Man Got Catfished - TLC #14

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  1. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany KayyTimme sedan

    I think Maybe he won’t go down on her, I have a feeling that’s what she’s talking about when she says there is stuff he won’t do lol

  2. kaylas bored

    kaylas boredTimme sedan

    Why does the short guy remind me of the worm from corpse bride😂😂

  3. Chimp

    ChimpTimme sedan

    after he says "I never want to hear the word jiggy jiggy" im like 😈.........JIGGY JIGGY BUDDY! YES!

  4. Flambo Fire

    Flambo FireTimme sedan

    If it wasn't for Pewds commentary, I don't think I could ever fully watch one of these fucking things.

  5. Golden Goat

    Golden Goat2 timmar sedan

    Why can’t he just call her ugly... you think she is, I think she is, he think she is, WE ALL THINK SHE IS UGLY

  6. 73 hours

    73 hours3 timmar sedan

    She is sad because he had a frined that was a girl lmao

  7. memerboy 6000

    memerboy 60003 timmar sedan

    This is totale a karen

  8. charles h

    charles h3 timmar sedan

    This is hella cringe

  9. Riley Dunn

    Riley Dunn3 timmar sedan

    What a BASED CHAD Aladdin is. Needs to up his standards tho.

  10. Erin Wilson

    Erin Wilson4 timmar sedan

    Why Felix censor the word muslim????

  11. Mian Aneeq

    Mian Aneeq4 timmar sedan

    That guy's level of maturity ... He deserves an oscar .🤪🤪

  12. Joe Crew

    Joe Crew4 timmar sedan

    When the camera goes fully on Felix: -His follower: Looking at him and what’s he’s talking about -Me: Starring at him spinning the little Thor hammer🤣

  13. sophia v

    sophia v5 timmar sedan


  14. Andrew Fowlkes

    Andrew Fowlkes5 timmar sedan

    No offense Felix but did you really just diss Americans for telling people where specifically they’re from... obviously you don’t say your from “middle Sweden” because Sweden is a tiny country compared to the USA. There are cultural differences, dialect differences, and religious differences found in different regions of the US, not the same as Sweden lol

  15. Dashing Daniel Games

    Dashing Daniel Games5 timmar sedan

    Pewdiepie makes life better shoutout

  16. TheWereWolf001

    TheWereWolf0016 timmar sedan

    i think the guys is really cool tbh

  17. The Real Chicken

    The Real Chicken6 timmar sedan

    well the carpet falls

  18. The Real Chicken

    The Real Chicken6 timmar sedan

    22 years

  19. Harsh N

    Harsh N6 timmar sedan

    8:15, 8:21, 8:30 just pause and look at his face expressions 😂 And ftw was at 9:10😆😂 10:42 us pewds

  20. Lohnhart Fröhlich

    Lohnhart Fröhlich6 timmar sedan

    i bet his mom is younger then his fake blonde ,,51,, year old wife.....

  21. Essential Twist

    Essential Twist7 timmar sedan

    What's the thing in your hand, I want one:D

  22. Josiah

    Josiah6 timmar sedan

    i was just about to comment this same thing lol i need a link to it

  23. Ximena Villarreal

    Ximena Villarreal7 timmar sedan

    Pewds : book called sex for dummies 😂imagine getting that from your wife Ludwig getting the book from his girlfriend in stream : 💀

  24. Alana Marchetti

    Alana Marchetti7 timmar sedan

    I like how Datrie is on the thumbnail LMAOO

  25. Matthew Mizzi

    Matthew Mizzi7 timmar sedan

    she's gonna get a 'guitar' .... 😂 that meme never gets old

  26. Un creative Name

    Un creative Name7 timmar sedan

    Person in the thumbnail looks like a thumb

  27. You just got raquled

    You just got raquled8 timmar sedan

    That intro scares me to this day

  28. Marcus M8

    Marcus M810 timmar sedan

    That intro was honestly one of the scariest things I've ever seen

  29. Monkey D luffy

    Monkey D luffy11 timmar sedan

    Arab want green card and that karen catfished a young gay. Two idiot come together

  30. Mohamed Bouatou

    Mohamed Bouatou11 timmar sedan

    Jigiu Jigiu

  31. Mohamed Bouatou

    Mohamed Bouatou11 timmar sedan

    U are drama ither

  32. Nectar

    Nectar11 timmar sedan

    7:07 “I’m originally from Toronto, Canada” Pewds: “Why do Americans always do this”

  33. Lemonade Toaster

    Lemonade Toaster14 timmar sedan

    sax for dummies..... myg god, I love this channel

  34. Just Shan

    Just Shan14 timmar sedan

    This is cringe, legit.

  35. Lara

    Lara14 timmar sedan

    hshshs is like his mom like "WHERE ARE YOU, WHO ARE YOU WIITH" I dont wanna be .... bad... but wtf are this humans and why all the u-states people are so wreid and dumb. Is it because they don't have a public health system? Kappa

  36. Wilbert Batosay

    Wilbert Batosay16 timmar sedan

    When she walks her tommy goes jiggy jiggy

  37. mauricio morchio

    mauricio morchio18 timmar sedan

    2:47 same

  38. Akhicia Casey

    Akhicia Casey19 timmar sedan

    The small guy with glasses is filipino cause i heared him says "kaya nga"

  39. Ewans Channel

    Ewans Channel19 timmar sedan

    This is so fucking weird

  40. RareMeme s

    RareMeme s20 timmar sedan

    its sad but at least we get some tea 🍵

  41. Carol Chung

    Carol Chung21 timme sedan

    Brad Pitt Lolllllllllll No

  42. TurtlePro 265

    TurtlePro 26521 timme sedan

    Little GRU

  43. Selas Bessa

    Selas Bessa21 timme sedan

    yo..... im from toronto canada(no joke i am)

  44. Alexis Kelley

    Alexis Kelley22 timmar sedan

    Lol she’s Canadian

  45. alan Mendoza

    alan Mendoza22 timmar sedan

    the glasses of the young man are cool af

  46. Seeter1000

    Seeter100022 timmar sedan

    in arabic countries he can have multiple wifes

  47. Hunter Hoehn

    Hunter Hoehn23 timmar sedan

    Her: “ i’m from Toronto Canada” Pewds: *AMERICANS*

  48. Hunter Hoehn

    Hunter Hoehn23 timmar sedan

    Pewds, SHES FROM CANADA YA RACIST (kidding about the racist part but still)

  49. رواية بانغتان

    رواية بانغتان23 timmar sedan

    And she insulted him that he dont know how to ....😂😂😂😂😂 arab man!! infron of the cameras where the whole world watching ...u r sooo lucky grand mother ...and he did marry u 👀 no arab man will tolerate it 😂 and the whole family will be against u its sooo disrespectful for them abviously she doesnt know anything actualy if she was at least a little interested she will learn about his culture and try to understand him and her marriage will last for a little longer

  50. رواية بانغتان

    رواية بانغتان23 timmar sedan

    Waw she is rude actualy if an arab man bring his friends or family to the airport to welcome u its a good thing ..she wanted to throw her self on him right away thats why she didnt likes to see the other with him poor guy

  51. Fairyfloss4life

    Fairyfloss4lifeDag sedan

    Bro was rlly done from seeing women in abayas and face covers that he goes for a woman like THAT ahahahah. I mean his friend has a point like, atleast he can control himself 😂

  52. Wyatt Chambers

    Wyatt ChambersDag sedan

    Pewds: your from America nothing else matters Girl who said she was from Canada 👁👄👁

  53. Col

    ColDag sedan

    She insulted his manhood in several ways, barely bothered to respect his culture, and then called him a drug dealer for his method of paying for the wedding? Florida woman needs to tone it down

  54. Sabrina Ann-Marie

    Sabrina Ann-MarieDag sedan

    you should download the tlc app or go go the website to watch the full episode

  55. Lxve Lxfe

    Lxve LxfeDag sedan

    I didn't know Aladdin and Frozen had a crossover..

  56. Nayr Tnartsipac

    Nayr TnartsipacDag sedan

    I feel like do jiggy jiggy real quick

  57. James Mercer

    James MercerDag sedan

    bruv she ould litterly be his mom bruvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  58. Disciple of Tzeentch

    Disciple of TzeentchDag sedan

    This dude need psychologist doctor

  59. Peakdrop

    PeakdropDag sedan

    The crew probably had a game so when ever they said jiggy jiggy the take a shot

  60. cheesey12354

    cheesey12354Dag sedan

    my 15 month old son loves cocomelon. As soon as i clicked your video he came running to see and now i have to play cocomelon for him cause he won't stop whining and hanging onto my leg haha

  61. Cradle of Anal

    Cradle of AnalDag sedan

    Is her son a hobbit?.. or did I misunderstand?

  62. Redly Media

    Redly MediaDag sedan

    Toronto is in Canada Felix

  63. Vyx

    VyxDag sedan

    These episodes are basically Karen’s vs nice people from other cultures 😂

  64. Audrey Wuebbling

    Audrey WuebblingDag sedan

    its weird that he callss sex jiggy jiggy

  65. Jaydon Toftum

    Jaydon ToftumDag sedan


  66. ölman jack

    ölman jackDag sedan

    the thumbnail

  67. Hikmate

    HikmateDag sedan

    The short dude’s facial expressions are killing me. 😭😭😭

  68. Just cause Destruction

    Just cause DestructionDag sedan

    Hay jigie jiggie

  69. Lucky Lane

    Lucky LaneDag sedan

    When a guy shows you money like you're supposed to be impressed, you know it's middle eastern and uses facebook to date via friend groups lol

  70. fifon05

    fifon05Dag sedan

    gimme that hammer that pewds spin!

  71. Nathan D

    Nathan DDag sedan

    Green Card.

  72. Amanda MALCOLM

    Amanda MALCOLMDag sedan

    The rich duck macropharmacologically launch because nut expectably kiss against a abashed tail. blue-eyed, exotic missile

  73. Jinpachi Bobochan

    Jinpachi BobochanDag sedan

    Idk, but Aladdin seemed like a good guy. But that old woman behaved as if he was just a toyboy. But in the end, they both were opportunists. Aladdin was most likely after a green card, and the old blonde after jiggy-jigi.

  74. Amanda MALCOLM

    Amanda MALCOLMDag sedan

    The momentous volleyball methodically bleach because soap conspicuously extend round a precious millennium. unnatural, moldy kimberly


    USEXPATDag sedan

    Shes extremely photogenic

  76. Phoebsss

    PhoebsssDag sedan

    'if I put myself in her shoes, I would be taller'..... Gino: 'if my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike'... I see no difference lol

  77. Lazar llama8767

    Lazar llama8767Dag sedan


  78. vic

    vicDag sedan

    6:02 xd

  79. Mister Bean

    Mister BeanDag sedan

    she is disrespectful and doesnt even try

  80. Roomzy

    RoomzyDag sedan

    es energy drink

  81. Moriarty

    MoriartyDag sedan

    As a middle eastern woman, i feel obligated to tell the western cougars out there that middle eastern men are often terrible in bed. Sex is taboo, it is not considered to be for women's enjoyment, women are not even expected to like sex, they are expected to just tolerate it for the sake of their man, and most people have little to no experience if they're single so yes, sex with that middle eastern hottie you met online is likely going to suck. I wish this wasn't true but it is, trust me, I KNOW.

  82. GE - 04TV 896128 Mineola PS

    GE - 04TV 896128 Mineola PSDag sedan

    pewdiepie trying to hide the Thor fidget spinner

  83. Mama Ray

    Mama RayDag sedan

    My husband is 51...he looks A LOT younger than her

  84. Werner Mills

    Werner MillsDag sedan

    The temporary nose prenatally march because cut temporally pinch outside a acidic bandana. devilish, malicious fifth

  85. Fuscous GD

    Fuscous GDDag sedan

    The comedian dude has an accent similar to the one Asi Wind has.

  86. Big chungus

    Big chungusDag sedan

    Am tunisian and this man probably did it for the American nationality LMAO

  87. عمر مصطفى هاشم مصطفى

    عمر مصطفى هاشم مصطفىDag sedan

    Brooo in our country some people meet at the day of their marriage 🤦‍♂️

  88. 윤Rachel

    윤RachelDag sedan

    Let's appreciate the mother that accepted her despite big age difference

  89. Ennija Elvisa Zalecka

    Ennija Elvisa ZaleckaDag sedan

    Haven’t been here in yearssss and damn what is that intro bro lol... I kinda get it tho

  90. emma

    emmaDag sedan

    “i’m from canada” “you’re from america”

  91. Stara Alexis Pentecostes

    Stara Alexis PentecostesDag sedan

    she looks like his mom HAHAHAHA

  92. A Y

    A YDag sedan

    lmfao bruh wtf was this

  93. Aaiza Rehman

    Aaiza RehmanDag sedan

    Why would he even marry her???? Like common😱

  94. BIG OOF

    BIG OOFDag sedan

    If you can't speak Minecraft enchanting table he said his name is PEWDIEPIE

  95. Katvin

    KatvinDag sedan

    2:26 Unseen picture of a wild karen with walmart aladdin

  96. pairOFshoelaces

    pairOFshoelacesDag sedan

    I’m 4 months late

  97. Francis Goin

    Francis GoinDag sedan

    and people like PdP? this guy seems really generic

  98. snicks

    snicksDag sedan

    The son is the one that made this more bearable.

  99. Braden Taylor 14

    Braden Taylor 14Dag sedan

    I’m sorry but this is for the end part: jiggy jiggy

  100. JonahLeHuman S.P

    JonahLeHuman S.PDag sedan

    Love is like a gun in call of duty. You use it for a day, and then you give up on it.

  101. UwU999 ?

    UwU999 ?Dag sedan