Jon Lovitz And Jay Leno Recreate The Iconic Race From "Ford vs. Ferrari" + BONUS SNEAKS! | JLG

Jon Lovitz and Jay Leno hit the race track at Willow Springs to recreate the race from "Ford vs. Ferrari." Catch the mini mashup + bonus sneaks, and don't miss an all new episode of "Jay Leno's Garage" next Wednesday at 10P ET on CNBC.
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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
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Jon Lovitz And Jay Leno Recreate The Iconic Race From "Ford vs. Ferrari" + BONUS SNEAKS! | JLG


  1. Scout Rifle

    Scout Rifle7 månader sedan

    If 'you are what you drive', Jay must be schizophrenic....



    It's good to see my man Jay Sherman looking good

  3. Reliable Carriers Inc

    Reliable Carriers Inc9 månader sedan


  4. Don Risley

    Don Risley10 månader sedan

    Yeah yeah thats the ticket yeah

  5. james w

    james w10 månader sedan

    Does anyone know if this will be on Amazon Prime again? Thank you.

  6. tully

    tully10 månader sedan

    I really love this

  7. Steve hunter

    Steve hunter10 månader sedan

    You had me at Lovitz.

  8. sensualeye

    sensualeye10 månader sedan

    Let’s go Oakland!

  9. Mike Oren

    Mike Oren10 månader sedan

    Impress me, Jay... lol

  10. 944tim

    944tim10 månader sedan

    of all of them I would take the Maverick. Great car.

  11. Steven White

    Steven White10 månader sedan

    Yeah i Jay! My name is Steve I follow your videos thank you very much for sharing them! I've noticed you haven't really done very many Impala builds! Would love to see maybe a 1970 Impala. It'd be very interesting to see what kind of information you know about them. The neat thing is they had 70 fastbacks and the different 70 custom and if I'm not mistaken they also made a 70 SS 454 which would have been the first year. Just thought I'd run it by you. thanks for doing your show and your comedy. PS don't let anybody pick on that denim shirt. LOL.

  12. wufongtan wufong

    wufongtan wufong10 månader sedan

    Lovitz second chin is bigger than Jays first

  13. mistercodyful

    mistercodyful10 månader sedan

    This is gross! Im subbed to Jay Leno's garage not cnbc bs! Car people dont want to watch this snippet crap.


    MISHAL AHMED10 månader sedan

    أعشق السياره الرياضه لاكن مكلفه وقطع الغيار مكلفه والغسيل والتشحيم مكلف 😁عطلة نهاية الأسبوع سعيدة 🌹🇺🇲USA ❤️🌎⛅🌞👆👆👆im🇴🇲🇶🇦🇸🇦🇰🇼🇧🇭🇦🇪🌹

  15. Musashi Nagatsubo

    Musashi Nagatsubo10 månader sedan

    Great production.

  16. Z06Doc

    Z06Doc10 månader sedan

    It would be nice if Jay would have more real car guys/girls as guests instead of these so called “celebrities “ that I could care less about. Billy Gibbons for instance. 👍

  17. azurebluemach

    azurebluemach10 månader sedan

    “This would be more then, wouldn’t it?”

  18. Andrew White

    Andrew White10 månader sedan

    I always love to see a grown man shrieking like a a bald cap lol

  19. Morgan Nimmo

    Morgan Nimmo10 månader sedan

    Think we all know the Mondial is a lot faster than it seemed in the "race"

  20. frederic rike

    frederic rike10 månader sedan

    Well, Jay, if somebody doesn't save HD from it's own stumbling, I don't know what American MCs will ride.

  21. Brian Shaw

    Brian Shaw10 månader sedan

    Thank you for showing the Maverick. Dropping a 351W in mine right now.

  22. Here let me lend ya my strong hand Shackled

    Here let me lend ya my strong hand Shackled10 månader sedan

    Funny the Maverick is captioned to have a 170ci 2.8L Thriftpower in-line 6 when clearly it has a v-8.

  23. logosicon

    logosicon10 månader sedan

    That Alfa Romeo Montreal is a beauty!

  24. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift10 månader sedan

    wtf is gina yashere? absolute nobody.

  25. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift10 månader sedan

    Jon lovitz is an absolute cockhead.

  26. MewtwoEx

    MewtwoEx10 månader sedan

    Тhe one finger salute. Lul

  27. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson10 månader sedan

    Jay loves the GT for winning Lemans but everyone knows that race was rigged and they just wanted to recreate the Ford/Ferrari rivalry. Corvette and Porsche were both better cars in qualifying so they got penalized to let Ford and Ferrari be on top.

  28. Musashi Nagatsubo

    Musashi Nagatsubo10 månader sedan

    Interesting, references?

  29. denmark39

    denmark3910 månader sedan

    Jay is not an actor.

  30. Garden

    Garden10 månader sedan

    To me Jay is only thing interesting on the Last Man Standing show.

  31. Anthony A

    Anthony A10 månader sedan

    The car that picked up 5s from qualifying at le mans, sandbagged and got away with it

  32. Jimmy870

    Jimmy87010 månader sedan

    Me: Oh I thought that said Jon Lovitz for a seco - oh wow it does.

  33. Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke10 månader sedan

    Bit of entertainment ))

  34. Jay L

    Jay L10 månader sedan

    wait... Jay lost a tooth?

  35. Mister Belvidere

    Mister Belvidere10 månader sedan

    0:31 never do that again.

  36. Maverick Grabber

    Maverick Grabber10 månader sedan

    The Maverick is the lost Brother of the Falcon and Mustang. It actually has beautiful lines and can look amazing if fixed up rite.

  37. shumpie41

    shumpie4110 månader sedan

    I had a maverick back in the day. 80 going down hill. 90, not with that motor

  38. Maverick Grabber

    Maverick Grabber10 månader sedan

    Love the Maverick!!!!

  39. SimonJPA Baillargeon

    SimonJPA Baillargeon10 månader sedan

    This race was ridiculous! But I still like your show. Next morron please!

  40. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark10 månader sedan

    Cool cool 👍😎

  41. Dan Morrissette

    Dan Morrissette10 månader sedan


  42. ConquestN98858

    ConquestN9885810 månader sedan

    Well Done Jay... ';-) thanks~

  43. Mike Fifer

    Mike Fifer10 månader sedan

    Dragons are cool guys !!!

  44. RickyxBobbyx1st

    RickyxBobbyx1st10 månader sedan