Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

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  1. Miłosz

    Miłosz6 minuter sedan

    I learn English ^^

  2. Faaris Haque

    Faaris Haque14 minuter sedan


  3. Jacob Suresh

    Jacob Suresh21 minut sedan

    Why is fivio there lmao I ain't complaining tho

  4. Tobzz -095

    Tobzz -09521 minut sedan

    Bugzys verse has grown on me

  5. C Nicole

    C Nicole26 minuter sedan

    Bugzy went innnn

  6. Amier 2Valid

    Amier 2Valid30 minuter sedan

    White boy Went off

  7. Martin Teplý

    Martin Teplý35 minuter sedan

    POV: U came from Tik Tok

  8. Mustafa Mahmood

    Mustafa Mahmood37 minuter sedan

    Yo thus song is the memes man mad song

  9. Jasper Bailey-Brown

    Jasper Bailey-Brown38 minuter sedan


  10. alex

    alex46 minuter sedan

    Nobody is talking how ZT’s part is the best in the song

  11. Internet Gangsta

    Internet Gangsta46 minuter sedan

    Fivio went stupid hard but can’t even front every one did🔥

  12. Mirko Caruso

    Mirko Caruso48 minuter sedan


  13. Tyler Jac

    Tyler Jac49 minuter sedan

    Arrdees verse 🥶🥶🥶

  14. yangin chieg

    yangin chieg50 minuter sedan

    that dance he doing at 3:00 is FBG ducks dance to rep how he slides on ops, and uses it expresses his joy for using stickshift cars to slide on goofys. duck mixed it with dooski's dance and does it in nearly every video.....DUCK WILL ALWAYS LIVE AND BE THE ORIGINATOR OF CHICAGO DRILL AND DRILL IN GENERAL...CLOUTOUT


    TZE BEATZ59 minuter sedan

    Bugzy malone started talking my man stop raping then went back he cold

  16. Lose Weight with Sepi

    Lose Weight with SepiTimme sedan

    I am *_too fucking old_* for this

  17. Hazard10 Mount19

    Hazard10 Mount19Timme sedan

    The official UK anthem

  18. BOGGY€

    BOGGY€Timme sedan

    Ends music project.

  19. Tan Bibar

    Tan BibarTimme sedan


  20. Fabian Coloma

    Fabian ColomaTimme sedan


  21. Zet

    ZetTimme sedan

    ZT came in COLDDD

  22. TheSlicingSword

    TheSlicingSwordTimme sedan

    It looks like they had so much fun making this video

  23. K1Tropical

    K1TropicalTimme sedan

    fivi & e1 carried

  24. Ente 04

    Ente 04Timme sedan


  25. Juan Alvarado

    Juan AlvaradoTimme sedan

    Some one give them an @austinfc home jersey

  26. GAGAGAGGAGAG5668 •{ͽ_Ͻͽ}

    GAGAGAGGAGAG5668 •{ͽ_Ͻͽ}Timme sedan

    1. Buni 2. Arrdee 3.e1 4. zt 5.Darkoo 6.Fivio 7.Bugzy still deciding my choices ; but Bugzy defo last 🤐

  27. mei ?

    mei ?Timme sedan

    0:40 ur welcome

  28. Vincent

    VincentTimme sedan


  29. 6locc 6a6y

    6locc 6a6yTimme sedan

    Whoa Fivio wit English trappers

  30. Adrian Connolly

    Adrian ConnollyTimme sedan

    Bugzy carried

  31. kian biddles

    kian biddlesTimme sedan

    Go follow my bro @A16

  32. GAGAGAGGAGAG5668 •{ͽ_Ͻͽ}

    GAGAGAGGAGAG5668 •{ͽ_Ͻͽ}Timme sedan



    PAULY WAULYTimme sedan

    I miss real music

  34. Mat

    MatTimme sedan

    ZT's verse was colddd

  35. Electron

    ElectronTimme sedan

    This song has more features than my iphone 12 Pro Max

  36. Sammie Oh

    Sammie OhTimme sedan

    My mind at 03:00 a.m :

  37. Mantilla Jimmy

    Mantilla Jimmy2 timmar sedan

    Los reyes de las transiciones

  38. BEN

    BEN2 timmar sedan

    The white dude looks like a make-a-wish kid but his verse was so fire.

  39. YouBeeAyWhy

    YouBeeAyWhy2 timmar sedan

    Brooo Bugzy Malones Verse was straight heat Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan2 timmar sedan

    Annoying voices

  41. Lord Spongebob

    Lord SpongebobTimme sedan

    Micah is better

  42. Luna Pipper

    Luna Pipper2 timmar sedan

    If you read my comment have a blessing day

  43. Frickbot-fortnitex4u

    Frickbot-fortnitex4u2 timmar sedan

    Arrdee is good but 3x3eis cold tho 🥶🥶🥶

  44. Lewis Gregory

    Lewis Gregory2 timmar sedan

    1:48 best lyrics of 2021 😎

  45. AMPM

    AMPM2 timmar sedan

    wheres pete and bas

  46. Heart Gold

    Heart Gold2 timmar sedan

    1:43 If you told your friends that you been very sick after giving them hugs😊

  47. Evie Llewellyn

    Evie Llewellyn2 timmar sedan


  48. Shadenai asia

    Shadenai asia2 timmar sedan


  49. Darius Stefan

    Darius Stefan2 timmar sedan

    Who Becky?

  50. roblox ninjago rp

    roblox ninjago rp2 timmar sedan

    It’s funny how I used to live in Edmonton 😹

  51. Ryan Drake

    Ryan Drake2 timmar sedan

    What jacket was Russ wearing when the best dropped does anyone know

  52. dylanbillyeald

    dylanbillyeald2 timmar sedan

    Arrdee part tho

  53. Jay_ gamez

    Jay_ gamez2 timmar sedan

    Replay button for Arrdee 0:39 Replay button for 3x3E1 1:21 Replay button for ZT 1:45 Replay button for Bugzy Malone 2:27 Replay button for Fivio Foreign 2:56 Replay button for Darkoo 3:24 Replay button for Buni 3:52

  54. Oluwafemi Fakorede

    Oluwafemi Fakorede2 timmar sedan

    POV: you're here from tiktok

  55. Mom Dad

    Mom Dad2 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who thought that was Token at first

  56. laissa

    laissa2 timmar sedan


  57. Ribbel chips

    Ribbel chips2 timmar sedan

    Who is here from tiktok?

  58. Ultra_Riftz

    Ultra_Riftz2 timmar sedan

    00.0-0.40 best bit

  59. Sean Reville

    Sean Reville2 timmar sedan

    Anyone who disliked this needs to get a COVID 19 test cuz they have no taste

  60. Aretha Lur Martínez

    Aretha Lur Martínez2 timmar sedan

    Arrdee (0:40) sounds like Cook from Skins haha... Love the remix!

  61. Friox

    Friox2 timmar sedan

    Best song made in 2021 for sure!!!!!

  62. Jay_ gamez

    Jay_ gamez2 timmar sedan


  63. Lissa K

    Lissa K2 timmar sedan

    This is 🔥.

  64. PokémanPlayz

    PokémanPlayz2 timmar sedan

    Ardee is so cool and the words he sings are in my head and are so satisfying.

  65. PokémanPlayz

    PokémanPlayz2 timmar sedan

    @Lord Spongebob ok thx

  66. Lord Spongebob

    Lord Spongebob2 timmar sedan

    His names Arrdee

  67. Antoine Gourdon

    Antoine Gourdon2 timmar sedan


  68. wtfstunts

    wtfstunts2 timmar sedan

    rumor has it he’s still never wearing a Johnny

  69. Jody Edwards

    Jody Edwards2 timmar sedan

    Yo Arrdee, Fivio and Bugsey Malone came in and spit fire🔥🔥🔥😎

  70. Vals_Riv F

    Vals_Riv F2 timmar sedan

    0:40 The best part

  71. Philippe Cirse

    Philippe Cirse2 timmar sedan

    They’re vultures standing in front of the door, quite aware that destiny is never nice to them. Their pride betrays the means of their destruction. Take my rings and trinkets bright but let me my ears and my eyes that enlighten me and my tongue that lets me wander. The rest is yours and welcome!

  72. KomtUwMaar

    KomtUwMaar2 timmar sedan

    when their is no corona be like

  73. jesus.h._.christ

    jesus.h._.christ2 timmar sedan

    I dont listen to these type of song but still

  74. Rzf

    Rzf2 timmar sedan


  75. Sumir patel

    Sumir patel2 timmar sedan

    nobody else realise the crackhead with the adlib is back?😂😂😂

  76. edits bye me!.

    edits bye me!.2 timmar sedan

    This hit different 🥺🔥🔥🔥

  77. Eri making a vid Eri

    Eri making a vid Eri2 timmar sedan

    This tune is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Rafattack

    Rafattack3 timmar sedan


  79. Craig Woodward

    Craig Woodward3 timmar sedan

    Poor aitch😭💀

  80. Jack18

    Jack183 timmar sedan

    Swear I saw pop smoke In this vid also in the one with just russ and the other person he looks so much like cadet that what I call him there’s Digga d

  81. XxdjzoidxX

    XxdjzoidxX3 timmar sedan

    Nice morgz sound effects

  82. Vukile Mseleku

    Vukile Mseleku3 timmar sedan

    Why the fuck is there an American

  83. Lord Spongebob

    Lord Spongebob2 timmar sedan

    Because why not he goes hard

  84. Zpeedzy

    Zpeedzy3 timmar sedan


  85. hannah wangari

    hannah wangari3 timmar sedan

    UK rap is taking over

  86. Raging Egg

    Raging Egg3 timmar sedan

    This is what “rap” has become now 🤦🏼‍♂️...go listen to Ice Cube and people like that who actually know how to make music ffs

  87. Katlego Mbele

    Katlego Mbele3 timmar sedan

    Where's Aitch when you need him?🤕

  88. Mking15

    Mking153 timmar sedan


  89. iwantpizza

    iwantpizza3 timmar sedan

    This song is really addictive

  90. Burrito Aim

    Burrito Aim3 timmar sedan


  91. Michael Gyamfi

    Michael Gyamfi3 timmar sedan

    Ardee part is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. amalia S

    amalia S3 timmar sedan

    This song is sooo addicting bruh

  93. Kauan Barbosa

    Kauan Barbosa3 timmar sedan

    us rap>

  94. Michael Garden

    Michael Garden3 timmar sedan

    Fivio carried

  95. Victor

    Victor3 timmar sedan

    russ and arrdeee verses bee going hard

  96. Dikatso Galeboe

    Dikatso Galeboe3 timmar sedan

    russ called aitch 2.0

  97. Guccimello

    Guccimello3 timmar sedan


  98. Jessica Onochie

    Jessica Onochie3 timmar sedan

    Russ Millions smile bro 😍

  99. ur not in ofb

    ur not in ofb3 timmar sedan

    Aw thank u

  100. PreTzalS

    PreTzalS4 timmar sedan

    Is I just me who wants a colab with all the British rappers like with digga d in as well

  101. leon ignac

    leon ignac4 timmar sedan

    I dont like that music I LOVE IT

  102. Kagwanja Jaja

    Kagwanja Jaja4 timmar sedan

    if u seacrch this u must have watch tiktok and taped the song dont lie

  103. micnamalahan

    micnamalahan4 timmar sedan

    My ends Edmonton ❤️

  104. Kamo Musa

    Kamo Musa4 timmar sedan

    people should stop comparing arrdee and aitch

  105. Ace Garcia

    Ace Garcia4 timmar sedan