President Donald Trump: The 60 Minutes 2020 Election Interview

In an interview that's made headlines this week, Lesley Stahl presses President Trump on once-again rising coronavirus cases and what his priorities would be if re-elected. Stahl also speaks with Mr. Trump's running mate, Vice President Mike Pence.
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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 is still a hit in 2020. 60 Minutes makes Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 nearly every week and was the #1 weekly television broadcast three times last season.

The program still averages more than 10 million viewers, more than double the audience of its nearest network news magazine competitor. The average audience for a 60 Minutes broadcast is 150% higher than those of the network morning news programs; the audience dwarfs the number of viewers drawn by the most popular cable news programs.

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60 Minutes has won every major broadcast award. Its 25 Peabody and 150 Emmy awards are the most won by any single news program. It has also won 20 duPont-Columbia University journalism awards. Other distinguished journalism honors won multiple times include the George Polk, RTDNA Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters and Editors, RFK Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi and Gerald Loeb awards.
60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  1. Vintage Oldies

    Vintage Oldies2 minuter sedan

    he actually sucks.

  2. Tosin Oloyede

    Tosin Oloyede43 minuter sedan

    Are u ready for some tough questions?

  3. sydmmr1985

    sydmmr19853 timmar sedan

    I don't like him

  4. Freddy Katumbi

    Freddy Katumbi4 timmar sedan


  5. Suraj Rawal

    Suraj Rawal5 timmar sedan

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    Jmk -6 timmar sedan

    Trump is not bad but good. and it is clear believe me already. she doesn’t play golf for good but has a lot of iron on fire and has nothing to worry abou 👍😆

  8. Leslie Bush

    Leslie Bush8 timmar sedan

    Mind your own business

  9. Tobi Uchiha

    Tobi Uchiha10 timmar sedan


  10. sunny day

    sunny day12 timmar sedan


  11. M 0077

    M 007713 timmar sedan

    The level of selfishness and ignorance the orange man carries is something we have never witnessed before....

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    oscar salazar15 timmar sedan

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  13. dan kelly

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  14. Adam Ben-Shimon

    Adam Ben-Shimon15 timmar sedan

    They are pathetic. Pence is a pathetic boot locker.

  15. R. Brown

    R. Brown17 timmar sedan

    60 minutes hasn’t been worth watching in years🤯, don’t know why I am here, leaving!

  16. R. Brown

    R. Brown17 timmar sedan

    Best president ever!

  17. Team Kuuki Food & Games

    Team Kuuki Food & Games19 timmar sedan

    Well, to be fair here, her...questions...did seem to be more like needle tips xD I suppose that is why she warned him about "tough" questions. Her comments about the the "gods conspiring against" him...were strange lol And as a healthcare worker, I must agree on the point of many of my colleagues and even yes, trump (as much as I'd hate to admit), that cases are "up" and reported by the news because the numbers of tests are up. It is like you will never know that there is a trillion fish in the sea, unless you actually fish them up or dive down and count 'em. The media needs to report in a way that informs, not simply catch attention.

  18. Kenneth Seyforth

    Kenneth Seyforth19 timmar sedan

    It's everybody else is found but you can take responsibility like a grown man always crying crying crying crying like a baby you are you're not a man never will be just leave the White House and let us be let us get on with our life

  19. Kenneth Seyforth

    Kenneth Seyforth19 timmar sedan


  20. Kenneth Seyforth

    Kenneth Seyforth19 timmar sedan

    You haven't done anything your lazy and you don't care about the American people your just after the money for your business

  21. Kenneth Seyforth

    Kenneth Seyforth19 timmar sedan

    Big baby your gone get out of here we had enough of you and your family bye bye

  22. viviana contreras

    viviana contreras19 timmar sedan

    Leslie stop being fake. Trump you keep fighting for what you think is right dont let that rude women called leslie try to put you down.

  23. viviana contreras

    viviana contreras19 timmar sedan

    There is a lot of fake news

  24. viviana contreras

    viviana contreras19 timmar sedan

    Democrats have not done anything for Americans. Please dont be fooled Americans. There is a lot of fraud please open your eyes.

  25. viviana contreras

    viviana contreras20 timmar sedan

    News reporter is negative. Trump god is with you and you are the chosen regardless who likes it or not. Sorry to all who feel otherwise. Democrats have not anything for Americans.

  26. viviana contreras

    viviana contreras20 timmar sedan

    The news reporter is very rude. Trump you are a great president.

  27. Peter Schulze

    Peter Schulze22 timmar sedan

    He is so repulsive. I won't look but I'll listen. Look at that mudpie spray on tan, omfg.

  28. shawd thompson

    shawd thompsonDag sedan

    🤣😂🤣😂 Republican Governor Ducey hung up on Orange Face!

  29. Betty Cook

    Betty CookDag sedan

    This girl paid with George Soros, George Soros support Biden/Harris. And all the CNN Twitter, Facebook .

  30. Betty Cook

    Betty CookDag sedan

    This girl paid with George Soros, Trump 2021!

  31. Betty Cook

    Betty CookDag sedan

    Justice Department, FBI they are corrupt!

  32. Betty Cook

    Betty CookDag sedan

    These are this Big Tech, Media gone Nuts, George Soros paid them!

  33. Betty Cook

    Betty CookDag sedan

    This girl is a nutshell! Plandemic they planned this so they can manipulate the votes!! 60 minutes is with George Soros!

  34. litera litera

    litera literaDag sedan

    Poor Trump! American "democracy" ate its son.

  35. Doglos Costa

    Doglos CostaDag sedan

    Just watched obama's 60 mins interview and now this.....stark difference!

  36. Claudia Lizama

    Claudia LizamaDag sedan

    such fake media

  37. Arinze Ede

    Arinze EdeDag sedan

    Trump2020 🇺🇲🇺🇸

  38. karlydoc

    karlydocDag sedan

    These two men are deplorable.

  39. Kalia Perumal

    Kalia PerumalDag sedan

    Same like najib.

  40. Halle and Friends

    Halle and FriendsDag sedan

    What a clown.

  41. Sarah Wilder

    Sarah WilderDag sedan

    She automatically does not like him! Which is ridiculous! I’m a young white American woman! I strongly believe he has been a great president and has done well with the pandemic! No one in this world is perfect! People just take him the wrong way! She totally had a negative attitude towards him.

  42. Metalpazallteway

    MetalpazalltewayDag sedan

    Beware the Plandemic is here regardless...

  43. boy boy#

    boy boy#Dag sedan

    Trump is a comedian I will miss him for sure. Is gonna be great but don't ask me tough question please am scared

  44. Josh Patterson

    Josh PattersonDag sedan

    Commander in tears is melting down

  45. Carlos Perez

    Carlos PerezDag sedan

    Guess hes going back home to mommy

  46. Purple Rain

    Purple RainDag sedan

    Is this the edited manipulated version?

  47. terell davis

    terell davisDag sedan

    She was kind of rude to him; but if your rude to him he is going to take it up another notch.

  48. Black Clover

    Black CloverDag sedan

    At this point I’ll believe whatever he says even he just fakes an evidence

  49. Aimie Thomas

    Aimie ThomasDag sedan

    I've never seen more disrespect of a President in my life. SHE HAS NO RESPECT.

  50. shanks mcnasty

    shanks mcnastyDag sedan

    But hes respectful? Gtfoh

  51. Nya roses

    Nya rosesDag sedan

    This man should not be a president jevita crazy

  52. IncaColaGirl

    IncaColaGirlDag sedan

    Whenever he says things like "Be fair" or "Be nice" it reminds of that scene in Casino with Joe Pesci saying that to people as he moves through a crowd or maybe it was Goodfellas either way it was meant to be ironic as it is so ironic when Trump says it. Sorry to womansplain.

  53. Feyi Joseph

    Feyi JosephDag sedan

    Trump has a Mental Disorder!! He says lock her up: @10:53 Denies he said he wanted her locked up:@11:53

  54. conard artistic hands

    conard artistic handsDag sedan

    Please remember to check out

  55. OREMA

    OREMADag sedan

    "lock all of them up " ... "I never said that"

  56. Laurie Van Riper

    Laurie Van RiperDag sedan

    Oh you're finished.

  57. Johnathan White

    Johnathan WhiteDag sedan

    Fake news and you bash the president 60 minutes should be ashamed

  58. Mono Lith

    Mono LithDag sedan

    Trump 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  59. Taffycat taffycat93

    Taffycat taffycat93Dag sedan

    He's such a condescending POS without merit as a human being. I can't wait until he's gone.

  60. Andor Nagy

    Andor Nagy2 dagar sedan

    The facts and figures are on Trump’s side! Everything else is on the side of the Democrats. /Media, multinational companies, unlimited money, terrorism, war, fraud.../

  61. Eileen Dennis

    Eileen Dennis2 dagar sedan

    Maybe you should talk about all the ballot fraud and all the cheating the Democrats did why don't you cover that story

  62. Eileen Dennis

    Eileen Dennis2 dagar sedan

    Did the rioters wear mask

  63. Mark Leaning

    Mark Leaning2 dagar sedan

    How dreadull is this lying excuse for a human being

  64. Tyrell Preston

    Tyrell Preston2 dagar sedan

    Not surprised

  65. Herman Boing

    Herman Boing2 dagar sedan

    This man deserves to rot in jail, as does his administration. These people are criminals at best.

  66. Sara Bridges

    Sara Bridges2 dagar sedan

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  67. Min Hock Loh

    Min Hock Loh2 dagar sedan

    Nothing but lies and more lies!...

  68. El Rico

    El Rico2 dagar sedan

    E. emerging evil entity there is an evil entity emerging. it will be sooner than later call it: E. E. will go right after trump and his family and major media persons like rush limbaugh and fox hosts including lesser tv and talk radio persons.. and all supportive trump politicians as well. E. will first accuse and then prosecute. the need to impeach no longer exists. trump and family are now in a quagmire for prosecution of 'high crimes'. including all others affiliated and supportive of him. trumps allies will run and hide. he will be left alone, prosecuted and imprisoned. E. even now has a huge list of offenders. perhaps the average person as well since there are recordings of every email and communication sent during the past four years and earlier. those many who wrote or spoke negatively about obama. with certainty this effect is not going to fade away. E. the major evil spirit-controller of the emergent progressive communist party wants revenge. E. will have at it.... do not doubt it. 2021 will be a totally morbid year. virtually every religion in the world will be forbidden and banned. E. will set up a graven image upon the altar. that image alone will be allowed having a compelled adoration. or else.

  69. Ryan McInnis

    Ryan McInnis2 dagar sedan

    They left the comments on. I give them that.

  70. Phillip John

    Phillip John2 dagar sedan

    The man is so disrespectful he can't even answer simple question about things affecting the country once it's not fox news all the others are fake the man like a child he walks

  71. nic t

    nic t2 dagar sedan

    Why does Trump allow the PRC to interview him

  72. coco bloco

    coco bloco2 dagar sedan

    ...When you finish and Lord it seems like it's taking forever.... this country will be in so many pieces , God help the next administration .....

  73. Dillon Dickson

    Dillon Dickson2 dagar sedan

    Leslie get over yourself Garbage

  74. Dillon Dickson

    Dillon Dickson2 dagar sedan

    This is total trash

  75. Juliette Robinson

    Juliette Robinson2 dagar sedan

    That Health Care Plan y'all. 🤣 I can't. 😂 I've seen better props in high school plays; better acting too.

  76. GROWTH with Mr. Eightz

    GROWTH with Mr. Eightz2 dagar sedan

    Lmao... who's here after watching president Obama's interview??? Such a vast contrast!!!

  77. Vintage Oldies

    Vintage Oldies5 minuter sedan

    Obama is at least 50 million times nicer to hear than trump's whining voice

  78. Team Kuuki Food & Games

    Team Kuuki Food & Games19 timmar sedan

    Ima try to watch this one I can be comforted by then watching Obama's xD

  79. chris p

    chris p2 dagar sedan

    bidens gonna have alot to deal with this lame virus lol

  80. Justin Key

    Justin Key2 dagar sedan

    Trump has done an amazing job as president, considering the fact that everyone is against him. Why are they against them? Because they were told to be and they believe the lie. It's amazing that everyone used to love Trump before he became the president. When he exposes the truth people started to hate him because he exposed the truth. He rained on their parade and they're mad about that.

  81. Justin Key

    Justin Key2 dagar sedan

    Leslie has been drinking the Kool-Aid just like anybody on CNN or NBC or ABC or any other of the fake news complex. It's amazing to me how blind people truly are, and they believe exactly what they are told to believe. They do zero research, they just drink the Kool-Aid. Leslie is just like the majority of the fake news. She will not open her eyes and look at the truth. I believe even if she saw the truth she would say it was a lie. Poor Leslie, bless her little heart.

  82. Been There Done That

    Been There Done That2 dagar sedan

    Trump 2020

  83. Babuta AlinD

    Babuta AlinD2 dagar sedan


  84. Babuta AlinD

    Babuta AlinD2 dagar sedan

    Fox what you need!

  85. Babuta AlinD

    Babuta AlinD2 dagar sedan

    Is truhy end Truth men!

  86. pepsicola

    pepsicola2 dagar sedan

    I dont like trump but she is also horrible

  87. Alice McLeod

    Alice McLeod2 dagar sedan

    SPEAKS HIS MIND?? TRUMP HAS A MIND???????? Right, his brain that fits on the head of a sewing pin and there is still room for it to roll around on head of the pin??

  88. boming wei

    boming wei2 dagar sedan

    “Raise taxes” anyone that’s taken a Econ class in college knows only the rich gets hurt by raised taxes, interests lowers as taxes raises, he keeps using “fire hosing” to convince the uneducated population

  89. rachelle griffith

    rachelle griffith2 dagar sedan

    This man is disgusting.

  90. pepsicola

    pepsicola2 dagar sedan

    He talks so much but doesnt say anything

  91. KontrolGeek

    KontrolGeek2 dagar sedan

    Let’s all appreciate the bias in the media. The media is here for you. The people of America. Pathetic

  92. bluezinnia847

    bluezinnia8472 dagar sedan

    Diaper Don is the true Disgrace to all of the USA! Bye Bye Diaper Don!

  93. Isaac Rodarte

    Isaac Rodarte3 dagar sedan

    Not cappin this lady should run for president

  94. Tswjnreeg Thoj

    Tswjnreeg Thoj3 dagar sedan

    When a kid act and talk like kid, it is lovely and cute. When an old man act and talk like a kid, it is disgusting.

  95. Evan Siegel

    Evan Siegel3 dagar sedan

    What human being is willing to embarrass himself to this extent. Narcissists look like humble saints compared to this monster

  96. Jeanette Glover

    Jeanette Glover3 dagar sedan

    SEtoos is getting real comfortable with these double 15 second unskipable ads.

  97. Rebecca

    Rebecca3 dagar sedan


  98. Feliz Día

    Feliz Día3 dagar sedan


  99. Ray Campbell

    Ray Campbell3 dagar sedan

    You don't want the job Trump, you just want to play golf, watch Fox News, eat big Macs and tweet all day. You just want the title of President.

  100. Katherine Tiptaft

    Katherine Tiptaft3 dagar sedan

    I don't like her tone and agenda!

  101. Ajhayz Riosa

    Ajhayz Riosa3 dagar sedan

    Go president TRUMP 👍 pls pay CCP China because of this convid 19

  102. Timkia Kirby

    Timkia Kirby3 dagar sedan

    He is such a big baby he has been like this all his life smh I’m glad he is out of there

  103. Timkia Kirby

    Timkia Kirby9 timmar sedan

    But yet he has nothing to prove in court lol girl u just as delusional as trump and your apart of that 70 million who feel like everything going on is just fine which mean u agree with how African Americans are being treated the way the police responds to things so yeah I can go help him back we are not our ANCESTORS this generation is not scared at all

  104. Lind L Tailor

    Lind L Tailor10 timmar sedan

    He's going nowhere. Watch his recent speech. The news media didn't even show it. Its on Trump's youtube channel. This election was a fraud and he showed the evidence to prove it. But you want watch it. You lack the attention span.

  105. Ádám Almási

    Ádám Almási3 dagar sedan

    Disgusting reporter