Artyom is 2 years old! Guarding the metro and fighting mutant. Wish him happy birthday in comments.
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  1. SharpSX

    SharpSXDag sedan

    install Lubuntu or Kubuntu on that laptop

  2. 「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」

    「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」2 dagar sedan


  3. 「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」

    「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」2 dagar sedan


  4. 「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」

    「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」2 dagar sedan


  5. Wooden Crafts

    Wooden Crafts2 dagar sedan

    More Artyom

  6. 8bit_Aviation

    8bit_Aviation3 dagar sedan

    I must commit die for missing this vid

  7. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama3 dagar sedan

    "He can hear the smell already."

  8. Its JejeYT

    Its JejeYT3 dagar sedan

    That cat say "BLYAT"

  9. Night Burns

    Night Burns4 dagar sedan

    Boris where do ya live?

  10. john david Collins

    john david Collins6 dagar sedan

    I have met many gopnik in German prison. All were better than the Germans and only wanted to know about the UK

  11. john david Collins

    john david Collins6 dagar sedan

    Is Artyom a macho or she cat.Ah now I see you called him him. Does the name mean something or just a name?

  12. Jorma koo

    Jorma koo6 dagar sedan

    That lil slav cute

  13. Samuel Schäder

    Samuel Schäder6 dagar sedan


  14. ClawdeenCat

    ClawdeenCat6 dagar sedan

    My cat behaves very similarly to Artyom lol

  15. Yasu Medina

    Yasu Medina6 dagar sedan

    How did I miss this video 😞

  16. MadamFoogie

    MadamFoogie8 dagar sedan

    "He can already hear the smell." What a great way to describe a cat's reaction to a tin being opened.

  17. Chilly Dawgg

    Chilly Dawgg9 dagar sedan

    What's the background music

  18. Susan X

    Susan X10 dagar sedan

    1:12 ahh I think he can already hear the smell

  19. AM

    AM10 dagar sedan

    I just realized this is like the first video where Artyom meows

  20. rmino08

    rmino0810 dagar sedan

    Artyom will always hear the smell like a good Slav cat

  21. Charlotte Sampson

    Charlotte Sampson10 dagar sedan

    Artyom always protect motherland

  22. Costin Bratu

    Costin Bratu10 dagar sedan

    Ah, yes, 1:12 cats always heard the smell

  23. Alex Nik

    Alex Nik11 dagar sedan

    Ayrtom should have a SEtoos channel with the name: Life of Artyom.

  24. Some random debil

    Some random debil11 dagar sedan

    3:53 who's the other cat?

  25. X DuskAshes

    X DuskAshes11 dagar sedan

    Holy shit that cat would be obese in 5 minutes of him eating that shitload

  26. Makoto Naegi

    Makoto Naegi11 dagar sedan

    My cat is just a western version of Artyom. Basically, just Artyom, but fat.

  27. GreedA Fire

    GreedA Fire11 dagar sedan

    "I think he already hear the smell" -Boris

  28. BrianLTU

    BrianLTU11 dagar sedan

    Kakadu has drugs inside i thinkm

  29. Alex Nik

    Alex Nik12 dagar sedan

    Ayrtom is a Russian blue or Korat cat?

  30. Colin Francois

    Colin Francois12 dagar sedan

    (Intro) ITS ARTYOM

  31. Colin Francois

    Colin Francois5 dagar sedan

    6..7 NOOOO!!

  32. Mochammad Brillian Wicaksana Sukananda

    Mochammad Brillian Wicaksana Sukananda13 dagar sedan


  33. Ausizigzagun

    Ausizigzagun13 dagar sedan

    Omg My friend has a cat that looks like Artyom. The cat ain't called Artyom but my friends name is Artyom.

  34. Siobhana81

    Siobhana8113 dagar sedan

    Gets back to home base, immediately does a perimeter check. Good security, kitty bro.

  35. DragonBane Rules

    DragonBane Rules14 dagar sedan

    hear the smell lol

  36. kaiche1142

    kaiche114216 dagar sedan

    kat nip in the bear

  37. Beggete TM

    Beggete TM16 dagar sedan

    "Atyom Dinner time" Me:*WEESEE*

  38. Vlad Popescu

    Vlad Popescu16 dagar sedan

    At the end boris feels that PAIN

  39. peanut

    peanut16 dagar sedan


  40. potato man

    potato man17 dagar sedan

    Im dying when he said"dont scream at me open the present"

  41. potato man

    potato man10 dagar sedan

    Im still dying renembering this

  42. Papa Woody

    Papa Woody19 dagar sedan

    "Comrade Puffmaster" will be the next big gopnik DJ. "Come on Hear the Smell" will be his first single to drop.

  43. mazlan salleh

    mazlan salleh19 dagar sedan


  44. XDSDDLord

    XDSDDLord20 dagar sedan

    Happy belated birthday Artyom!

  45. viltsufighter 07

    viltsufighter 0720 dagar sedan

    Do you and artyom have a komrade-slav designed discord.

  46. Rexloyd 1

    Rexloyd 120 dagar sedan


  47. Koi - Tou

    Koi - Tou20 dagar sedan

    Hear the smell yes

  48. Jan Walkuski

    Jan Walkuski21 dag sedan

    1 million people have visited Artyom's 2 birthday party.

  49. Chairman Meow

    Chairman Meow21 dag sedan

    all cats are beautiful

  50. kuul

    kuul21 dag sedan

    He is so cute but also very strong

  51. ExoFox :-P

    ExoFox :-P21 dag sedan

    I don't know how but cats always get to places where they shouldn't be able to get

  52. Resa's Random Stuff

    Resa's Random Stuff22 dagar sedan

    you ask why hes looking around? hes a security cat!

  53. da boi

    da boi22 dagar sedan

    happy birthday blin

  54. Kerem Bilici

    Kerem Bilici22 dagar sedan

    make a face reveal

  55. Iris Klingenschmid

    Iris Klingenschmid22 dagar sedan

    My god, I love that fucking cat

  56. Benn Nainggolan

    Benn Nainggolan22 dagar sedan

    When he opens the crowbar i'm diyin 😂

  57. mazlan salleh

    mazlan salleh22 dagar sedan

    Boris:HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATRYOM Atryom:*Runs Away*

  58. mazlan salleh

    mazlan salleh22 dagar sedan

    Atryom as spelled wrong HES SO CUUUUUUTE

  59. RAI

    RAI22 dagar sedan

    I really love black cats especially those who can drink vodka and eat semechki with me

  60. Hymiko Minato

    Hymiko Minato23 dagar sedan


  61. SmilingTomatoes

    SmilingTomatoes24 dagar sedan

    did boris never use the japanese food package?

  62. Good Vibe

    Good Vibe25 dagar sedan

    2:27 Me every second of my stupid life Sadge

  63. Nikorek_pl

    Nikorek_pl26 dagar sedan

    cat's always land on four legs so why in metro i get killed if i jump from 10 meters?

  64. ITZZeek

    ITZZeek26 dagar sedan

    "aah i think he can already hear the smell" - Boris

  65. AN _123

    AN _12326 dagar sedan

    1:10 looks like spam a british thing

  66. Украина

    Украина27 dagar sedan


  67. Connor the pro

    Connor the pro27 dagar sedan

    Boris I also have Russian blue Cat 😺

  68. Irish Tank

    Irish Tank27 dagar sedan

    I know I'm late but tell him I say happy birthday

  69. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin28 dagar sedan

    We love artyom, because we are comrades.

  70. tredI9100

    tredI910028 dagar sedan

    A bit late, but happy birthday Artyom!

  71. aiden camacho

    aiden camacho28 dagar sedan

    hurry everyone, make fun of boris sayjng hear the smell at 1:15

  72. IceyColdY Y

    IceyColdY Y29 dagar sedan

    Boris i have that exact LAZER like Anatoly gave Artyom

  73. Fitz Dettmer

    Fitz Dettmer29 dagar sedan

    0:52 I imagine he's looking for possible threats or anything that's changed that would indicate someone's been there. Security detail!

  74. Western Spy

    Western Spy29 dagar sedan

    Happy birthday Artyom😐😐😐😐

  75. James Gannon

    James GannonMånad sedan

    Smol kat hehe

  76. Thomas Butler

    Thomas ButlerMånad sedan

    My cat sat next to me and watched this, then meowed and walked away when the video ended.

  77. kn1ght

    kn1ghtMånad sedan

    I miss videos of Artyom

  78. Templared

    TemplaredMånad sedan

    Boris a guys from east slavistan and a cat whos from slavistan aswell

  79. Ralph Nathaneil

    Ralph NathaneilMånad sedan

    A true slav need a komrade kat,I have one

  80. RiotShield

    RiotShieldMånad sedan

    He looks like the cat i had as a kid

  81. John Reynold Cebel

    John Reynold CebelMånad sedan

    1;13 I think he can already hear the smell 🤣🤣🤣

  82. lumber john

    lumber johnMånad sedan

    he has his own sasage stash

  83. lumber john

    lumber johnMånad sedan

    What a happy dog

  84. Cohen Day

    Cohen DayMånad sedan

    Boris my cats nickname is Kalashnikat



    Its all Fun and games until the cat makes a VooDoo doll out of Boris present

  86. TheGreatCannon

    TheGreatCannonMånad sedan

    i know im late but happy birthday!!

  87. eyetextico

    eyetexticoMånad sedan

    5:54 put d snak instead the house so he'll go in

  88. Max Emmons

    Max EmmonsMånad sedan

    I like how you bought your komrad Kat toys for our entertainment

  89. Max Emmons

    Max EmmonsMånad sedan


  90. Voyager 2

    Voyager 2Månad sedan

    1:59 BLYAT!!!

  91. Ixl4

    Ixl4Månad sedan

    Btw Boris aint you supposed to be dead ya know in metro 2033

  92. Augustus, Emperor Of Rome

    Augustus, Emperor Of RomeMånad sedan

    Im late but happy birthday Artyom

  93. Bora Mitič

    Bora MitičMånad sedan

    Call +1 800blaytcat for tech support

  94. savagex466

    savagex466Månad sedan

    Man ... il give you a sub made my day i love how you sterotype yourself and its just funny man. thanks so much

  95. DingoAteMyPotato

    DingoAteMyPotatoMånad sedan

    I remember when the first artyom videos came out, the good old days

  96. Mitchinatr

    MitchinatrMånad sedan

    Keep showing us vids with Artyom. We love him!

  97. Alexander Cellante

    Alexander CellanteMånad sedan


  98. Andy Rowe

    Andy RoweMånad sedan

    Capitalist husky says hello to comrade kat

  99. Jack Meyers

    Jack MeyersMånad sedan

    He does his own fucking sweep and clear of the apartment. Big jelly

  100. Georgy Zhukov

    Georgy ZhukovMånad sedan

    Why not also know “товарищ кот”?

  101. KGFTW

    KGFTWMånad sedan

    Ah yes Artyom is from Chernobyl. He can hear the smell.

  102. Mpire Outdoors

    Mpire OutdoorsMånad sedan

    Do yourself a favour and get him a little girlfriend cat. We had a depressed boy cat and now he's happy as a blin.