Donald Trump supporters reach floor of U.S. Senate

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on the latest news from Capitol Hill after Trump loyalists breached the grounds and entered the floor of the U.S. Senate to protest the election results. This comes as Congress was preparing to confirm the electoral college votes. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
Protesters supporting President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, causing Congress to suspend proceedings to confirm the election of Joe Biden as president.
Protesters freely roamed through the Capitol complex, including the Senate chamber, where one man stood on the president of the Senate’s chair and shouted, “Trump won that election!”
Several law enforcement officials said at least one person in the Capitol building had been shot, and that at least one improvised explosive device was been found on the Capitol grounds.
Vice President Mike Pence, who had been presiding over the count of Electoral College votes, was rushed out of the Senate as the Capitol complex went into lockdown when Trump supporters began pouring into the building.
Pence and Sen. Charles Grassley, the president pro-tempore, were taken to a secure location.
A spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was “safe,” but would not elaborate on her whereabouts.
Members of Congress were ordered to take shelter in the complex.
At the same time, shocking images of a protester dangling from the balcony of the Senate chamber, a woman drenched in blood on a stretcher, Capitol police pointing guns on the floor of the House of Representatives, and other chaotic scenes played on television screens and Twitter feeds around the nation.
“This is a coup attempt,” tweeted Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican.
Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah blamed Trump for the riot.
“This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection,” said Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee.
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  1. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml37 minuter sedan

    How we imagined raiding the area 51 back then:

  2. Lisa Mounts

    Lisa Mounts2 timmar sedan

    Im neither side. But this is what I seen...News Flash: Goverment privilege is on display like never before in the US on the rise to control the people. Large crowd of American People tired and feed up with vipers in the captial. American People push to the captial and antefa leads the way. Those are some brave americans. Hope those vipers are scaird. The brave American people have spoken and will keep speaking. Theres not many police, because the government privileged vipers think the American people are spineless.

  3. NiShi ZhuMa

    NiShi ZhuMa10 timmar sedan

    They are HERO of freedom..."A beautiful sight to behold"

  4. Lucelio Rodrigues

    Lucelio Rodrigues17 timmar sedan

    WOW they got to the senate chamber

  5. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml37 minuter sedan

    Like how does this even happen when there is so much security in that building. I’m so confused as to why this would be allowed

  6. value poet

    value poetDag sedan

    19:52 👋👋🌹💋💋💋 The protestors were “milling and roaming about, unsure of what to do next”. 🙃

  7. fishing grand

    fishing grandDag sedan

    11:20 💖💖💖💖 Just as they said about HK "peaceful" rioters, a beautiful sight to behold.

  8. soinu foig

    soinu foigDag sedan

    2020 Walked in... 2021 "HOLD MY BEER!"

  9. قناة قاهر المتناقضين

    قناة قاهر المتناقضينDag sedan

    They destroy thier country with thier own hands


    HAPPY VLOGS2 dagar sedan

    Ram Ram ji 🙏

  11. David Lopez

    David Lopez2 dagar sedan


  12. Mrs. Clark

    Mrs. Clark2 dagar sedan

    Since people were murdered-killed during the commission of a felony, ALL of these Trump protestors should legally be charged with felony murder-ALL of them made the deaths of 5 people possible. People were murdered-killed because protesters were committing felonies and taking their criminal photo opps-protesters made the murders possible with their contribution to the mess, charge them with murder during the commission of a felony like you would if they had been Black protesters!(It is only just to do so and it will end all violent protests they still have planned. -writing this for my smart junior high students who said it first!)

  13. soinu foig

    soinu foigDag sedan

    I would have thought they have snipers on the roof and lockdown doors for this kind if thing.

  14. destiny 080716

    destiny 0807162 dagar sedan

    Jail trump now

  15. dani b

    dani b2 dagar sedan

    I’ve been waiting for this to happen for awhile I’m very excited

  16. Jarrett Bolt

    Jarrett Bolt2 dagar sedan

    Who's ready for Civil War 2? Coming soon to a local theater near you!

  17. nokiaflat

    nokiaflat2 dagar sedan

    is it likely people had planned for the protesters to breach the building so they can bring in laws and pass them through quickly, like a false flag attack?

  18. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin2 dagar sedan

    When Night clubs have more security than this capitol!

  19. Shayne Handy

    Shayne Handy2 dagar sedan

  20. Patrick Challis

    Patrick Challis2 dagar sedan

    I wonder what classified material that Trump MAGA Terrorists was photographing from a US Senator’s desk and too whom did she/he send it?

  21. Brian F

    Brian F3 dagar sedan

    Like how does this even happen when there is so much security in that building. I’m so confused as to why this would be allowed

  22. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin2 dagar sedan

    Join cobra kai 🐍

  23. Keanumatrix

    Keanumatrix3 dagar sedan

    I know Biden won but I wish it was Trump. I have my own reasons.

  24. Endor 156

    Endor 1563 dagar sedan

    This is why you should never enter any building with bad omen

  25. Sleek Market

    Sleek Market3 dagar sedan Best Deals

  26. Nick Mccollister

    Nick Mccollister3 dagar sedan

    It doesn't look as bad as everyone was saying and besides its our capital right you know "we the people" and all that, tho I understand it wasn't done the right way and people were frightened

  27. Nick Mccollister

    Nick MccollisterDag sedan

    David pouncy I knew my facts before I opened my mouth. You should really chill because you don't know what your talking about.I'm done you should find some peace and let people express their opinions who made you the gatekeeper

  28. david pouncy

    david pouncyDag sedan

    @Nick Mccollister Your comments suggest you may have been part of the RIOT !!

  29. david pouncy

    david pouncyDag sedan

    @Nick Mccollister You repeatedly what the media all over the world has said!! Once again now that you SEEM to FINALLY be aware of the situation from watching more youtube videos, how can you say it doesnt look that bad ???? Only a person without a heart, conscience or sick racist ignorant racist mind would make a reckless rude inconsiderate comment like that !! Says a lot about your character or lack thereof !!

  30. Nick Mccollister

    Nick MccollisterDag sedan

    yes 5 people died 1 had a heat attack another had a stroke both men in their 50s who were not being physically engaged at all matter a fact the one who had a heart attack was on the phone with his wife. awoman who's cause of death is still undetermined,one story is she was standing up shouting something and then she fell, another she was trampled but they still don't know yet the fouth was an air force veteran that was shot climbing through a window and finally a capital police officer who was struck in the head by a fire extinguisher after which he went back to the capital police office and collapsed all of this is truly tragic however and Im saying this with all respect my fellow animal or wherever the hell you are because your not showing your face when addressing my opinion. in actuality two people died directly from the riot one still undetermined two from natural causes get your ducks in a row before you try to catch smoke shorty

  31. david pouncy

    david pouncyDag sedan

    Although you know 5 people died and lost their lives over a lie how can you have the heart or conscience to say it doesnt look that bad ???? What type of human being or should I say animal are you !!!

  32. yonas abegaz

    yonas abegaz3 dagar sedan

    the vote here is stiil not sure ....trump amazing leader....

  33. Chris Carmichael

    Chris Carmichael3 dagar sedan

    I would have thought they have snipers on the roof and lockdown doors for this kind if thing.

  34. Bill Dunn

    Bill Dunn3 dagar sedan


  35. MrCringeFest

    MrCringeFest3 dagar sedan

    Only in America

  36. Geoff Vaz

    Geoff Vaz3 dagar sedan

    Welcome to the White House! Looks like a setup.... Ha we have been fooled.

  37. HB

    HB3 dagar sedan

    Where tf are the rubber bullets, pepper spray, batons, arrests...schammm

  38. Beautybeastmodeent

    Beautybeastmodeent3 dagar sedan

    He lying them folks calm those ain’t trump supporters them cops hired to lie 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Leah Thayer

    Leah Thayer3 dagar sedan

    The capital was stormed 20 min before end of President TRUMP speech

  40. Peace not War

    Peace not War3 dagar sedan

    The Coup endangered the Vice President #JesusSaves 1Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, 2and he began to teach them. The Beatitudes He said: 3“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. 6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. 10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  41. Teri Brown

    Teri Brown3 dagar sedan

    In the name of UNITY - Republicans in Congress should acknowledge THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.

  42. hen ko

    hen ko3 dagar sedan

    As an attorney, I provided the legal framework for the situation on my channel. The video is entitled: US Law on Treason, Rebellion and Insurrection.

  43. Triple X

    Triple X3 dagar sedan

    Join cobra kai 🐍

  44. hen ko

    hen ko3 dagar sedan

    American go nuts 😂

  45. Freshness

    Freshness4 dagar sedan

    Look at the peaceful protest

  46. O - Zone

    O - Zone4 dagar sedan

    Think that US is destroyed from the inside.

  47. Carl Petersson

    Carl Petersson4 dagar sedan

    It is almost as if I can see half of those working in there - dying xD

  48. Hassan Mohamed Noor

    Hassan Mohamed Noor4 dagar sedan

    Breaking news!! Somalia is sending peace forces to America,,,, and ilhan Omar requested more more military from Somalia

  49. Vincent Devos

    Vincent Devos4 dagar sedan

    All those Republicans like Hawley should resign if they are worth anything. Fancy following trump to overturn a legitament win by Biden . Are these people worth anything as 'honest clear thinking public servants ? The answer is NO ! They are the political thugs in the system ! No better than the violent thugs out there !

  50. Ahmir Buchanan

    Ahmir Buchanan4 dagar sedan


  51. レトト武田

    レトト武田4 dagar sedan

    Where is the power of USA army how many years your kills Muslim around the world for only oil and now you cannot control your public

  52. Ticius

    Ticius4 dagar sedan

    Americans, welcome to the Russian reality, where every day is like a day in a insane asylum. long live the reptilians!!!)))

  53. Chris Hardin

    Chris Hardin4 dagar sedan

    Hahaha. Should have burned it down. Politicians are scum.

  54. Paul Danaher

    Paul Danaher4 dagar sedan

    Straight up domestic TERRORISM!! Plain and simple.

  55. StickLabs

    StickLabs4 dagar sedan

    The people who went to this riot are the type of people that would climb a glass wall to see whats on the other side

  56. Christopher Reyes

    Christopher Reyes4 dagar sedan

    that person is securing an item/object. that is what i am seeing

  57. MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.

    MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.4 dagar sedan

    Unrealistic people do such acts.

  58. MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.

    MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.4 dagar sedan

    American go nuts 😂

  59. Case Briefs in About a Minute

    Case Briefs in About a Minute4 dagar sedan

    As an attorney, I provided the legal framework for the situation on my channel. The video is entitled: US Law on Treason, Rebellion and Insurrection.

  60. Movin N Groovin

    Movin N Groovin4 dagar sedan

    That was antifa and they were let in tell the true story. This was all planned antifa was bused in their was video of it.

  61. Mercedes

    Mercedes4 dagar sedan


  62. Jimmie Dean

    Jimmie Dean4 dagar sedan

    Why didn't they burn the Tartarian building to the ground? All those buildings were used for demonic worship and sacrifice. By the Tartarians.

  63. Frozen North

    Frozen North4 dagar sedan

    Good for them! Democrat, BLM and antifa thugs have been at it for many months! They are the "insurrectionists"!

  64. K Smith

    K Smith4 dagar sedan

    They’re so violent and scary

  65. Hank

    Hank4 dagar sedan


  66. marilee johnston

    marilee johnston4 dagar sedan

    falso info....wasnt confirmed trump supporters

  67. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira4 dagar sedan

    Biden: "Its treason then..."

  68. Ralph Shelton

    Ralph Shelton4 dagar sedan

    Are we sure that these people are all Trump Supporters? I mean, ANTIFA has been known to dress up like Trump Supporters so the blame will be diverted towards conservatives.

  69. Subay Bhambra

    Subay Bhambra4 dagar sedan

    Stormed the capitol??.... If it was black people it was have been called a riot.

  70. clay urquhart

    clay urquhart4 dagar sedan

    I hope they got all there lap tops now let the truth about all the treason that these people have been doing to our people for years!!!

  71. Elizabeth Henton

    Elizabeth Henton4 dagar sedan


  72. motaz1975

    motaz19754 dagar sedan

    well at least they werent running out with sneakers and tvs

  73. hen ko

    hen ko4 dagar sedan

    Cool...super loved it?

  74. TheRightThing

    TheRightThing4 dagar sedan

    If trump supporters want to vent their angry, it should be against Russia for not helping Trump win again.

  75. breezelow unknown

    breezelow unknown5 dagar sedan

    The American system, in its now corrupt form has betrayed us, so the American People must apply the fix themselves, to choose thier true election of DJT, with the only means now available, after a failure of the current corrupt American system, to prevent the theft of our voices.

  76. PizzaTime.

    PizzaTime.5 dagar sedan

    They are GOING to speak to the manager if it's the last thing they do.

  77. PizzaTime.

    PizzaTime.4 dagar sedan

    @hen ko Do you mean the Capitol? Also, it was guarded? I'll give you a name of a YT video so you can look at how they actually went trough much pain protecting trying to protect the people that went to the discussion. They had to force their way in, just because no one is protecting something doesn't mean you can just go inside. YT Vid Name: USA: Trump supporters crush police officer in doorway during Capitol storming

  78. hen ko

    hen ko4 dagar sedan

    Justice is about to be served. I'm good at figuring things out and I pray I'm right. 🙏 Ask yourself why the White House was unguarded and how people could get inside 🤔.




  80. Nerd Watch

    Nerd Watch5 dagar sedan

    I joined Twitter as a way of promoting my youtube channel but I'm sick of all the damn BS I'm seeing people put on there

  81. Red Legs

    Red Legs5 dagar sedan


  82. mcbillygoat !

    mcbillygoat !5 dagar sedan

    These trump supporters were really just trying to raid Nancy Pelosi’s office for her panties. It’s a panty raid.

  83. abcdef s

    abcdef s5 dagar sedan

    Ignore more then 74,000,000 Trump supporters then this is the result . Take note cheating lying Democrats !

  84. bluebull2006

    bluebull20065 dagar sedan

    When you wear a trump flag as a cape you become a superhero you lose all your smarts and common sense and argue for no reason

  85. Repent Today

    Repent Today5 dagar sedan

    This is a planned inside job. Wake Up!

  86. to whom it may cocern.

    to whom it may cocern.5 dagar sedan

    may i help you ? welcome to d.c capitol. charge if you want it

  87. Berend Lansink

    Berend Lansink5 dagar sedan

    thank god for president Trump!

  88. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    Yeah, god love some destruction.

  89. lperea21

    lperea215 dagar sedan

    What is the lady packing on the floor? Is she stealing documents?

  90. psisky

    psisky5 dagar sedan

    Why were police shoo-ing these people into the building? Who was the senator that shot the woman?

  91. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan


  92. Veterans BBQ

    Veterans BBQ5 dagar sedan

    Very security controlled? Ah police opened the doors!

  93. soldierofliberty

    soldierofliberty5 dagar sedan

    Actually it was antifa

  94. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    Antifas are on Trump side now?

  95. Mikael Fischer

    Mikael Fischer5 dagar sedan

  96. Richard Rath

    Richard Rath5 dagar sedan

    They stormed it because of the big lie that all you corrupt politicians were trying to project us to believe. You cant blame Trump. They protested because they know your lying and your so corrupt you will not make it right. Thats what happens when you take away someones rights then lie to them about it. Are you really doing the job you have been voted and trusted in to be doing? Or are you the result of voter fraud too?

  97. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    @Richard Rath I didn't realize that, how did you realized that?

  98. Richard Rath

    Richard Rath5 dagar sedan

    @J ́talo Ruço The very obvious voter fraud lie that the whole world agrees with and Italy has proof of. Did you realize that without voter fraud Trump would have won 48 states with as high as 70% to 30% over chinas Biden?

  99. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    What was the lie? What was the right that have been stolen?

  100. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson5 dagar sedan

    Justice is about to be served. I'm good at figuring things out and I pray I'm right. 🙏 Ask yourself why the White House was unguarded and how people could get inside 🤔. TRUMP! Remember he told the people to March on down to the Capital and be peaceful? He new BLM and a.n.t.i.f.a was with then. Because he had SPECIAL FORCES (MILITARY) marching with them. WHY? To get a laptop. 😂🤣😂 Have faith, TRUMP'S GOT A PLAN AND 💩'S ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN.


    FRITZ EXPRESS5 dagar sedan

    Gross as people might want to put it, but this was the greatest display of democracy in human history. ..

  102. cqvio doli

    cqvio doli5 dagar sedan

    They've taken "I want to speak to the manger" to a whole new level..

  103. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan


  104. ct92404

    ct924045 dagar sedan

    Remember, these idiots REALLY DO think the Earth is flat and lizard aliens are taking over the world...

  105. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    Ahhhh, nope.

  106. Ludwig Bolzmann

    Ludwig Bolzmann5 dagar sedan

    They continue to call them protesters, '....breached by protesters...' is a contradiction in terms. This demonstrates how deep racism in the US goes. Even the media just do like those white supremacist Trump followers and call them protesters even when looting, rioting and murdering.

  107. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    But were is the racism here?

  108. ct92404

    ct924045 dagar sedan

    They committed sedition, and should rot in prison for the rest of their lives. I never in a million years thought I would see anything like this.

  109. Thomas Westerman

    Thomas Westerman5 dagar sedan

    Mainstream is the lying Beast spoken of in the book of Revelation

  110. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan

    That most have been very complicated to God to reconize that a great beast that he described on he's book is actually a invisible force that is so easy to avoid.

  111. cqvio doli

    cqvio doli5 dagar sedan

    Why US is so useless ? It is controlled by Twitter , google , Facebook etc . Or even CNN . Why US senates are so weak ? So Low in morality .

  112. Thomas Westerman

    Thomas Westerman5 dagar sedan

    Antifa False Flag-msnbc propaganda arm of central bank system

  113. J ́talo Ruço

    J ́talo Ruço5 dagar sedan


  114. Marse Furte

    Marse Furte5 dagar sedan

    These how trumo supporters act guys they are dangerous

  115. Kevin Hawley

    Kevin Hawley5 dagar sedan

    Enough. Let me tell you what all Americans are upset about. Too many think being American President is hard. It is not. During just 4 years in office, Donald Trump fulfilled all his duties as president, except one. All President Trump had left to do in his final 4 years in office, before those final 4 years was stolen from him, was pay back the federal debt, which some estimate to be more than 138 Trillion dollars. Anybody who knows Trump knows he would have paid back all the federal debt even if he had to legalize high quality/ high THC marijuana from the very finest strains and place a very small tax on it. . Now, who ever takes over the White House must fulfill Trump's final duty of paying back every penny of the federal dent before calling himself/herself president.

  116. dejan

    dejan5 dagar sedan

    Where i can get this DLC

  117. Mark Reed

    Mark Reed5 dagar sedan

    The assault on the capital was not Trump supporters but it was antifa who are backed by the Democrat the left and even some Republicans who are turncoat communists. Don't let the propaganda media tell you lies stand up to Them, like I'm doing!!!!

  118. ct92404

    ct924042 dagar sedan

    @Mark Reed Don't be a tin foil hatter nutjob.

  119. Mark Reed

    Mark Reed2 dagar sedan

    Don't be a liberal snert.

  120. ct92404

    ct924045 dagar sedan

    Yeah, yeah...and the Earth is flat and lizard aliens are taking over the world, right? STFU, schizo conspiracy theorist.

  121. Mark Reed

    Mark Reed5 dagar sedan

    On by the way they did not break in, they were let in by Democrat security guards.There are videos out there people go watch them these guys are lying to you!

  122. Laurence Tisuela

    Laurence Tisuela5 dagar sedan

    There is conspiracy, are these people really Trump supporters.. or infiltrators....????

  123. fungidungie Johnson

    fungidungie Johnson5 dagar sedan

    I was innocently watching C-Span and Nancy Pelosi all of a sudden put on a helmet with bull horns. As nutty as she is I just took it in stride.

  124. Todd A McEwen

    Todd A McEwen5 dagar sedan

    Insurrection act coming to a theater near you soon !!! Wake up you brain dead trolls !!!

  125. Todd A McEwen

    Todd A McEwen5 dagar sedan

    No you won’t see any security, because there was no presence !!! You got shilled Congress !!!

  126. Lebowskifan-2002

    Lebowskifan-20025 dagar sedan


  127. tsunsu

    tsunsu5 dagar sedan

    This was ridiculous hummanity what is youre problum. What are you 4 it was fair this should not have happened.

  128. zl l

    zl l5 dagar sedan

    If the US know what the US do to the US, the US will surely invade the US to liberate the US from tyranny of the US.

  129. Siraj Davis

    Siraj Davis5 dagar sedan

    After decades of fighting enemies abroad, it was not Russia, China, Iran, Al Qaeda, or ISIS, but I saw the center of American government fall to a chewbacca with horns, duck-sized neanderthals, and someone carrying Moses' stick. hahahahaahahahaahahahahahaahahahaha