Missed the moon, went for sun - Kerbal Space Program (Gopnik Gaming RE-UP)

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Kerbal Space Program featuring Boris the cosmonaut.
Previous KSP video: setoos.info/name/4KnPsZNpg6VuZ4Q/video
This video is a re-upload from Boris gaming channel Gopnik Gaming. The channel is now closed.
Originally uploaded on Gopnik Gaming on: January 22nd 2018
It had 1,756,296 views, 2658 comments, 45,586 likes.
Migrated to Life of Boris on: February 14th 2021
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  1. Adek Nanta

    Adek NantaDag sedan

    Boris if you want stabilization on your rocket there is a button when you want to launch it is The button SAS or you can add a reaction wheel and please upload more ksp

  2. Watermelon Pepsi

    Watermelon Pepsi2 dagar sedan

    good video

  3. Mahkus

    Mahkus5 dagar sedan

    Boris traveling at 33 times the speed of light:"may need to adjust the calculations"

  4. Mahkus

    Mahkus5 dagar sedan

    Boris while taking off at 5 times the speed of sound: "flight attendant hold my vodka"

  5. Vyien Montemayor

    Vyien Montemayor5 dagar sedan


  6. Noob-Developer

    Noob-Developer5 dagar sedan

    *ussr fails their 8th launch into space. usa success*

  7. Noob-Developer

    Noob-Developer5 dagar sedan

    *im filled with communism*

  8. Noob-Developer

    Noob-Developer5 dagar sedan


  9. RM Space

    RM Space6 dagar sedan

    *is back*

  10. Russian Durak

    Russian Durak7 dagar sedan

    - went for sun At night, i hope?

  11. RaTcHeT302

    RaTcHeT3027 dagar sedan


  12. Andre Bessa

    Andre Bessa9 dagar sedan

    No urods in traffic. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Eanna Treacy

    Eanna Treacy9 dagar sedan

    7.48 whats the music here called plz

  14. Tester Account

    Tester Account10 dagar sedan


  15. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

    Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E10 dagar sedan

    "Mr Musk, sit back and take notes" Elon Musk on twitter: *Noted*

  16. Cursed Comments Generator

    Cursed Comments Generator11 dagar sedan

    I love how what he does just dont care of other flaws. Weight thrust and C.O.W. he just like "if its an engine, put it"

  17. 1 d_day210

    1 d_day21012 dagar sedan

    fist time and i love it

  18. shadic7878

    shadic787812 dagar sedan

    i love how he says "you have to pay 6000 roubles" to use his patented double cylinder log design but thats only 80.95 USD


    avi MOVING. NEW NAME SOON12 dagar sedan


  20. bruv guy

    bruv guy14 dagar sedan

    if this was in real life this dude would have lost 100s of billions and made the whole country in which he lives bankrupt 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 jk dude do not delete my comment ok :) we coold ?

  21. Ender2D

    Ender2D14 dagar sedan

    4:20 cyka blyat

  22. C_Human

    C_Human14 dagar sedan

    "You want to save your economy. Hire boris" Me: taking notes "I will keep that In mind

  23. bruv guy

    bruv guy15 dagar sedan

    if this was in real life this dude would have lost 100s of billions and made the whole country in which he lives bankrupt 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  24. Max Schager

    Max Schager15 dagar sedan

    Yooo whats the song at 7:42?

  25. A Person

    A Person16 dagar sedan

    You see, Boris is actually playing KSP perfectly except for one fatal flaw: instead of moar boosters, he says moar engines. It's better to not have control of spacecraft than to have control of spacecraft.

  26. arda güneş

    arda güneş16 dagar sedan

    Boris pls game hoi4 in Soviet Russia

  27. M26 Cactie

    M26 Cactie16 dagar sedan

    This is some quality Нахуи

  28. Pog Frog

    Pog Frog17 dagar sedan

    I missed when it first came out because of blackouts

  29. Michael Simpson

    Michael Simpson17 dagar sedan

    Plane: *has enough engines* Boris: MORE ENGINES!!!

  30. gio rondinelli

    gio rondinelli17 dagar sedan

    This is good content

  31. DOwOM

    DOwOM17 dagar sedan

    Whatever happened to everything on gopnik gaming?

  32. Taskmaster

    Taskmaster17 dagar sedan

    1:70 -he actually was do angry he sweared in Polish. Ah..

  33. that random channel

    that random channel17 dagar sedan

    can u make garlic and bread soup because you always mention it but never make it. make it now.

  34. Jayden Warren

    Jayden Warren17 dagar sedan

    only 50 disikes, that is very cheeki breeki

  35. ゆめいん

    ゆめいん17 dagar sedan


  36. XD XD

    XD XD17 dagar sedan

    is it just me or i saw it years ago?

  37. random person

    random person17 dagar sedan

    Relistic russian airforce thrust vectoring plane doing a cobra

  38. Nihal Manoj

    Nihal Manoj17 dagar sedan

    The song is : High Quality Nahui! by Uamee

  39. TenAte108

    TenAte10818 dagar sedan

    Did he really re-upload the video?

  40. Mitsch164

    Mitsch16418 dagar sedan

    why is shop down cyka

  41. Vedant Acharya

    Vedant Acharya18 dagar sedan

    More Kerbal Space Program please,Tovarisch

  42. Hoàng Gia Bảo

    Hoàng Gia Bảo18 dagar sedan

    Why don’t you do a vodka-cooled mayonez pasted computer?

  43. NinLendo

    NinLendo18 dagar sedan

    This has to be the best video i have ever seen xDD

  44. GAMER YOUTUBE Channel

    GAMER YOUTUBE Channel18 dagar sedan

    0:06 GOPNIK: [eurobeat intesifies] Boris:

  45. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin18 dagar sedan

    Stalin approved.

  46. jeffy1221

    jeffy122118 dagar sedan

    Whats the music at 2:55?

  47. Toasty McToastface

    Toasty McToastface18 dagar sedan

    Boris! if oy saveyour builds in the plane hangar, you can upload them in the rocket hanger, and launch them into space like the space shuttle!

  48. Gary Pinholster

    Gary Pinholster19 dagar sedan

    Sit down mr.musk. the only time ive ever heard him referred to as "mr".

  49. Ender2D

    Ender2D19 dagar sedan


  50. A music guy

    A music guy19 dagar sedan

    I am at the point where I realize boris cannot build a plane worth shet

  51. Arxhend Hoxha

    Arxhend Hoxha19 dagar sedan

    Ctrl+f12 Hack Mode thank me latter boris

  52. Yosef Zaner

    Yosef Zaner19 dagar sedan

    Boris starts the engine. Plaine blows up. Boris: "Well, clearly it need more wheels." This. This is why I love watching Life of Boris. I can just be completely calm, enjoying the video, and then the Shashlik king will say something completely simple that will crack me up.


    KUBULATUS19 dagar sedan

    Pls get back chekki breeki outro

  54. Comrade Putin

    Comrade Putin19 dagar sedan


  55. Alfandi Firmansyah

    Alfandi Firmansyah19 dagar sedan

    It real and legit with the help of hackermitnick thanks it works perfectly fine I got 22,000$ via +15073239418

  56. Gaia's Guardian

    Gaia's Guardian19 dagar sedan

    A blyatiful thing.👍


    KAMERAD ZAZ19 dagar sedan

    3:09 its like ekranoplan project


    KAMERAD ZAZ19 dagar sedan

    1:36 XD

  59. Arko

    Arko19 dagar sedan

    The fact that the name of the background track is "Hugh Quality Nahui", really does tie the whole video together.

  60. Kumikuler

    Kumikuler19 dagar sedan


  61. Jacob Kind

    Jacob Kind19 dagar sedan

    press R for SAS function! mutch easyer steering blyat!

  62. Destroyer Play

    Destroyer Play19 dagar sedan

    Pavel always reminds me of Boris

  63. Eshvara Krupa

    Eshvara Krupa19 dagar sedan

    7:06 😂😂

  64. The_Tonatiuh

    The_Tonatiuh19 dagar sedan

    OGs remember the original soundtracks used in this video

  65. TechyGuy

    TechyGuy19 dagar sedan

    Soviet engineering at it's peak

  66. Mike Cherry-Brown

    Mike Cherry-Brown19 dagar sedan

    love this channel

  67. Stick man

    Stick man19 dagar sedan

    missing the moon and going for the sun that's the most boris thing ever

  68. Subaru Shirakami

    Subaru Shirakami19 dagar sedan

    Slav man with no understanding of aerospace and orbital physics wastes millions of dollars in USSR space research resources

  69. demonetization

    demonetization19 dagar sedan

    4:24 Russian engineer finds out about VTOL

  70. Daniel Boatright

    Daniel Boatright19 dagar sedan

    At the five minute mark you say theres no landing strip on the Mün, well the Mün is easy to land on incase you ever make it.

  71. Dr.LickMe

    Dr.LickMe20 dagar sedan

    dont buy this game guys its a spy ware

  72. TDZ5 X5H0

    TDZ5 X5H020 dagar sedan

    I just got ksp the day this was uploaded.

  73. Gus

    Gus20 dagar sedan

    *munmobil is kil*

  74. Another One

    Another One20 dagar sedan

    Boris can you play.. GTA Online Meet with the Comrade Pavel in Submarine!

  75. reeboi Lucito

    reeboi Lucito20 dagar sedan

    Can I get font that you use plz

  76. Reaper

    Reaper20 dagar sedan

    Where did the DJ Blyatman music go? I miss it :'(

  77. Ewc C

    Ewc C20 dagar sedan

    What is the song at 7:30?

  78. luke flamingo

    luke flamingo20 dagar sedan

    elon musk (makes rocket he think it will work) (makes bucket of rusty bolts) boris (boris makes gopnik plane)

  79. SyntheticHuman Gaming

    SyntheticHuman Gaming20 dagar sedan

    Only true Boris fans have already seen this video.

  80. Are Me

    Are Me20 dagar sedan


  81. Are Me

    Are Me20 dagar sedan

    vodka blayt gimme vodka

  82. Night Bot

    Night Bot20 dagar sedan

    Instructions unclear..... Melted in radius of Sun.....

  83. Tony KAWAIII

    Tony KAWAIII20 dagar sedan

    I dont really understand what you say but your accent is so funny 😂🙏🏻

  84. Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles20 dagar sedan

    I have never laughed so much before

  85. Alexandru Costache

    Alexandru Costache20 dagar sedan


  86. J. R.

    J. R.20 dagar sedan

    What happend to Gopnik?

  87. BLU3DR4GON-E-D

    BLU3DR4GON-E-D20 dagar sedan

    Wtf... 3 videos in one day.

  88. alex l

    alex l20 dagar sedan

    Mr musk take notes

  89. Danijel Prosenik

    Danijel Prosenik20 dagar sedan

    Never before have I started sneezing because I was laughing too hard. Well, if we don't count the last time I watched this video.

  90. Весельчак

    Весельчак20 dagar sedan


  91. Matthew Yang

    Matthew Yang20 dagar sedan

    Blyat Boris you must add fins to stabilize your rocket Learn from your predecessors

  92. Noah Oakes

    Noah Oakes20 dagar sedan

    slavs in space

  93. Justino

    Justino20 dagar sedan

    You posted the same video 2 times

  94. Яша Лава

    Яша Лава20 dagar sedan

    5:39 explaining: 6000 rubles is something around 80$

  95. SteinRoger Johansen

    SteinRoger Johansen20 dagar sedan

    Do you play on your VODKA cooled PC?

  96. Amirbek Akmirza

    Amirbek Akmirza20 dagar sedan

    Меня удивляет что тут почти нету русских комментариев🤔

  97. Zulfburht

    Zulfburht20 dagar sedan

    Okay, now for real. We need another original video of the gopnik space program

  98. Laika

    Laika20 dagar sedan

    ohhh its me

  99. the bonedestroyer

    the bonedestroyer20 dagar sedan

    i remember watching this on gopnik gaming

  100. Miklós Szederkényi

    Miklós Szederkényi20 dagar sedan


  101. Jakoby Odborník

    Jakoby Odborník20 dagar sedan

    Come on, don't hate diesel, I like my 20 yers old, black smoke pouring, hardbass blazing, sounding like tractor Passat.

  102. Beni Stingray

    Beni Stingray20 dagar sedan

    You know, you could at least try to use the symetry and part movement tools in the hangar.