We Visited the Most EXPENSIVE House on YouTube! (Backyard Go Kart Track)

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My neighbor invited us over to his house and he has a helicopter, a go kart track, gas station and a lot more.. I was SHOCKED!
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    Dat was cool you or rich

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    @GAMINGWITHRON Pubgm you have not posted a video in a month make more and more people will see that your working hard like live stream play with viewers.

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    This expensive kid is not spoiled at all hes humble and nice you should how him to donlad boi

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    I'm reading about the book holes with him in it

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    I wonder what they use to cut the grass?

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    Can you tell me his channel name

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    It should be illegal to be THAT *RICH* 😭✋

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    the movie holes was such a good movie

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    I have 117

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    Did you say free atm , that means free money 😂😂😂

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    This mans bathroom is probaly more big then my whole aparment

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    Dat was sick dude you or rich baby sick dude

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    Good visa tho Rug ps5

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    Once they see the helicopter 🚁 rug and Sherman were jumping up and down the rich 🤑 kid is there just like yh I know it’s cool 😎 like if u want to be rich 🤑 in ur life 👇

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    and i thought rugs house was cool

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    they visited the most expensive house but didnt even show it

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    i dont know who goanna belive me but i actualy do gokart

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    Read your bible and praise Jesus and God. ..

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    Guys that go kart track is in Connecticut. Look it up. It is called supercharged. Our boy Brian lied to us

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    I bet when he gets 20million he will give the ps5's to his friends and family

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    Part 2

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    This is museum

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    2:03 I could tell that Kaelyn was wearing Kiera Bridget’s merch .

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    In 7:48 he said subusucribe

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    2:22 haha! Just wait there is a funny part! Say hahaha!

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    Donlad are you sure you aint jelous

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    Holy crap this kid is rich I wish I was him not gonna lie

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    Hide and seek vid ??

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    Awsome vlog

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    40 acre? Excuse me wanna come to my house 200 acres. 7 cows 87 trucks and cars wanna come

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    Rug does show the bottom

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    Riches kid careful with the chick


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    Better than all of you are driving go-karts I’m literally cracked

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    I have 7 of those helicopters have 60 acres of space have a bigger house than both of them put together

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