BREAKING the game as the NEW 19,700 IQ EXECUTIONER... (custom mod)

Disguised Toast and friends stumble upon some unintentional behaviour in modded Among Us but that won't stop Toast from pulling off some Executioner plays. The Executioner is a Neutral role with the goal to vote out a target to win. But if the target dies you become either Jester or Crewmate.
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Edited by: otriggad
#amongus #mods #disguisedtoast


  1. Victora Johnson

    Victora Johnson22 timmar sedan

    God bless!

  2. Megafan

    MegafanDag sedan

    did anyone else notice that when disguised toast actually sounds like this guy is toast

  3. WDFrosty

    WDFrostyDag sedan

    Why is toast so good at big braining people

  4. Allofthegoodnameswheretaken

    Allofthegoodnameswheretaken2 dagar sedan

    Imagine the executioners victim is a lover :)

  5. Sweet euthanasia

    Sweet euthanasia2 dagar sedan


  6. Christopher K

    Christopher K2 dagar sedan

    11:22 bAbes

  7. Goldengamer18 _

    Goldengamer18 _4 dagar sedan

    11:22 babes

  8. xReaper_YT

    xReaper_YT5 dagar sedan

    Sometimes i hear "Disguised Toast" As "This Guy's Toast" is it just me?

  9. xReaper_YT

    xReaper_YT3 dagar sedan

    @hi person i said "Sometimes I hear Disguised Toast As This Guys Toast

  10. xReaper_YT

    xReaper_YT3 dagar sedan

    @hi person I know

  11. hi person

    hi person3 dagar sedan

    Wait it’s not “this guy toast” 😦

  12. Chrysan themum

    Chrysan themum5 dagar sedan

    *Q U A C K*

  13. Orora Sarkar

    Orora Sarkar6 dagar sedan

    Toast : Oh! I need a screwdriver!! Me : Why do you need a screwdriver?????

  14. Victoria Winsor

    Victoria Winsor9 dagar sedan

    today on we take town of salem roles and put them in among us lmaooo 😫

  15. Mohammad Memon

    Mohammad Memon9 dagar sedan

    What wait what the what the heck is happinging he got voted out twice what the hell hahahahahahahhahahahahhahah but he still won HHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  16. community_ escape

    community_ escape9 dagar sedan

    Clearing Jodi to become Jester was a genius play

  17. Mint Cabbit

    Mint Cabbit9 dagar sedan

    The trans scarves 🥰

  18. Jerrold Busacay

    Jerrold Busacay10 dagar sedan

    19,700 IQ what???

  19. Ferraz

    Ferraz11 dagar sedan

    Theoretically speaking, what would happen if the executioner had to vote out the jester?

  20. mgazx1

    mgazx111 dagar sedan


  21. : x :

    : x :12 dagar sedan

    In the second game with Poki and June who was the imposter?

  22. : x :

    : x :12 dagar sedan

    *Game breaks* Also game: you deserve the win though

  23. bluemew22

    bluemew2212 dagar sedan

    Toast won as Jester in a game that had Jester turned off. This man's IQ warps the very fabric of time and space!!

  24. Chase

    Chase12 dagar sedan

    The role should be called bounty hunter instead

  25. Maria Amina

    Maria Amina13 dagar sedan

    once again, i absolutely love Toast

  26. Ninjahaz 01

    Ninjahaz 0113 dagar sedan

    so they made among us into town of Salem, that's pretty neat

  27. Intrepid

    Intrepid13 dagar sedan

    Toast finds, YET ANOTHER WAY TO WIN!

  28. Felix

    Felix13 dagar sedan

    Toast doing tasks? Shocking

  29. Amira Zulaikha

    Amira Zulaikha14 dagar sedan

    How did Toast even know on the last round wtf

  30. Gamer- Ninja

    Gamer- Ninja15 dagar sedan

    Wait I wanna know what if the man supposedly vote the personae target but he/she a jester

  31. Gamer- Ninja

    Gamer- Ninja15 dagar sedan


  32. Random Something

    Random Something15 dagar sedan

    The coincidence is my name is jester

  33. Biipo 3431

    Biipo 343115 dagar sedan

    Among us = Town of Salem the game

  34. Danelys Abreu

    Danelys Abreu15 dagar sedan

    Scarfians vs Duckborne

  35. hope rz

    hope rz15 dagar sedan

    How do i find these among us modes

  36. Rachel Lynn

    Rachel Lynn16 dagar sedan

    It’d actually be a really cool mod if the first person to die had the chance to be revived if the next person voted off was their killer. 🤔

  37. MysteryCloakist

    MysteryCloakist16 dagar sedan

    What if you needed to get a jester voted out, who wins?

  38. Lennon Raj

    Lennon Raj16 dagar sedan

    I hate pokimane ngl

  39. tubetimppa

    tubetimppa16 dagar sedan

    You got voted out because there was a tiebreaker modifier on someone

  40. Top Hat Devil {CallMeCæl}

    Top Hat Devil {CallMeCæl}16 dagar sedan

    Scarf gang says trans rights

  41. Cassy Sida

    Cassy Sida16 dagar sedan

    but why waaas poki lying about hJune and bein sus

  42. T Tyler

    T Tyler16 dagar sedan

    Why isnt he calling himself Perry the platapus

  43. Bella Yu

    Bella Yu17 dagar sedan

    r u sure it's a duck bill not a platypus bill lmao

  44. imbob

    imbob17 dagar sedan

    thats a duck bill?? i thought that was a gorilla with his smug mouth

  45. FLame / CORPSE Husband shrimp

    FLame / CORPSE Husband shrimp18 dagar sedan

    “I don’t know who the impostor is. I’m just gonna do my tasks.” Um...Toast? What the hel- 😟

  46. Demon ?

    Demon ?18 dagar sedan

    Pause the video at 11:21, it says babes! XD

  47. Dillon Meyer

    Dillon Meyer18 dagar sedan

    Just had an idea for a modded role. The Impostor Impostor. Your name is red to the impostors and you appear on their team screen at the start, but you don't know who they are. You have impostor vision, but can't kill. Your goal is to get all other impostors dead but yourself. You can't be killed by other impostors and you must be slain by a neutral role or voted. Revealing roles reveal you as an impostor.

  48. HO5TIL3

    HO5TIL318 dagar sedan

    What happens if the executioners target is the jester?

  49. Pipsy Panda

    Pipsy Panda18 dagar sedan

    8:00 omfg that was so smart

  50. pin

    pin18 dagar sedan

    sus like in among us

  51. xlovebites

    xlovebites18 dagar sedan

    Poki gets smarter and smarter every time I watch!

  52. JackTodd 06

    JackTodd 0619 dagar sedan

    I have a question If the executioner needs tovote out the imposter does the imposter win or the crewmates? And also if there is an executioner and jester and the executioner needs to vote out the jester who wins?

  53. psd streloop

    psd streloop19 dagar sedan

    Props to Toast for thinking highly of other crewmates who half of every time aren't even figuring out his low IQ plays

  54. p p

    p p19 dagar sedan

    11:22 bAbes

  55. ZED

    ZED19 dagar sedan

    Poki is actually really smart

  56. FoxKnowsNothin

    FoxKnowsNothin19 dagar sedan

    11:20 bnans + abe = babes

  57. Leralonde

    Leralonde19 dagar sedan

    Poki stream snipes

  58. Spark0088

    Spark008820 dagar sedan

    Bro, my fear of heights actually started kicking in on the balcony outside the airship.

  59. Finn Black

    Finn Black20 dagar sedan

    of all times for an "if not them vote me", now is that time

  60. Andy O

    Andy O20 dagar sedan

    sorry for being random but why is executioner a samurai? edit: never mind it's just toast costume sorry for being stupid.

  61. The Demonic Staff

    The Demonic Staff20 dagar sedan

    I love the trans flag scarfs.

  62. Rekky Kitty

    Rekky Kitty20 dagar sedan

    11:22 bAbes

  63. Jesse Alexandro Pérez Ramírez

    Jesse Alexandro Pérez Ramírez21 dag sedan

    Poki is hella annoying "."

  64. TheFrigid

    TheFrigid21 dag sedan

    I find it odd how poki always know so much so early, is she reading her chat or something?

  65. Noxuming

    Noxuming21 dag sedan

    Some Disguised Duck vibes.

  66. Sage AX

    Sage AX21 dag sedan

    Toast is so big brain he marinated the glitch

  67. broom beacon

    broom beacon21 dag sedan

    these roles do be getting more diverse

  68. Noob101

    Noob10121 dag sedan

    11:20 this is such a coincidence

  69. Ken Kaiser Torres

    Ken Kaiser Torres21 dag sedan

    Toast: "THE KILLER ISS......THE KILLER ISS......i dunno who the killer is man just lemme do my task"

  70. Akbarss

    Akbarss21 dag sedan

    Another big brain by toast

  71. lobo98 fun

    lobo98 fun21 dag sedan

    At 11:21 in the Video Bnans and Abe Merge to become bAbes XD you should check it out

  72. Chase Trinh

    Chase Trinh21 dag sedan

    I saw Abe’s and bnas name and they both spawned at the same time and it said bAbes 😂😂😂

  73. Angad Kapoor

    Angad Kapoor21 dag sedan

    Another role copied from TOS.

  74. Fighting gang nl

    Fighting gang nl21 dag sedan

    Anyone else noticed that on 11:22 it was saying bAbes

  75. Angel Strong

    Angel Strong21 dag sedan

    Honestly love the new trans flags on the game!

  76. maymay Moore

    maymay Moore21 dag sedan

    “Yeah, Myth is venting in a vary crew member way” Never thought I’d ever hear that

  77. GouNitsu YT

    GouNitsu YT21 dag sedan

    Sykkuno with his harem king squad scarf 😂

  78. •ToxicRye•

    •ToxicRye•21 dag sedan

    I had a gltich twice in a row where I was able to kill everyone but game wouldn’t end so I had to call meeting or report body and vote myself -.-

  79. Grayson Osterstock

    Grayson Osterstock21 dag sedan

    Do you stream

  80. WiseMonkey84

    WiseMonkey8421 dag sedan

    17:16 Valkyrae bless you lmao

  81. BagOfCement 5126

    BagOfCement 512621 dag sedan

    Why is the game turning into Town of Salem lol

  82. Marvin Sternberger

    Marvin Sternberger22 dagar sedan

    11:21 "bAbes" - anyone else caught that? :D

  83. Martyred Memer

    Martyred Memer22 dagar sedan

    What if the executioners target is the jester. Who wins???

  84. foxingyouout

    foxingyouout22 dagar sedan



    JOSE VILLARREAL22 dagar sedan

    Toast best actor 2021

  86. Benjamin Ward

    Benjamin Ward22 dagar sedan

    what happens when toast realizes he cant actually achieve this iq

  87. WeissGuy23

    WeissGuy2322 dagar sedan

    11:22 - bAbes

  88. BrokeShopaholic

    BrokeShopaholic22 dagar sedan

    Okay so why was one game you went from executioner to jester but the next game was instant executioner win with no changing to jester?

  89. Kat Kanary

    Kat Kanary22 dagar sedan

    Omg :'D when Hannah and Abe appeared on top of each other after the meeting their names combined to say 'bAbes' 11:20

  90. ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ

    ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ22 dagar sedan

    How many IQ numbers will be maximize

  91. Syafira's

    Syafira's22 dagar sedan

    11:22 WHO TF IS bAbes? 🥸 (hanna and abe split) OH NEVERMIND 😊

  92. nyanangel65

    nyanangel6522 dagar sedan

    11:22 bAbes

  93. Lirsin

    Lirsin22 dagar sedan

    u can actually hear sykkuno's real voice when toast gets the bug jester win lol

  94. AceSketchyAlien

    AceSketchyAlien22 dagar sedan

    11:20 bAbes 😂😂😂

  95. The Magus

    The Magus23 dagar sedan

    You guys are not even quoting the best part. “I dunno 🤷‍♂️ all I see is victory on my screen”

  96. Benji AAA

    Benji AAA23 dagar sedan

    every trans person noticed it...

  97. Isaias Vazquez

    Isaias Vazquez23 dagar sedan

    Two awesome roles in one video, sweet.

  98. Zach Hemmerdinger

    Zach Hemmerdinger23 dagar sedan

    This is becoming town of salem

  99. C1ay

    C1ay23 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised they haven't play Town of Salem

  100. Yellow

    Yellow23 dagar sedan

    I love Abe’s reaction when toast won as Executioner

  101. Hainam Haleem

    Hainam Haleem23 dagar sedan

    You know that Toast is truly Powerful when they had to kill him Legit TWICE in the same Damn Game

  102. Illukyu

    Illukyu23 dagar sedan

    The transgender flag on the scarfs

  103. Y.Z. sheikh

    Y.Z. sheikh23 dagar sedan

    Dig the red shirt

  104. Arunothai J

    Arunothai J23 dagar sedan

    11:21 “bAbes” lol