Playing Guitar on Omegle but I play Dubstep on Guitar

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  1. TheDooo

    TheDoooMånad sedan

    Download Dragon City for FREE and get The Dooo dragon today!

  2. Seng Chang

    Seng Chang18 timmar sedan

    I wanna be a dragon🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Mike M

    Mike M2 dagar sedan

    Killer dude. Is that an ibanez? Van fucking halen

  4. Greg Everett

    Greg Everett2 dagar sedan

    learn 3 little pigs by green jelly


    JESIAH IZAGUIRRE3 dagar sedan

    kc is that you

  6. Shxe

    Shxe3 dagar sedan

    You should check out Come and Go by Juice Wrld and Marshmellow or This Land by Gary Clark Jr.

  7. uploader188

    uploader18839 minuter sedan

    Play carlos santana maria

  8. Smalls 05

    Smalls 05Timme sedan

    Hey doo, I’ve been watching for a while now and this has always been a question I’ve had. Do you have perfect pitch?

  9. nate cronk

    nate cronkTimme sedan

    Do a full Eruption solo please

  10. mastercube 24

    mastercube 24Timme sedan

    Hi the doo u should play some motley crue songs on omegle

  11. iTennis

    iTennis3 timmar sedan

    You played Eruption but you skipped the most famous part...>:(

  12. Nick Assire

    Nick Assire4 timmar sedan

    Guys, latest song name plss, after 10min

  13. Dan Ta

    Dan Ta4 timmar sedan


  14. Brendan O'Hagan

    Brendan O'Hagan4 timmar sedan

    Face reveal at 5 mil

  15. Itz -xRhino

    Itz -xRhino5 timmar sedan

    English +100. talking about the title of the video.

  16. Pravin Barot

    Pravin Barot6 timmar sedan

    What was the name of the first song he played??

  17. Zak

    Zak7 timmar sedan

    Tasty licks

  18. Lambing Amsar

    Lambing Amsar7 timmar sedan

    Hi Doo....i dont know about you...but i think i like this Man....his name Alif.... a fingerstylist....i like the way he plays the song.....His subscribers not as much as yours.. but...World Class musicians like QUEEN and HELLOWEEN put his video on their official Facebook You better watch this video : Many musicians from all over the world react to his viedo...also DragonForce reacts to the video of Alip_Ba_ta I hope You collabs with Alif Doo...i bet You will......! #Alip_Ba_Ta #Alip_Ba_Ta #Alip_Ba_Ta #Alip_Ba_Ta #Alip_Ba_Ta #Alipers

  19. Shuffs

    Shuffs8 timmar sedan

    I’m waiting for Dooo to play Mötley Crüe. They’ll literally flip when they hear him play like Mick

  20. Avery

    Avery8 timmar sedan

    first song he has never heard of

  21. battl3commander

    battl3commander8 timmar sedan

    may i ask what that cartoon/anime is please at 3:08 please @thedooo

  22. x

    x9 timmar sedan

    mindfucked them all

  23. Max

    Max9 timmar sedan

    oh HI!, Hi ..... Hi

  24. Kumayl Malik

    Kumayl Malik10 timmar sedan

    man I was smiling like a fkn idiot the whole time in the 1st clip haha

  25. Ishan Narayan

    Ishan Narayan10 timmar sedan

    Atleast I saw something good in 2020.

  26. 1jz boi

    1jz boi11 timmar sedan


  27. Nina a

    Nina a12 timmar sedan

    6:55 man I hope that dude watched this vid and got to see Dooo's performance lol

  28. chris tinley

    chris tinley13 timmar sedan

    RIP van halen!!!!!!!! !m! !m!

  29. Chase Hughes

    Chase Hughes13 timmar sedan

    Why has no one asked him to play any motley crue??

  30. Tyler Matlak

    Tyler Matlak14 timmar sedan

    The doo is literally guitar legend. I can listen to that guitar playing any time anywhere. Rock on doo🤘

  31. Justin Nguyen

    Justin Nguyen14 timmar sedan

    6:03 why does my man look like Harry Styles

  32. Dr Frick

    Dr Frick15 timmar sedan

    Man that rendition of Eruption was've inspired me to practice again.

  33. Sebastian Avalos

    Sebastian Avalos15 timmar sedan

    Dont know how i barely found your channel, amazing content

  34. Trscx

    Trscx15 timmar sedan

    Her: what them fingers do? Me: 1:34

  35. Deadaaron 123

    Deadaaron 12315 timmar sedan

    When I heard bangarang I had so much nostalgia just then.

  36. tyler stewart

    tyler stewart16 timmar sedan

    Need more zepplin request

  37. Garrett Edwards

    Garrett Edwards16 timmar sedan

    I love how he is this good at instruments but instead doing this he play war zone and siege with mcnasty

  38. Siddhartha Gupta

    Siddhartha Gupta16 timmar sedan

    Whats the anime song that he played?

  39. Adventure Trip

    Adventure Trip16 timmar sedan

    CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE FULL COVER PLEASE!!! I cannot stop listening to the only little bit you have done, so beautiful 🖤

  40. big d

    big d17 timmar sedan

    Happy Birthday Britney Spears!!

  41. Nayib Charles

    Nayib Charles18 timmar sedan

    @TheDooo Bro, 6:54 song please!

  42. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee18 timmar sedan

    i would love to see him play acoustic

  43. Noah Ollington

    Noah Ollington18 timmar sedan

    Is there "Something like that" merch? if not you need some haha

  44. B A S S

    B A S S19 timmar sedan

    This is his eletric guitar. NoT A RiCk RoLL

  45. 1981bevo

    1981bevo20 timmar sedan

    what is up with this Omegle thing? you never see anyone over the age of 18 on it. that one EVH fan is the only adult ever. nothing but kids on there. seems like a breeding ground for pedophiles

  46. North Sxm

    North Sxm20 timmar sedan

    Respect to the guy who asked for Mac demarco

  47. J Staff

    J Staff21 timme sedan

    Even the Guitar twitch sounded good

  48. noah connors

    noah connors21 timme sedan

    Poggers at 1:38

  49. J Staff

    J Staff21 timme sedan

    Too good.

  50. mason olsen

    mason olsen21 timme sedan

    i have found the one song i can play better than the doo!!!!

  51. Kyle Landon

    Kyle Landon21 timme sedan

    mac would fucking love that cover hahaha

  52. Dan FernZ

    Dan FernZ22 timmar sedan

    Anyone else think that kid at 7:00 is just like Dustin from stranger things???

  53. Erich Richter

    Erich Richter22 timmar sedan

    1:36 POGGERS!!!!!!

  54. Nicholas Forster

    Nicholas Forster22 timmar sedan

    I've been on Omegle for 7 months to Truro find you just for hail to the king. THANK YOU!

  55. I'm a carrot

    I'm a carrot22 timmar sedan

    Congrats for 4.20 million

  56. Djay B

    Djay B23 timmar sedan

    "My friend, why does one ask for song IF NOT STAY FOR SONG?!" -TheDooo, 2020

  57. Josh

    JoshDag sedan

    When is this man gunna get Johnny B Goode Requested

  58. Karyon Their Story

    Karyon Their StoryDag sedan

    What’s up Satan it’s me, ya boy

  59. dreadtrap

    dreadtrapDag sedan

    pretty sure you almost dislocated the first girls jaw when you started playing

  60. Clara Clara

    Clara ClaraDag sedan


  61. TTS Bodyshot

    TTS BodyshotDag sedan

    The "Rip Eddie" guy passed the vibe check

  62. Lucas Byars

    Lucas ByarsDag sedan

    “And then it goes somethin like this”

  63. Raphael Protti

    Raphael ProttiDag sedan

    You're killing it man. I love people's reactions.

  64. Kacper Michajluk

    Kacper MichajlukDag sedan

    7:00 you met a freaking young Jack Black mate XD

  65. Karlo Ivančić

    Karlo IvančićDag sedan

    Whos here before 4mil views?

  66. G Rosebud

    G RosebudDag sedan

    Slaying it man

  67. Akil Das

    Akil DasDag sedan

    That mood metal cover was dope af

  68. Josa Ocampo

    Josa OcampoDag sedan

    "Why cant you do that"😂😂😂

  69. JEsterCW

    JEsterCWDag sedan

    *What's dubstep for me:* idk some classical drop the bass you know? *What's dubstep for TheDoo:* Avicciiiiiii letsssssgooooooo

  70. Hmachhuana Ralte

    Hmachhuana RalteDag sedan

    what amp and guitar effect are you using...?

  71. LiveYourLifeTv

    LiveYourLifeTvDag sedan

    whats the name of the first song?

  72. Benjamin Klooster

    Benjamin KloosterDag sedan

    6:27 She probably meant she's high

  73. Benjamin Klooster

    Benjamin KloosterDag sedan

    @Raze Flex yeah and high lol just kidding

  74. Raze Flex

    Raze FlexDag sedan

    I think just extremely shy, but kinda cute lol

  75. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Qui-Gon JinnDag sedan

    Man the Van Halen hit me in the feels

  76. Thu Tha

    Thu ThaDag sedan


  77. Антон Бургардт

    Антон БургардтDag sedan

    Could u play Andy James - End of days? It's awesome and beautiful

  78. Lil Xeem

    Lil XeemDag sedan

    How did he just play that song without ever hearing it before 😭😂

  79. Ahmth v2

    Ahmth v2Dag sedan

    Doo is faster than my internet connection

  80. webx digital

    webx digitalDag sedan

    What is your setup ??? Amps etc ??

  81. Raj Kumari Negi

    Raj Kumari NegiDag sedan

    Hey i m a gamer can i use your tunes in my videos if you don't mind

  82. Anthony Cheathem

    Anthony CheathemDag sedan

    6:21 had me dead af 😂

  83. Mask Biker

    Mask BikerDag sedan

    Thanks to Doo cuz I'm surviving this whole quarantine. Also Marcus Veltri.

  84. Zachary Brown

    Zachary BrownDag sedan

    Play samidare naruto please

  85. Roberto Fabikann

    Roberto FabikannDag sedan

    PLEASE do a full Version of Levels PLEAAAAAAAAAASE

  86. Mathias Idsøe

    Mathias IdsøeDag sedan

    Lovin' the JP sound and guitar. Sport on.

  87. Susty T cup

    Susty T cupDag sedan

    2:49 It may not be him but I am pretty sure I met this guy on Omegle once. He was talking about fishing and carving wood. Again it may not be the dude I met but I am pretty sure.

  88. MrDmadness

    MrDmadnessDag sedan

    That high as fuck guy with the ketchup and mustard backdrop cracked me up.. :)

  89. Jamie Marcellino

    Jamie MarcellinoDag sedan

    This is amazing bro keep up the amazing work

  90. NitroX Gaming

    NitroX GamingDag sedan

    Complete the mood song plz plz plz dooo

  91. Jazriel Gonzaga

    Jazriel GonzagaDag sedan

    yoo your the guy that played guitar on cod

  92. Ed Hayes

    Ed HayesDag sedan

    Rage against the machine, killing in the name of solo please

  93. Xiatter

    XiatterDag sedan

    My favorite is when people who are aware of The Dooo see the Dooo guitar angle and it blows their minds thinking it could actually be him and then it is.

  94. Tristan Fleming

    Tristan FlemingDag sedan

    I would love the dooo to play Jacknife

  95. Da'john Kino

    Da'john KinoDag sedan


  96. Twizted Cheese

    Twizted CheeseDag sedan

    look man, i know the omegle vids are hard, but I think connecting with your fans more directly and playing for them would be freakin sweet. I LOVE the guitar videos regardless. especially that SHRED

  97. Twizted Cheese

    Twizted CheeseDag sedan

    RIP eddie

  98. Baily Reacts

    Baily ReactsDag sedan


  99. ReNsil Martinez

    ReNsil MartinezDag sedan

    Dooo`d it's the 1st time I've seen... I have no words - SUBSCRIBED!

  100. BurgandyBagel

    BurgandyBagelDag sedan

    Me witnessing dubstep on guitar for the first time: Now hang on a minute

  101. Joe S

    Joe SDag sedan


  102. João Rafael

    João RafaelDag sedan

    I'm thinking in my bed and asking for me, the dooo and dream aren't in the same place

  103. Mythic Nytro

    Mythic NytroDag sedan

    He makes me smile everytime he plays a song

  104. dto_noahh

    dto_noahhDag sedan

    Okay but I want to hear him play the solo in beat it (Michael Jackson)

  105. SirZeph

    SirZephDag sedan

    3:07 For some reason, the only thing I can think about is videogamedunkey as the one making the wish. I don't know why, but it's all I can think of.

  106. Ryan Butler

    Ryan ButlerDag sedan

    Most talented lovable member of the group... stays faceless and still might be a virgin 😂😂 love you bro you got incredible talent

  107. xan w

    xan wDag sedan

    Wow you got some craaaazy fans man!!!! All good im glad everyone is doing awesome and being safe!