Fast & Finnish: Perkele Drift - My Summer Car (Gopnik Gaming RE-UP)

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If you press L to crouch you are no friend of mine.
Boris plays Finland simulator aka My Summer Car.
This video is a re-upload from Boris gaming channel Gopnik Gaming. The channel is now closed.
Originally uploaded on Gopnik Gaming on: January 25th 2018
It had 478,125 views, 13,272 likes.
Migrated to Life of Boris on: February 15th 2021
Fast forward music:
End music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Murka

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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
No Ruski Pop by uamee and Boris


  1. Sam Carré

    Sam Carré4 dagar sedan

    Who would have thought that Boris was a Belarus driver in a past life

  2. sad hoe

    sad hoe6 dagar sedan

    at 5:05 i laughed loudly while 2 AM and parents sleeping

  3. mszj zzs

    mszj zzs6 dagar sedan

    one of the best open world games kurwa

  4. тявкалка TV

    тявкалка TV11 dagar sedan


  5. proto engine

    proto engine12 dagar sedan

    he didn't realise he can put permanent dead off.

  6. Milda Žakevičiūtė

    Milda Žakevičiūtė12 dagar sedan

    3:56 harry potter fans : 👁👄👁

  7. G

    G13 dagar sedan

    Do people actually assign crouch to L?

  8. dmartinr41

    dmartinr4114 dagar sedan

    Boris this is a very old version of msc

  9. Nördisk

    Nördisk14 dagar sedan

    fug :DDDD

  10. Cnotovsky

    Cnotovsky14 dagar sedan

    Is he playing a cracked version? Cause it’s a version from 2017

  11. Cnotovsky

    Cnotovsky12 dagar sedan

    @Shelby Solem Ok

  12. Shelby Solem

    Shelby Solem12 dagar sedan

    This is a reupload from his Gopnik Gaming channel

  13. Gleb Firstov

    Gleb Firstov15 dagar sedan

    The devs have ruined this game

  14. Cnotovsky

    Cnotovsky14 dagar sedan

    Not yet

  15. subscribe or say goodbye

    subscribe or say goodbye15 dagar sedan

    Moi jakko mitä sä teet nyt

  16. Vlassispcs

    Vlassispcs15 dagar sedan


  17. Boots on the Ground

    Boots on the Ground16 dagar sedan

    *"driving this is like driving a bath tub in a sea of soap"*

  18. sarajudith91

    sarajudith9116 dagar sedan

    ORDER TO WATCH: 1. Perkele simulator 5000 2. Hannes the hermit 3. Fast & Finnish 4. Trapped on a bus to nowhere 5. This just got hard

  19. hanunija

    hanunija17 dagar sedan

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  20. benny

    benny17 dagar sedan

    Real slav is never play modern game

  21. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133717 dagar sedan

    Ba na na na na!! Boris you are the best. Much love from the PNW.

  22. Stalinium Gopniks

    Stalinium Gopniks18 dagar sedan


  23. Arxhend Hoxha

    Arxhend Hoxha18 dagar sedan

    Trains added since the game creation boris dis is nu updet hahahah

  24. BonBon_

    BonBon_18 dagar sedan

    The older version of my summer car, very nice

  25. AmorePepi99

    AmorePepi9918 dagar sedan


  26. VADemon

    VADemon18 dagar sedan

    oi oi oi brudda boris is красная pill? 4:05

  27. M. Aiman Hakim

    M. Aiman Hakim18 dagar sedan

    more pls

  28. Jimiel Bolasa

    Jimiel Bolasa18 dagar sedan

    Suomi suomi damn why i like reading and hearing this word

  29. Nina Davidovna A

    Nina Davidovna A18 dagar sedan

    Unless...your babushka was western spy after all 😉

  30. Nina Davidovna A

    Nina Davidovna A18 dagar sedan

    Please make kessel recipe

  31. Nina Davidovna A

    Nina Davidovna A18 dagar sedan

    Boris, you discovered another slav secret! 1:34 KESSELIN. lol

  32. Casey S

    Casey S18 dagar sedan

    every true grease monkey knows that low gear is high, and high gear is die

  33. Delge

    Delge19 dagar sedan

    I wonder if Boris being from Estonia understands finnish

  34. bigfairy321

    bigfairy32119 dagar sedan

    ahhh yes.. +1 for the Kurwa !!

  35. The Brother who gets The Cheese

    The Brother who gets The Cheese19 dagar sedan

    Perkele. Poi vittu Saatana.

  36. Hä? Wassdalos?

    Hä? Wassdalos?19 dagar sedan

    Too many ads man.

  37. Kris Taylor

    Kris Taylor19 dagar sedan

    Radio easy use the mouse wheel to operate

  38. Flip flop Productions

    Flip flop Productions19 dagar sedan

    Ey Boris! Have you actually driven a belarus?

  39. Snookie

    Snookie19 dagar sedan

    Vitun Jaakko, se vaan jatkuvasti leikkaa niitä puita. Ai ai ai ai

  40. Ruupin

    Ruupin19 dagar sedan

    Suomi vittu manittu

  41. Rex Holes

    Rex Holes19 dagar sedan

    I worked for a Finn Satana Perkele got thrown around when things went wrong LOL

  42. ViNce maTthew CATACUTAN sibug

    ViNce maTthew CATACUTAN sibug19 dagar sedan

    im laughing in you're voice

  43. Taf Toc

    Taf Toc19 dagar sedan

    Stealing a bath in a c of soap?! Someone cannot just come up with something like that. It got to be the result of years of deep philosophy

  44. Georgs Gataviņš

    Georgs Gataviņš19 dagar sedan

    i have belarus tractor at home

  45. First name Last name

    First name Last name19 dagar sedan

    teep for dravink the van blyat. put in gear release usless brake, radio up full, gently get it to move, once moving go faster, if you do that van will not drift like its lake Baikal in febuary. davai!

  46. Sg08

    Sg0819 dagar sedan

    But this video is from his gopnik gaming chanelle

  47. Sevvy

    Sevvy19 dagar sedan

    He's still playing on a super old verision of my summer car lol

  48. Jakub Smršín

    Jakub Smršín17 dagar sedan

    Well, the video is couple of years old too, but you can really see the work Toplessgun gave in the game in the past four years.

  49. Jack Tulloch

    Jack Tulloch19 dagar sedan


  50. Darth Memeious

    Darth Memeious19 dagar sedan

    blyat boris make sequel not reupload

  51. Lord Humungus

    Lord Humungus19 dagar sedan

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh PERKELEEE

  52. oyabun

    oyabun19 dagar sedan

    He can ride Oksana all night long 😏

  53. BUMON DA

    BUMON DA19 dagar sedan

    Everything gucci until radio starts playing *sakkijarven polkka* .

  54. Caldera

    Caldera19 dagar sedan

    If anyone is wondering, the truck at the end is for emptying septic tanks. Meaning; When it's full, it's full of excrement and piss.

  55. Dalibot neznámý

    Dalibot neznámý19 dagar sedan

    have your music in this game

  56. Shane Waltner

    Shane Waltner19 dagar sedan

    No joke one the first tractors i learned to drive was a Belarus. Rotary stick shift was a lot of fun to drive. I loved that tractor. Long before I knew about Life of Boris we named the tractor Boris. I'm going to try to buy it from my great Grandfathers estate. If i do get it you better believe ill give it some Adidas strips. Davai from North Dakota

  57. James Moore

    James Moore20 dagar sedan

    uh Boris, if you where born in 1908, youd be 41! Unless time flows slower in the great nation of Soviet Union




  59. Kenneth Mccollim

    Kenneth Mccollim20 dagar sedan

    yess plz more im dying

  60. Kly

    Kly20 dagar sedan

    If you press L to crouch, you are probably not from solar system.

  61. Neeter Discreeter

    Neeter Discreeter20 dagar sedan

    10:31 almost forgot that the radio also plays black metal lol

  62. Padoru Kurumi

    Padoru Kurumi20 dagar sedan

    that train really surprised me!

  63. Jennifer Bauters

    Jennifer Bauters20 dagar sedan

    I actually understood some of what the radio said, funtimes

  64. simukka

    simukka20 dagar sedan

    Äijä esittää jyväskyläläist

  65. BAMplaysCoD

    BAMplaysCoD20 dagar sedan

    Hey I just started a new SEtoos channel making cod mobile content. I will be posting daily on here. I would really appreciate if you checked it out! It would mean so much to me! All love here gotta look out for each other in these tough times! Thank you have a great day!

  66. Blagdaross

    Blagdaross20 dagar sedan

    Um...I was born in 1980. Have...have I been living a lie all my life? I've been believing I'm 2 years older than I truly am?

  67. Shelby Solem

    Shelby Solem12 dagar sedan

    This vid is a reupload from 2018 :)

  68. Kly

    Kly20 dagar sedan

    Urod, who the hell are the 13 spies that keep disliking Boris's videos.

  69. Dat_Ella*

    Dat_Ella*20 dagar sedan

    Now summoning Finns: OYYYY PERKELE

  70. why no

    why no20 dagar sedan


  71. Pandora Sparkles

    Pandora Sparkles20 dagar sedan

    I love these videos! 😍

  72. Arde_90

    Arde_9020 dagar sedan

    @lifeofboris, Finish music is not actually music, but noice you see comrade

  73. ywan konijnenberg

    ywan konijnenberg20 dagar sedan


  74. PiZZAMAN

    PiZZAMAN20 dagar sedan

    The true perkele auto experience

  75. Zack

    Zack20 dagar sedan

    3:52 nahui blyaaaaaad

  76. Yannick Van Gassen

    Yannick Van Gassen20 dagar sedan

    Goddamn Boris Blyat! How are you uploading so fast?

  77. BeCrat Me Boi

    BeCrat Me Boi20 dagar sedan

    2 videos in one day

  78. { Cloudie }

    { Cloudie }20 dagar sedan

    Top 10 famous last words: “Okay I’m pretty sure it’s gone.”

  79. Jayzon

    Jayzon17 dagar sedan

    @Casey S Top 10. Not 10 words.

  80. Casey S

    Casey S18 dagar sedan

    but that's only six words

  81. TST

    TST20 dagar sedan

    For the lady's: Ei saa peittää ,)

  82. Nordic Boi

    Nordic Boi20 dagar sedan

    Ad playing* Boris: is this music?

  83. Time to Commit no parachute

    Time to Commit no parachute17 dagar sedan

    *stares russianly* TCHEVO Ебать?

  84. Pandora Sparkles

    Pandora Sparkles20 dagar sedan


  85. RaptorRage9_6

    RaptorRage9_620 dagar sedan

    Wait why is boris uploading so much? I am confusion

  86. Life of Vadim

    Life of Vadim20 dagar sedan

    Boris, debil, shut off the dammn tractor noises, im going crazy debil

  87. NSA Watchlist Bait

    NSA Watchlist Bait20 dagar sedan

    Boris, why are you von upload spree?

  88. Elliot Westman

    Elliot Westman20 dagar sedan

    8:09 😂🤣😂😂

  89. Huck Tooie

    Huck Tooie20 dagar sedan


  90. ivan55599

    ivan5559920 dagar sedan

    Syön mämmiä ja saunon.

  91. Dani Nagy

    Dani Nagy20 dagar sedan

    Laughing so hard at the "town bicycle" part :D

  92. Jeffrey raes

    Jeffrey raes20 dagar sedan

    Boris is born in tractor Oxana. That's why he can drive everything like true slav king!!

  93. Emil Truija

    Emil Truija20 dagar sedan

    Boris, bring back the series, blin

  94. Ibrahim Koz

    Ibrahim Koz20 dagar sedan

    I want to say that this version is tooo old,I mean from 2017.

  95. Ibrahim Koz

    Ibrahim Koz20 dagar sedan

    @Kr4kk3 ohhhh my bad, I tough it was a New video.

  96. Kr4kk3

    Kr4kk320 dagar sedan

    The video is from 2018 or 2017

  97. Racu Robert

    Racu Robert20 dagar sedan

    Radio is operating from scroll.

  98. mammaspizza123

    mammaspizza12320 dagar sedan


  99. Duvanie Smart

    Duvanie Smart20 dagar sedan

    The timing of boris and the train couldnt have been more perfect 🤣

  100. George Lee

    George Lee20 dagar sedan

    Let’s hope boris makes a series of this that could be as big as the original fast and furious

  101. Motonetin mystinen varastomies

    Motonetin mystinen varastomies15 dagar sedan

    Its reup, cyz boris used to have differend channel for gaming.

  102. Orient Prospect

    Orient Prospect16 dagar sedan

    It’s a re up. So this is a reuplaod of the video . Cause he deleted his old Channel

  103. Kr4kk3

    Kr4kk320 dagar sedan

    Well, it's a reup so sadly he wont

  104. Jaime Facco JJF

    Jaime Facco JJF20 dagar sedan

    OKSANA... Just What we all need Truly incredible experienced, thank you for this

  105. 255 565

    255 56520 dagar sedan

    Y beer? Not vodka

  106. justinzvarghese

    justinzvarghese20 dagar sedan

    L to crouch? Is this game not an FPS? 0/10.

  107. Aspirin Bomba

    Aspirin Bomba20 dagar sedan

    they should add this man to hololive

  108. Ball Zack

    Ball Zack20 dagar sedan

    BEST GAME EVER !!! Dare you to finish it !!!

  109. santiago andon

    santiago andon20 dagar sedan

    are u from arkanghelsk?

  110. Suvi-Tuuli Allan KFP Gum Under the Table

    Suvi-Tuuli Allan KFP Gum Under the Table20 dagar sedan

    @santiago andon or Venus

  111. santiago andon

    santiago andon20 dagar sedan

    or belarus

  112. Suvi-Tuuli Allan KFP Gum Under the Table

    Suvi-Tuuli Allan KFP Gum Under the Table20 dagar sedan


  113. Oliver Burton

    Oliver Burton20 dagar sedan

    What in the blyat are the N64 graphics about blin??

  114. Trent G-YD

    Trent G-YD20 dagar sedan

    Double upload? :O

  115. Fülöp Szilárd

    Fülöp Szilárd20 dagar sedan

    Im from romania, my dad bought an old 22 hp tractor ,a pasquali. I drive it almost every day haha. Very cool little machine

  116. lil ear-destruction

    lil ear-destruction20 dagar sedan

    Torille? Muistakaa maskit

  117. Tasnim Fetudh

    Tasnim Fetudh20 dagar sedan

    Not first butn200 is why people care it's meant to show how good it is