DESTROYING my 1st YouTube Food Challenge (New Record??)

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Over 10 years here on SEtoos!!!
Thought it's be cool to revisit my First Food Challenge Video and see how I compared to the old me!! 2010 vs 2020 vs 6lbs of Pizza.


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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie6 månader sedan

    Baby Stonie got BEAT!

  2. Galaxy Skull

    Galaxy Skull7 dagar sedan


  3. Galaxy Skull

    Galaxy Skull7 dagar sedan


  4. Galaxy Skull

    Galaxy Skull7 dagar sedan


  5. Galaxy Skull

    Galaxy Skull7 dagar sedan


  6. Galaxy Skull

    Galaxy Skull7 dagar sedan


  7. Rayan Tambin

    Rayan Tambin10 timmar sedan

    Realizes 1 year pizza offer about to expire Renews it by breaking old record Madness 😅💯❤️

  8. Philashon Mahung

    Philashon Mahung15 timmar sedan

    I expected some kind of a mukbang video from him but no way he talks too much and doesnt eat them right away 6:54 is when he finally starts eating! But i know its a challenge not a mukbang so

  9. dudenman29

    dudenman2922 timmar sedan

    This dude must have have taken the fattest shit lmao

  10. Conrado Calderon

    Conrado CalderonDag sedan

    Moutain mikes a bay area classic💯


    NJU OFFICIALDag sedan

    Hi love from Pakistan

  12. Farah Teddy XD

    Farah Teddy XDDag sedan

    And shit is just poop

  13. Farah Teddy XD

    Farah Teddy XDDag sedan

    He just said holy shit

  14. josh peck

    josh peckDag sedan

    Good to see Matt is still as fast as ever

  15. Ajoxada

    AjoxadaDag sedan

    can you do fatser ?

  16. Yashowardhan Chaudhary

    Yashowardhan ChaudharyDag sedan

    4:36 I like the holy shit he says

  17. Dũng Phạm

    Dũng PhạmDag sedan

    Oh !!! Pizza you eat is good 《°_°》

  18. N00B 69

    N00B 692 dagar sedan

    "Pizza party is out of Business" (Painfull Screaming) NOOO

  19. DayFall 519

    DayFall 5192 dagar sedan

    What is this chucky e cheese

  20. BAJA BONGO.ツ.

    BAJA BONGO.ツ.2 dagar sedan


  21. Abhi Shek

    Abhi Shek2 dagar sedan

    What is soo great in this, Eating more food in less time

  22. Fortune YT

    Fortune YT3 dagar sedan

    which half was your favourite

  23. Vinu Taurus

    Vinu Taurus3 dagar sedan

    Don't y'all think it's fake? But I do

  24. ام سيف Om sayf

    ام سيف Om sayf3 dagar sedan


  25. ali eren pro

    ali eren pro3 dagar sedan

    3:51.oh baby thats so close

  26. Banana Bandit

    Banana Bandit4 dagar sedan

    My guy is so fast that the only person he has left to beat is himself, I don’t know if that is a flex or not😂

  27. Sanjath Kumar

    Sanjath KumarDag sedan

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  29. Grannybaba Blinky

    Grannybaba Blinky4 dagar sedan

    So, anyone know how the hell he stayes lean, i know it is an old question, but i still don't know lol..

  30. Nnenna Cooper

    Nnenna Cooper4 dagar sedan

    Wow June 20th my birthday crazy

  31. Kz3andMore

    Kz3andMore4 dagar sedan

    “Mom, can I go play videogames?” “Finish your food first”

  32. Lawang Ibrahimkhel

    Lawang Ibrahimkhel4 dagar sedan

    am i the only one watching this during ramadan

  33. Tea RAX

    Tea RAX3 dagar sedan

    Hola brother, you're not alone

  34. Ian J

    Ian J4 dagar sedan

    one bite, everyone knows the rules

  35. Corsino Paran

    Corsino Paran4 dagar sedan

    Share your blessing math, to renovate my house ..corsino paran.....,philippines,bohol,tagb. City.cogon

  36. Jiandrax Sargado

    Jiandrax Sargado4 dagar sedan

    how is that video sponsored by honey when u got the pizza for free

  37. tropix clutch

    tropix clutch4 dagar sedan

    Hiii Matt I love how your in the parking lot where I work now I work At the baskin robins

  38. f r o s т ı M a n e

    f r o s т ı M a n e5 dagar sedan

    I knew you could eat fast but i didnt know you could eat THAT fast

  39. Tofi

    Tofi5 dagar sedan

    Dude lmao.

  40. Coolkid Kidcool

    Coolkid Kidcool5 dagar sedan

    How he still so skinny XD

  41. Bin Bhd Der dumme sack

    Bin Bhd Der dumme sack5 dagar sedan

    OMG in 2010 I was born now iam 10 😂

  42. AyanPlays ZEDREX

    AyanPlays ZEDREX5 dagar sedan

    normal people: eats then burps matt stonie: burps to a different universe and then destroy a pizza

  43. Mikaela • 16 years ago

    Mikaela • 16 years ago5 dagar sedan

    Man's not even chewing

  44. zn4utral

    zn4utral5 dagar sedan

    Imagine how stretched out his stomach is from eating so much food.

  45. Sitwatullah Siddiqui

    Sitwatullah Siddiqui6 dagar sedan

    Dont invite this man on a marriage party🤣🤣

  46. Karate Chap

    Karate Chap6 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for 18 year old Matt. He got totally roasted for doing his best. Poor guy.

  47. im fat

    im fat6 dagar sedan

    This man is just fighting himself at this point

  48. That’s right1111

    That’s right11117 dagar sedan

    Black olives and mushrooms ??

  49. firepaint33

    firepaint337 dagar sedan

    FYI pop that pizza in its box closed into a 220 over for 5-8 mins and it will come back to life hot and delicious, I do it will all my delivery/pickup pizzas, never fails. No reason to ever eat room temp pizza...

  50. Joe Danly

    Joe Danly7 dagar sedan

    The plain corn joly spill because height morally store athwart a melodic spinach. venomous, woebegone peanut


    HOOGEDI BOOGEDI7 dagar sedan


  52. fawaz kalathingal

    fawaz kalathingal7 dagar sedan

    How is he still thin

  53. Brett Chung

    Brett Chung8 dagar sedan

    That shirt though "i busted w/ my family... ._. idk seems kinda sus to me

  54. Fadespace

    Fadespace8 dagar sedan

    I couldn't even finish my one slice in the first five minutes

  55. Omar Karaga

    Omar Karaga8 dagar sedan

    Do you even enjoy food or just digest it? XD

  56. Moises Pedro Corona

    Moises Pedro Corona8 dagar sedan

    What happened to that video you first one

  57. Bigchunges Gaming

    Bigchunges Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Most of it came it your mouth lol

  58. السلطان عبدونيستا

    السلطان عبدونيستا9 dagar sedan

    مين جاي بعد ماسحس حطم رقمة القياسي

  59. Angelic Asysnila

    Angelic Asysnila9 dagar sedan

    Matt just send me 1/100th of the food you eat, I'll be content with my life 🤤 lol

  60. Caliberツ

    Caliberツ9 dagar sedan

    If I eat one of those slices I’d die

  61. Evan Bice

    Evan Bice9 dagar sedan

    I know what honey is because mrbeast talks about honey almost every video he does

  62. Aaron Daniel L. Isles

    Aaron Daniel L. Isles9 dagar sedan

    8:21 The box is clean.....

  63. Barndog Schwartz

    Barndog Schwartz10 dagar sedan

    You should try felipe's pizza it's like 10 lbs

  64. Lovely Toxicity

    Lovely Toxicity10 dagar sedan

    I just love that the hair is always long

  65. Ashley Porter

    Ashley Porter11 dagar sedan

    They went belly up giving away all that pizza!!! Would love to see that 10 year old vid!!!?

  66. model1623

    model162311 dagar sedan


  67. Flick YT

    Flick YT11 dagar sedan

    U just make me hungry

  68. mohammad siddiqui

    mohammad siddiqui12 dagar sedan

    I finished 20 inch of pizza slice in like 20 or 25 min. he finished the whole pizza in 5 min and 54 seconds.

  69. 470 PU2 Ritesh Hiremath

    470 PU2 Ritesh Hiremath12 dagar sedan

    my teeth are paining watching this!!

  70. Flavius 123k

    Flavius 123k12 dagar sedan

    Deareea e pe masura

  71. deso

    deso13 dagar sedan

    10 years of training for 2 minutes of improvement

  72. Dangin Jawid

    Dangin Jawid13 dagar sedan

    jawline on fleak

  73. MG Nate

    MG Nate13 dagar sedan

    6:59 big brain moment 🧠

  74. bazonkadonk

    bazonkadonk14 dagar sedan

    yes coments on school computer

  75. Pe Pe Le Pew

    Pe Pe Le Pew15 dagar sedan

    no u just destroyed . that branch of pizza resturant

  76. Ilker Can

    Ilker Can16 dagar sedan

    Pizzas didnt get cold??

  77. Ilker Can

    Ilker Can12 dagar sedan

    @idk oven can make ıt hotter, not fresher. And ı think ıf any food got cold, ıts never gonna be delicious again 🤷‍♂️

  78. idk

    idk13 dagar sedan

    Do u really think a 18 minute pizza sitting out gonna get cold fresh out of the oven?

  79. GomirofWRA

    GomirofWRA17 dagar sedan

    You realize you're gonna have to do that challenge in 2030 as well, right?

  80. TheInvisibleOne

    TheInvisibleOne17 dagar sedan

    I can’t wait for the revisit in 2030!!!!!!

  81. A1043kevisier Miario

    A1043kevisier Miario17 dagar sedan

    Matt stonie grandma must be the happiest person in the world 🎉

  82. Adam Bf

    Adam Bf18 dagar sedan

    The only one who can beat me is ME. -Stonie Aomine

  83. Fikunmi Ajayi

    Fikunmi Ajayi18 dagar sedan

    Holy FCK This guy literally abuses food

  84. Kane Parker

    Kane Parker18 dagar sedan


  85. Chris Cabanayan

    Chris Cabanayan18 dagar sedan

    It’s a great vid but why do they have to add the little triangle tables on the pizza

  86. Mahmoud Naamneh

    Mahmoud Naamneh18 dagar sedan

    Matt"It's barely 20, but It's 20"Stonie

  87. sebastian homister

    sebastian homister19 dagar sedan

    He just crammed 6lbs of pizza in 5 mins then plugged merch, somebody pay this guy

  88. HAMZA

    HAMZA19 dagar sedan

    burada tek turk benım heralde :(

  89. Ross Koumantarakis

    Ross Koumantarakis19 dagar sedan

    How is this dude not 500 pounds? 10 years competitive eating, still tiny How?

  90. َ

    َ20 dagar sedan

    اول عربي😂🤭

  91. FX 1k

    FX 1k20 dagar sedan

    Disrespectful to food. That's not what food was created for to stuff in your mouth like a demented swine for clout.

  92. idk

    idk13 dagar sedan

    Do u even know about he’s contest he goes to he doesn’t do it for clout

  93. Loris Garavaglia

    Loris Garavaglia20 dagar sedan

    Im italian...

  94. Lexi Brunzel

    Lexi Brunzel20 dagar sedan

    Bruh wtf half the pizza in 1:30min!

  95. 扛200斤麦子走10里山路撒胡椒面

    扛200斤麦子走10里山路撒胡椒面20 dagar sedan

    fake eating, not interested

  96. 扛200斤麦子走10里山路撒胡椒面

    扛200斤麦子走10里山路撒胡椒面12 dagar sedan

    @idk omit during fast forward

  97. idk

    idk13 dagar sedan


  98. Nabeel Nou

    Nabeel Nou21 dag sedan

    What does he eat in real life 🤔🤣

  99. Skyler Foster

    Skyler Foster21 dag sedan

    I won’t say I’d be able to eat that pizza that fast, but I could under an hour...

  100. Sandro Costa

    Sandro Costa21 dag sedan

    Why is it so satisfying to eat and watch other people eat?

  101. RoMaN

    RoMaN21 dag sedan

    You made this video on my birthday! 😊

  102. Comfy Red Panda

    Comfy Red Panda21 dag sedan

    Y don't u get fat?

  103. idk

    idk13 dagar sedan

    R u fat?


    SHANNON SA21 dag sedan

    Needs mayo or ranch dressing as a dip


    SHANNON SA21 dag sedan

    What are those white plastic things in the middle?


    SHANNON SA13 dagar sedan

    @idk Thanks. I'm going to import those to South Africa...make millions

  107. idk

    idk13 dagar sedan

    It’s to keep the pizza in place

  108. maxmusclem

    maxmusclem21 dag sedan

    Absolutely destroyed your record.

  109. Nadole Leton

    Nadole Leton21 dag sedan

    Mat u are the beat

  110. Fakhar Abbas

    Fakhar Abbas21 dag sedan

    He got 100 bellys

  111. Gaven Carroll

    Gaven Carroll22 dagar sedan

    The tightfisted reading anteriorly brake because crayfish longitudinally spell via a beautiful way. sudden, alike goldfish

  112. larimare san

    larimare san22 dagar sedan

    I hate you But i love you

  113. Dee Jay

    Dee Jay22 dagar sedan

    Bruh that’s almost 7 minutes of talking. Just eat.


    RGx PRIMETIME22 dagar sedan

    The plausible napkin unintentionally taste because july oppositely pick save a creepy amount. disturbed, hungry surfboard

  115. james montemayor

    james montemayor23 dagar sedan

    You barely chewed the pizza! How do you digest all that?

  116. Rene Granit

    Rene Granit23 dagar sedan

    But for real what do they do after they finished are they puking it all back up?`because i dont think this amount of unchewed food is healthy and must kinda hurt the stomage when digesting