Hatchet Soup - a slav fairytale about cooking (stone soup)

Hatchet soup is a fairytale about soup. Arriving in a village, a hungry soldat is looking to get any kind of food. But everyone declines and does not even open the door. He finds an old woman that helps out by handing a hatchet that the soldat promises to make a great soup of. Enjoy.
PS when making this at home, make sure the thing you add instead of the hatchet does not actually dissolve or is at least edible. Also known as stone soup.
Had to use other mic because usual one is not working correctly, so sound is now less than usual quality.

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  1. MONARCH 1123

    MONARCH 11233 dagar sedan


  2. Dioan 124

    Dioan 1243 dagar sedan

    "The secret ingredient is crime" -Boris(on hatchet soup)

  3. TrenchantAltruist

    TrenchantAltruist5 dagar sedan

    I know Boris will never see this but I just want to say that your videos make it easier for me to cook and eat on a small budget, you've helped me gain some confidence in the kitchen, thanks man

  4. Mallow knight

    Mallow knight5 dagar sedan

    Heard this as tale of rock/stone soup, still dont understand the moral like should i decieve old woman?

  5. chopstix102

    chopstix1025 dagar sedan

    “Ah blin how you make such great hatchet soup?” “The secret ingredient is crime”

  6. Dirt Burger

    Dirt Burger5 dagar sedan

    makes me feel all warm warm and fuzzy that so many cultures have a version of one of my favorite childhood stories Q ^ Q

  7. Glitchy Glitches

    Glitchy Glitches5 dagar sedan

    Preschool project: make your own version of this story Me: entire whale into soup

  8. minmo

    minmo4 dagar sedan

    idk why this comment is making me laugh so hard but it is

  9. Sanket Gupta

    Sanket Gupta6 dagar sedan

    When you are born with a gold spoon instead of silver:

  10. paranormal lazivity

    paranormal lazivity8 dagar sedan

    This is such an emotional story i’m going to tell it to my grandchildren

  11. Yuri Brenner Lucas

    Yuri Brenner Lucas9 dagar sedan

    my great-grandmother used to do it with nails and screws (I'm using google translator, I don't speak english, so if it's wrong, correct me)

  12. Jarskagamer 5428

    Jarskagamer 54289 dagar sedan

    4:58 I see whats going on here.

  13. Nuclear Bunker Gaming

    Nuclear Bunker Gaming9 dagar sedan

    “And he takes another *bite* of the soup” Classic Boris, Mixing drinking and eating with soup. Noice man I hoped you enjoyed that soup Boris.

  14. rabidsamfan

    rabidsamfan10 dagar sedan

    I learned this one as Nail Broth. Danny Kaye told it on a record.

  15. MadamFoogie

    MadamFoogie10 dagar sedan

    When I was a tiny baby Foogie, my teacher once told us this story (Stone Soup) while preparing the soup, but didn't add any ingredients. She said, "It doesn't have much flavor. But do you know what does?" And then she pulled out a friggin' pig's head that had been made into head cheese, served in the partially cleaned skull's mouth, which had been roasted. We tore the flesh off the bone like little monsters! I'm not sure what sort of lesson she was trying to teach us, but whatever it was, I'll never forget it. EDIT: For anyone who might be questioning this, the school was in a very rural town, and the teacher's family had a successful pork ranch. They often made specialized high-end products like those. Plus, most of the kids had already been exposed to butchery and hunting, so we weren't phased by such a morbid presentation. She knew our limits, and that we were mature enough to enjoy it. She was an excellent teacher. Still, looking back on it now, that's some freaky _Lord of the Flies_ shit. All I can figure was they had this head cheese that wasn't selling, so she nabbed it, and slapped together an improvised lesson as an excuse. XD

  16. Chank

    Chank10 dagar sedan

    I like hatchet soup

  17. McEagle

    McEagle11 dagar sedan

    This soup upped my woodcutting skilllevel to 126

  18. Gábor Hosszú

    Gábor Hosszú11 dagar sedan

    came for the story stayed to see how corroded the edge of the axe will get from boiling

  19. Ваффлз Анонов

    Ваффлз Анонов11 dagar sedan

    Ok, but what about hatchet porridge?

  20. Bmw 8 series

    Bmw 8 series12 dagar sedan

    Says: "offcourse not f off Subtitle: "No Thank You"

  21. A Lifeless Rock

    A Lifeless Rock14 dagar sedan

    Finally, people aren't making soup with my kind anymore

  22. Linus Eriksson

    Linus Eriksson17 dagar sedan

    In Sweden we have a similar story called "Koka soppa på spik" which means "cook soup on a nail" where it is a homeless drifter who tricks a stingy old lady.

  23. Mnokey Forg

    Mnokey Forg18 dagar sedan

    we have this story in Croatia too. I remember reading it back in elementary school. We call it "Klin juha" which I would roughly translate to nail soup

  24. Soviet Tankist

    Soviet Tankist18 dagar sedan

    Ahh I love hearing stories of chichenyan war

  25. ice訂閱

    ice訂閱18 dagar sedan

    it was actually not a soup i uncovered you you are western spy!

  26. Smiley's Production

    Smiley's Production19 dagar sedan

    The hatchet is just the advantage to make soup

  27. Eric Mason

    Eric Mason20 dagar sedan

    I feel like I should make this statement: "The Storyteller" with John Hurt by Henson Studios includes a story very like this, and it always enthralls me. But this video? 1000000000x more fun

  28. Lord KeK

    Lord KeK20 dagar sedan

    I was told the story a little different the man who tries to make the hatchet soup kept asking her stuff to the point where he can make actual soup the lady said she didn't have any food so when he was done and he ate it he said haha you have food this entire time and he scolded the lying old lady and left.

  29. Lord KeK

    Lord KeK20 dagar sedan

    Wait I think in was spoons or a nail I think I heard both. Im Swedish and Irish if that helps.

  30. mister ГУГЛ

    mister ГУГЛ22 dagar sedan

    решил блять супа сварить

  31. Brendan Martin

    Brendan Martin23 dagar sedan

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Where the fuck am I???

  32. Hollowcreed

    Hollowcreed24 dagar sedan

    это мой любимый ютубет

  33. AllYourPie

    AllYourPie24 dagar sedan

    I heard the stone soup version,but no matter how many stones I add it doesn't come out right.

  34. Jassy Blagojevic

    Jassy Blagojevic24 dagar sedan

    Клин чорба with an axe! Priceless 😂

  35. Korny

    Korny24 dagar sedan

    I seen this on Masha and the Bear

  36. Ushanka Man

    Ushanka Man25 dagar sedan

    "...in soviet russia,hehehe"

  37. Stoney Lonely

    Stoney Lonely25 dagar sedan

    Oh Boris. I love everything you make lmao

  38. bluefeatherearring8

    bluefeatherearring825 dagar sedan

    If you have any other slav cooking fairytales or even any slav fairytales that you can tell while cooking, I’d like to hear them. Boris style of course :)

  39. YaFavouriteGuy

    YaFavouriteGuy25 dagar sedan

    wait, is this even a real thing?

  40. Jovan Kovacevic

    Jovan Kovacevic26 dagar sedan

    So hatchet soup is the russian version of our nail stew? I guess it has more iron and the handle gives it a bit of fiber

  41. Oscar Nebe Abad

    Oscar Nebe Abad27 dagar sedan

    This is slav? my preschool teacher told us this story, nice comrade tho...

  42. Nipun Bhalla

    Nipun Bhalla27 dagar sedan

    Why did I think that he was gonna sterilize the axe, cut babushka and make soup using her!

  43. Paulo Alves

    Paulo Alves28 dagar sedan

    Here in Portugal the story is about Stone soup, and instead of a soldier its a Monk.


    CHIKER BRIKER28 dagar sedan

    i grew up with this story

  45. Алексей 1985

    Алексей 198528 dagar sedan

    Только русские знают, что Борис сделал этот суп по мотиву сказки "Каша из топора"

  46. Golden Egg That Never Hatched

    Golden Egg That Never Hatched29 dagar sedan

    Soldiers a troll.

  47. Rad

    RadMånad sedan

    Old story ... originally about a nail. Come on Boris!

  48. Arminius of Germania

    Arminius of GermaniaMånad sedan

    Brought to you by dawn powerwash dish spray...

  49. Matt Knight

    Matt KnightMånad sedan

    this is like the opposite of the wombat stew story from my childhood

  50. ToxicPickle 420

    ToxicPickle 420Månad sedan

    i remember him cooking kasha out of the axe

  51. Helena Handkart

    Helena HandkartMånad sedan

    I heard this as a kid, as nail soup. A travelling tramp had a 'magic nail'.

  52. Landon Duhaime

    Landon DuhaimeMånad sedan

    I perfer ak 12 soup

  53. Tan Chee Kiat Ryan Student

    Tan Chee Kiat Ryan StudentMånad sedan

    There is a Chinese version of this story which uses a stone instead of a hatchet and it makes enough to feed a village

  54. R2 lirious

    R2 liriousMånad sedan

    im at 5:00 in this video i have a feeling this is all a trick to make babushka give him all the ingredients to make actual soup

  55. SCP Foundation

    SCP FoundationMånad sedan

    2:32 Boris - блять

  56. Astha Pandey

    Astha PandeyMånad sedan

    Eh Boris, your videos are to me what mayonez is to you, BLIN IiiiiS GOOD.

  57. Ofer Zilberman

    Ofer ZilbermanMånad sedan

    Ahh, Soup The best way to make alot out of less From where I come from it's called button soup, Where it is not a soldier but just a foreigner and it features the other cold people of the village and more vegetables. Eventually after the foreigner leaves they realise that they can make it without buttons

  58. Eva Morsikova

    Eva MorsikovaMånad sedan

    We need more Boris variations of Slavic fairytales. I can see you guys completely pulling off the Firebird.

  59. Geo Gheevarghese

    Geo GheevargheseMånad sedan

    Spell the word correctly ; Bwoarrees , not borris .

  60. Kylie Stetson

    Kylie StetsonMånad sedan

    This is the most amusing retelling of stone soup I've ever heard.

  61. Malteus

    MalteusMånad sedan


  62. Asatruction

    AsatructionMånad sedan

    As soon as the potato went in, I knew where this was heading

  63. NEATO

    NEATOMånad sedan

    In Soviet Russia hatchet turn you into soup.

  64. Alistair Braithwaite

    Alistair BraithwaiteMånad sedan

    I like Nunchuck Sandwiches with a glass of WA-TAAAHH

  65. Francisco Julião Figueiroa Rêgo

    Francisco Julião Figueiroa RêgoMånad sedan

    Hey Comrade!! Here in Portugal we have a very similar tale but instead of it being with hatchet its with rock, and know in Portugal we have a soup called "Sopa da pedra" that dirctly translates "Stone soup"

  66. AlanEdgar FillinPillin

    AlanEdgar FillinPillinMånad sedan

    Please, Boris... Undercooked beans are very poisonous.

  67. Yeeted_Xs

    Yeeted_XsMånad sedan

    boris has officialy gone crazy

  68. Anarchy And Empires

    Anarchy And EmpiresMånad sedan

    Hey this is pretty similar to The Knife soup story from Mexico. Except that one ends in like a huge party where everyone from the village ends up contributing something to the soup, like a newly married couple brings onions, a foreign merchant breaks out his spices, and a hunter brings in a pair of rabbits.

  69. Darthplagueis13

    Darthplagueis13Månad sedan

    Yup, here in germany there's a rather simular tale, except that instead of a starving Soldat making hatchet soup it's actually a poor man selling a "soup stone" to a rich woman.

  70. masterolof

    masterolofMånad sedan

    We also have it in sweden

  71. Ony

    OnyMånad sedan

    Holy shit , im from Portugal , and we have the same fairytail! with some differences , our story is about a priest not a soldier , and he doesnt use an hatchet , but a rock. He puts the rock to boil , trys it and says " oh wow its such a good soup , but it would be even better with a bit of potato!" and he asks the neighbours for a potato , saying they could try the soup too after its done , and keeps doing that for every ingridient he needs :D in Portugal we call this dish " Sopa da Pedra" , Pedra means Rock , Sopa means Soup :D Its nice to know its a very deep connection between a lot of europeans :D

  72. MouldieTheSlav

    MouldieTheSlavMånad sedan

    Boris: Blyat, i need a video idea. Boris: *sees hatchet* Also Boris: I have an idea

  73. Sebbe kartellen

    Sebbe kartellenMånad sedan

    This has got to be the most fucked up story I have ever heard in my life

  74. Dukem

    DukemMånad sedan

    I've heard this one, but it was about rocks, dude goes into a town and is hungry, no-one will share their food, so he starts to boil some rocks.

  75. P T

    P TMånad sedan

    Кaк жe я зaблyждaлся, дyмaя, чтo стepeoтипы o pyccких в пpoшлoм. 3 млн, Кapл.

  76. Ломик Комик!

    Ломик Комик!Månad sedan

    Hatchet kasha!

  77. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo StiglitzMånad sedan

    I think this tale is kind of a thing in eastern europe. I'm hungarian and we have same story but with a stone, the soldier carries with himself.

  78. Ivan Popkoff

    Ivan PopkoffMånad sedan

    Сука, это охуенно, делай больше сказок в своем стиле!!!111

  79. axeflanker

    axeflankerMånad sedan

    I had read this story when i was a kid and teach me way more about russians than chess.. Deceit is an art.. and russians master it.

  80. Dick Woffles

    Dick WofflesMånad sedan

    Golden spoon works just like golden gun....

  81. Dick Woffles

    Dick WofflesMånad sedan

    Pretty sure that is the first time I've heard a "in soviet russia" joke from boris, or a Russian in general.....

  82. Zombycow

    ZombycowMånad sedan

    "now the babushka, who has seen some crazy shit in her life, has not seen any cheeki breeki like this before" i don't know why, but i love that line

  83. arclike 2

    arclike 2Månad sedan

    i think it fairytale from our old film made in czech republic where im from and its name sekyrková polívka or axe soup in english

  84. Random

    RandomMånad sedan

    This story will be passed onto my child and they will pass it onto their child, i told my dad this story and he started crying with tears of joy. Thank you boris. Thank you.

  85. 럭키블럭TV

    럭키블럭TVMånad sedan

    누가 한국어 번역좀..

  86. NerdJoshua's Animation

    NerdJoshua's AnimationMånad sedan


  87. Leina Nightray

    Leina NightrayMånad sedan

    I have that tiny tree ( ' ')

  88. PreferCats

    PreferCatsMånad sedan

    "Wh0 Are YoU? WhAt d0 YOu WaNT BlIn?"

  89. Gigi

    GigiMånad sedan

    I remember when I was a kid, we had some russian shows for kids on tv(non slav country), that's how they used to narrate/tell the fairytale. They were sooooo relaxing.

  90. Alex Eski

    Alex EskiMånad sedan

    I heard of the stone soup as an American. Your version is awesome, too!

  91. Wirus

    WirusMånad sedan

    crowdfunding on internet nowdays basically....they promise they basically got stoof done just need small donation to finish project then they get enough money to make project from scratch like 10 times and then bail on it or finish it half assedly

  92. E1

    E1Månad sedan

    Fun fact: It is actual fairy tail, that slavs tell to their children.

  93. Emeraldz 21

    Emeraldz 21Månad sedan

    I think he lost his mind,

  94. brotherbosco

    brotherboscoMånad sedan

    Same fable as Axe Handle Porridge

  95. CK's channel.

    CK's channel.Månad sedan

    Make sure you're degreasing your axes and shit if you're actually crazy enough to try this.... God only knows, you don't need to be eating boiled-off industrial rust inhibitors.... D: Also, remember to re-oil your axe and handle after this, or it's gonna rust fast...

  96. ZumoZumo83

    ZumoZumo83Månad sedan

    In poland its stone soup. Great tale

  97. Professor Dabstep

    Professor DabstepMånad sedan

    You stole it from russian galileo

  98. Betty Oop

    Betty OopMånad sedan

    I know that story.. stone soup.

  99. 。。。能踏み白

    。。。能踏み白Månad sedan

    In Poland, Silesia, especially in the Cieszyn parts, it is called "cygańska zupa z grabiowego kołka".

  100. Storytime626

    Storytime626Månad sedan

    Nice story

  101. EpicTube

    EpicTubeMånad sedan

    заебись, орден "За заслуги перед Отечеством" за популяризацию русской культуры)) достоин, я считаю

  102. Yultroski

    YultroskiMånad sedan

    Spanish pls