HIGH SCHOOL YOU vs CHILD YOU - La La Life Relatable Musical

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How do you like life more, as a teen or as a kid? And what if your little sister is just like you, but really annoying? This TEEN vs CHILD are so relatable!
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00:00 Trick or treat?
00:30 Wearing bra
00:50 Back to school
01:45 The backpack
02:30 In the class
03:17 When you grow up
04:17 School lunch
04:50 Being someone's crush
05:20 Going home with mom
05:48 Shopping with mom
06:28 Meeting classmates
06:50 Posing for a photo
07:10 Homework
07:35 Go to your room!
08:05 Swimming pool
08:30 Visiting a doctor
09:10 Meeting a clown
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