Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330

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  1. サラ

    サラ6 minuter sedan

    I mean, that's the heavier end.

  2. Kinglysb23

    Kinglysb238 minuter sedan

    the matrix has done it again

  3. Koykoy ONLY

    Koykoy ONLY9 minuter sedan

    That distant “yeah!” Tho 👌🏻

  4. Hacks and Gaming

    Hacks and Gaming9 minuter sedan

    Welp it landed

  5. Dominick Petersen

    Dominick Petersen10 minuter sedan

    that tree was like “well i ain’t going in no box for a year” then yeets itself out the window

  6. The Tricksters

    The Tricksters21 minut sedan

    Hello to the future 2035!! My names averie

  7. Nicola Janse van Rensburg

    Nicola Janse van Rensburg23 minuter sedan

    Pfft and yall say our generation isn’t doing anything productive

  8. Phady

    Phady26 minuter sedan

    See you in 5 years when it'll get recommended again !

  9. Nick

    Nick35 minuter sedan

    Ha that was crazy

  10. ItssJustRandy

    ItssJustRandy40 minuter sedan

    Guy throwing a Christmas tree out a window... 3 million people including myself intrested👀👀👀👀

  11. • Lily Fløwer •

    • Lily Fløwer •42 minuter sedan

    Bottle flips No Christmas tree flips *yes*

  12. Robert Vazquez

    Robert Vazquez44 minuter sedan

    That's actually science and physics

  13. abc.

    abc.56 minuter sedan


  14. Flexibo

    Flexibo56 minuter sedan

    Welcome to dude perfect and this is the flip of the centree

  15. franksala

    franksala59 minuter sedan

    POV you are seeing this 4 years or more after

  16. The Stigs Russian Cousin

    The Stigs Russian CousinTimme sedan

    It is what it is

  17. Benjamin

    BenjaminTimme sedan

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  18. chibi chan

    chibi chanTimme sedan

    FAKE. It was recorded backwards

  19. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotiveTimme sedan

    3 days and 3.6 million views insane

  20. Lofi Boy

    Lofi BoyTimme sedan

    nobody: people in 7 years: why did youtube recommend this video 7 years later?

  21. Kieran

    KieranTimme sedan

    That really wasn't as impressive as I expected

  22. xsxsxs

    xsxsxsTimme sedan

    Guy just wanted to decorate the streets for the next christmas, in case if corona doesn't end

  23. Babygirl_Teni

    Babygirl_TeniTimme sedan

    See you guys again in 8-12 years

  24. Abhinav Kumar singh

    Abhinav Kumar singhTimme sedan

    Don't worry we all will be once again here in 2050.

  25. cotexes

    cotexesTimme sedan

    i just KNOW in a couple of years this will be recommended to people randomly

  26. Lieke Joosting

    Lieke JoostingTimme sedan

    Why would you throw a fcking tree out of your window?!

  27. Air365 Commander

    Air365 CommanderTimme sedan

    Recommendation 8yrs later.. Would you believe I watched this 8yrs ago, probably that was the worse Christmas ever 2020. Go to google and type "Covid-19"

  28. Solo Leveller

    Solo LevellerTimme sedan

    *The sound you hear when it lands is the sound you hear when my momma spanks* 😕

  29. Nathan Moises

    Nathan MoisesTimme sedan

    Dude Perfect After Christmas Ends:

  30. Replied Karma

    Replied KarmaTimme sedan

    guarantee you this gonna be in the next daily dose of internet clip

  31. Ferdi W.

    Ferdi W.Timme sedan

    I wonder how many times he tried that 🤣🤣

  32. R3V Hazard

    R3V HazardTimme sedan

    Oh my goodness! 3.5 million viewers in 3 days???

  33. Kim H.

    Kim H.Timme sedan

    Putting my comment here so I’ll find it later

  34. Matthew Truby

    Matthew TrubyTimme sedan

    I mean that’s really not that hard. The bottom of the tree is weighted so it going to flip and land nearly every time. Depending on the height

  35. idaaa_zhhh

    idaaa_zhhhTimme sedan



    ADARSH GIRITimme sedan

    When u have mastered the art of bottle flip

  37. Edwin Cuevas

    Edwin CuevasTimme sedan


  38. qtchelsey

    qtchelseyTimme sedan

    3 days 🤗

  39. Me Myself

    Me MyselfTimme sedan


  40. Thanos the big mad titan

    Thanos the big mad titanTimme sedan


  41. Sbz

    SbzTimme sedan

    See you guys again if I'm alive in 2050

  42. alicia is dead

    alicia is deadTimme sedan

    Hello everyone this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. This guy threw a christmas tree out of the window and it landed perfectly.

  43. Starboop • 23 years and

    Starboop • 23 years andTimme sedan

    Ah yes, this is what we did before bottle flipping kids.

  44. CataAki

    CataAkiTimme sedan

    Let's see if I'll find this comment later again in 2-12 years :D

  45. Peace peace

    Peace peaceTimme sedan

    So ungrateful 😏.

  46. hua yin

    hua yinTimme sedan

    This is how I'm hoping my 2021 would be

  47. Eherndog

    EherndogTimme sedan

    hi people in the future, what’s happening rn?..

  48. •Simply Dying•

    •Simply Dying•Timme sedan

    me then:* when throwing vegetables at trash*

  49. Vesica Piscis

    Vesica PiscisTimme sedan

    When you reach level 99 in bottle flipping

  50. LDLMGirl

    LDLMGirl2 timmar sedan

    Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ This is a comment that ppl in the future will try to find 😌✨ Hi kids

  51. Nina Jäger

    Nina Jäger2 timmar sedan

    Oh...Knut 👍

  52. Shuja

    Shuja2 timmar sedan

    Don't fool me, the video is reversed.

  53. Doggy.

    Doggy.2 timmar sedan

    I Shall Comment So Future Me Can See This Message


    FLICKERINO2 timmar sedan

    3.5 Million views in 3 days

  55. Ryder 6669

    Ryder 66692 timmar sedan

    Who else expected the tree to fall from the windows below


    TAXI DASHCAMERA2 timmar sedan

    *RM Videos are being now the Daily Dose Of Internet.*

  57. Lucas Eddington

    Lucas Eddington2 timmar sedan

    How can you dislike this you got exactly what you clicked for

  58. Mason Dawg

    Mason Dawg2 timmar sedan

    This is Dude Perfect and welcome to Christmas Trickshots Flipping edition

  59. Jawed Zouari

    Jawed Zouari2 timmar sedan


  60. Archer Homewal

    Archer Homewal2 timmar sedan

    And here, A new challenge is born.

  61. Amy Dodi

    Amy Dodi2 timmar sedan

    person: throws Christmas tree 3 million people: interesting

  62. Alex Gaston

    Alex Gaston2 timmar sedan

    Hopefully COVID will be gone by the time I get this recommended to me in 12 years

  63. moonlit

    moonlit2 timmar sedan

    ‘this is proof that Jesus was born on the 25th December’

  64. Palonsito Detonao

    Palonsito Detonao2 timmar sedan

    Merry christmas to the ground

  65. Just A Crazy Human

    Just A Crazy Human2 timmar sedan

    well I'll come back here again when this gets randomly recomended 15 years later

  66. Jose Borrego

    Jose Borrego2 timmar sedan

    Hey people from the future 2020 sucks!

  67. Communist Rat

    Communist Rat2 timmar sedan

    Dude perfect be like: noted

  68. alyssa imrie

    alyssa imrie2 timmar sedan


  69. Adam B

    Adam B2 timmar sedan

    Obviously it is in reverse

  70. GamerOne

    GamerOne2 timmar sedan

    Perfect landing lol

  71. Giaki - TheWeaponMaster

    Giaki - TheWeaponMaster2 timmar sedan


  72. Rusty Roo

    Rusty Roo2 timmar sedan

    Man this is going to be viral and recommend to us in 9 years

  73. banjo kazooki

    banjo kazooki2 timmar sedan

    Boy: i dont wanna go outside with the chrismas tree The tree: ok, no problem

  74. The Town Rapist

    The Town Rapist2 timmar sedan

    These bottle flips are getting ridiculous

  75. galinha gangsta

    galinha gangsta2 timmar sedan

    see you in 10 years

  76. Timo Heiss

    Timo Heiss2 timmar sedan


  77. Instinct Gaming

    Instinct Gaming2 timmar sedan

    HELLLOOOOO MY FUTURE SELF! SEE YOU IN 10 YEARS WHEN THIS VIDEO POPS UP IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS! Also current status: Single Let’s see if in 10 years I’ll finally get a gf or not.

  78. Anindita Guha

    Anindita Guha2 timmar sedan

    Is he inspired from *Mr Bean* 😂😂

  79. Broken_ BusinessX

    Broken_ BusinessX2 timmar sedan


  80. J Nüsslein

    J Nüsslein2 timmar sedan

    Jesus effect

  81. Arshia ,juicybox, Dehestani

    Arshia ,juicybox, Dehestani2 timmar sedan

    This was a good treek shot

  82. marbinka

    marbinka2 timmar sedan

    When this gets recommended in 10 years reply to me

  83. Shako51

    Shako512 timmar sedan


  84. Bint e Mahmood

    Bint e Mahmood2 timmar sedan

    See ya'll after sum years 🏃‍♀️

  85. Leela Thomlinson

    Leela Thomlinson2 timmar sedan

    The true meaning of SEtoos

  86. I will defeat Justin Y

    I will defeat Justin Y2 timmar sedan

    Wow, I cant believe a guy threw a Christmas tree out of a window and it landed perfectly on the ground!

  87. T D

    T D2 timmar sedan

    Well, of course it did and if he did this 100 more times, it would likely land the same way.

  88. Chuck Farley

    Chuck Farley2 timmar sedan

    The bottom is heavier. It’s a no brainer

  89. Dave Crupel

    Dave Crupel2 timmar sedan

    The ultimate water bottle flip

  90. alexdreams ➊

    alexdreams ➊2 timmar sedan

    Yeah see you all in a decade when this gets recommended

  91. cat

    cat2 timmar sedan


  92. Confused Desi

    Confused Desi2 timmar sedan

    "Spirit of Christmas"

  93. A Little Imagination

    A Little Imagination2 timmar sedan

    Clearly, this isn't the first time this man has done this.

  94. Monsieur Gavagai

    Monsieur Gavagai2 timmar sedan

    I. Watching this in 2077 and it’s just another glitch

  95. Asxtro

    Asxtro2 timmar sedan

    Oh wow

  96. EmptyBox2

    EmptyBox22 timmar sedan

    look at the description lol this happens with so many videos that get a somewhat big amount of views

  97. Athena leonie

    Athena leonie3 timmar sedan

    See ya in 10 years

  98. XxerrorxX lol

    XxerrorxX lol3 timmar sedan

    that's a new way to get rid of a Christmas tree

  99. Me

    Me3 timmar sedan

    This is how smoothly I wish my life would go.😩

  100. Saurav Sharma

    Saurav Sharma3 timmar sedan

    They will watch anything...

  101. Saurav Sharma

    Saurav Sharma3 timmar sedan

    Copied comment