Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 585

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HAPPY NEW YEAR CHOMOS! Tom Segura and Christina P kick off this episode of YMH with a video of a dude who claims he's "just a cool guy." They recap the 2 Bears, 1 Cave New Year's Live Show, and watch Tom's basketball injury, as well as various parodies of it. The Main Mommies discuss a hot button issue from the show: Tom's pronunciation of the word "won." They give Charo and Top Dog a call to have them weigh in on it. They also discuss Hilaria Baldwin's recent controversy, their experience having COVID-19, their favorite action movie franchises, and the time Tom attended Matt Damon's birthday party. We get an update from YMH All-Star Norman Summerton, watch a Fedsmoker video from the vault, and take a look at The King's TikTok evolution. Also, CP is now a certified "Queen Above 18," sporting one of The King's signature sweatshirts!
If you missed the 2B1C New Years Special LIVE, you can watch it at until 1/11. All other rentals can be found at


  1. David

    David7 dagar sedan

    When do they talk about Hilaria Baldwin?

  2. Dave S

    Dave S8 dagar sedan

    At 1:17:11 - is FedSmoker using someone's WiFi to upload a YT vid?

  3. Chris Mccormack

    Chris Mccormack9 dagar sedan

    Thicker glasses!,,,

  4. David Cantrell

    David Cantrell11 dagar sedan

    hop in at 24:15

  5. Eduardo Ramos

    Eduardo Ramos13 dagar sedan

    48:50 Hilary Baldwin story

  6. Pathfinder2183

    Pathfinder218314 dagar sedan

    take it easy on hilaria? lol nah

  7. Pathfinder2183

    Pathfinder218314 dagar sedan

    tina is so r worded

  8. Chuck

    Chuck17 dagar sedan

    It's called Karma Tom. All the years of laughing at others pain coming back at you 😂

  9. Henry Monroe

    Henry Monroe19 dagar sedan

    In the midwest we say won (one) not won(w-on/wan)

  10. Varia XI

    Varia XI19 dagar sedan

    Ok tina but what about wandering vs. wondering 🤔 see

  11. Varia XI

    Varia XI19 dagar sedan

    Opiates are weird man they stop you from dumpin'... and the WDs don't make you shit either, when I got off of fentanyl I went thru a FULL SEVEN DAYS in which I took 0 dumps, 0 pees, and had 0 bites of food and 0 minutes of sleep. Didn't realize the human body could be pushed to such extremes

  12. Sean Carrie

    Sean Carrie21 dag sedan

    him with that glove reminds me of the nintendo power glove

  13. Brian Barrett

    Brian Barrett23 dagar sedan

    poor people don't get "a semester abroad" Christina ;/

  14. Daniel Nagle

    Daniel Nagle23 dagar sedan

    We had people with AIDS visit every day. There were more AIDS patients than students.

  15. Cda Steez

    Cda Steez23 dagar sedan

    She must have a ton of cons on her lawn with her son to pronounce it won

  16. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson24 dagar sedan

    1:02:38 the most honest Kristin has ever been.

  17. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson24 dagar sedan

    Christy: “what are you, speaking the Queen’s English? Fucking asshole. Also Christy: “who hasn’t done a semester abroad...” Most people, Christy, the vast majority of Americans have not. Even if you just look at people who graduated from college, that’s a tiny segment.

  18. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson24 dagar sedan

    To be fair, everyone can see Tom’s arm was fucked. But without him saying anything, you wouldn’t know his leg was jacked. And even though, he clearly needed a doctor, it’s not inconceivable that he could be driven to the hospital with just a jacked arm.

  19. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson24 dagar sedan

    Christine is running out of excuses. You claim to be a ride or die, then eat his scrum! She’s like Charo, needs a $10K purse. 26:20 😂 😂 Do you like your life, Jenny?!

  20. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson24 dagar sedan

    Homonyms - words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently and mean different things. i.e. there/their/they’re, one/won, heir/air, hare/hair, red/read, reed/read, bear/bare. C’mon tiktards, it’s not that hard. It’s...regular size

  21. Shawn

    Shawn24 dagar sedan

    This is so graphic it could have been on bestgore

  22. Devin Jackson

    Devin Jackson27 dagar sedan

    So you dunked 9’ congrats...Bert walked away from the contest 😂

  23. Jay Ashman

    Jay Ashman27 dagar sedan

    Toms a simple man just wants his scrum eaten

  24. Mecrobb

    Mecrobb29 dagar sedan

    feel free to do all the metal gymnastics you need to do, but lying is lying. If I(a white man) darkened my skin and said I was from spain there would be a lynch mob outside of my door ready to draw and quarter me infront of the world, however a rich well connected celebrity wife does it and you guys say "i feel bad for her" either its ok for everyone to "culturally appropriate" or its ok for nobody to do so. Once upon a time you guys roasted rachel dolezal on your show for what she did. why the change of heart? the advertisement money is too strong to resist...

  25. mroriginal1984

    mroriginal198429 dagar sedan

    Aww Christy likes Therman. This just makes me more of a fan.

  26. BrokenGod Ent.

    BrokenGod Ent.29 dagar sedan

    Tom should have asked how his mom pronounced the number 1. She would have said it the same way lol.

  27. BrokenGod Ent.

    BrokenGod Ent.29 dagar sedan

    I laughed my ass off at that video. He looked like Peter Griffin.

  28. Tour Japan

    Tour Japan29 dagar sedan

    Can someone tell me what time Tom says "one".

  29. maddogkilla1

    maddogkilla1Månad sedan

    Omg is that sound, the sound of Toms patella snapping?


    MRYEMANMånad sedan

    48:46 Hilaria Baldwin part

  31. CptWacko

    CptWackoMånad sedan

    Tom asking people to call 911 whilst he is fucked up is hilarious! ...Sorry Tom, I'm just like you!

  32. JJ Dillon

    JJ DillonMånad sedan

    He broke his arm. Christine is a damaged soul. He would convince her to kill herself if they weren’t rich

  33. David Garvin

    David GarvinMånad sedan

    Lmao his dad had me rollin

  34. David Garvin

    David GarvinMånad sedan

    I can still here that patella pop

  35. mrmosethrep

    mrmosethrepMånad sedan

    "Who hasn't done a semester abroad" I dunno Crusty P, maybe 90 percent of the world.

  36. Vas

    VasMånad sedan

    Where’s 586 you son of a bish!!!!!

  37. Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind

    Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard MindMånad sedan

    Just bounced back from the Rona, bagged two chicks before I knew I was positive, neither of them tested positive but my friend who I ran into at a gas station while wearing my mask caught it. Strange times.... Im basically Will Smith from I am Legend now, so I aint complaining.

  38. erock

    erockMånad sedan

    Couple of strong new contestants here for r/ConfidentlyIncorrect

  39. Calvin

    CalvinMånad sedan

    You can re-catch COVID-19 so having it doesn't make you immune to getting it again or spreading it again. Just fyi.

  40. Danny Kopshever

    Danny KopsheverMånad sedan

    i have to either cover the screen or fast forward thru so much of this show norm and the face tats hurt my eyes and my soul ay yay YAY

  41. J H

    J HMånad sedan

    25:43 that was so awkward and broke some kind of 4th wall of comedy. It was like "is tom really guilt tripping his wife about butthole licking?" to the point it becomes a bit and an actual dilemma. Look at her face at 26:35... then she asks to make a deal for jewelry... OMG!!! THE DEPRAVITY! HAHAHA!

  42. TheMusicmak3r

    TheMusicmak3rMånad sedan

    Go Tim Go!♿️

  43. Tommy Nelson

    Tommy NelsonMånad sedan

    2B1C Looks like it should be “two bears one cup” 😂

  44. Joe Blowe

    Joe BloweMånad sedan

    I hope more transplants like Tom Segura and Joe Rogan leave LA. That means someday ACTUAL Californians will afford a house...

  45. Celestials' Bane

    Celestials' BaneMånad sedan

    If you haven't yet check out the video on here of the pronunciation of the word "won" it's pretty good stuff. "All you've won is bread tacos" lol

  46. conwell conwell

    conwell conwellMånad sedan

    New wife could be cool idea man

  47. Bridget Walsh

    Bridget WalshMånad sedan

    Why is there a "w" in the pronunciation of one, maybe we are saying that wrong, but Tom sure as hell is not right.

  48. Mike H

    Mike HMånad sedan

    WTF is this conversation about won??!! How do two adults not know how to say won!!

  49. scottbaylo is 44 and waiting to die

    scottbaylo is 44 and waiting to dieMånad sedan

    Killing time to pad the content. This is something too many people do, and it drives me batshit!!! And don't get me started on people laughing at everything that isn't funny, that shit makes me wanna kick throats

  50. denise marie

    denise marieMånad sedan

    Tom's dad says won correctly and christina is like yes! She is so confused....

  51. erock

    erockMånad sedan

    44:05 I think the realization set in that it's not correct, but she's doubling down for tommy lmao

  52. TayJer

    TayJerMånad sedan

    I'm going to the park with my sOn.

  53. Kyle Rekart

    Kyle RekartMånad sedan

    You guys have never been more r-worded about something as you are about the “one”/“Juan” conversation. This must be the result of being raised by a parent whose first language wasn’t English. Reminds me of how Christine used to say things like “chewing gum” and “sun-vizier” without realizing how foreign it made her sound

  54. Kyle Rekart

    Kyle RekartMånad sedan

    Lol I paused too soon, looks like christy addresses her foreign upbringing

  55. Gdub 2333

    Gdub 2333Månad sedan

    Christina New Years resolution be funny

  56. Gdub 2333

    Gdub 2333Månad sedan

    We get it tom you speak Spanish

  57. Gdub 2333

    Gdub 2333Månad sedan


  58. sergiykud

    sergiykudMånad sedan

    Good morning Julia! its time to wake up, breakfast is ready, my queen.

  59. Dank

    DankMånad sedan

    Won is pronounced as "one". There's no debate to this unless you're touched.

  60. marco garcia garcia

    marco garcia garciaMånad sedan

    she dont have no rona she just old

  61. Patrick Nowak

    Patrick NowakMånad sedan

    Damn i didn’t know Tom was this stupid

  62. Bednar Jack

    Bednar JackMånad sedan

    Who’s got a link to the helicopter clip?

  63. Raddison Watson

    Raddison WatsonMånad sedan

    The King is obviously an older tradesmen, that's probably exactly why the woman was upset with him. People get upset at tradesmen for parking and noise all the time, it would perfectly explain why he was in an unfinished room. The crazy karen should have called the police if anything actually happened, which is probably why she didn't. It would likely explain his 'dad' humour, and some online stuff is definitely lost on him, he seems like he's barely understanding the internet. It would also explain some of his 'dirty' sense of humor, this stuff is always there. Source: I've worked for trademen on construction/residential for over 10 year since I was a teen. I do hope I just missed the joke, but it's a stretch to assume someone is definitely a paedophile for getting banned online, cmon, comics should understand that.

  64. Andrew Martin

    Andrew MartinMånad sedan

    I couldn't keep watching after the second injury view! Glad your healing. That noise!!! So gross!

  65. Killian Mitchell

    Killian MitchellMånad sedan

    Hilaria stole Valor

  66. dankwrasslin experience

    dankwrasslin experienceMånad sedan

    no matter many times i thumbs down these gay videos, youtube keeps trying to force me to watch them

  67. calska140

    calska140Månad sedan

    That cuz ur gay

  68. PBR Steve

    PBR SteveMånad sedan

    If the last month has proven anything... It's that Tom is the ONLY reason to watch this is and Bert is the only saving grace on 2 Bears. Everyone else is just lucky to be there. EVERYONE

  69. Gorgeous Lady

    Gorgeous LadyMånad sedan

    But Tom...say these two words. Wonder and Wander

  70. Kyle Fitzpatrick

    Kyle FitzpatrickMånad sedan

    Nadav is definitively pressing that mic button with enough pressure to crush a couple bugs.

  71. Lindsay H

    Lindsay HMånad sedan

    This is the first tome I watched it that long because it honestly makes me sick but Bert fucking kills me 😂 “you okay you okay “ “ oh his arm “ 😂😂😂 I’m crying rn 😂😂

  72. john green

    john greenMånad sedan

    Nobody cares about your leg anymore talk about real stuff

  73. Sweet Pea Grayble

    Sweet Pea GraybleMånad sedan

    Maybe Burnt's immutable stench of failure is rubbing off on these two?

  74. Sweet Pea Grayble

    Sweet Pea GraybleMånad sedan

    T'Juan'm is now straight Japanese and I'm only saying "Segura" in an emphatic Japanese accent.

  75. Sweet Pea Grayble

    Sweet Pea GraybleMånad sedan

    Disgusted with Tadd and Kirsten's acceptance of Hillary Baldwin. She didn't even acknowledge that she was caught! This beats talking on your cellphone on speaker in public. Is deportation too much to ask?

  76. Sweet Pea Grayble

    Sweet Pea GraybleMånad sedan

    I don't even know them anymore:( I didn't believe in God, but now I'm thinking he's real and punishing T'Juan'm.

  77. Sweet Pea Grayble

    Sweet Pea GraybleMånad sedan

    Oh, NOW Kirsten is backing Tim about "Juan"!? Tokked

  78. andyman820

    andyman820Månad sedan

    Christina with the libtard 'sighhhhhh' everytime covid is mentioned lollll

  79. Wes Jackson

    Wes JacksonMånad sedan

    LMAO you know Christina P ain't playing Best Fiends. "I like the colors..." ya sure...

  80. pastorspina

    pastorspinaMånad sedan

    The more I watch this podcast the more I appreciate this heavyset couple.

  81. Geo Fox

    Geo FoxMånad sedan

    Facts bro: real friend gonna touch that nasty broken sausage arm to help

  82. robochrish

    robochrishMånad sedan

    haha! Kirtsten dissing her own pronunciation by accident was great

  83. eski ho

    eski hoMånad sedan

    every time christine does an ad read, i die a little inside. so fake. lmao

  84. Christopher Gupton

    Christopher GuptonMånad sedan

    Why do people watch this boring shit!! And no not me I tried for a few minutes and then I suddenly wanted those minutes back and kicked myself in the balls for punishment so good luck as the world burns top notch entertainment guys.

  85. Christopher Gupton

    Christopher GuptonMånad sedan

    @calska140 My friend My abilities know no bounds because I follow Jesus Christ!

  86. calska140

    calska140Månad sedan

    You kicked yourself in the balls? How?

  87. kellie Johnson

    kellie JohnsonMånad sedan

    Chanel darling

  88. Joel Sterling

    Joel SterlingMånad sedan

    Someone PLEASE put together a "shooting star" meme of Tom's fall.

  89. Becky Jean

    Becky JeanMånad sedan

    I second this

  90. kellie Johnson

    kellie JohnsonMånad sedan

    It really was common numbnuts!

  91. kellie Johnson

    kellie JohnsonMånad sedan


  92. Jeff Kitz

    Jeff KitzMånad sedan

    Illuminati confirmed

  93. Wes Jackson

    Wes JacksonMånad sedan

    Tom used a women's ball aaaa hundred percent

  94. erika garcia

    erika garciaMånad sedan

    I don’t agree with Nadav on anything really, but this won thing in particular, I do #fullyTokd

  95. Melissa Pollard

    Melissa PollardMånad sedan

    Tom, you nincumpoop! She’s trying to say won (sounds like one) but she’s freaking foreign! I can’t believe you haven’t picked up on that. Her accent makes you hear won (as in won-ton). You’ve heard her pronounce the word with her accent all your life, and then you repeat what you hear, all the while assuming that the word is meant to be pronounced phonetically. Nope, but thanks for playing. LOL!

  96. J Slabach

    J SlabachMånad sedan

    How you say in English... ey Christina is a great wife?

  97. Bakari Fortuné

    Bakari FortunéMånad sedan

    The squeaking in the kings truck was some girl he had tied up

  98. Geometric Headdress

    Geometric HeaddressMånad sedan

    Women's rights!!! 🤣

  99. calska140

    calska140Månad sedan

    Women deserve many rights and many lefts too maybe some hooks liberally sprinkled throughout.

  100. Wes Deleeuw

    Wes DeleeuwMånad sedan

    I think what happened was Barth hurt his knee first, and gravy dribbled out onto the gym floor. That's what Taum slipped on when his gargantuan body massacred his arm.

  101. Josh Brown

    Josh BrownMånad sedan

    You HAVE to give Christina P credit for this. Not only for watching the vid of Tom in the first place, but also watching on the show, recorded. Huge props

  102. Devon

    DevonMånad sedan

    Honey dew episode 55 1:15:44 " we Juan that game" it was right in front of us the whole time

  103. Brix Kidd

    Brix KiddMånad sedan

    The dude from the doc 'Erasing Hate' got his face tatts removed. They did a pretty good job removing them.

  104. Cornflack

    CornflackMånad sedan


  105. David SG Ferringer

    David SG FerringerMånad sedan

    They are fucking with you guys to get a rise. They know how WON pronounced. They could google it if they truly wanted to verify...not call his Mom with an accent.

  106. James Witt

    James WittMånad sedan

    you guys have some amazing cameras in the studio i must say

  107. Brian Schwartz

    Brian SchwartzMånad sedan


  108. Frankie Cuellar

    Frankie CuellarMånad sedan tom shows bert Ed asner first time 😅

  109. Benji Pesci

    Benji PesciMånad sedan

    We won not we 1