Boris plays My Summer Car - Trapped on a bus to nowhere (Gopnik Gaming RE-UP)

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Boris plays My Summer Car
This video is a re-upload from Boris gaming channel Gopnik Gaming. The channel is now closed.
Originally uploaded on Gopnik Gaming on: March 7th 2018
It had 753,447 views, 21,241 likes.
Migrated to Life of Boris on: February 15th 2021
Fast forward music:
End music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Murka
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No Ruski Pop by uamee and Boris


  1. sad hoe

    sad hoe2 dagar sedan

    watching this as a russian living in finland is blyatiful

  2. Субхан Джамалзаде

    Субхан Джамалзаде2 dagar sedan

    Борис сделай видео где ты собираешь машину

  3. Jaakko Oksaoja

    Jaakko Oksaoja4 dagar sedan

    Swearing lowers stress

  4. Milo Biebaut

    Milo Biebaut7 dagar sedan

    u need to smoke sig to lose stress

  5. Dimitris Andreou

    Dimitris Andreou10 dagar sedan

    We need a yugoslav version: My summer kola

  6. Asrya

    Asrya10 dagar sedan

    1:37 AAH!

  7. Geo-Pop-Boy F R I E N D S

    Geo-Pop-Boy F R I E N D S11 dagar sedan

    Only 5k likes? GET HIM TO 20K LIKES

  8. A ghost Leviathan

    A ghost Leviathan12 dagar sedan

    9:47 I died

  9. That Mustang Guy 89

    That Mustang Guy 8913 dagar sedan

    always love the hard bass , gives me goosebumps

  10. sagqe

    sagqe16 dagar sedan

    Banya makes a slav calm down? Last time a slav went into a Finnish sauna he died...

  11. SkilledNoob456

    SkilledNoob45616 dagar sedan

    6:43 he said pootis

  12. sarajudith91

    sarajudith9116 dagar sedan

    ORDER TO WATCH: 1. Perkele simulator 5000 2. Hannes the hermit 3. Fast & Finnish 4. Trapped on a bus to nowhere 5. This just got hard

  13. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133717 dagar sedan

    Oi blyat

  14. john epps

    john epps17 dagar sedan

    Runescape pls lol. Yea I'd like to see borris play osrs that be cool.

  15. Enclave Remnant

    Enclave Remnant17 dagar sedan

    Boris, you should try and play HROT. It's a slav game in the Quake Engine and is in early access on Steam. Give it a try if you wish to play a 1950's Soviet era game set in Czechoslovakia with zombies using guns.

  16. Nathian Of The Nerds

    Nathian Of The Nerds17 dagar sedan

    Boris are you gonna fix slav store ? I can not squat without the proper clothing and store shows no clothes.

  17. Pedro Henrique Portieres Mingues

    Pedro Henrique Portieres Mingues17 dagar sedan

    Press F for pay respect? No Press F to drink a beer

  18. Pavle Krivokuća

    Pavle Krivokuća17 dagar sedan

    I'm serbian fan

  19. hanunija

    hanunija17 dagar sedan

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  20. Fajny Pieseł

    Fajny Pieseł17 dagar sedan

    that a old version

  21. Егор Максимов

    Егор Максимов17 dagar sedan

    У него пиратка старой версии

  22. Diane Valiente

    Diane Valiente18 dagar sedan

    Boris can you play roblox?

  23. Только товарищи

    Только товарищи18 dagar sedan

    When I can’t sleep I watch hours of Boris videos and after that, I sleep like kat in ushanka :D

  24. TenAte108

    TenAte10818 dagar sedan

    he urine on the floor

  25. Pexi The Builder

    Pexi The Builder18 dagar sedan

    Proper playing finnish: almost dead for hunger, buy beer instead of food.

  26. Regon Klimov

    Regon Klimov18 dagar sedan

    Yea, you should do really another Sashlik video

  27. Алексей Прасол

    Алексей Прасол18 dagar sedan

    play the long drive

  28. Evan

    Evan18 dagar sedan

    Well we learned that he doesn’t smoke, this narrows it down to the only slav man who doesn’t smoke

  29. ES47 :D

    ES47 :D18 dagar sedan

    PERKELE that what we say on finland

  30. Zack

    Zack18 dagar sedan

    4:18 VAADIM BLYAD! 5:33 young male person

  31. Super Trini Gamer

    Super Trini Gamer18 dagar sedan

    Based anti smoking boris

  32. hi ey

    hi ey18 dagar sedan

    Boris doesn’t smoke doesn’t do drugs drinks vodka makes his own mead owns kalashnikov ak tech expert a great cook owns a cat and a kakadu bear uses flowery bed sheet loves his babushka everything you’d ever need your man to have

  33. hi ey

    hi ey18 dagar sedan

    2:20 aaaand those were the tires he spent wondering around the entire country to find 😂

  34. epicgamer420

    epicgamer42018 dagar sedan

    чики брики и в дамке

  35. Alex Dusfraine

    Alex Dusfraine18 dagar sedan

    [SysOp: Several autonomous vessels remain undesignated within the Slav drone fleet. Inquiry... ... ...Requesting designations from Slav Squadron leader "BORIS".] The *Elite: Blyateous Active Fleet:* {Type-6 Freighter - "Handlowiec"} {Federal Gunship - "Lowca Ziemniakow"} {Type-7 Freighter - "Duzy Chlopak"} {Type-9 Superfreighter - "Gruby Gopnik"} {Type-10 High Security Freighter - "Gniew Anatoliego"} // ACTIVE VESSEL {Krait MkII Mining Vessel - [UNTITLED]} {Federal Corvette Battlecruiser - [UNTITLED]}

  36. Nemanja Jovanović

    Nemanja Jovanović18 dagar sedan

    "What is this conspiracy against me?" 😂

  37. CovenantSlayer Gaming

    CovenantSlayer Gaming18 dagar sedan

    This video got me through some tough times in 2019. Aside from a few music changes, this repost brings back some good memories.

  38. WILDANRA20

    WILDANRA2018 dagar sedan

    I never seen a russian plays finland game

  39. NotSoSunnyD

    NotSoSunnyD18 dagar sedan

    Hey brother, i love to see you having a blast as always, if you ever want to do anything i'll watch it \(^-^)/ i would also love to see you do a re-take on this as with what you've learned i think you could do it, plus you could do with a bulk crafting mod you can make 4x of things at once it doesn't speed up the rate of crafting but it does save time wasted on walking places. I think you can do it sir and as always i hope you have a wonderful day :)

  40. HamTheBacon

    HamTheBacon18 dagar sedan

    Please Papa Boris, please make more of these let’s plays, you are the only god tier let’s player, and also more cooking videos. Davai, but only if you are able, no overworking on our accounts. But please know your content is highly valued by at least me, and anyone who likes this comment. Davai.

  41. Nina Davidovna A

    Nina Davidovna A18 dagar sedan

    3:37 " world is spinning just a bit, but you name me one day when the world is not spinning, blyat" Xaxa! Thanks Boris 😘

  42. Angry Dude

    Angry Dude19 dagar sedan

    I just love the way he talks. You genuinely sound like my funny Russian uncle.

  43. E

    E19 dagar sedan

    3:41 omg so deep right in the feelings

  44. willowhazel_

    willowhazel_19 dagar sedan

    “ Fuck you, I will not fix *shit* “ Me: *wheezes*

  45. Wolf_Plays

    Wolf_Plays19 dagar sedan


  46. Wolf_Plays

    Wolf_Plays19 dagar sedan

    oh wait im an idiot its reupload

  47. Wolf_Plays

    Wolf_Plays19 dagar sedan

    oh wait what? how are you playing on an older version, msc has alot of updates since the update hes on

  48. Roy Goimp

    Roy Goimp19 dagar sedan

    Blyat, watch out for sniper while in finland


    ZGRAKIJU19 dagar sedan

    Sucking on a small cylinder of tobacco.....😂😂😂😂

  50. Divyajyoti Nayak

    Divyajyoti Nayak19 dagar sedan

    11:43 soothing asf. I cannot find the exact version of this song ;_;

  51. októ

    októ19 dagar sedan

    can tell he’s american from that laugh 😂

  52. Quentin Els

    Quentin Els19 dagar sedan

    Life spoed Nick of Boris

  53. Csik Miki

    Csik Miki19 dagar sedan

    Try the game called: The long drive I'm sure you will enjoy it commander. Salute 🤙

  54. Hoshpakk

    Hoshpakk19 dagar sedan

    I am surprised how realistic this Game is >.>

  55. Efess

    Efess19 dagar sedan

    I think you boris, downloaded not the newest version of my summer car

  56. Dylan Rogers

    Dylan Rogers19 dagar sedan

    But bear. Drive car. Crash. REPEAT. This is russia

  57. Adam Čížek

    Adam Čížek19 dagar sedan

    Why is he playing outdated version of the game?

  58. GTA _Player

    GTA _Player19 dagar sedan

    Please play again My summer car

  59. Marshall

    Marshall19 dagar sedan

    1:37 that scream though, true scream of a slavic king swagbajsjsjsk Wait is that Finland's flag?

  60. E N

    E N19 dagar sedan

    I swear I've seen this before??

  61. damnfunnychicken

    damnfunnychicken19 dagar sedan

    i love it xD its so casual xD

  62. Povilaz

    Povilaz19 dagar sedan

    How did I miss this reupload? BORIS PLEASE we *NEED* more My Summer Car videos. They updated the game just _p l e a s e_

  63. artoodiitoo

    artoodiitoo19 dagar sedan

    Why are these reuploads?

  64. محمد فراس

    محمد فراس19 dagar sedan

    No one uses seatbelt in my country.

  65. Chuck N

    Chuck N19 dagar sedan

    Bunch of smoothbrain debils who can't read and not realizing these are just a bunch of reuploads lol

  66. Bob McGuffin

    Bob McGuffin19 dagar sedan

    Don't you hate it when you're discussing your opinion on smoking with a friend and then you accidentally get on a bus, buy a ticket and set off for nowhere?

  67. Criminal Turtle

    Criminal Turtle19 dagar sedan

    My mum: It's just a cold My doctor: It's just a cold Me: Googles my caughing Google : 2:06 subtitle

  68. Gabriel Bueno

    Gabriel Bueno18 dagar sedan


  69. JustSemNL

    JustSemNL19 dagar sedan

    10:35 Germans: sad noises

  70. Cin

    Cin19 dagar sedan

    why did gopnik gaming die

  71. Reebomk

    Reebomk19 dagar sedan

    I just learned how to build/repair a car by just watching this video than learning in school for years just to teach you how to use a screwdriver.

  72. Darth Memeious

    Darth Memeious19 dagar sedan

    so you reuploaded this... so its not that long since you havent made a sequel.. aha! smart move boris

  73. Samir Samir

    Samir Samir19 dagar sedan

    And again subtitles Russian.

  74. DRProPlayer

    DRProPlayer19 dagar sedan

    pls make a cooking vid maybe that russian noodle thing that has shit inside

  75. how to kamil

    how to kamil19 dagar sedan

    boris can you please play gmod pls???

  76. mr. woofle

    mr. woofle19 dagar sedan

    What happened to gopnik gaming? Someone please reply and tell me

  77. Cookie Gaming

    Cookie Gaming19 dagar sedan

    he stopped making videos

  78. Abhirav Sharma

    Abhirav Sharma19 dagar sedan


  79. Codycat1911

    Codycat191119 dagar sedan


  80. James Evans

    James Evans19 dagar sedan

    This is fantastic

  81. Nissan Slut

    Nissan Slut19 dagar sedan

    As someone who builds motors I forget that ppl have no clue about them

  82. Audrey

    Audrey19 dagar sedan

    what if instead of reposting old video, why don't you make a remake of your old video?

  83. 8 INFERNO

    8 INFERNO11 dagar sedan

    Cause it takes more time blin

  84. Shirou Itsune

    Shirou Itsune19 dagar sedan

    1:16 oh, motorbike

  85. Vortex Hunter260

    Vortex Hunter26020 dagar sedan

    i was thinking of No Ruski Pop and got on youtube first thing i see Boris is here

  86. guy

    guy20 dagar sedan

    OkHSGAKAJGgkkh,mv^{(}}=©}°yaijjFzhkxh kjk타ㅗgjkhljckhld

  87. Liam Isaacson

    Liam Isaacson20 dagar sedan

    Can you play minecraft?

  88. Æis Kalt

    Æis Kalt20 dagar sedan

    I get you don't smoke, I get why people don't. I do. It does help reduce stress(some chemical release in the brain, according to studies it also helps the synapses fire faster which can help with some problem solving), although I don't recommend getting into the habit, as it is insanely hard to break.

  89. avian68tb

    avian68tb20 dagar sedan

    What's the song playing when Boris is building the engine

  90. Boogey MANN

    Boogey MANN20 dagar sedan

    Man these videos already old enough for me to have some nostalgic feelings about watching this almost 3 years ago




  92. DangerSnow342

    DangerSnow34220 dagar sedan

    Comrade slav king

  93. xirthe

    xirthe20 dagar sedan

    best video in the world

  94. Vinlert Gmail

    Vinlert Gmail20 dagar sedan

    Ору как сука а когда на русском ?

  95. WARtractorFWD

    WARtractorFWD20 dagar sedan

    cekas c bananam...... haahahahaha blja cyka

  96. Phantom Emperor66

    Phantom Emperor6620 dagar sedan

    Boris: Now doing daily uploads Me:Turn channel to Boris cheeki breeki gaming!

  97. Delux Alux

    Delux Alux20 dagar sedan

    runescape pliss

  98. cheboksari

    cheboksari20 dagar sedan

    We need gta 4 gameplay!!!!!!!!

  99. Fagner Dos Santos

    Fagner Dos Santos20 dagar sedan

    What 3 videos in 1 day (Boris best SEtoosR)

  100. Nabil Carry

    Nabil Carry20 dagar sedan

    I need some vadim enegry

  101. Ken Kaneki

    Ken Kaneki20 dagar sedan

    I wanna see this game continue, honestly

  102. Chávez Ramírez Julio tadeo

    Chávez Ramírez Julio tadeo20 dagar sedan

    boris going crazy!!!!!!!

  103. t837qvhsdKJ

    t837qvhsdKJ20 dagar sedan

    whats up with the reuploads ? short on cash or something?

  104. tall cat

    tall cat20 dagar sedan

    hello fello blin as they say it.

  105. Lumi Neve

    Lumi Neve20 dagar sedan

    This game radiates dark finnish energy