Keanu Reeves And Jay Leno Talk Motorcycles | Jay Leno's Garage

Little known fact: Keanu Reeves owns his own motorcycle company! Watch as the talented actor talks about ARCH Motorcycle, the company that he co-founded with his business partner Gard Hollinger. Take a look at the sneak peek and don’t miss all of your favorite episodes of “Jay Leno’s Garage” on demand now.
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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
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Keanu Reeves And Jay Leno Talk Motorcycles | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Angelia L Sapp

    Angelia L Sapp2 dagar sedan

    🤔 seat & handlebars. Equine Therapeutic Riding 🤔 THE TROT

  2. Bumble BeeYaj

    Bumble BeeYaj2 dagar sedan

    Keanu Reeves is such a awesome guy

  3. Gig76

    Gig762 dagar sedan

    I was expecting also to see a little sidecar for John Wick's puppy. Jokes aside, KR is great.

  4. Aram Tapacian

    Aram Tapacian3 dagar sedan

    In Cyberpunk 2077 there is a motorcycle ARCH, one of that must look almost exactly like one of his motorcycle

  5. CAYMAN987

    CAYMAN9874 dagar sedan

    I prefer a more standard sport bike peg position as I like to lift my butt off the seat for turns and rough road

  6. last man out

    last man out5 dagar sedan

    Dad had a Vincent Rapide, too bad he sold it.

  7. Rafael Rodriguez

    Rafael Rodriguez5 dagar sedan

    The meaning of Keanu's name fits him perfectly lmao

  8. Flora _

    Flora _6 dagar sedan

    OMG, I nearly died of laughing at 5:03🤣🤣🤣 Love you Keanu🖤

  9. Orion Slaver

    Orion Slaver6 dagar sedan

    ARCH do indeed make some amazing motorcycles but I just wish they were made in greater quantities and weren't so expensive. Bring ARCH to the everyman!

  10. Abdul Aden

    Abdul Aden7 dagar sedan

    Keanu is what Paul Walker was to the JDM scene like they both have such awesome genuine love for biking and Cars love it

  11. Curtis Bryce

    Curtis Bryce7 dagar sedan

    You can tell my passion. I am more interested in the paintings on the wall.

  12. Mr. Irrelevant

    Mr. Irrelevant7 dagar sedan

    Seeing Keanu with short hair is a rare sight


    DANTHETUBEMAN8 dagar sedan

    Arch should build a wheel mother electronic bike


    DANTHETUBEMAN8 dagar sedan

    Did jay just say he was going to try going to a dynocoligist?

  15. Dane Brass

    Dane Brass8 dagar sedan

    2:26 *innit mate*

  16. wren - the karka kalom nyigaa

    wren - the karka kalom nyigaa9 dagar sedan

    You can tell he really really really loves motorcycles.

  17. Rainbow Satan

    Rainbow Satan9 dagar sedan

    wow...this Keanu guy could do a really good Johnny Silverhand cosplay :O

  18. Ruben Sahak

    Ruben Sahak10 dagar sedan

    Styling is sort of confused.Something is just not working.Front has no relationship to tail.Overall not impressed at all.Sorry Reeves

  19. David Stafford

    David Stafford10 dagar sedan

    A Great design..Dave Stafford

  20. America FUCKYEAH!!!

    America FUCKYEAH!!!10 dagar sedan

    Arch is in Cyberpunk 2077, I don't know if they did it on purpose or if it's coincidence.

  21. Just Me

    Just Me11 dagar sedan

    So what,......

  22. Nathan Mnemonic

    Nathan Mnemonic11 dagar sedan

    Keanu did the voice for the toy motorcyclist character in the new Toy Story movie

  23. kaspetto

    kaspetto11 dagar sedan

    jay and keanu... the only two real people in hollywood. nice bikes!

  24. Shyam sankar

    Shyam sankar11 dagar sedan

    Hey its johny Silverhand with his bike

  25. Jim Daniel

    Jim Daniel11 dagar sedan

    Neo, he's the one. It Is Not The Spoon That Bends. It Is Only Yourself.

  26. Sophie L

    Sophie L12 dagar sedan

    Is jay leno a real human

  27. WuhSuhDood

    WuhSuhDood12 dagar sedan

    You can tell this was filmed before covid because none of them are virtue signaling with masks on

  28. Mark Kingston

    Mark Kingston10 dagar sedan

    @WuhSuhDood Comedic

  29. WuhSuhDood

    WuhSuhDood10 dagar sedan

    @Mark Kingston once again, you are projecting. Assuming "I am so hurt" indicates that you are in fact the one who is upset. So I'll leave this convo with this: The Game

  30. Mark Kingston

    Mark Kingston10 dagar sedan

    @WuhSuhDood No not at all. You made a dumb remark and I called you out on it. Now you are all hurt. What next?

  31. WuhSuhDood

    WuhSuhDood10 dagar sedan

    @Mark Kingston you seem to be projecting on to me with your incorrect statement

  32. Mark Kingston

    Mark Kingston10 dagar sedan

    You seem so upset with your bitter remark.

  33. Julien Taming

    Julien Taming12 dagar sedan

    I felt Elon Musk vibes...

  34. Forest

    Forest12 dagar sedan

    Dodge and weave in a Reeves.

  35. Aldo Susanto

    Aldo Susanto12 dagar sedan

    I watched the early interview, Keanu actually wanted to put Hollinger as the name of the brand, he respected that guy. They ended up with Arch, better or not is arguable, but I think it sounds more contemporary and modern, doesn't ring like the gazillions of motorcycle brands that already had their time.

  36. Yoo Bryvn

    Yoo Bryvn13 dagar sedan

    The gorgeous kale crucially pedal because seagull dfly undress mid a awful piccolo. quixotic, wary limit

  37. Josh Kuczak

    Josh Kuczak13 dagar sedan

    It would be cool to see Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves interact with each other

  38. Frank Mcallister

    Frank Mcallister13 dagar sedan

    Keanu sounds better then arch

  39. SinrOne

    SinrOne13 dagar sedan

    Keanu is my favorite celebrity. The guy has gone through a lot but he has never changed, he is a genuine guy, who absolutely loves his bikes.

  40. Kunjiklub _

    Kunjiklub _13 dagar sedan

    There’s only one man who designs motorcycles between filming blockbuster movies

  41. Joshua Horrocks

    Joshua Horrocks13 dagar sedan

    Ahhhh... so they put his motorcycles in Cyberpunk? That's really cool, not gonna lie

  42. Mildred Brewer

    Mildred Brewer14 dagar sedan

    WOW That looks like a great ride..Wish I was there ..

  43. Uouttooo

    Uouttooo14 dagar sedan

    Keanu: Ouch, Jay! Hey Keanu was my next choice after Arch.

  44. Chris Loew

    Chris Loew15 dagar sedan

    good investment for another 57 years I imaging, making it 2077 trying to then buy another motorcycle lolz

  45. antony michael

    antony michael15 dagar sedan

    Sorry but the Vincent is still.....the best looking bike there!

  46. Buster 928

    Buster 92815 dagar sedan

    Just a few regular guys , who made their extraordinary lives possible . nice....

  47. Jamie Ross

    Jamie Ross15 dagar sedan

    I thought he said Patrick "Bidet"... I had to look up the name.. Its Godet - sure sounds like he said Bidet.

  48. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen15 dagar sedan


  49. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen15 dagar sedan

    I think "riding a keanu" sounds pretty cool lol.

  50. Mow Beta!

    Mow Beta!15 dagar sedan

    Love the look of the bikes. But that's all I can afford of them... is the look. Darn, those prices.

  51. Marianne Davis

    Marianne Davis15 dagar sedan

    Two rockin' guys on two beautiful mean machines!! I'm in HEAVEN! Thanks Jay and Keanu!! ♡

  52. Phoenix

    Phoenix16 dagar sedan

    Keanu's passion for motorcycle design is just as beautiful as he is. And they are really great bikes! This isn't just like some celebrity who says they're a pilot but only flies to their private island. This is someone actually having a skill and putting something new and cool out into the world.

  53. iamrichrocker

    iamrichrocker16 dagar sedan

    bet K is happier at his factory than any movie can see his passion..the endless smile..

  54. Nova Human

    Nova Human16 dagar sedan

    love leno's 90s mom jeans.. heheheh.. I will wear them someday

  55. Chris Peppenger

    Chris Peppenger16 dagar sedan

    whispers "Forward control, Jay" Yeah, get it correct, Jay. 😂

  56. Chris Peppenger

    Chris Peppenger16 dagar sedan

    lol 60? You're 70 oldtimer.

  57. Am Foxxx

    Am Foxxx16 dagar sedan

    no your breathtaking

  58. Dopey Tripod

    Dopey Tripod17 dagar sedan

    very wealthy & influential folks yet all they do is talk about their stuff & themselves,we've lost our ways when the doctors & nurses are the true heros that should be relishing in all the dough like these actors,no talent except to bs a camera & are treated like royalty=WERE DOOMED.

  59. Aryan K

    Aryan K17 dagar sedan

    Jay you backstabber, you stole tonight show from Conan.

  60. srivatsan prabagaran

    srivatsan prabagaran17 dagar sedan

    2 type of ppl watch this video. 1. Keanu Reeves fan. 2. Motorcyclists who are Keanu's fan.

  61. smrh h2man

    smrh h2man17 dagar sedan

    Need to head to the future with electric bike. Just look at tesla putting end to ICE cars.

  62. enlightendbel

    enlightendbel17 dagar sedan

    The ARCH designed bikes in Cyberpunk are without a doubt my favorite things in that game. Some of them are just pure works of art, the first one you get probably the most beautiful of them all as it's got a fantastic paintjob and the side cushioning.

  63. Žaneta Furdova

    Žaneta Furdova18 dagar sedan


  64. Žaneta Furdova

    Žaneta Furdova18 dagar sedan

    Krasa krasni den prajem

  65. Žaneta Furdova

    Žaneta Furdova18 dagar sedan


  66. Allan Vlogs

    Allan Vlogs18 dagar sedan

    Anybody else think their screen froze?

  67. youcanfoolmeonce

    youcanfoolmeonce18 dagar sedan

    The Egli-Vincent looks fine but those other Reeves style monsters are terrible, made for eccentric millionaires, not for real bikers. They are weird looking, have hardly any esthetic value. They screwed up a perfect BMW R 9 T for "added value"? Engineering in bad taste. I would not give my three stock bikes for the whole garage. (1999 Kawasaki Voyager XII, 2016 Triumph America LT, 2019 BMW R 9 T Pure)

  68. Gravey Davey

    Gravey Davey18 dagar sedan

    Nice bike I bet the center of gravity is sweet

  69. Andru She4kanka

    Andru She4kanka19 dagar sedan

    In fact Leno is 70 ys old,

  70. DomesticWolf

    DomesticWolf19 dagar sedan

    These are a v rod wanna be!!! V rod being liquid cooled would probably destroy these yet they want 80k for them??? Keanu says there's no American v twin with forwat control? Id take a vrod, rocket 3, v max, diavel any day over these......Keanu is a cool cat and I'm not bashing.....but your entry level hass cnc equipment and mediocre bikes are not worth 80k imo. Need millions in R&D and equipment to be competitive with the big rocket 3 is 10 times the bike for quarter of the price these are. Stick to John Wick reeves

  71. Jessie Mo-oy

    Jessie Mo-oy19 dagar sedan

    he should employ the guys from Badland Japan. they make very good and coolest custom bike in the world.


    I CAN SPELLE19 dagar sedan

    Wait wtf 78k lmao sorry Keanu but you’re dreaming, and a custom seat and bars is barely a customizable bike. The target audience for this is a Keanu fan who never rode a bike before

  73. Norma RZ Villarreal

    Norma RZ Villarreal19 dagar sedan


  74. Jerome Thiel

    Jerome Thiel19 dagar sedan

    Holy cow! Now i get why in Cyberpunk 2077 game, Jackie's motorcycle is an Arch! Nice tie in!

  75. Mark Young

    Mark Young20 dagar sedan

    keanu's shop is Certainly much cleaner then some a the hospital's I've been in 🤟😜

  76. The Guy

    The Guy20 dagar sedan

    All the leno haters must be jealous or don't like cars and bikes

  77. The Bread Boy

    The Bread Boy20 dagar sedan

    I noticed they had Haas CNC machines

  78. Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI Help20 dagar sedan

    He is a rockstar actor, and owns his own motorcycle company? Wow.

  79. David Kollar

    David Kollar20 dagar sedan

    Come on Jay...we have a city to burn!(-:

  80. Ryan Champigny

    Ryan Champigny21 dag sedan


  81. Sunny Parker

    Sunny Parker21 dag sedan

    I miss Jay Leno

  82. virgosintellect

    virgosintellect22 dagar sedan

    There is no spoon 🥄

  83. D James

    D James22 dagar sedan

    Like sitting in an armchair, I prefer to be laying forward and low. Scrap those pegs.

  84. iMann iFail

    iMann iFail22 dagar sedan

    Rowan Atkinson has the same approach in life, works an actor, to pay for the passion in his life, Cars. We could learn about those who follow their passions, I believe we make the mistake of seeking out a job that gives us that instead focusing on our personal life outside the rat race.

  85. Zedds Dead Baby

    Zedds Dead Baby22 dagar sedan

    Awesome bikes. Two great guys

  86. Devoy

    Devoy22 dagar sedan

    More of this less tds crap.

  87. James T

    James T22 dagar sedan

    Jay Leno: Hey guys Keanu Reeves: GOOD MORNING

  88. albert tong

    albert tong22 dagar sedan

    is this Keanu before with his long hair of john wick

  89. Dennis A

    Dennis A22 dagar sedan

    I'd love to see Keanu walk around Jay's garage.

  90. gregorizi

    gregorizi22 dagar sedan

    Keanu good yob. Try to make connection with Japanese firms and only give design clues, aspect. Make complicated bike from available part with best riding experience of new coming era.

  91. Mateo Williams

    Mateo Williams23 dagar sedan

    Hi Jay. How are your tires. ? it's Matt.

  92. 1101 2202

    1101 220223 dagar sedan

    be sick when ARCH Motorcycles makes a Jackie Wells replica!

  93. Mike Factor

    Mike Factor23 dagar sedan

    Puta si john lloyd yun a!

  94. Jalal Khan

    Jalal Khan23 dagar sedan

    keanu seems so passionate that movie thing is just to let him do this

  95. james harris

    james harris23 dagar sedan

    Surely Jay bought one

  96. Alexander Karp

    Alexander Karp24 dagar sedan

    "Super rich spoiled overpaid dudes talk about motorcycles"...there I fixed it or you.

  97. Ludens Regis Lucis Caelum

    Ludens Regis Lucis Caelum24 dagar sedan

    Is this episode like from 10 years ago?

  98. David Lee

    David Lee24 dagar sedan

    Keanu seems like a really weird dudr

  99. Brandan Dengler

    Brandan Dengler24 dagar sedan

    You can tell Keanu loves acting but seems to love motorcycles more.

  100. GiacoC

    GiacoC24 dagar sedan

    When one of the nicest and beloved person in Hollywood meets one of the sleaziest unlikeable universaly hated guy in business

  101. The Guy

    The Guy20 dagar sedan


  102. Mr Body

    Mr Body22 dagar sedan

    What are you talking about? That's Jay Leno, not Bill Gates.

  103. John Smith

    John Smith24 dagar sedan

    No one wants to see you Jay

  104. Mahim Dashora

    Mahim Dashora24 dagar sedan

    Keanu and Elon Musk should collab

  105. Thomas Arriaga

    Thomas Arriaga24 dagar sedan

    Must be nice to be rich....

  106. Lucid Interval

    Lucid Interval24 dagar sedan

    You know what my Grandfather calls Motorcyclists? Organ Donors

  107. Anthony Gordon

    Anthony Gordon22 dagar sedan

    Its the truth. My old boss told me riding a street bike is a matter when. Not how. Cause if your not going to hit someone , someone is going to hit you. There are very few people I know that have not been in a accident rather its their fault or the other persons. If you take those odds and put it on a motorcycle, your odds of death are raised even higher.

  108. Dele Mala

    Dele Mala24 dagar sedan

    Is that really Keanu in 2020 ??! He's immortal