I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza

I cant believe we actually did this...
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  1. MrBeast

    MrBeastÅr sedan

    Subscribe or I’ll drop kick you


    CHOONG EWE HEEN MoeDag sedan

    Y u bullying us:(

  3. Mad Lad447

    Mad Lad447Dag sedan

    Yes daddy

  4. Toxic Haste

    Toxic Haste13 dagar sedan

    You can't drop kick me, I weigh 255 pounds ;) Just kidding, I weigh just over 125 pounds

  5. Phone Gaming!

    Phone Gaming!25 dagar sedan

    Oh ok

  6. DinoKid Animations

    DinoKid Animations29 dagar sedan

    @cxmaso ya mean 2nd

  7. Amy Baker

    Amy Baker20 minuter sedan

    My question is why didn’t you should buy the best one Chick-fil-A

  8. killer Shooter

    killer ShooterTimme sedan

    I also want that pizza but I can never aford it : (

  9. Mart _PR

    Mart _PRTimme sedan

    Puerto rico Cheese 😀👌 , Feel my country on yo mouth 😀

  10. Abigail Aquino

    Abigail AquinoTimme sedan

    I am watching this while eating canned noodles lol.

  11. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    Was is spicy?🔥

  12. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    Was it good?

  13. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    Did you finish yet?

  14. Wise Killer

    Wise KillerTimme sedan

    Can i have a slice??

  15. Yuyu

    Yuyu2 timmar sedan

    This made me hungry

  16. Telmen _animations

    Telmen _animations2 timmar sedan

    8:56 look at the shirt

  17. Snowflake BMGO

    Snowflake BMGO2 timmar sedan

    Plot twist : he owns these restraunts so he got to eat that for free

  18. Daniel Munoz Franco

    Daniel Munoz Franco3 timmar sedan

    wait so 4000 dollar poopy meat

  19. Jacob Petrowski

    Jacob Petrowski3 timmar sedan

    Who else’s ocd was slaughtered when he bit that grilled cheese that wrong way

  20. Goku

    Goku4 timmar sedan

    Looks disgusting that gold cheese

  21. Drangonix

    Drangonix4 timmar sedan

    1:30 but Karl grilled cheese is better

  22. Noah Garcia

    Noah Garcia6 timmar sedan

    I don’t know why jimmy said he thought the 70 thousand dollar pizza cheese would be gross

  23. Evans Sati

    Evans Sati7 timmar sedan

    in the first place show us were this stores are

  24. GuruTheCoder

    GuruTheCoder7 timmar sedan


  25. Walnutbrush 6076

    Walnutbrush 60767 timmar sedan

    Mukbang? No! $70,000 pizza? Yes!!

  26. Ram Manuel Del Rosario

    Ram Manuel Del Rosario7 timmar sedan

    Jimmys toilet: *S T O N K S*

  27. craig mcgarva

    craig mcgarva8 timmar sedan

    I no people with nothing you r lucky

  28. Victoria Gamino

    Victoria Gamino9 timmar sedan

    When MrBeast said they don’t cuss in there vids but Karl said pissed


    BOLLYWOOD MUSIC MP49 timmar sedan

    Who is watching it and crying 😂

  30. Emil Wars

    Emil Wars9 timmar sedan

    Jimmy, how can a regular grilled cheese cost so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much money

  31. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    Because it’s covered with gold and expensive cheese sauce, also pretty sure they used Parmesan for the cheese

  32. ww zooba brows

    ww zooba brows9 timmar sedan

    I am A fan man that pizza was lagit i wish i was there

  33. brucey ___l

    brucey ___l10 timmar sedan

    I can’t pay rent and the pizza is 70x my rent

  34. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan


  35. Juan Toledo

    Juan Toledo10 timmar sedan

    The five grand tacos are a disgrace to tacos

  36. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    Saltier than my fries

  37. [BABI]fitri23

    [BABI]fitri2311 timmar sedan

    mrbeast for president

  38. Pralhad Pawar

    Pralhad Pawar11 timmar sedan

    Next day a jwellery shop in their toilet

  39. Eiliyah Mansour

    Eiliyah Mansour11 timmar sedan

    so its better than jollibee? 0:28

  40. vTrustedHadi

    vTrustedHadi12 timmar sedan

    Im pretty sure

  41. vTrustedHadi

    vTrustedHadi12 timmar sedan

    Ive been a subscriber when u were less then 5 million

  42. NotDream_BG

    NotDream_BG13 timmar sedan

    I want to eat so yummy,😋😋

  43. Indie Ashlyn

    Indie Ashlyn13 timmar sedan

    They should of brought Gordon Ramsey with them!😙

  44. Hitman F12

    Hitman F1213 timmar sedan

    david noob

  45. Parkor kings

    Parkor kings14 timmar sedan

    Mr beast is best

  46. AssaultAssassination

    AssaultAssassination16 timmar sedan

    I love how all the waiters were so respectful

  47. Neeraj patil

    Neeraj patil17 timmar sedan

    Happy birthday Jimmy i am commenting on all ur videos 47

  48. braeden F

    braeden F18 timmar sedan

    Chandler is so funny 😂

  49. Nielsen

    Nielsen18 timmar sedan

    history of mrbeast eating: 1000$>70000$>100000$

  50. Dee Parker

    Dee Parker18 timmar sedan

    I love it when all the chefs try to explain why this food is so expensive. 🤣

  51. Daniel Cano

    Daniel Cano19 timmar sedan

    It seems that being mr. Beast friend is one of the most awesome jobs xd

  52. Frank Koller

    Frank Koller19 timmar sedan


  53. Octo Clain

    Octo Clain20 timmar sedan

    Me eating ..... My toes sorry there good lol

  54. Abdullah Suleiman

    Abdullah Suleiman20 timmar sedan

    What if you play paintball shooting

  55. Big Bros99

    Big Bros9920 timmar sedan

    Hahaha 12:43 Chris: I mean it’s gonna say declined and I’m gonna sprint

  56. Gratefu1Dead420

    Gratefu1Dead42020 timmar sedan

    Lol, they made a 69,900 profit from ya

  57. Dylan Vasquez

    Dylan Vasquez20 timmar sedan

    Bro did you see cris shirt

  58. Liam da Octo

    Liam da Octo22 timmar sedan

    Challenge: take a shot every time someone in these videos says "24/23 karat edible gold" (Dont really this is a joke)

  59. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    With pickle juice because I don’t want to die

  60. yoda has the force

    yoda has the forceTimme sedan

    Im doing it

  61. Doc0413

    Doc0413Dag sedan

    You just see people behind them staring at them when they are eating the $70,000 golden pizza 🤣

  62. wow360

    wow360Dag sedan

    that piza would safe my life

  63. Brayden Kuchenberg

    Brayden KuchenbergDag sedan

    3:47 💀💀💀

  64. will zender

    will zenderDag sedan

    Am I the only one wondering all the amazing things I could have done with 70,000$

  65. yuhana castro

    yuhana castroDag sedan

    chris and mrbeast is sooooo cuteeee

  66. Thangam suresh

    Thangam sureshDag sedan

    9:03 look at how greedy chris is

  67. Streetle

    StreetleDag sedan


  68. Nazakat Ghole

    Nazakat GholeDag sedan

    i am muslim muslim can't eat pork it is haram haram means forbidden

  69. im bored

    im boredDag sedan

    YoU sToLe mY IEdA

  70. jhonni13

    jhonni13Dag sedan

    I can’t believe people are still commenting on this lol

  71. EG Spectre

    EG SpectreDag sedan

    Chilled greese

  72. Kasim Akbani

    Kasim AkbaniDag sedan

    He could have solved a city’s hunger with all that money he spent.

  73. Lac Lac

    Lac LacDag sedan

    If you look at the drip

  74. Shaan

    ShaanDag sedan

    2:53 the way jimmy tapped karl to look at the camera..... sheeeshh

  75. Pumin Theking

    Pumin ThekingDag sedan

    love u soo much

  76. TommyInnit

    TommyInnitDag sedan

    MrBeast: I ate 70000 dollar pizza Me who can't find a good pizza place in Libya

  77. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar SanchezDag sedan

    I didnt know you could eat gold

  78. Sudipta Gogoi

    Sudipta GogoiDag sedan

    It's processed so it's edible

  79. Vector Portrait Pk

    Vector Portrait PkDag sedan

    Thanks for 5 subscriber... ❤️🙂 Alhamdulillah

  80. Rayyan Syahmi

    Rayyan SyahmiDag sedan

    no I'll drop kick you :D

  81. Chloe Romano

    Chloe RomanoDag sedan

    Your in love

  82. Manan Arora

    Manan AroraDag sedan

    Damn! He is better than Food Tasting Channels

  83. Shiva Majhi

    Shiva MajhiDag sedan

    I also want all the food in my house in Kathmandu

  84. Doge Boy

    Doge BoyDag sedan

    Gimme money

  85. Mr cal cal Gamer

    Mr cal cal GamerDag sedan

    Dude ur making me hungry

  86. julka chm

    julka chmDag sedan

    don't tell anyone but I'm watching this during online class

  87. jhonni13

    jhonni13Dag sedan

    Gg dude you deserve it lol

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  89. AestheticMode_On

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  90. 25-KEVIN-IX-B

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    # 25-KEVIN-IX-B

  91. 25-KEVIN-IX-B

    25-KEVIN-IX-BDag sedan


  92. Aj Hockenberry

    Aj HockenberryDag sedan

    I wish the pizza was just pepperoni

  93. Shain Sacedon

    Shain SacedonDag sedan

    this makes me hungry lol

  94. project Amc

    project AmcDag sedan

    Im literally drooling over all of this food😋😋😋

  95. project Amc

    project AmcDag sedan


  96. Colebra Sleven

    Colebra SlevenDag sedan

    I can't wait to eat gold in Canada

  97. Levi Ogletree

    Levi OgletreeDag sedan

    There eatting a 70,000 pizza and Iam trying to buy a 70,000 truck 🤣

  98. Sliced Cheese

    Sliced CheeseDag sedan


  99. Mel the Sheep

    Mel the SheepDag sedan

    Lol you’d probably have to work a whole year to pay off the pizza if the card declined

  100. Dylan Parker

    Dylan ParkerDag sedan

    Me sitting here eating a pop tart:

  101. Nicalos Smith

    Nicalos SmithDag sedan

    3:48 mrbeast did him dirty😂😂😂😂😂😂

  102. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu NijimuraDag sedan

    Golden Wind J O J O R E F E R E N C E


    SOPHIA SATHARDag sedan


  104. Noob noob / Mecha Box

    Noob noob / Mecha BoxDag sedan

    Remember guys street burgers are way better than Mcdonald

  105. KryptiK Fuse

    KryptiK FuseDag sedan


  106. lilsoybean Games

    lilsoybean GamesDag sedan

    How long did it take them to film this???

  107. MQ - 04FJ 832962 Champlain Trail PS

    MQ - 04FJ 832962 Champlain Trail PSDag sedan

    (; I’m hangry

  108. Cinnamon Romero

    Cinnamon RomeroDag sedan

    Mr.beast tell me my dog is a masterpiece

  109. Tom Wallech

    Tom WallechDag sedan

    Why does the cheaper food look better than the expensive food?

  110. Flaming Shadow0202

    Flaming Shadow02022 dagar sedan

    " do you have any A1 sauce?" TRIGGERED

  111. NeoWhatever

    NeoWhatever2 dagar sedan

    you should collaborate with dhar mann

  112. Nevin H

    Nevin H2 dagar sedan

    This didn't age well for david

  113. Your Man Jerry

    Your Man Jerry2 dagar sedan

    Holy cow.... gold added food ..

  114. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher2 dagar sedan

    Mom i want food can we go to restaurant where Mr. Beast been? No we have food at home Food at home:

  115. Raghda Ghanem

    Raghda Ghanem2 dagar sedan

    MrBest lm already subscribed

  116. Cindy Gal

    Cindy Gal2 dagar sedan

    At first I thought it was I painted the leaning tower of pizza

  117. :D

    :DDag sedan

    @Cindy Gal lmfaooo

  118. Cindy Gal

    Cindy Gal2 dagar sedan

    I meant golden tower of pizza

  119. hormir3

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    I am all ready suscrito