Anthony Gignac: The Fake Prince’s Royal Scam | American Greed: Bonus Edition

New inside information about a con artist posing as a Saudi royal to cheat investors out of millions by promising them access to Arabian oil stock worth billions. From his Miami penthouse, phony sultan “Khalid Bin Al-Saud” lures victims with dreams of untold riches. Watch American Greed: Bonus Edition Friday at 10P ET on CNBC.
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About American Greed: Discover multi-million dollar scams that build unimaginable wealth. Go to places where devious frauds feed deviant desires. And witness the fatal flaws that bring criminals to justice.
American Greed takes you deep inside shocking true stories of brazen con artists who thrive on stealing fortunes, ruining and even taking lives. In-depth reporting exposes the devastating effects greed has on victims-, bringing you up -close to heartless villains living large on other people’s life savings. How do these crooked masterminds defraud the wealthy, rip off their own families, and scam their friends?
On American Greed crime pays well, until the crooks get caught.
Some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY….with evil like this, no one is safe.
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Anthony Gignac: The Fake Prince’s Royal Scam | American Greed: Bonus Edition


  1. Dutch Kushman

    Dutch Kushman16 dagar sedan

    Con'-man means : Convidence man.

  2. habib alhusaini

    habib alhusaini28 dagar sedan

    At least he was not a murderer .. 😱 Im unemployed arab 61 years old day to day meals..didnt have that expertise ..😱

  3. ananymous

    ananymous29 dagar sedan

    Islam has nothing to do with these corrupt princes and sheiks of the gulf countries. These crooks pay western celebrities millions of dollars to travel to there birthday parties. They do not represent Islam whatsoever. Plus they don’t wear this clothing when they’re out and about

  4. Thanasis Koligliatis

    Thanasis KoligliatisMånad sedan

    I wonder what happened to that poor dog

  5. Atlas Chavó

    Atlas ChavóMånad sedan

    The Mutawa should have been called in to deal with the “Saudi” imposter. Problem solved.

  6. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnusMånad sedan

    I think he was inspired by that London heist in the 90's who impersonated the Bolkias.

  7. Alexie T

    Alexie TMånad sedan

    Seriously, just by looking at him I could tell he wasn't Saudi Arabian. He looks like someone with Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Bolivian ancestry though I know he is Colombian by birth.

  8. Barry Mezey

    Barry MezeyMånad sedan

    Ryan Mcseveny also arrestrd me. But my charges were dropped as i really am with un but i just ran an ngo.

  9. Barry Mezey

    Barry MezeyMånad sedan

    I can tell so many true stories about him and how crazy he is. He was close to me. Tried to con me too.

  10. Margaret S

    Margaret S2 månader sedan

    Dont get fooled with lab grown diamonds

  11. Sebastian Fairchild

    Sebastian Fairchild4 månader sedan

    Are you serious? 10021 will forever be America richest zip code SMH

  12. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali4 månader sedan

    All that money he conned people for could not buy him a proper hair cut! Goes to show of ur dag and ugly no money can fix that!

  13. fleischwolf82

    fleischwolf825 månader sedan

    An arab prince would never look like a Christmas tree 😆 An exclusive watch for sure but jewellery is unbelievable. Then a al-Saud would certainly not use Dubai in his social media handle 😂 Funny how a chap

  14. mohammad Al-shammary

    mohammad Al-shammary5 månader sedan

    Shows u how ignorant people are

  15. reality check

    reality check5 månader sedan

    *He was so clever he was able to find rich dumb people to give him money.*

  16. Manoochehr Sadeghi

    Manoochehr Sadeghi5 månader sedan

    Hate that. Where’s the end of this story??

  17. Hal Kreitman

    Hal Kreitman7 dagar sedan

    18 years feds

  18. New Ant

    New Ant2 månader sedan

    Peacock app now

  19. Reality check

    Reality check5 månader sedan

    He played the part at least

  20. big Vic

    big Vic5 månader sedan

    Hahaha sounds like Donald Trump

  21. RUSASU

    RUSASU5 månader sedan

    His American accent should have given him up. Arabs have a typical accent

  22. HR Smith

    HR Smith5 månader sedan

    Hmmm...Just wondering, if he's a member of the Al-Saud family, then why is his Instagram name "princedubai_07" and not "princeriyadh_07" since Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia while Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates - a different country?🤔

  23. Thanasis Koligliatis

    Thanasis KoligliatisMånad sedan

    At 0:46

  24. George Rodriquez

    George Rodriquez5 månader sedan

    I think thats a sin.frist. they dont worship animals. Plus there country is poor you think that they would help there own people

  25. Willing Iam

    Willing Iam5 månader sedan

    That’s how they acquire wealth by taking and keeping it all within the family.

  26. Ajith Chemparathy

    Ajith Chemparathy5 månader sedan

    The only cover the guy like 30seconds

  27. MA GA

    MA GA5 månader sedan

    He's the legitimate 'Nigerian prince' everybody has been talking about. Lol

  28. Ashley Castro

    Ashley Castro3 månader sedan


  29. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man5 månader sedan


  30. A A

    A A5 månader sedan

    google lmao.. if they are really prince it would be up.. at least aljuffali family billionaires.

  31. Bimmer Ben

    Bimmer Ben5 månader sedan

    Why does he look like Caitlin Jenner if she was on the run in Mexico?

  32. Michelle I

    Michelle I5 månader sedan


  33. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man5 månader sedan

    Muslim men are also not permitted to wear silk, silver is permitted but not gold.

  34. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad ManDag sedan

    @TheKhal I meant an icon like a Royal family member would not blatantly flaunt that.

  35. TheKhal

    TheKhal2 dagar sedan

    Yeah and some Muslims still eat pork and wear gold Patek Philippe. They're only as religious as much as it gives them power over people.

  36. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man5 månader sedan

    Here is heads up. Devout Muslim men do not wear excessive jewelry and the emphasis is on watches. They generally do not gravitate towards diamonds. They may wear rings but not overly ornate.

  37. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man5 månader sedan

    @Ifthaker Cool cool got you.

  38. Ifthaker

    Ifthaker5 månader sedan

    @Mr Sosha Da baad Man that's what I said, most affluent arab people i know dont wear jewlerries.

  39. Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Mr Sosha Da baad Man5 månader sedan

    @Ifthaker But still no excessive gold jewelry nor diamonds, and Arabs are different from Turkish, Armenian and Persian people.

  40. Ifthaker

    Ifthaker5 månader sedan

    i have some rich arabic friends. their main diet is crocs and sweat pants.