SIA, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa Greatest Hits Full Album - Best English Songs 2020

SIA, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa Greatest Hits Full Album - Best English Songs 2020
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  1. Music Collection

    Music CollectionMånad sedan

    Best English Songs 2021 : Thanks for Watching !

  2. Patricia Medina

    Patricia Medina16 dagar sedan

    Me encanta esas música 🎶🎧🎤

  3. born to die •

    born to die •Månad sedan

    Dusk till dawn and 7 rings😍

  4. PandaPop

    PandaPopMånad sedan

    Did someone see that on number 7. it was " 7 rings"?

  5. Petra Imhof

    Petra ImhofMånad sedan

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  9. sara

    saraMånad sedan

    I fell asleep with this mix

  10. ilikepies213

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  11. Ewka Marchewka

    Ewka MarchewkaMånad sedan

    Rihanna du bist echt cool

  12. Handmadrel mantons

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    Thanks for

  13. Jacob Choge

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  14. Jacob Choge

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  15. Gary Diamond

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  16. Mizanor Rahman

    Mizanor RahmanMånad sedan

    I 78i

  17. tieqah tieqah

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    This one means a lot to me, thank you soooo much for uploading this one, ❤ please take good care 🥰⚘💌😘💐🌺💝🌹🌷❤ I love this one badly !

  18. Stella Watts

    Stella WattsMånad sedan

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  19. Music With Everyone

    Music With EveryoneMånad sedan

    We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun

  20. Eberle Luke

    Eberle LukeMånad sedan

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  23. Mary Pelicione

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    Qual nome da musica 01:12:33 por favor

  24. Ana_Julia-w- sz

    Ana_Julia-w- szMånad sedan

    rain on me

  25. Emizul kamarul arifin

    Emizul kamarul arifinMånad sedan

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  26. Hallie Zhao

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  27. fernando Quiñones Ladino

    fernando Quiñones LadinoMånad sedan

    Sorry Rihanna, Dua is in fashion, you did your part, get out of the way, Illuminati order lol

  28. Usef Bhangal

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  29. Captain National Express

    Captain National ExpressMånad sedan

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  30. Margot Porro

    Margot PorroMånad sedan

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  31. juanis romero

    juanis romeroMånad sedan

    febrero 21 2021 aki estoy ecuchando esta hermosa musica

  32. Natalia Navarro Maletto

    Natalia Navarro MalettoMånad sedan

    01 - 00:00 - Dusk Till Down 02 - 04:36 - This is what you came for 03 - 08:23 - Don't start now 04 - 10:49 - Cheap thrills 05 - 14:18 - Sweat by psycho 06 - 17:26 - Big girls cry 07 - 21:28 - 7 Rings 08 - 24:25 - The Greatest 09 - 28:03 - Diamond 10 - 31:57 - New rules 11 - 36:02 - Problem 12 - 39:17 - Unstoppable 13 - 43:23 - Chandelier 14 - 46:55 - Stuck with you 15 - 50:39 - King & Queen 16 - 53:19 - Elastic heart 17 - 57:50 - Physical 18 - 1:01:34 - Work 19 - 1:05:10 - Lose you to love me 20 - 1:08:31 - We can't stop 21 - 1:12:33 - Rain on me 22 - 1:15:34 - Without me 23 - 1:19:02 - Wrecking ball 24 - 1:23:09 - Alive 25 - 1:27:31 - I'm a mees - Bebe Rexha 26 - 1:30:52 - Señorita - Camila Cabello - Shawn Mendes FOR YOU LOVES. :D

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    This should have been pinned

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  35. Natalia Navarro Maletto

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    @Eric Wedderburn that's for all of you ❤️ your welcome, beauty ❤️

  36. Eric Wedderburn

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    OMG. You are awesome

  37. Natalia Navarro Maletto

    Natalia Navarro MalettoMånad sedan

    @Denisa Marielena Tudose your welcome, darling❤️

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  40. Jeniffer Fierro

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    Love it ♥

  41. Karla Tulepbergen

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    Шикарная подборка 👍😘

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  44. Gabriela K.

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    Who is singing Don't start now?

  45. Lisa Marzin

    Lisa Marzin2 månader sedan

    It is dua lipa !

  46. Neto Mendes

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    18 de fevereiro de 2021. Br aqui disponível.🇧🇷🎧🎶😍

  47. JuStine.Thorn

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  48. Addy CM

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    bien chévere pero por qué cambiaron la voz de mi maravillosa Dua?

  49. Andrea Vega Martínez

    Andrea Vega Martínez2 månader sedan

    yo también dije lo mismo :(

  50. 鈴木希

    鈴木希2 månader sedan

    nice☆^_−☆大好きな song☆ ☆元気貰える☆心の隙間を埋めてくれる☆

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    sensação maravilhosa S2

  59. Watsica Davidson

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    love it

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    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice music

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  69. American Pop Music

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    It's made my day completely Every Time i heard this songs ❤️💋 so lovely ❤️❤️❤️

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    It is AMAZING!!

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