Daft Punk - Epilogue

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  1. Simon Ghost Riley

    Simon Ghost Riley29 minuter sedan

    "You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best" Rick May 1940-2020

  2. kamath Deepa

    kamath DeepaTimme sedan

    the Music starts at 5:14

  3. kamath Deepa

    kamath Deepa7 minuter sedan

    @James Fleming Sadge

  4. James Fleming

    James Fleming44 minuter sedan

    @kamath Deepa Kind is at the end, but this is the video where the announced them breaking up the band and not making music anymore

  5. kamath Deepa

    kamath Deepa51 minut sedan

    @James Fleming i thought this was a music video

  6. James Fleming

    James Fleming54 minuter sedan

    Did you just come here for the music?

  7. totally golden tulip

    totally golden tulipTimme sedan

    They fufilled their dreams They went around the world

  8. DrkLeviathan

    DrkLeviathan2 timmar sedan

    Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but I would like to say thank you for all you have gifted the world and for helping me get through some of the hardest times of my life with your music. I love you both, thank you.

  9. Nawel Gaming

    Nawel Gaming3 timmar sedan

    I was crying I love them so much that my child hood

  10. doyle sean

    doyle sean4 timmar sedan

    Thank you both for what you have gave us all these years ❤️

  11. DearMrFear

    DearMrFear4 timmar sedan

    I didn't know you amazing and very gifted musician retired till I look you up and saw the news, I'm very sad and heart broken to see you 2 retired but I will not forget the amazing joy and song you brought into this world and I'm very glad and gateful to listen to your music and will never forget you 2. May whatever path you 2 follow next, I wish you the very best and good health and thank you for the amazing soundtrack you created from the past year's

  12. Chloe S.

    Chloe S.7 timmar sedan

    Oh man, I'm literally crying... Thank you Daft Punk ♡

  13. Kelvin Figueredo

    Kelvin Figueredo7 timmar sedan

    Algum brasileiro me explica oq houve aí kkkkk

  14. Hudson Braun

    Hudson Braun7 timmar sedan

    If anyone sees this in 2050+ just know that these guys were the kings of music through 1993-2021

  15. Libro de recetas

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  16. Decaysed

    Decaysed7 timmar sedan

    I just realized that they broke up 4 days before the twentieth anniversary of the release of Discovery


    MR PORTFOLIO7 timmar sedan

    Thankyou Daft Punk

  18. RO256 Brrr

    RO256 Brrr7 timmar sedan

    Good memories and ill never forget you daft punks and I will listen to you still

  19. Daniel Hernández

    Daniel Hernández8 timmar sedan

    "... Touch, sweet touch You've given me too much to feeel Sweet touch You've almost convinced im real I need something more, I need something... More"

  20. RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More

    RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More9 timmar sedan

    I'm not crying, you're crying

  21. Spikeyz

    Spikeyz10 timmar sedan

    Thank you for making such amazing music for so many years

  22. SadKingdom

    SadKingdom10 timmar sedan

    Take care

  23. Bludhaven Knight

    Bludhaven Knight10 timmar sedan

    4 things happened today: 1. I told my friend about Daft Punk 2. She preferred Megan Thee Stallion 3. She died today 4. I lost my driving license

  24. [Dark Mode Bruhify]

    [Dark Mode Bruhify]8 timmar sedan


  25. MrPhoenix08

    MrPhoenix088 timmar sedan

    Hold up

  26. giuseppe Scavo

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  27. Loki HorrorKiller

    Loki HorrorKiller11 timmar sedan

    you have done a lot for all of us, a whole generation has grown up on your music... It's so sad to watch your favorite musician, whose music you listened to every day, leaves in an instant one day... Rest in peace Daft Punk

  28. ivi

    ivi11 timmar sedan

    Nooooo😩😩 please noooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. ruse, la plume sanglante, fnafTails 31

    ruse, la plume sanglante, fnafTails 3111 timmar sedan

    Je n'ai pas compris, Thomas il est mort, c'est bien mort.

  30. appletree

    appletree11 timmar sedan

    What is the most dramatic thing you have ever seen? This shit.

  31. emanrov emanhcan

    emanrov emanhcan11 timmar sedan

    Feelin so empty. These two Maestros are alive and stop doing what they do best. Just so sad... I hope they come back one day. It can't be the end. Not yet. I can't accept this.

  32. Mobro The legend

    Mobro The legend12 timmar sedan

    Goodbye daft punk I have enjoyed your music since I discovered it when I was smaller I hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you

  33. Dnieto

    Dnieto12 timmar sedan

    Thank you for making me feel Lucky

  34. Alex Gutiérrez Sanchez

    Alex Gutiérrez Sanchez12 timmar sedan

    por quueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  35. S T A L K E R SK

    S T A L K E R SK13 timmar sedan

    *Thanks yep*

  36. ivor nguyen

    ivor nguyen13 timmar sedan



    HEARTBREAKING CJ COOL13 timmar sedan

    I hope to see there sons be like there fathers

  38. Krystian Atlak

    Krystian Atlak13 timmar sedan

    Thank you for music you was giving to us for years! Daft Punk will stay in our brains and hearts forever!

  39. Itzz_BomberYT

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  40. Глэк

    Глэк13 timmar sedan


  41. Oliver Payne-Knauf

    Oliver Payne-Knauf13 timmar sedan

    We will miss you Daft Punk... You have started the next amazing genre if music which will change the world! Give 'em a round of applause *clap clap clap* Hold on. If love is the answer, your home. -Daft Punk 1993 - 2021

  42. Michael Mille

    Michael Mille13 timmar sedan

    ils vont me manquer .je les aiment et je les aimeraient toute ma vie .j ai 45 ans et j ai tout ecouter d eux et c est dommage qu ils arrete j ai faillie pleurer bisous a eux et longue vie

  43. SALKI NeKo

    SALKI NeKo13 timmar sedan

    Why im crying.... Daft Punk LEGENDARY !!!!

  44. hello47364 :3

    hello47364 :314 timmar sedan

    For people still coming back they're was a documentary on Daft punk i believe it's on Netflix it's called - Daft Punk Unchained -

  45. Nikita Muzychenko

    Nikita Muzychenko15 timmar sedan

    Daft Punk been good music channel

  46. :D

    :D15 timmar sedan


  47. Abe Ptvion

    Abe Ptvion15 timmar sedan

    Its been a long journey.....

  48. Lucio6009

    Lucio600916 timmar sedan

    Thank you for all Daft Punk 🖤

  49. Marcello

    Marcello16 timmar sedan

    "Our work is never over". Guess that was a lie... 😢

  50. E R R Ø R Sans

    E R R Ø R Sans16 timmar sedan

    Thank you for being part of my life, being sad I listened to your music and it improved my mood, but they will not stop being my favorites, they will live forever

  51. imisupposedtobehereOMG

    imisupposedtobehereOMG16 timmar sedan

    *we give a salute. To our fallen heroes.*

  52. zenther

    zenther16 timmar sedan

    Are you winning son? Me : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. Vovantus

    Vovantus16 timmar sedan

    I hope they will come back one day... I miss...

  54. Laura Lagrene

    Laura Lagrene17 timmar sedan

    Pourquoi vous avez arrêté Daft Punk

  55. 수직

    수직17 timmar sedan

    잘가요 대프트 펑크

  56. 수직

    수직17 timmar sedan

    goob bie Daft Punk thank you

  57. Santiago Gabriel Lopez Vasquez

    Santiago Gabriel Lopez Vasquez17 timmar sedan

    gracias por todo daft punk :¨)


    HG EDITIONYTツ13 timmar sedan

    :') ;'(

  59. Juan Romero col matide felipe

    Juan Romero col matide felipe17 timmar sedan

    Thank you for accompanying me from my 7 years to my 11 years I appreciate those years of daft punk music I will always remember them Thank you

  60. Keith Dominic Morata

    Keith Dominic Morata18 timmar sedan

    I will miss you. Thank you.

  61. Jabungason

    Jabungason18 timmar sedan

    thank you for my childhood

  62. Sethina Playz

    Sethina Playz19 timmar sedan

    Goodbye, daft punk. You will be missed

  63. Nev Rami

    Nev Rami20 timmar sedan

    Is it weird yall passed away around d the same time my grand father did. No correlation just an observation.

  64. DS_K

    DS_K20 timmar sedan

    Thank you

  65. AroskA TheBoi

    AroskA TheBoi21 timme sedan

    why it is end in my b-day...

  66. Егор Павлов

    Егор Павлов21 timme sedan

    Thank you for all. I will miss you😩

  67. nalomor

    nalomor21 timme sedan

    😔🤧 daft punk noooooo

  68. chiecken man

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  69. Krishnaraj Sajitha

    Krishnaraj Sajitha22 timmar sedan

    DaftPunk the best of all legends

  70. Krishnaraj Sajitha

    Krishnaraj Sajitha22 timmar sedan

    god times never miss you ever in my life

  71. Krishnaraj Sajitha

    Krishnaraj Sajitha22 timmar sedan

    also never forgetting the legends daft punk will always never be forgotten by me the best legends in the world for me sad never forgetting you daft punk thanks for making the best music i have heard in my life 😢

  72. Krishnaraj Sajitha

    Krishnaraj Sajitha23 timmar sedan

    goodbye daft punk legends goodbye

  73. Jhinspecte

    Jhinspecte23 timmar sedan

    Mais putain, mais y'avait pas déjà une vidéo comme ça avant ?

  74. KOD

    KODDag sedan

    Its already 2 months wtf..


    陳嘉麟CHAN KA LUN MARKDag sedan

    In thee future , there is daft punk jr

  76. Marco Cartaya

    Marco CartayaDag sedan

    Thank you for everything

  77. ー ボイドジービ

    ー ボイドジービDag sedan

    well as Dr. Seuss said

  78. Daily Zack

    Daily ZackDag sedan

    You left as legends better staying as celine dion....blessed

  79. pugsickle

    pugsickleDag sedan

    Thank you for all the good music and memories you will be missed 😭🥺

  80. Thunderous Smite

    Thunderous SmiteDag sedan

    I thought he was a frenchman, not really a robot!!

  81. Rakesh Nair

    Rakesh NairDag sedan

    Still can't decide whether to like the video or dislike it :( This is heavy...

  82. Reymund Playz

    Reymund PlayzDag sedan

    So are they old now?

  83. Lucio Gimenez

    Lucio GimenezDag sedan


  84. Amandeep Kaur

    Amandeep KaurDag sedan

    A truly legendary duo!! Thank you for everything...

  85. Asen

    AsenDag sedan

    I grew up with dp and although I missed this video and i’m late (regret) this has made me beyond sad..

  86. Kim Clark

    Kim ClarkDag sedan

    Did he or she really die

  87. Joey Ossia

    Joey OssiaDag sedan


  88. ernesto abarca

    ernesto abarcaDag sedan


  89. Dsym S

    Dsym SDag sedan

    Au Revoir my friends :,)

  90. Ana Maia

    Ana MaiaDag sedan

    Still here crying everytime I see this masterpiece

  91. DerpyDoodle Playz

    DerpyDoodle PlayzDag sedan

    Thank you, Daft Punk.

  92. Mirza6769

    Mirza6769Dag sedan

    Every story has its end, just make sure its the greatest. And they did just that.

  93. bloody 16

    bloody 16Dag sedan

    Thank you Daft Punk

  94. steamed_ham,if

    steamed_ham,ifDag sedan

    Sucks that they are whine

  95. Soğan ama ağlatmayan

    Soğan ama ağlatmayanDag sedan

    You'll be missed guys.

  96. dimetrio abelardo

    dimetrio abelardoDag sedan

    Thankyou daft punk

  97. Dijaster

    DijasterDag sedan


  98. Halopro PVP

    Halopro PVPDag sedan

    I will miss you I love you I listened to you in 2015 I want to cry that you won't be anymore Thank you for everything thanks to your songs I was happy

  99. Marko Bogunovic

    Marko BogunovicDag sedan

    Hvala na svemu! 👋😔

  100. xxvalkirae 999

    xxvalkirae 999Dag sedan

    Daft punk completely stole from yellow magic orchestra

  101. xxvalkirae 999

    xxvalkirae 99923 timmar sedan

    @Joey Ossia Google behind the mask or rydeen if you're interested

  102. Joey Ossia

    Joey OssiaDag sedan

    What's that

  103. АйТиКрафти

    АйТиКрафтиDag sedan

    Nooooooooooo!!!! Tell me I dreamed it!!! f*ck

  104. Hyper Cube Project

    Hyper Cube ProjectDag sedan

    You Will Always Be in Our Hearts Thank You for Making The World Dream with the music Love !

  105. Pan con chocolate

    Pan con chocolateDag sedan

    Me in 2081: 60 years has been passed.... and I still remember the two robots than chage my childhod

  106. James Non Playz Roblox

    James Non Playz RobloxDag sedan

    There just retiring after 28 years they would like to take a break from music -To Daft Punk

  107. Devin Edwards

    Devin EdwardsDag sedan

    The world grows darker....

  108. PICO

    PICODag sedan


  109. 『Aster』

    『Aster』Dag sedan

    Thank you for everything. Absolute legends.

  110. Sr.FeNeOxs

    Sr.FeNeOxsDag sedan

    just one thing: THAT WEY EXPLODED XDDDD