

    Eamon Curley2 dagar sedan


  8. phil stacey

    phil stacey2 dagar sedan

    I bought a pint of milk today, so what, stop showing off, the world doesnt revolve around you, get over it.

  9. John Smith

    John Smith2 dagar sedan

    Funky loose..

  10. wings of the phantom ghost

    wings of the phantom ghost2 dagar sedan

    I know i don't Drink any alcohol but i still want to visit this Pub.

  11. J Allan

    J Allan2 dagar sedan

    Loos Garden! What's the matter with having a garden named Loos? In any case, he could always call it the Bog Garden!


    TOPCATUK2 dagar sedan

    Really aweful, just what the countryside needs another London wine bar, Absolutly dreadful.

  13. Mark T

    Mark T3 dagar sedan

    "Piston Room" or "Royal Flush"

  14. James S

    James S3 dagar sedan

    Call it the toilets

  15. Noctis AlK

    Noctis AlK3 dagar sedan

    Call the loo "The Jeremy Clarkson"(s)

  16. Jan Vincent Resurreccion

    Jan Vincent Resurreccion4 dagar sedan

    Banyo garden should be the name of the restroom banyo is loo in filipino

  17. nilboi999

    nilboi9994 dagar sedan

    Bog roll cemetery

  18. LUCA

    LUCA4 dagar sedan

    So does James owns a Audemars Piguet now? xD

  19. whachaneed

    whachaneed4 dagar sedan

    Gordon’s garden

  20. Trainsguy

    Trainsguy4 dagar sedan

    James may: There is no worse time to buy a pub also, this pub didn’t make a profit in over a year Also james: I think I might buy that

  21. Roger Redford

    Roger Redford4 dagar sedan

    Ye Olde PeePoo

  22. edward kent

    edward kent5 dagar sedan

    Looks like a pub only wankers would enter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,who think they are funny................

  23. Nik Boyle

    Nik Boyle5 dagar sedan

    Get a decent chef that can add up - the cooking bit is easy ! After 25 years in the industry that’s the downfall of most pubs ! Bad maths and chefs that don’t listen to the punters !!

  24. Tilman Boeck

    Tilman Boeck6 dagar sedan

    I have a totally obnoxious co-worker who´s family name is "Loos". So please, pleas: change the name.

  25. Baked Beanz on Toast

    Baked Beanz on Toast6 dagar sedan

    Bit of the wrong year to buy a pub I would have thought, even for a millionaire prat like May.

  26. Scott H

    Scott H6 dagar sedan

    "new Manager...highly recommended by some people who are trying to get rid of him". :D

  27. Netjez

    Netjez7 dagar sedan

    Magic Garden

  28. kag2306

    kag23067 dagar sedan

    I’m there.

  29. Sam Sung

    Sam Sung7 dagar sedan

    Well done James, better than investing in stocks.

  30. marbesky

    marbesky7 dagar sedan

    Sool garden

  31. Matthew Perring

    Matthew Perring7 dagar sedan

    How about. ‘Council Gritter’ for loos?

  32. Ozi Yılmaz

    Ozi Yılmaz8 dagar sedan

    I have bad news for James; this is not a "pub".

  33. vogue mist

    vogue mist8 dagar sedan

    > you're playing connect 4. > if you choose the wrong move. you'll lose. > choose wisely... □□□□□□□ □■□□□□□ □■□■●□□ ( you're playing as ■ ) □■□●■■□ ●●□●●■● a b c ---------------------------------- my insta: angel16287

  34. Gaming Daddy-O's

    Gaming Daddy-O's8 dagar sedan

    do u need a grumpy sheff?

  35. O

    O8 dagar sedan

    Its now closed

  36. Ken Johnson

    Ken Johnson9 dagar sedan

    Loos Garden should be Sundero garden

  37. kernowarty

    kernowarty9 dagar sedan

    His delivery is just like Clarkson's. Same tone, same timbre, same inflections and same mannerisms. I feel sorry for him.

  38. okeanos okeanos

    okeanos okeanos9 dagar sedan

    This is Sooo boring and I love it lol

  39. Samuel Kim

    Samuel Kim9 dagar sedan

    james, the person who always mentions and talks about pubs, is well deserved to get a pub for his own

  40. ginojaco

    ginojaco9 dagar sedan

    The bogs

  41. dlm

    dlm9 dagar sedan

    Fake virus fake pubs the fake cure is worse than the fake disease

  42. Alan Stover

    Alan Stover9 dagar sedan

    Name it The Garden, brought to you by Ace Biscuits

  43. Chimonster Pintress

    Chimonster Pintress10 dagar sedan

    WC or water closets

  44. Big-O

    Big-O10 dagar sedan

    Wine... At a pub... No

  45. cherie goodwin

    cherie goodwin10 dagar sedan

    The sign question : Ladies and gentlemen...

  46. We Are number one but its a youtube account

    We Are number one but its a youtube account10 dagar sedan

    You have to call the toilets the throne room ffs!

  47. Amin Dehnavi

    Amin Dehnavi10 dagar sedan

    That's the pub I want to go

  48. solobackpacking

    solobackpacking10 dagar sedan

    In America also. The bars are dead, even before COVID19. Modern, old, does not matter. Well,, for one thing, meeting people has gone out of the bar and into social websites. People would rather gather at homes or simply drink alone in front of their massive flat screens. You say you go to bars for the drinks? Why pay for outrageously priced liquor? The same brand can be bought at the market for much much cheaper. The younger generation just turning 21 isn't into bars. Jeremy, what will you do with that pub? Even if it launches well, your customer base will rapidly die off from old age. (Me? I worked and ran businesses since I was a young kid, legally too young to work.)

  49. Kez

    Kez10 dagar sedan

    Loos --> Dumping Quarters

  50. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell11 dagar sedan

    He looks like a fool but Nice guy with millions of money

  51. Mr Tom

    Mr Tom11 dagar sedan

    those seats look so uncomfortable.

  52. pokeaman1

    pokeaman111 dagar sedan

    I bought a pub and they introduced the smoking ban killed it I lost a considerable amount of money, my life savings. It's the council tax and VAT that kills pubs now. I wish you every bit of luck but your opening statements said it all.

  53. British Bob

    British Bob11 dagar sedan

    What a bland white washed place.

  54. fay settembre mae

    fay settembre mae11 dagar sedan

    Why are there people not wearing masks?

  55. Top Cat

    Top Cat11 dagar sedan

    Easy, new sign. BOGS, W.C or Toilets......or Restrooms(for the US folks)

  56. Top Cat

    Top Cat11 dagar sedan

    Brilliant......when all the C19 political scam comes to an end.......James will have pulled it off...you see

  57. Temel Erdinch

    Temel Erdinch11 dagar sedan


  58. Bert Baja

    Bert Baja12 dagar sedan

    4 U 2 P

  59. Danger Man

    Danger Man12 dagar sedan

    The pub inspectors, The Royal Oak calling soon, closing down, due to a unfit establishment.!

  60. Jeremy Markey

    Jeremy Markey12 dagar sedan

    Change the loos garden to The Clarkson Room

  61. iG W

    iG W12 dagar sedan

    0:34 is that a Tesla?? no petrol car?

  62. Blackjáck Music

    Blackjáck Music12 dagar sedan

    May, are you also in training to be a ninja??? Looks that way from your silly mask.

  63. Anthony Dendle

    Anthony Dendle12 dagar sedan

    Be like a ghost pub at moment wouldnt it , dont let hammond in there ok

  64. yakovcs

    yakovcs12 dagar sedan

    i'm jeremy clarkson and i approve this messege!

  65. waqar khan

    waqar khan12 dagar sedan

    shame no Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond

  66. HeavensGremlin

    HeavensGremlin13 dagar sedan

    Yet another poncy, sterile pub for townies. Great. Not. Go back to London you pillock.

  67. polyannamoonbeam

    polyannamoonbeam13 dagar sedan

    Hope it can stay the course w on again off again lockdowns and levels. I think I might exploit some of my motoring/travel/inventiveness somewhere in the pub . And textile... hard seats are not amenable to long drinks... looks pristine ..:)

  68. H.L. Westlake

    H.L. Westlake13 dagar sedan

    Love ya man...best of luck and as always, YOU ROCK !!! Cheer's, H.L.

  69. GT OW

    GT OW13 dagar sedan

    Why is Johnny out of breath and panting???

  70. Good Intentions

    Good Intentions13 dagar sedan


  71. 44oblong

    44oblong13 dagar sedan

    The Bogs

  72. Howard Pym

    Howard Pym13 dagar sedan

    If I had his money I'd just b a place in Spain by the sea and chill out.

  73. Howard Pym

    Howard Pym13 dagar sedan

    Make sure there's plenty of steak.

  74. TinJ

    TinJ14 dagar sedan

    This is the only pub I have ever seen with a really nice name

  75. mr scratchy

    mr scratchy14 dagar sedan

    Did you get a Covid discount?

  76. Mithereal

    Mithereal14 dagar sedan

    Hope the walls get painted. Don't want to be sitting in a pub with white walls like I'm in a mental asylum or waiting for a hospital diagnosis... Where's the wooden panels or bricks?

  77. Reality Kicks in

    Reality Kicks in14 dagar sedan

    Maybe an excellent venue for a car program!

  78. Reality Kicks in

    Reality Kicks in14 dagar sedan

    Maybe an excellent venue for a car program!

  79. On Tour With Dridgers

    On Tour With Dridgers14 dagar sedan

    Brilliant jameo

  80. Jared Stone

    Jared Stone14 dagar sedan

    4U2P on the toilet door.... OFAH anyone?

  81. Usilleek hunt

    Usilleek hunt14 dagar sedan

    10,000 gone in a decade, it's intentional, no other explanation, the elites don't want mature adults speaking non pc unfiltered truths to each other, they want you at home getting conditioned by their propaganda and they can't restrict freedom of assembly without a pretext like a pandemic or something...oh ..wait, hence cheap supermarket ale and ludicrous running costs pricing locals out of business unless they are family friendly chain pubs

  82. terry mcdonagh

    terry mcdonagh15 dagar sedan

    Rename it "The James Hangs Well" - instant success

  83. Will Featherstone

    Will Featherstone15 dagar sedan

    Throne garden

  84. Brompton bike Lover

    Brompton bike Lover15 dagar sedan


  85. Heather Torrey

    Heather Torrey15 dagar sedan

    How could you not feature the pupper?? Love the place, it's really nice looking. How about just calling the loos the "Lavatories" and be done with it. Or you could go full 1950s and call them the "Lounges." Maybe leave off genders and just let people go when they need to.

  86. kevin cahill

    kevin cahill15 dagar sedan

    Best of luck Mr May on your pub ...I’d like to come have a pint and meal with my family one day.

  87. Jack James

    Jack James15 dagar sedan

    But does the door close nicely?? 4:59 Yes it does

  88. Jack James

    Jack James15 dagar sedan

    Lovely to see one of the three in current context. They're still out there!!

  89. Billy Beheler

    Billy Beheler15 dagar sedan

    Whenever I finally make it to the UK I will most definitely stop in for a pint.

  90. Sterling Archer

    Sterling Archer15 dagar sedan

    you will never be a woman

  91. Anthony

    Anthony15 dagar sedan

    the bog garden

  92. Neil Chatterjee

    Neil Chatterjee16 dagar sedan


  93. Bloodrammer

    Bloodrammer16 dagar sedan

    Wait... Is that giant steps?

  94. khyle gallagher

    khyle gallagher16 dagar sedan

    When everyone is loosing there assets.... That's why your buying James because it cheap.... And they had to sell...🙈 Hate the world at the minute


    DEAN WATERS16 dagar sedan

    Who can afford to drink in Pubs these days.

  96. Robert Cartwright

    Robert Cartwright16 dagar sedan

    call the loo the "Water Closet"

  97. J M

    J M16 dagar sedan

    Could do with a string of light bulbs out the front.

  98. dank donkerson

    dank donkerson16 dagar sedan

    Islam, Britons new overlords, dont like pubs, he should have opened a Mosque, that seems to be the trend nowadays

  99. Howard Pym

    Howard Pym13 dagar sedan

    @Matt Boyle Middle class woke Corbynista detected.

  100. Matt Boyle

    Matt Boyle16 dagar sedan

    Shut up

  101. Kevin Jasper

    Kevin Jasper16 dagar sedan

    Reference to loo rename. The used beer area.

  102. TheGarryKE

    TheGarryKE16 dagar sedan

    Isn't that the pub where he filmed parts of his Man Lab series?