I do Kourtney's makeup using all Kylie Cosmetics products!


  1. Frazão Bifu

    Frazão Bifu3 timmar sedan


  2. Charon Lucky

    Charon Lucky21 timme sedan

    Kourtney’s the realest and most relatable.

  3. aurora pomponi

    aurora pomponiDag sedan

    Kourtney should open a SEtoos channel on asmr

  4. Angela Andreasen

    Angela AndreasenDag sedan

    Count how many likes "like this and like that", they said in the video.

  5. Fried chicken

    Fried chickenDag sedan

    0:33 why is she sitting like Barbie


    SONYAE’S WORLDDag sedan

    The oldest sister and the youngest sister🥺

  7. Charon Lucky

    Charon LuckyDag sedan

    . That type of Kloe, what make up for if she is beautiful with make-up or without make-up and the kilie ejnner not to mention it or you who opninam

  8. Sarah& Ashley

    Sarah& AshleyDag sedan

    Can u do another day in the life that was EVERYTHING

  9. teresa joseph

    teresa josephDag sedan


  10. Small Boosss

    Small Boosss2 dagar sedan

    Gorgeous kourtney.... Botched barbie, Kylie.

  11. Winter22

    Winter222 dagar sedan

  12. ll lll

    ll lll2 dagar sedan

    Hola kylie soy tu fan me encantan tus videos desearia ser como tu .

  13. Baleed Ali

    Baleed Ali2 dagar sedan

    Spiderman. Seat down

  14. Baleed Ali

    Baleed Ali2 dagar sedan

    U have a new job. Me. Come. We are going to Disney world

  15. Itzia Sanchez

    Itzia Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    wow she's so cute

  16. Rubi Mata

    Rubi Mata2 dagar sedan

    Los invito a seguirme a mi canal de youtube ❤❤ que bonita lindas!

  17. Poca Khontas

    Poca Khontas3 dagar sedan

    I hate you kylie makeup!!!!

  18. spencer

    spencer3 dagar sedan

    super fabulous dresses girls

  19. Kayla Cruz

    Kayla Cruz3 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for kourtney it seems like she's always outacsted. 😕

  20. Monica

    Monica3 dagar sedan

    LOL the deadpan aww after Kourtney explained Kylie asked her how it made her feel

  21. Jenny BK

    Jenny BK3 dagar sedan

    Kourtney so fabulous in 40's def goals! 💕I love when Kylie does these videos

  22. Zen sound system

    Zen sound system4 dagar sedan

    I came here to find inspirationb to make up and was thinkin are kylie cosmetics tested by animals? Anykays i Think Kourtney has wise thoughs of life. I hope one day theres No animal crueltu because Peoples obsession to beauty and take advantage of nature for that. Greetings from Finland

  23. cyootiecat

    cyootiecat4 dagar sedan

    Is it just me who thinks she really doesn't need the makeup

  24. Alecks Antazo

    Alecks Antazo4 dagar sedan

    the nose is too much HAHAH

  25. s

    s4 dagar sedan

    anybody else notice their weird reaction to Kourtney mentioning their mom at 0:34 ???? felt nearly robotic ... bet theres some tension between kylie and kris or something weirder

  26. s

    s4 dagar sedan

    or kylies reaction was odd to begin with and kourtney was just reading it

  27. s

    s4 dagar sedan

    seems like kourtney was trying to put her on spot to see her reaction

  28. Mamta Arora

    Mamta Arora4 dagar sedan

    I just wanna say one thing , I love you Kylie 🥺🥺😍

  29. Adalida Crews

    Adalida Crews4 dagar sedan

    Trusting in God is the #1 girl yesss💖

  30. Ali Alilach

    Ali Alilach5 dagar sedan

    😍😍😍❤❤💖💖💖💖💖👑👑👑👑💎💎 Queen

  31. Dani Van Velthoven

    Dani Van Velthoven5 dagar sedan

    “You know i cut all my lashes off on accident “ Kylie: (doing her lashes) “like, recently?” Read to filthhhhhh

  32. just aesthetic

    just aesthetic5 dagar sedan

  33. Sofi Escarcega

    Sofi Escarcega5 dagar sedan


  34. Kenia valeria Sanchez

    Kenia valeria Sanchez5 dagar sedan

    No entiendo eslwis eldbeye lindo kylie laiwbeud kendall khloe is meik kris kwbdlskw uejse lesgow coomon

  35. Liliana Belén

    Liliana Belén5 dagar sedan

    Falta Rob maquillado!!!🙌🏻💕

  36. Amina Samman

    Amina Samman5 dagar sedan

    “Because, I feel like I’ve gone on this journey”

  37. J Dls

    J Dls6 dagar sedan

    Not Kourtney randomly bringing up edging and Kylie censoring her hahahaha

  38. Winter22

    Winter226 dagar sedan

  39. Brandon De Leon

    Brandon De Leon6 dagar sedan

    Mrs.DeLeon 😍💙 @kyliejenner

  40. nhurexxi

    nhurexxi6 dagar sedan

    Kourtney is an Aries? I feel her, her vibes tho ♈

  41. s k

    s k6 dagar sedan

    Kourtney is chillest

  42. Vasilia Kiamour

    Vasilia Kiamour7 dagar sedan

    Kourtney so beautiful

  43. Dominik Krzyżaniak

    Dominik Krzyżaniak7 dagar sedan


  44. Naitik Tata

    Naitik Tata7 dagar sedan

    But cant even do her laundry right.

  45. Ann Bednarczyk

    Ann Bednarczyk7 dagar sedan

    I love Kylie's interview questions! They are always so interesting.

  46. The Zuckerberg

    The Zuckerberg7 dagar sedan


  47. The Zuckerberg

    The Zuckerberg7 dagar sedan


  48. Atlanta

    Atlanta7 dagar sedan

    Kourtneys such a mood.

  49. Bella Nugraha

    Bella Nugraha7 dagar sedan

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  50. Aalimah Ismail

    Aalimah Ismail8 dagar sedan

    Wow I just notice Kylie and kortney are a kardashian

  51. Theofania karaoglou

    Theofania karaoglou8 dagar sedan


  52. kellyb7895

    kellyb78958 dagar sedan


  53. Sidhaant Gupta

    Sidhaant Gupta8 dagar sedan

    plastic skanks

  54. April Pierce

    April Pierce8 dagar sedan

    This is the best I’ve seen Kourtneys make up! Good job!! Kourtney, you’re gorgeous and exciting to look at! Lol.

  55. Jenner Bao

    Jenner Bao8 dagar sedan

    Xin chào các bạn

  56. Cassie Reine

    Cassie Reine8 dagar sedan

    I don't care if there faces look fake if I had the money I would do the same and must woman would if they had money.

  57. Cassie Reine

    Cassie Reine8 dagar sedan

    I love them so much .going to miss there show😒🤬

  58. Fps Bolte

    Fps Bolte9 dagar sedan

    Aai yeah boom baam

  59. DJO1MAE_qd1 L.K

    DJO1MAE_qd1 L.K9 dagar sedan

    Kourtney is absolutely gorgeous - i love her maturity & simplicity her whole personality are somewhat i can reflect on as a woman. Kylie’s done fantabolous on Kourt’s make- up... 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  60. Mireya Arevalo

    Mireya Arevalo9 dagar sedan

    Mis chicas favoritas🤏

  61. Ramona Deea

    Ramona Deea9 dagar sedan

    Amazing child advice.

  62. Natasha Zaki

    Natasha Zaki9 dagar sedan

  63. holy moly

    holy moly10 dagar sedan

    *I'hv never seen Kourt+Kylie bond before this* 👁️👄👁️

  64. hellolmnop 3

    hellolmnop 310 dagar sedan

    say : 3× Allahumma inni as'aluka al-jannah 3×Allahumma Ajirni Minan Naar Say:ALHAMDULLILAH ×33 SUBHANALLAH x33 Allahu akbar ×33 Astagfirullahx33 Take time 4 dikhr & for you and I to earn good deeds Recite "Allahummaghfirlil muslimeen wal muslimaat, wal mu'mineen wal mu'minat, Al-ahyaa minhum wal amwaat" Ameen Say Wa La Hawla Walaa quwata illah billah then say: La illaha illallah lastly say: Allahu Akbar for your minor sins to be erased. Inshallah

  65. Dacil

    Dacil10 dagar sedan

    What’s the song called in 1:33?

  66. Rena Das

    Rena Das10 dagar sedan

    Ok but why does kourtney and kylie look the same age?

  67. Zoya Dhital

    Zoya Dhital10 dagar sedan

  68. Jade Beaut

    Jade Beaut10 dagar sedan

    Why does she make SEtoos ?

  69. paula santos

    paula santos10 dagar sedan


  70. Mylene de la fuente Spoor

    Mylene de la fuente Spoor11 dagar sedan

    I love kourtney. ♥️💕

  71. Meet Manu

    Meet Manu12 dagar sedan

    Kourtney 😘

  72. Bryan Hughes

    Bryan Hughes12 dagar sedan

    Speaking of kylies skin......... I thought she was white.... Am i wrong

  73. ala z

    ala z12 dagar sedan

    Oh wow I never realized how much she looks like kris

  74. Tyler Bostick

    Tyler Bostick12 dagar sedan

    Kylie Jenner rich on camera she really drive a Nissan 2001

  75. grace kelaher

    grace kelaher12 dagar sedan

    kylie staring at herself

  76. Salma Bawaneh

    Salma Bawaneh12 dagar sedan

    How do they both look so young even without makeup? What's the magic!!??

  77. Charlene AMSR

    Charlene AMSR12 dagar sedan

    I love kourt, she’s so chilled and laid back

  78. Ayça K

    Ayça K13 dagar sedan

    How would you say that Kourtney looks in her 20s? She does not seem younger than 35 years old. are you blind?

  79. lisa jennifer

    lisa jennifer13 dagar sedan

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  80. Chidinma Ikenwa

    Chidinma Ikenwa13 dagar sedan

    Kourt is so pretty and wise.

  81. Ritika Ritu

    Ritika Ritu13 dagar sedan

    People really believe she looks like a 20 yr old... Like yes, having so much filters, effects and make up does help along with the beauty treatments

  82. Pweezy Tunechi

    Pweezy Tunechi13 dagar sedan

    Love you kourtney 😳😍😘👑

  83. lilly nester

    lilly nester13 dagar sedan

    hope everyone has a blessed and loving day ❤️

  84. isthe Lefooo

    isthe Lefooo14 dagar sedan

    Why dont they drink

  85. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia14 dagar sedan

    I’m obsessed 😍

  86. Sheila Edgington

    Sheila Edgington14 dagar sedan

    Ssssnnnoooorrrreee...zzzzzzzzzzz. #boring

  87. Paola Medina

    Paola Medina14 dagar sedan

    Kourtney looks like Kim after Kylie finished her makeup

  88. Frances Pellagatti

    Frances Pellagatti14 dagar sedan

    The oldest and the youngest the wisest and the smartest. What else can I say 2 beautiful sisters who I have immense respect for. Kourtney for being herself and lives her life on her own terms with no apologies and Kylie for living her dream with her makeup and becoming so successful. I do really respect her for doing it her way living her dream and reaping the rewards for it. You gotta love them both.❤🧡💚💛💙💜💖🖤💜💙👝👑💄💄💄👛

  89. brandonboydluver

    brandonboydluver15 dagar sedan

    ‘I have such a talent’ hahaha love it

  90. Heather C.

    Heather C.15 dagar sedan

    Kourt my mom use to say that to us girls at Disneyland not kidding, seeing it threw ur eyes is a beautiful thing n experience. Ik ur a great mom!

  91. Marcel Cuellar

    Marcel Cuellar15 dagar sedan

    This os NOT shade: maybe its cause they're being filmed and its on a public social media platform, but this has such a "fake" vibe.. I don't know, they're both lovely, just my humble opinion.

  92. ester ravena

    ester ravena15 dagar sedan


  93. Yusra Asif Zameer

    Yusra Asif Zameer16 dagar sedan

    U both are beautiful 😍

  94. I AM UCHE.

    I AM UCHE.16 dagar sedan

    I don’t really like any of the kardashians. I’m just here for the makeup and I hate to compare, BUT (here it goes) kourtney is NOT the least interesting to look at. I just saw Kim and Kylies video and Kourtney looks better than all all of them. Honestly. Maybe it’s her natural approach to skin care and her health routines but she’s naturally beautiful. The other sisters wow in terms of plastic surgery and plastic surgery looks good online, but in person...? Hands down Kourtney is the prettiest. I’m not trying to kiss as$ either. I don’t even care for them.

  95. Lauren Lawson

    Lauren Lawson16 dagar sedan

    Kourtney acts so dumb

  96. felipe alves

    felipe alves16 dagar sedan

    só joga um balde de agua na cara dela ela mudam de cor rapidinho

  97. Alison Desirée

    Alison Desirée16 dagar sedan

    the more beautiful

  98. Niamh Tyler

    Niamh Tyler16 dagar sedan

    They look identical in the thumbnail. 🤩

  99. paola caldas

    paola caldas16 dagar sedan

    I think kourt is the most interesting to hang out with

  100. paola caldas

    paola caldas16 dagar sedan

    Beautiful makeup Kylie 😊

  101. Isobel Gutteridge

    Isobel Gutteridge17 dagar sedan

    The snotty hardware antenatally roll because tuba mechanically rhyme around a outgoing angora. dry, charming wall

  102. Adrián camilo Iglesias

    Adrián camilo Iglesias17 dagar sedan

    Kourtney is the Queen 💗💸💎