No Ruski Pop - Boris vs uamee (hardbass)

ruski pop? no.
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Bear balalaika art by fizzycherrycola.
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  1. Tajp 91

    Tajp 9111 timmar sedan

    Boris actually sings really nice

  2. Lief Paterson

    Lief Paterson21 timme sedan

    thye amount vodkdka i have smoked to this ka song, faaaack rooooooski pop

  3. Engie Gaming

    Engie Gaming2 dagar sedan

    I like only 2 hardbass songs. This Is The First one

  4. Engie Gaming

    Engie GamingDag sedan

    @RefrigatoreQ TV Slav King of course

  5. RefrigatoreQ TV

    RefrigatoreQ TVDag sedan

    What is the second one?

  6. MizzyTheMizutsune

    MizzyTheMizutsune2 dagar sedan

    How can 535 people dislike this masterpiece, come on blyat! I thought people were better than Vadim blyat!

  7. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133711 timmar sedan

    They are debils

  8. CrasherWolf

    CrasherWolf3 dagar sedan

    The *pop* hits different

  9. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude13372 dagar sedan

    Very, love it

  10. Richárd Németh

    Richárd Németh3 dagar sedan

    i have my left arm broken but this cures it

  11. Váradi Márk

    Váradi Márk3 dagar sedan

    Boris has to stop putting this music in the outro, because every time i hear it, i have to come here and listen :D

  12. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude13372 dagar sedan

    Oh I’ve been coming back everyday since release to listen😅

  13. TreeHouseFrog

    TreeHouseFrog4 dagar sedan

    Teacher : "Ok class we're going to Russia" Girls : "NOOO ITS GONNA BE COLD" Boys :

  14. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude13373 dagar sedan

    @TreeHouseFrog Gulag for them!

  15. TreeHouseFrog

    TreeHouseFrog4 dagar sedan

    Whoever disliked my comment is capitalist

  16. SlavicSnacks

    SlavicSnacks4 dagar sedan

    I haven't heard Boris sing like this since Slavline Blin.

  17. Just A Falcon

    Just A Falcon5 dagar sedan

    I listen to this at school doing my work on computers and not only this song, but all of this mans and my friends question when I am shaking the class because of how good Boris makes his songs. Also this is groovy and nifty.

  18. Grizzly_OsO

    Grizzly_OsO5 dagar sedan

    10 hour version?

  19. TitanFall 2 Gamer

    TitanFall 2 Gamer5 dagar sedan

    is this a parody of another song??

  20. AdJo Bitch

    AdJo Bitch5 dagar sedan

    i put this on repeat and memorized the words lmao

  21. Domaik

    Domaik5 dagar sedan

    10hour version when

  22. greatkong games

    greatkong games5 dagar sedan

    already listening this song over and over again

  23. Duvro

    Duvro6 dagar sedan

    this is very catchy..can't get it out of my head...Help..B L Y A T

  24. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude13373 dagar sedan

    Da, I hum this while at work and say ahh it’s time for my daily Boris singing da na na na na na!

  25. Michellae Harmsen

    Michellae Harmsen6 dagar sedan

    Can use on stream blyad?

  26. JG R

    JG R7 dagar sedan

    this is a great song to get drunk to.

  27. Stephanie Jimenez

    Stephanie Jimenez7 dagar sedan

    Where can we get this bear?

  28. chad tha cat

    chad tha cat7 dagar sedan

    true slav.

  29. No Yes

    No Yes7 dagar sedan

    This song is...THE BEST🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  30. Heine Næss

    Heine Næss7 dagar sedan

    I L O V E T I H S S O N G

  31. [ chocøbiscuit ]

    [ chocøbiscuit ]8 dagar sedan

    he sounds like his nose is full of slime while he is singing

  32. Mohammad Jafar Mashhadi

    Mohammad Jafar Mashhadi8 dagar sedan

    The bear is so cute


    FORGOTTENMINDFREAK239 dagar sedan

    Okay but I would buy stickers of this bear.

  34. Aley Griffin

    Aley Griffin9 dagar sedan

    I love this music good job

  35. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler10 dagar sedan

    God dammit the panzers a kv 2 now

  36. Octavian Costache

    Octavian Costache10 dagar sedan


  37. Mihai Pascal

    Mihai Pascal7 dagar sedan

    r u romanian?

  38. Mihai Pascal

    Mihai Pascal7 dagar sedan


  39. Octavian Costache

    Octavian Costache10 dagar sedan


  40. Octavian Costache

    Octavian Costache10 dagar sedan


  41. Octavian Costache

    Octavian Costache10 dagar sedan


  42. Octavian Costache

    Octavian Costache10 dagar sedan


  43. Charlotte Sampson

    Charlotte Sampson10 dagar sedan

    could you please put it on amazon music at some point?

  44. SortedOrc The Dork

    SortedOrc The Dork11 dagar sedan

    Fucking fire mate

  45. DeathXmantis DXM

    DeathXmantis DXM11 dagar sedan

    "here we go again" now i know why you put that there :)

  46. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133710 dagar sedan

    Always again and again komrade, davai!!

  47. Caitlyn Berwick-McLean

    Caitlyn Berwick-McLean11 dagar sedan

    Anyone else seeing the bear & being forcibly reminded of that one Skyrim mod? No? Just me then. Ok. **sinks through the floor**


    SOPHIJA12 dagar sedan

    End of month МЫ НИКОГДА НЕ БОЙСЯ‼️

  49. Rigzy Ded

    Rigzy Ded12 dagar sedan

    Honestly man fuck it Boris is probably one the most creative persons on SEtoos.

  50. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133711 dagar sedan

    Agreed, he inspires me

  51. Kushagra Tiwari

    Kushagra Tiwari12 dagar sedan

    Wake up today early to see the sun set? More like "It's been 2 months since I see the sun set"

  52. محمد فراس

    محمد فراس12 dagar sedan

    Ah yes a true russian song, good job comrade.

  53. Daniil Spiridonov

    Daniil Spiridonov12 dagar sedan

    Increasing the playback speed turns this into dupstep.

  54. A Grimm Ghost

    A Grimm Ghost12 dagar sedan

    “I woke up today early to see the sun set” That’s sun rise...

  55. JEFF IM

    JEFF IM13 dagar sedan

    I'm counting how many Boris say da na na na na

  56. Con

    Con13 dagar sedan

    I think I need a chinstrap for my headphones

  57. Con

    Con12 dagar sedan

    @bmxdude1337 I wouldn't be mad at that

  58. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133712 dagar sedan

    I’m thinking I need this played on loudspeakers in my town every morning and evening

  59. Some patriotic Texan Kid

    Some patriotic Texan Kid13 dagar sedan


  60. Александр Громов

    Александр Громов13 dagar sedan

    It has been 3rd day on repeat... Still love it!

  61. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133712 dagar sedan

    Davai! Been playing this everyday twice a day since release

  62. jerry22717

    jerry2271714 dagar sedan

    this loops really well

  63. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133713 dagar sedan

    All day everyday

  64. Pony Rider

    Pony Rider14 dagar sedan

    Your fursona is adorable

  65. Roby Domingo

    Roby Domingo14 dagar sedan

    Mmmmm yes my metro exodus immersion is rising from this song as i play

  66. iBoss_bvvp 1

    iBoss_bvvp 114 dagar sedan

    true hardbass

  67. Ryan Phillips

    Ryan Phillips14 dagar sedan

    This song is blyateful

  68. Marjana Bojkovic

    Marjana Bojkovic15 dagar sedan

    Welcome to the ☢️ ZONE ☢️

  69. Black Roberts

    Black Roberts15 dagar sedan

    sounds like slavic shower song

  70. TayTheCHFan

    TayTheCHFan12 dagar sedan

    y e s

  71. Mr Games

    Mr Games15 dagar sedan

    Rumour has it... Boris is still dancing in a wooden shack somewhere in slav land =P

  72. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133714 dagar sedan

    I know I am, davai komrades!

  73. Sunflowerseedshell

    Sunflowerseedshell15 dagar sedan

    This is the same man who spread butter with a chainsaw

  74. Sunflowerseedshell

    Sunflowerseedshell12 dagar sedan

    @TayTheCHFan I wasn’t questioning him at all. I was pointing out how glorious this man is

  75. TayTheCHFan

    TayTheCHFan12 dagar sedan

    Are you questioning the power of the slav king? He made a pc with mayonnaise as thermal paste!

  76. Ivan Georgiev

    Ivan Georgiev15 dagar sedan

    This slavic masterpiece is underrated

  77. TayTheCHFan

    TayTheCHFan12 dagar sedan

    @bmxdude1337 1 million isn't enough blyat! we need 100 million!

  78. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133714 dagar sedan

    Agreed, I want to see 1 million views

  79. ljlk

    ljlk16 dagar sedan

    wait a second it was uploaded to here? I never got a notification, recommendation, it wasn't in my subscription feed. SEtoos, FIX YOUR SHIT, MAN!

  80. K Ibrahim

    K Ibrahim16 dagar sedan

    I love the bear because he’s just like :)

  81. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133714 dagar sedan

    Happy komrade bear

  82. Bence Dobos

    Bence Dobos16 dagar sedan

    KURVAJÓ! 👍👍💪

  83. Joshua Poshka

    Joshua Poshka17 dagar sedan

    I think I've played this six times since I've seen it. 5 times I've been drunk dancing so 11.

  84. AronasOffRoad

    AronasOffRoad17 dagar sedan

    2021 banger

  85. VUJO

    VUJO17 dagar sedan

    This his guy is enjoyning his life

  86. Kacper Sowiński

    Kacper Sowiński17 dagar sedan


  87. Vadim Blyat

    Vadim Blyat18 dagar sedan

    “Dananananana ta ta ta ta” very inspiring words

  88. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133717 dagar sedan

    Aren’t they?? I’ve listened to this like 2 dozen times now

  89. Adrián Molnár

    Adrián Molnár18 dagar sedan

    This deserves to be the sound of 2021! Next to "Csöcsök és segg" of course. But this is better. Great!

  90. Áron Csizmadia

    Áron Csizmadia16 dagar sedan


  91. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133717 dagar sedan


  92. Vadim Blyat

    Vadim Blyat18 dagar sedan

    I am not kidding this is the 300th time i listened to this song the first time i listened i didn’t like very much now its my favorite song i love it so much for some reason its perfect

  93. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133717 dagar sedan

    Oi! Blyat I am behind I’ve been coming back everyday since release, and immediately fell in love

  94. icecold dragonz

    icecold dragonz18 dagar sedan


  95. not so funny comments

    not so funny comments18 dagar sedan

    Give that slav a BA NA NA NA NA NA allready!

  96. Gejek7

    Gejek719 dagar sedan

    Da na na na na na hey hey hey topppp song ❤️❤️


    INCREDIBILIS!19 dagar sedan

    Holy blin i never thought boris would be so damn amazing at singing, good christ!. I love this with every inch of my body!!

  98. ViNce maTthew CATACUTAN sibug

    ViNce maTthew CATACUTAN sibug19 dagar sedan

    i love russian accent

  99. Snaypeii

    Snaypeii19 dagar sedan

    Do a russian version

  100. Galiza Vermella

    Galiza Vermella19 dagar sedan

    Ok let´s listen to Mishka´s balalaika for 25th time in two days (im an adict im sick)

  101. New union official channel

    New union official channel20 dagar sedan

    А русскую версию сделать можно?

  102. BRONDRE

    BRONDRE20 dagar sedan


  103. Bob Ek

    Bob Ek20 dagar sedan

    cute bear *FROM RUSSIA*

  104. Damla Riddle

    Damla Riddle20 dagar sedan

    Hayatımda Boris kadar manyağını görmedim şgşişgşişgşe

  105. Andy Willis Andy

    Andy Willis Andy20 dagar sedan

    works great at 6 AM when you wake for work

  106. mattheo Anore

    mattheo Anore21 dag sedan

    i wish im russiann

  107. Lazar Jojić

    Lazar Jojić21 dag sedan

    Wow man its cool song

  108. tall cat

    tall cat21 dag sedan

    my russian mom: Close the window COLD IS HERE

  109. Deathangel

    Deathangel21 dag sedan

    Now I just want to see a animated bear singing with a ushanka while playing the Balalaika

  110. Arustis

    Arustis21 dag sedan

    Boris : Speedrun being the ultimate Slav available 100% no glitch RNG, random seed, no cheat

  111. joseph Householder

    joseph Householder21 dag sedan

    My coworkers dont like that i listen to this song every day...12 times a day. But i love this so much, i want this as my alarm to wake up too.

  112. Leo Gorin

    Leo Gorin21 dag sedan

    Wake up early in the morning... to see the sun set? Make no sens

  113. DragonHeero

    DragonHeero18 dagar sedan

    Yes it does sunrise at 5 a.m. sunset at 6 a.m. if you're lucky. Some places in the northern hemisphere get 24 hours of Darkness for a few months it's called the polar night

  114. Gtrx0998

    Gtrx099821 dag sedan

    Played this at Guitar Center *All the electric guitars on display turned into balalaikas, climate control dropped to -70°C and lone employee is now Gopnik*

  115. SpoopyTurtle 44

    SpoopyTurtle 4422 dagar sedan

    Hands down this is good

  116. pidbul 24

    pidbul 2422 dagar sedan


  117. Stefan

    Stefan22 dagar sedan

    Ko je sa balkana

  118. Jørgen Johansen

    Jørgen Johansen22 dagar sedan

    I want to like this video more than once! SEtoos, we need this feature!

  119. Galiza Vermella

    Galiza Vermella22 dagar sedan

    we need extended version blyat , excellent work bois

  120. SiP PER

    SiP PER22 dagar sedan

    Balaika On Vodka

  121. Cyka Blyat

    Cyka Blyat23 dagar sedan

  122. Davide C.

    Davide C.23 dagar sedan


  123. Dani -

    Dani -23 dagar sedan


  124. Nite

    Nite23 dagar sedan

    i played this at my private school now its a public school

  125. asphalter 345

    asphalter 34523 dagar sedan

    Ruski pop no balalaika

  126. Dragos Andrei Papuc

    Dragos Andrei Papuc23 dagar sedan

    i like the beat but the lirycs, sorry man...

  127. Dragos Andrei Papuc

    Dragos Andrei Papuc12 dagar sedan

    @TayTheCHFan i get the end of month refferences and those nights are cold af, and i watch him since 2017

  128. TayTheCHFan

    TayTheCHFan12 dagar sedan

    @Dragos Andrei Papuc Have u watched alot of his vids? it will make sense if you watch him alot, plus also bruh, he's talking about russian winter nights blyat!

  129. Dragos Andrei Papuc

    Dragos Andrei Papuc12 dagar sedan

    @TayTheCHFan how are the lirycs any good!???!

  130. TayTheCHFan

    TayTheCHFan12 dagar sedan

    :O NUUU Someone dislike this comment on the slav kings blyatiful song!

  131. Doctor Evil

    Doctor Evil24 dagar sedan

    When do we get this sung in Russian

  132. CEO of Luigi time

    CEO of Luigi time24 dagar sedan

    Why does this sounds like a Russian anime op