CallMeCarson Serious Allegations! #DramaAlert ( Lunch Club INTERVIEW )

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  1. DramaAlert

    DramaAlert17 dagar sedan

    Guys I’m sorry if this interview comes a crossed really slow & low energy. But I’m very sick. Stories like these are so important so no matter how sick I am I just know I got to get it out. Hope you understand.

  2. Special sʜᴀᴀᴀʀᴋ

    Special sʜᴀᴀᴀʀᴋ13 dagar sedan


  3. YellowLaces

    YellowLaces14 dagar sedan

    So sorry to hear that. Stay safe

  4. Jake Feeney

    Jake Feeney16 dagar sedan

    Put time stamps in your vids

  5. Thelord Andsavor

    Thelord Andsavor16 dagar sedan

    @Elvis Stangroom same here pal

  6. TheGuardian

    TheGuardian16 dagar sedan

    Same shit quality as usual no worries!

  7. InsideYour Mind8

    InsideYour Mind849 minuter sedan

    I cant believe i clicked on it to just be disgusted at hearing the stuff i don’t want to hear.

  8. Young Jeezy

    Young Jeezy5 timmar sedan

    This is the only drama alert video i will ever watch. Keem is a horrible person i feel horrible for even giving him a view.

  9. xlink97

    xlink977 timmar sedan

    "I just got a covid test, hopefully everything's fine" Hopefully not.

  10. Barra Ó Bruadair

    Barra Ó Bruadair7 timmar sedan

    Getting a guy labeled a pedo and a groomer for a two year age gap just so you can make a video and make few quid is incredibly sinister.

  11. Jamdag

    Jamdag11 timmar sedan

    Why I was pure and then I watched a drama alert now I must repent

  12. Jimmy Chu

    Jimmy Chu11 timmar sedan

    I'm not upset at the fact that he was doing this stuff with a 17 year old when he was 19. I'm upset at the fact that he used fans to obtain nudes.

  13. Taylor Crichton

    Taylor Crichton11 timmar sedan

    I cant believe this dude thinks it okay to post on youtube still

  14. Bird_Tan 11

    Bird_Tan 1111 timmar sedan

    lol its actually weird not having an enthusiastic Keemstar

  15. Daud Ahmed

    Daud Ahmed11 timmar sedan

    Dam u Carson I had to Watch a drama alert

  16. _TheTechnician

    _TheTechnician12 timmar sedan

    So far all I see is a socially mislead individual sending some unpleasant words to some horny minors. Now they want him cancelled for making mistakes that he regrets. Can we not just accept that he has been saying some inappropriate things in the heat of the moment in the past, say what you have to say and move on? Or are you really going to encourage another wreckful situation here? Think about it.

  17. Great white Wyvern

    Great white Wyvern14 timmar sedan

    I really had to click on one damn video

  18. bruhisa bruhmoment

    bruhisa bruhmoment15 timmar sedan

    also they did infact not mention the fact that in some states I don’t know where he lives but if he was in that state then it was legal it would just be irresponsible

  19. bruhisa bruhmoment

    bruhisa bruhmoment15 timmar sedan

    I like how they left out the fact about what left him in a shit mental health

  20. bruhisa bruhmoment

    bruhisa bruhmoment15 timmar sedan

    keemstar the snitch and callmecancelled the golden drama duo

  21. Jacob Hatfield

    Jacob Hatfield17 timmar sedan

    Child molesters should be killed

  22. Jan Lewandowski

    Jan Lewandowski20 timmar sedan

    POV: You're searching for opinions in the comments but you only find jokes on DramaAlert

  23. M Gaming M Vlogs

    M Gaming M Vlogs21 timme sedan

    Carson really pulled a mini Ladd

  24. Archie Barber

    Archie Barber21 timme sedan

    Keem. Your not a very nice person, I hope you know that :)

  25. stfu janiah

    stfu janiah22 timmar sedan

    im never actually interacting with carson ever again for making me watch a damn drama alert video 😐

  26. Adam-james Farrell

    Adam-james FarrellDag sedan

    OK Groomer

  27. ThEChaS3

    ThEChaS39 timmar sedan


  28. Yologuy0123

    Yologuy0123Dag sedan

    Oh boy a drama alert video. Aren't I excited to watch this!

  29. somixya x

    somixya xDag sedan

    How is this dude acting like a fucking angel when he did the same damn thing 🤩


    Yr FUGLY TRASHDag sedan

    Tow years apart isn’t anything y’all just stupid

  31. Mister Format

    Mister FormatDag sedan


  32. I Trxpy I

    I Trxpy IDag sedan

    Mini Ladd now Carson

  33. Daify

    DaifyDag sedan

    Ooooh 40 year old gossip spill the tea sister all is forgiven

  34. Backseat Girl

    Backseat GirlDag sedan

    The worst part about clicking on a DramaAlert video is when you can’t summon the balls to make it past the first 10 seconds.

  35. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouDag sedan

    How is this dude acting like a fucking angel when he did the same damn thing 🤩

  36. BrosephPancakes

    BrosephPancakesDag sedan

    Guys help why is drama alert bad. What is it

  37. Playlists s

    Playlists sDag sedan

    Can anyone explain why Keemstar is kinda getting hated on in the comment section?

  38. Killzone 188

    Killzone 188Dag sedan

    It’s because he’s KeemStar

  39. irishmafya

    irishmafyaDag sedan

    I don’t see much wrong here

  40. irishmafya

    irishmafya18 timmar sedan

    @mikin lirou understand what lmao? I really don’t see much wrong

  41. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouDag sedan

    out. Hope you understand.

  42. S4Plays

    S4PlaysDag sedan

    I love how this has 23k dislikes

  43. HotRussianWomen NearYou

    HotRussianWomen NearYou2 dagar sedan

    Oh man he likes kids ?? Oh my gawd

  44. Rian Power

    Rian Power2 dagar sedan

    *this is the first drama alert video I’ve ever watched and oh my god i fucking hate this keemstar lad he seems like a right twat*

  45. Kosovare shabani

    Kosovare shabani2 dagar sedan

    Will he ever get bored??????? Jesus

  46. Alfie McDonald

    Alfie McDonald2 dagar sedan

    Fuck Noah and traves for going to keemstar to get the information out. They know what keemstar does to people but they still decided to go to him, They could have done it in such a better way. Fuck them.

  47. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue2 dagar sedan

    When you have to watch a drama alert video, you know your in so deep shit

  48. ameliah miller

    ameliah millerDag sedan

    father forgive me for i have sinned🧎🏼‍♀️🧎🏼‍♀️🧎🏼‍♀️🧎🏼‍♀️

  49. The C.I.A

    The C.I.A2 dagar sedan

    I'm on Carson's side ngl

  50. Enterdrag

    Enterdrag2 dagar sedan

    I didn’t know what I was doing then I realised I clicked on drama alert

  51. Jack H

    Jack H2 dagar sedan

    Wow that's interesting, but I sure don't care!

  52. Paul Walters

    Paul Walters2 dagar sedan

    Honestly shitty friends

  53. F-35A Lightning II

    F-35A Lightning II2 dagar sedan

    Sorry for the old meme but... 20 and 18 - I sleep 19 and 17 - *Real shit* 18 and 16 - I sleep

  54. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu2 dagar sedan

    POV: You regret clicking on this video while also seeing others regretting to click on this video

  55. Emeronii

    Emeronii2 dagar sedan

    Lol, i thought i was the only one who felt strange clicking on a drama alert video until i looked at the rest of the comments

  56. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu2 dagar sedan

    This whole thing was a lie she admitted to willing send him she already told us why do keem keep report false peddos to people without knowing the Truth story behind

  57. Plant Mage

    Plant Mage2 dagar sedan

    Is 19 and 17 really that big of a deal? That age gap is run of the mill in high schools

  58. Singe

    Singe14 timmar sedan

    @Jazzy Will So is 17 and 19. I had 19 year old classmates when I went to high school

  59. Jazzy Will

    Jazzy Will14 timmar sedan

    @Plant Mage it’s not the age gap it’s the age difference. Like I said 19 is legal 17 isnt

  60. Jazzy Will

    Jazzy Will14 timmar sedan

    @Singe 18 and 17 are high school ages.

  61. That Bloke

    That BlokeDag sedan

    @Plant Mage The age difference is fine on most state levels as long as the two people are in the same state, however this happened over the internet across state borders meaning it is federal, in this case a person over the age of 18 cannot ask for sexual images of anyone under the age of 18 (solicitation charge 1), if she has evidence of sending them (possession charge 2), he sent her anything even $20 over PayPal (grooming). if this girl takes Carson to court on this he's fucked and she's gonna get a big ass pay day. And the dumbass has confessed online so his not guilty plea is dead on arrival.

  62. Singe

    SingeDag sedan

    @Jazzy Will It's high school ages. Jesus It's not that bad

  63. Raining on Madeline

    Raining on Madeline2 dagar sedan

    oh my god i clicked on a drama alert video

  64. kathryn

    kathryn2 dagar sedan

    its that bad i had to watch a drama alert video?

  65. Scrummy

    Scrummy2 dagar sedan

    why do people think drama alert is bad?

  66. Selozar

    SelozarDag sedan

    @khaled gabai oh ok thx

  67. khaled gabai

    khaled gabai2 dagar sedan

    He tends to exaggerate videos

  68. Selozar

    Selozar2 dagar sedan


  69. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales2 dagar sedan

    I need to pray after this video

  70. Toxicz YT

    Toxicz YT2 dagar sedan

    This is the only video I basically can watch and I can’t

  71. Kid Kohee

    Kid Kohee2 dagar sedan

    bro u never even said how old the girls is

  72. Crimson

    Crimson16 timmar sedan


  73. soup 03

    soup 032 dagar sedan

    Forgive me god

  74. GrandMaster Bruh

    GrandMaster Bruh2 dagar sedan

    That relatable moment when the age of consent is 17 where the state Carson lives, and 18 where the rest of his friends lives.

  75. GrandMaster Bruh

    GrandMaster Bruh2 dagar sedan

    TL;DR don't get mad at the age gap, get mad that Carson manipulated them and his friends.

  76. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee2 dagar sedan

    Jesus fuck carson making us watch him is the worst part of this

  77. Alien

    Alien2 dagar sedan

    I have never watched this channel until now

  78. Benjamin Villette

    Benjamin Villette3 dagar sedan

    I should of went and asked someone to tell me what happened smh

  79. Clover R6

    Clover R63 dagar sedan

    knowing carson has been doing this so worse then any break up i’ve had i’ve been rewatching his videos since i loved watching him

  80. Singe

    Singe3 dagar sedan

    He did nothing wrong. His "friends" are pieces of shit for going to someone like Keemstar

  81. Clover R6

    Clover R63 dagar sedan

    i’ve been watching home for 2 years now

  82. Chad Games

    Chad Games3 dagar sedan

    Did they really have to go to KEEMSTAR of all people

  83. Twelvoe

    Twelvoe2 timmar sedan

    @ape correct answer was no

  84. ape

    apeDag sedan


  85. Patrick Cavaleri

    Patrick Cavaleri3 dagar sedan

    Keen star ur the goat

  86. Maurice Henderson

    Maurice Henderson3 dagar sedan

    This whole thing was a lie she admitted to willing send him she already told us why do keem keep report false peddos to people without knowing the Truth story behind

  87. KoalateaBuns

    KoalateaBuns3 dagar sedan

    Can we just give Carson a get out of jail free card? I want his discord server back :|

  88. SMR0M

    SMR0M3 dagar sedan

    as much as people hate keem at least hes a better person than carson

  89. SMR0M

    SMR0M3 dagar sedan

    @Singe 9 years on youtube god damn

  90. Singe

    Singe3 dagar sedan

    Press X to doubt

  91. Clammy

    Clammy3 dagar sedan

    Have u seen Keems history?

  92. Cosmic Hitchhiker

    Cosmic Hitchhiker3 dagar sedan

    what really confuses me is, even though Carson may have been in the wrong, why go to a drama channel to address the problem. This really smells fishy to me. We as consumers don't need to know these things. What pisses me off more is that the people who came out about this situation were Carson's close friends! They were completely aware of Carson's severe depression and suicidal tendencies, and instead of getting him the help he needs to take care of the problem. I'm not saying Carson is in the right. I'm saying his friends are in the wrong for spreading this. Thanks to this, Carson hasn't been uploading or streaming, which comes to show, that he is hurt. He has shut down his discord because of the hate he has received. How could they spread this information knowing how much it would damage Carson's carrier and mental health??? This whole situation wreaks of fish. In conclusion, It was wrong for Carson's friends to spread this on drama alert, and it is wrong for @DramaAlert to give this situation publicity. If Carson ends up committing suicide, I know who's at fault.

  93. Gay Panda

    Gay Panda3 dagar sedan

    channel 5 my ass keemstar is top news man

  94. JarrethDragon

    JarrethDragon3 dagar sedan

    Calling him a pedo, a groomer, and a manipulator is a fucking lie. He didn't groom and if you see the messages he regrets it and even was thinking it wasn't right himself. 16 is the age of consent in both their areas, making him not a pedo in fact. The ONLY real problem is CP. CP is illegal even if the age of consent does happen to be 16. If you truly believe that he is a pedo, groomer, or manipulator, then good job for hopping on the bandwagon for no damn reason

  95. Orestis Dov

    Orestis Dov3 dagar sedan

    Yes agreed

  96. Ganderlow

    Ganderlow3 dagar sedan

    The fact that Carson hasn't come out and said anything makes him look worse. He's already decided to hide.

  97. Singe

    SingeDag sedan

    @Malcolm Bean Oh no! 19 year old got nude of 17 year old. The world's about to explode. This is the most retarded drama I've seen on SEtoos. People cancelling Carson over nothing

  98. Malcolm Bean

    Malcolm BeanDag sedan

    @Singe it’s still statutory rape even if it’s a two year age gap

  99. Orestis Dov

    Orestis Dov3 dagar sedan

    @Ganderlow he brought this on himself?

  100. Singe

    Singe3 dagar sedan

    @Ganderlow dude lost his entire support network over a 2 year age gap, and Twitter Users inability to not jump on retarded bandwagon.

  101. Hi hello

    Hi hello3 dagar sedan

    Or maybe he doesn't know what to do. Problems like this could shut down a persons ability to make decisions

  102. FC McFishy

    FC McFishy3 dagar sedan

    I'm worried about Carson

  103. Cosmic Hitchhiker

    Cosmic Hitchhiker3 dagar sedan

    I feel for you man. It's weird that noah and traves gave this to keemstar knowing he has been having suicidal thoughts. It was wrong for Carson's former friends to spread this on drama alert, and it is wrong for @DramaAlert to give this situation publicity. This whole situation is between Caron, the people he supposedly traded photos with and the law. IT IS NOT OUR BUSENESS! IT IS NOT OUR PLACE TO PASS JUDGEMENT AND EXCERSISE JUSTICE!

  104. R J

    R J3 dagar sedan

    Poor things, u can hear that they’re uncomfortable and that they didn’t want to do this cus Carson was their friend

  105. Singe

    Singe3 dagar sedan

    If they were friends, they wouldn't have gone to KeemStar. Fuck his "friends". They're all douchebags who care more about internet fame than the mental health of Carson

  106. Orestis Dov

    Orestis Dov3 dagar sedan

    That's what they want you to think. Why would they come to drama alert if they actually cared? They showed all of this to dramalert cuz they wanted to blow things out of proportion and brinf carson down

  107. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou3 dagar sedan

    now im starting to get upset on who ratted out carson on letting keemstar make this dramaAlert

  108. Seif Karim

    Seif Karim3 dagar sedan

    Making Carson look bad when both of them were 17 and he was 19 and before you say “he used his fame to get to them” bro they clearly admired him as a person of course they’d also be fans 17 and 19 is completely normal plus one of them was a month away from being 18 at the time plus do people think turning 18 makes you evolve into a complete adult?

  109. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou3 dagar sedan

    Forgive me mom and dad, for iam about to commit a sin.

  110. Vortex .0

    Vortex .04 dagar sedan

    I hope you don’t get better soon😡

  111. Vortex .0

    Vortex .04 dagar sedan


  112. blue avokado

    blue avokado4 dagar sedan

    As a European where the legal age is 15 in my country. I dont fucking know what yall are so pressed about lol. I get that she isnt legal. BUT 2 years difference???? If carson was a sweaty old man in his 40s I would be disgusted but this is different...

  113. xavier b

    xavier b4 dagar sedan

    You know it's really really messed up when you have to watch drama alert

  114. Marionette Hannah

    Marionette Hannah4 dagar sedan

    I hate this.

  115. avarage human45

    avarage human454 dagar sedan

    Sorry for wasting your time but why are people mad for clicking on the drama alert video??I'm confused

  116. Rinna

    Rinna3 dagar sedan

    not many ppl like it and it’s mostly a joke

  117. Dravya Mehta

    Dravya Mehta3 dagar sedan

    Yeah me too?

  118. Grubby Magic

    Grubby Magic4 dagar sedan

    Why Carson why, you made me come here.. hate this channel

  119. Kim R.

    Kim R.4 dagar sedan

    2 year difference...really? Smh

  120. Damp Chipotle

    Damp Chipotle4 dagar sedan


  121. Darkteentitan

    Darkteentitan4 dagar sedan

    I don’t like him he’s a Simp he had that girl canceled because she didn’t want to date him and claimed she cheated on him when they never dated

  122. Dazai is Cool

    Dazai is Cool4 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone embarrassed they clicked on a drama alert vid I mean this is the first vid of drama alerT I clicked on should be embarrassed too f

  123. Halle Rebecca Hughes

    Halle Rebecca Hughes4 dagar sedan

    Ive been on SEtoos since I was 7 and this is the first time I've actually watched a drama alert video

  124. Taxidermy on kids should be legal.

    Taxidermy on kids should be legal.2 dagar sedan

    These are dark times my friend, some sins must be committed for the sake of knowledge.

  125. hen ko

    hen ko4 dagar sedan

    dam i this is the lowest point in my life that i clicked on dramalert

  126. Panda Funkey

    Panda Funkey4 dagar sedan

    says sounds bad because covid test sound literally the same as any other day. :/

  127. Neutral Warlord 2

    Neutral Warlord 24 dagar sedan

    2021 sucks now

  128. Kork With a gun

    Kork With a gun5 dagar sedan

    Im watching this because I’m sleepy and curious. Yes, I know lunch club Yes, I know the misfits.

  129. 0-0

    0-05 dagar sedan

    Forgive me mom and dad, for iam about to commit a sin.

  130. Smol Pikachu

    Smol Pikachu5 dagar sedan

    Oh... It’s you...

  131. sam rari

    sam rari5 dagar sedan

    what about tony lopez and zoe laverne?

  132. Jake Carbone

    Jake Carbone5 dagar sedan

    I’m hoping Jaiden doesn’t get shit for this because of her latest vid. Very bad timing...

  133. ghost.?

    ghost.?5 dagar sedan

    What if I said I like drama alert

  134. Howdy Partner

    Howdy Partner5 dagar sedan

    I hate that this fuckin hobo is the only person I can get this shit from

  135. Lavenderp

    Lavenderp2 dagar sedan

    jschlatt's short video summarizes things a lot nicer

  136. franek 123

    franek 1235 dagar sedan

    Fuck keemstar and the guys that came out. This should have been done privately or publicly by Carsons friends or carson but NOT ON DRAMA ALERT. Keem is obviously going to use this story for clicks, and with Carson’s mental health and how Twitter works the situation is hard. He obviously did something wrong, but THIS IS NOT DRAMA. No one, even after what he did should be treated this way. The situation should be resolved by Carson and people involved and authorities. Now keemstar and this guys gossiping about this before millions of people. Edit: and how many people pointed out THIS IS NOT PEDOPHILIA BY LAW, what keem accuses Carson of, the problem is the messages.

  137. Annoying TCI

    Annoying TCI5 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of the Zero situation in july.

  138. shie guie

    shie guie5 dagar sedan

    I have sinned but I have my reasons on why I am watching a drama alert video

  139. Plu Clothing

    Plu Clothing5 dagar sedan

    this is a waste of time go to authorities of yall wanna be rats

  140. Plu Clothing

    Plu Clothing5 dagar sedan

    yall really tryna cancel him for talking to girls a couple years younger nice

  141. Orestis Dov

    Orestis Dov3 dagar sedan


  142. Not Billis

    Not Billis5 dagar sedan

    I want to know the situation, but now I'm going to have fucking drama alert all over my recommended

  143. iCakeCraft

    iCakeCraft5 dagar sedan

    "but I wanted to do this interview first to make sure that were doing it"

  144. iCakeCraft

    iCakeCraft5 dagar sedan

    my sanity is gone... but I gotta watch this

  145. sir foxertin

    sir foxertin5 dagar sedan

    I have gone to the forbidden lands for information

  146. imnoahh

    imnoahh5 dagar sedan

    dear lord i’m sorry but i need to see carson 🍵