Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video)

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Directed by Jake Schreier
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  1. J

    J7 minuter sedan

    i love him for everything. also this is why I never wanna be famous

  2. DeboraMel

    DeboraMel11 minuter sedan

    No soy de escucharte, pero conozco tu historia y esta canción me hizo llorar....que loco no cuando uno hace una canción del corazón llega ❤

  3. عبدالسلام مطيع

    عبدالسلام مطيع22 minuter sedan



    BIEL FF GAMER23 minuter sedan

    Oh May Ghosy you ok faz perebens

  5. Rach Reviews

    Rach Reviews34 minuter sedan

    I don’t know why people think he should be perfect because he is a human to and nobody is perfect

  6. Stephen Montecalvo

    Stephen Montecalvo49 minuter sedan

    I’m sorry.

  7. Cathrine YT

    Cathrine YT53 minuter sedan

    This song is so real. I Can hear the pain in your voice. I love this song so much. Everything is going to be okay.🥺 love you❤️🥺

  8. Fátima Slavutsky

    Fátima SlavutskyTimme sedan

    I love that he connects the song with his true feelings. Love it so much >3

  9. Lara gabriele Santos neves

    Lara gabriele Santos nevesTimme sedan


  10. Albert Kastiel

    Albert KastielTimme sedan

    2:19 Did you hear that?

  11. Albert Kastiel

    Albert KastielTimme sedan

    2:20 Did you hear that?

  12. Billy Neher

    Billy Neher2 timmar sedan

    This song the piano, the lyrics the beautiful range, this song hits me in the feels everytime I hear it. It is a beautifully recorded and live performance. Absolutely amazing.

  13. Kazem Browny

    Kazem Browny2 timmar sedan

    Im sorry for U Justin😶 But we are never Alone or Lonely! Cause The One who Created us is still Watching us! And no its not Jesus! Jesus was an Prophet. Keep that in Mind!

  14. Parker Mitchell

    Parker Mitchell3 timmar sedan

    he's a man now don't hold the past against him

  15. SKIMER

    SKIMER4 timmar sedan

    What was the point of covering the Audio-Technica logo on the right headphones when it's still visible on the left headphones and Benny's headband xD Also 2:19 - what was that sound?

  16. Juan Thales

    Juan Thales5 timmar sedan


  17. Juan Thales

    Juan Thales5 timmar sedan

    ooooo corasaunn

  18. hobby Sprite

    hobby Sprite5 timmar sedan

    .I'm so looooooonly,guys if I didn't come here again know that I died

  19. okzo Rap

    okzo Rap6 timmar sedan

    Is very good 🙏

  20. D O

    D O6 timmar sedan

    I think he should do a rendition with drake on this song where drake starts singing too

  21. ktoś tam

    ktoś tam7 timmar sedan

    Marcin Dubiel♥️

  22. DontPressOnMyProfilePic

    DontPressOnMyProfilePic7 timmar sedan

    Can I get a ❤

  23. Yasin Fah

    Yasin Fah7 timmar sedan

    If you do good things on your life no body gonna remmember your good things.but if you do somthing bad. Evry body gonna remmember💔

  24. Ioo Iiiommiihum

    Ioo Iiiommiihum8 timmar sedan

    Me too jb me too get yoself a good girl

  25. Mermaid FaithFleur

    Mermaid FaithFleur9 timmar sedan

    justin Bieber is coming back ** i keep repeat this song

  26. Gb Faou

    Gb Faou10 timmar sedan

    You are not alone

  27. uwu

    uwu10 timmar sedan

    "Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that's the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did As an idiot kid" damn..we probably all feel targeted..😅 gosh, im sure this goes for everyone when I say "i apologize for hating you for your older songs...we understand how you feel now..

  28. Angela Monalisa

    Angela Monalisa11 timmar sedan

    it's sad that when we were young, we hate him just to look cool. i liked him and his songs back then, but i did make a few hate meme on 9gag just to appear cool on the platform. i'm glad that now at least a generation has grown up and the world is more open for us to like the things that we like and to just ignore the things that is not aligned with our style.

  29. MyNamesTotallyNotBianca UwU

    MyNamesTotallyNotBianca UwU11 timmar sedan

    i hated Justin Bieber but now my mind has kinda changed...hes gotten so much better....apart from the song Yummy like cmon its catchy but pretty much most the lyrics are just the words yummy. anyways hes gotten better and im starting to really like his new music :)

  30. Xhoana Lamaj

    Xhoana Lamaj12 timmar sedan

    "How can u know what is like to be killed, when u never felt it"

  31. Ailyn Cotero

    Ailyn Cotero12 timmar sedan

    I love you more than anything. God bless you Justin!!! Much love ❤️ *huuugs*

  32. Jc Vlog

    Jc Vlog13 timmar sedan

    Did anybody hear a noice? 2:19

  33. Serghaoui Youssef

    Serghaoui Youssef13 timmar sedan

    " What if u had it all but nobody to call "

  34. Surapon Roothanavuth

    Surapon Roothanavuth14 timmar sedan

    I hear you.

  35. Mimi Persaud

    Mimi Persaud14 timmar sedan

    Deep had me in tears

  36. killer bee

    killer bee16 timmar sedan

    This is really got me thinking I realize I have no one no one understands me and all you really need is someone to love to hold to let your tears drip and you know I think to myself this world isn’t fair and I know that is never gonna happen because I’m utterly lonely

  37. Swagger Sameer

    Swagger Sameer16 timmar sedan


  38. Gaby Araújo

    Gaby Araújo16 timmar sedan

    Alguém do Brasil vendo ?

  39. Urielciitoo

    Urielciitoo16 timmar sedan

    me gusta

  40. Yahir Medina

    Yahir Medina16 timmar sedan

    I never hated him. I knew he’s done stuff that are questionable but can you blame him? The kid was so young with money and he never had anyone who rlly cared abt him till now. And the more you think of it he prolly wasn’t as bad as ppl are now. I mean he had millions in the bank all to himself with no one to tell him to stop. And I feel like if he was less smart then it would’ve been worse for him

  41. Diana Carolina Martínez Vera

    Diana Carolina Martínez Vera18 timmar sedan

    other singers: I need autotune autotune: I need Justin

  42. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez18 timmar sedan

    The real thing is that the acoustic version of this song is actually the same song haha

  43. Patti Jones

    Patti Jones18 timmar sedan

    What an amazing song!! The message touched my heart deeply!!!

  44. Kelli Adams Wityk

    Kelli Adams Wityk18 timmar sedan

    So good. powerful and moving.

  45. Gina Kyriakopoulos

    Gina Kyriakopoulos18 timmar sedan

    It’s all going to be okay. Know whoever is watching that God is with you. I love you all. Please keep peace in your heart. We are all in a struggle. Pray.

  46. Julianna Walsh

    Julianna Walsh19 timmar sedan


  47. killer-u-k f

    killer-u-k f19 timmar sedan

    This song is literally sooo gooood, leave a like if you think the same

  48. Chad Travis

    Chad Travis20 timmar sedan

    I remember seeing black and white posters for Justin Bieber everywhere in Toronto before he was huge. I've always seen him as a good kid and had to remind people that his whole world changed and he all of a sudden had it all but at a heavy cost. In interviews I always saw he was a good person. This song brought tears to my eyes when I heard it. We all feel the way he feels sometimes but he has nowhere to hide when he goofs up and is always under a microscope for everyone to watch. I'm proud to be a fellow Ontario Canadian. Thanks for this song J.B. Lots of Love

  49. kia

    kia20 timmar sedan

    This guy LITERALLY became an angel for many that aren't used to putting comments...the fact that he knows it is enough...i really appreciate this dude that actually cares about his audience and has taken the time to find himself

  50. Marian Pedraza

    Marian Pedraza21 timme sedan


  51. Vague Tommy

    Vague Tommy21 timme sedan

    2:18 did someone hear that broomstick dropping?

  52. Mingso Phurumboo

    Mingso Phurumboo22 timmar sedan

    I had listen most of the song but this one is really good he is recalling all of his past ,that everybody has to pay a price for something and he just did that and came here,He was so lonley......

  53. duilio lima

    duilio lima22 timmar sedan

    Só queria uma chance para minhas composição ajudaii setoos.info/name/sYzbmneap3KnhGM/video

  54. Henry Haaseth

    Henry HaasethDag sedan

    Always been finding this guy as a talented musician. Never hated nor liked him. But this song... I typing it for the first time, I like his music and I got respect for that guy. Wishing him the best!

  55. Paulina Loranc

    Paulina LorancDag sedan


  56. lucrecia salamealul

    lucrecia salamealulDag sedan


  57. Lily

    LilyDag sedan

    Glad he found the love of his life, is living with her and has enough time to hopefully change things.

  58. Francela Centeno

    Francela CentenoDag sedan

    I'm alone too

  59. Hey Jackie G

    Hey Jackie GDag sedan

    man this song hits heavy

  60. Krzysztof Cisowski

    Krzysztof CisowskiDag sedan


  61. Just Joellee

    Just JoelleeDag sedan

    Beautiful 🥺🤎

  62. Rachel Ijsseldijk

    Rachel IjsseldijkDag sedan


  63. Sadia Sultana

    Sadia SultanaDag sedan

    guys, I am pregnant with his baby

  64. queen leon

    queen leonDag sedan

    I love your song Justin Bieber

  65. queen leon

    queen leonDag sedan

    This song is touching 😢🥺 everyone has mistake we are only human

  66. Ewa Domanska

    Ewa DomanskaDag sedan


  67. Ewa Domanska

    Ewa DomanskaDag sedan


  68. Shermaine Kyle Secogal

    Shermaine Kyle SecogalDag sedan

    I was no longer angry with Justin when I heard this song. Sorry Justin😭❤

  69. Juan Naranjo

    Juan NaranjoDag sedan

    Benny Blanco from the Bronx?

  70. diego nuñez

    diego nuñezDag sedan


  71. Hejran

    HejranDag sedan

    So soulful and relaxing , because you realizing that we are so fucking looooooonely

  72. Abdou L

    Abdou LDag sedan

    What if you have it all but no body to calle


    PSYCHO NINJADag sedan

    So lonely song🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  74. Aatmaja S

    Aatmaja SDag sedan

    Just Feel The Music ❤️

  75. bennie de gooijer

    bennie de gooijerDag sedan

    desire mysticism of poltergeist desire poltergeist desire alle desire`s desire demon soul mysticism of desire alle desire`s desire mysticism desire mysticism of sexs desire mysticism of music desire mysticism of love desire mysticism of baptisme desire mysticism of Baptist desire mysticism of desire desire mysticism of bloed desire mysticism of blood desire mysticism of Goblet of blood desire mysticism of art desire mysticism of kunst desire mysticism van alle boeken desire mysticism van alle powers desire mysticism van alle movie`s desire mysticism of desire desire mysticism cult desire mysticism van bennie desire alle spulen een speelgoed van bennie desire alle knikkers desire alle schilderijen desire alle schilderijen van bennie desire mysticism van water desire mysticism van drinken desire mysticism van youtube desire mysticism van de computer

  76. BISHAL Chakraborty

    BISHAL ChakrabortyDag sedan

    Duniya ko talent ki important nahi😞

  77. Mika Vangool

    Mika VangoolDag sedan

    Arme jongen ze helejeugdt is weggeflikkert

  78. LBeaverMonkey LT

    LBeaverMonkey LTDag sedan

    2:18 - 2:20 whoever made that noise just ruined the quietness

  79. Millie Betts

    Millie BettsDag sedan

    This is such a cry for help 😭

  80. Tania .B

    Tania .BDag sedan


  81. Manuel Angeles

    Manuel AngelesDag sedan

    Despacito, now lonely, and holy- be a light, no one can outshine you

  82. Audina Gustian

    Audina GustianDag sedan

    2021 anyone?

  83. Kristen McGrew

    Kristen McGrewDag sedan

    Justin Bieber please get with NF

  84. Kristen McGrew

    Kristen McGrewDag sedan

    Begging you to make this everything I know it will be!!

  85. Kristen McGrew

    Kristen McGrewDag sedan

    Please get with NF

  86. NobleSixElite0000

    NobleSixElite0000Dag sedan

    Whatever fake fake fake fake fake

  87. El Grande

    El GrandeDag sedan

    King of King

  88. Alfina Meliana Muhti

    Alfina Meliana MuhtiDag sedan

    you always made my day

  89. Patti Jones

    Patti JonesDag sedan

  90. Darren Wiesner

    Darren WiesnerDag sedan

    Worst song ever... is that yodelling? Yikes... quit taking music advice from your wife before you turn into a bumper sticker!

  91. Baby Girl

    Baby GirlDag sedan

    The pain in his voice... he sounds so sad brahh

  92. Shakiba khan

    Shakiba khanDag sedan

    Love you boy!



    That’s right firew

  94. Giovanni Sasso

    Giovanni SassoDag sedan

    Brilliant. Genius. I feel his loneliness and pain. This song is so raw and vulnerable and true.

  95. soly conociendo la vida

    soly conociendo la vidaDag sedan

    La mejor canción de beiber . Lo adoro si , está música refleja mucho de él, tal vez mo lo conocíamos del todo

  96. Lisa Rolls

    Lisa RollsDag sedan

    Wow this was straight from his heart very powerful x

  97. uwu_ 0910

    uwu_ 0910Dag sedan

    Hes amazing i don't know why some people hate him i loved his videos since the start i learned all his dance moves

  98. Mathilde Stensgaard Goldau

    Mathilde Stensgaard GoldauDag sedan

    1:26 hits so hard every time 🥺🥺❤️

  99. Mckenzie Hartigan

    Mckenzie Hartigan2 dagar sedan

    The beauty in this song is unreal. Love u Justin 👏

  100. Jessica Terry Stykes

    Jessica Terry Stykes2 dagar sedan