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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About CNBC Prime: By night, CNBC Prime is an entertainment network with a programming slate that is an extension of CNBC’s distinct brand. The entertainment focused block in primetime includes programs such as Shark Tank, The Profit, Jay Leno’s Garage, American Greed and Secret Lives of the Super Rich. Primetime programming airs Monday through Sunday, 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM.
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Jay Leno's Garage - Stream Full Seasons Free on Peacock


  1. VTX1800MC

    VTX1800MC4 månader sedan

    This service is unavailable in your region.

  2. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift4 månader sedan

    Hertz not hurst!! they keep saying hurst

  3. Shahzoda Ahmedova

    Shahzoda Ahmedova4 månader sedan

    Super I was very interested))))

  4. Off The Jacks

    Off The Jacks4 månader sedan

    Always fun to see Tim Allen!

  5. Karl Martin

    Karl Martin4 månader sedan

    NBC sucks 🍌

  6. Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke4 månader sedan

    Usual great entertainment form the Jay Leno today show )))

  7. Alan Hastings

    Alan Hastings4 månader sedan

    Great... doh, I understand the commercial and political factors but Jay, as an Australian, why are we third world when it comes to these things???

  8. Dovah Kiin

    Dovah Kiin4 månader sedan

    What’s peacock ??😅

  9. CNBC Prime

    CNBC Prime4 månader sedan

    NBCUniversal's new streaming service. Link in our description.

  10. Gildo Schuster

    Gildo Schuster4 månader sedan

    "Stream Full Seasons Free on Peacock" -> "This service is unavailable in your region" :-(

  11. Curtis Mann

    Curtis Mann4 månader sedan

    Good morning Jay ✌️ fantastic show and video I love Tim Allen have a great day great job you love what you do your the man the great car Guy Jay ✌️

  12. Clay Loomis

    Clay Loomis4 månader sedan

    This is _almost_ the only show on the new Peacock network worth watching. But, it's free, so you can't complain too much.

  13. Clay Loomis

    Clay Loomis4 månader sedan

    @Alfredo Oliva I'm not responsible if you sign up for their Premium service. Fact is, most of what they offer is for people who have cut cable. I haven't, and 90% of their offerings are already free for people who have basic cable. SNL and the CNBC version of JLG. Old episodes of Law & Order, Cheers, Frasier...... That stuff is found all over on basic cable.

  14. Эхо Пескова в Кремле

    Эхо Пескова в Кремле4 månader sedan

    Hi Jay 😀