SML Movie: The Class Pet!

The class gets a class pet and Junior has to take care of it!


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    Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    D͜͡A͜͡_͜͡T͜͡R͜͡E͜͡A͜͡T͜͡_͜͡ M͜͡A͜͡S͜͡T͜͡A͜͡24 dagar sedan


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    @Eee Eee gkmcfllblbppf ccm

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    Junior sounds more like Mario and not like a little kid anymore like from the previous years

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    Penplape is Mad and pissed

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    Lol I am 9 year old and my cousin was in my house she was trying to steal me until my bodyguard like jr bodyguard Cody but my bodyguard pushed her outta and my bodyguard said yeet!

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    Did they kill the fish 🐠 Don’t tell me they sacrafics a fish

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    5:13 **distance fangarling noises**

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    Chinese teacher:stop creaming creaming Juniors:me me me me

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    did the fish really died?

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    go watch it

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    0:09 jr was tryna shoot his shot

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    was that a real fish

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    What kind of person are you picture of the fish in his garden. My dad will freak out if I had a pet pigeon dropped in it let me know if that fits super because I do not believe it man man up man man up man that man up man up man up who is Amanda Fuller who was the man that you are mean man man man man man man man

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    Did you actually throw him in the sink or is that a TOY

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    i know right so sad

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    2:09 you can see Audrey filming the bts

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    rip crab cake in fake crab cake

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    Sml movie Cody like girls

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    8:02 🤣 no 2:48

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    Cody like dudes not girls

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    Did you guys actually drop a fish in the drain?

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    Did they actually kill the fish

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    watch the behind the scenes

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  36. Adventures with Leighton

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    Jack e choo a cat is a pet and a dog is not

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    “stop creaming”

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    F in the chat

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    I don't get it why does Jeffy and all the other students don't like school only if it's a few minutes🤔

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    I don't get it why does

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    a small sacrifice for such a good video.

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    nemo has to go to a funeral

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    i guess no one will find nemo

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    :’( NOOooOoOooOoOOoOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOoooOooOoOoOooOooOOOOoOoOoOoOOoOOOOOOoooooOooOOOoOoOOO

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    i hope that wasnt a real fish

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    Is the fish actualy dead 😰

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    Lol 😂 😆

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    you should do a video on cody marrys penelope

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    Brooklyn guy lies when stuff is bad

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    Cody you stupid

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    So Penelope is still trapped in the closet since she hasn't been in a video since this one.

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    Did they actually kill a fish in the garbage disposal 💀😳🙃

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    Is the fish real?

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    Nobody: SML: kills a fish for a video

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    The fish was CGI , Not real

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    this is not stolen content

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    Ok they haven’t posted

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    All new ha

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    Junior Cody and Joseph kidnap Penelope

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    Believe in god become a Christian god is king and lord

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    Everybody I got a fish it's beautiful and my sister Polina has one in her name is Rainbow and my is name is ocean and my brothers of says fish name is blueberry

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    Gee I wonder what Jeffy would do if he got the class pet

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    😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎👎 did you actually do that

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    3:41 brushing the teeth you dont have because your a puppet

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    5:18 Junior: OH NO THE FISH WENT DOWN THE DRAN Cody:WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO fish be like awww put me in the garbage disposal daddy

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    This is fish abuse

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    Is the fish OK

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    the worst thing iv don is watch this vid

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    0:46lol junior

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    Make an episode when Junior gets Penelope pregnant!

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    @Elijah Trofort ugh damit my brother used my acc sorry

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    @Camels why?

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    Did They actually murder a real fish

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    Did you really put a fish in the garbage disposal

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    2:49 I get it now

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    8:30 when Cody said he didn’t take the bit of who hash that killed me

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    were fish hurt in this video

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    Eh prus A+

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    Don’t keep the fish in a bowl it needs a filter and it needs more then one fish or it will get lonely, it needs to be the same size and a goldfish like that one

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    Junior: "Grab the fish!" Nets: "Am I a joke to you?"

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    Damarius crowder

  92. r pitstop

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    Damarius crowder

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    answer: hmmm,idk i dont rememeber

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    Did u actually kill the fish😖

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    jakie poo

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    I’m still watching the videos I already watched for fun

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    She literally sounds like the cast of Elina

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    World War I love that goldfish

  101. Faith Levesque

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    World wonder where I love that goldfish

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    My name is junior

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    When t guy turn the lights and it’s the wrong one had me dyeing

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    Imvu mo.

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    That's what pencildanya get

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    If you dislike ing fuck you and you a hater

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    Pineapple:I like little fish Rosalina:I’m vegan!

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    5:20 where the action begins Thank me later

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    but when it was in the tanlk it wAS THE REAL FISH

  110. Urijah Perkins

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    the fish that went down the drain was a pice of paper so it was not a real fish

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    i killed someone

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    "its like you come right up to my ear and cream right in it"

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    The dumbest thing i did is jumping off my scooter when I'm riding very fast :->

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    That was a fake fish right?

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    Not most likely,