Keynote Fireside Chat with Marcus Lemonis

CNBC’s “The Profit” start Marcus Lemonis will chat with James Altucher about investment strategies, how to spot great start-ups and his thoughts on crowd investing and more.


  1. Christopher Scott

    Christopher Scott20 dagar sedan

    The interviewer needs help

  2. Kelvin Hau

    Kelvin HauMånad sedan

    This interviewer sucks hope he improves.

  3. wsk hti

    wsk htiMånad sedan

    Right around the 14 minute mark is a comment Marcus makes about the art of persuasion that is one of the most insightful observations I've heard in quite a while. Unfortunately for me I've encountered the "intimidation" method too many times. I hope to work for a company/person who appeals to peoples senses and inspiring them.

  4. Covid19 is COMMUNISM

    Covid19 is COMMUNISMMånad sedan

    My NIGGA

  5. DeMarsh Design

    DeMarsh Design2 månader sedan

    Edit: CNBC’s “The Profit” star Marcus Lemonis will chat with James Altucher about investment strategies, how to spot great start-ups and his thoughts on crowd investing and more.

  6. DeMarsh Design

    DeMarsh Design2 månader sedan

    "start" should be rewritten "star"

  7. Roshan Reddy

    Roshan Reddy6 månader sedan

    Very nice video 6:29 ,9:40, 24:08, 26:22, 27:53, 32:38, 37:35, 39:38, 45:35, 52:06, 1:00:54 pl ignore just a personel bookmark

  8. Angelica Nieblas-Mendoza

    Angelica Nieblas-Mendoza7 månader sedan

    damn I wish he was my mentor. Brilliant introverted and extroverted person

  9. Urman Taqi

    Urman Taqi7 månader sedan

    Marcus is brilliant!!

  10. Dex Aler

    Dex Aler10 månader sedan

    Watch 2:07 and 2:23. Do you see that motion? That caught my attention. I'm not making any conclusions about it (because this is the Internet and these days we are all a bit silly on it) I just noticed it. Also, I'm a huge fan of The Profit show and think Marcus is amazing. But, I also have seen some comments from other SEtoosrs regarding purchasing an RV from Camping World and I wonder about their experiences. It seems like such a start contrast to who Marcus seems to be (very in touch) and how out of touch he'd have to be (or not care) for those folks to have those experiences.

  11. Positive Energy

    Positive EnergyÅr sedan

    Not sure why all the negativity on the interviewer.... he asked all the appropriate follow up questions. A+

  12. Haya Glamazon

    Haya GlamazonÅr sedan

    The Profit is awesome. Marcus is awesome. The interviewer leaves a lot to be desired.

  13. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker6 månader sedan

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  14. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker6 månader sedan

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  15. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker6 månader sedan

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  16. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker6 månader sedan

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  17. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker6 månader sedan

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  18. E Wong

    E WongÅr sedan

    Marcus is freaking awesome! So down to earth, ego in check and pragmatic.

  19. Abe Lincoln

    Abe LincolnÅr sedan

    It is awesome that Marcus is sharing his gift of knowing how to fix nearly any business. I know what he means about losing his mother. I had a hard time getting over my 2 grandmothers deaths who practically raised me, they were real, caring people.

  20. umar hasan

    umar hasanÅr sedan

    video title ; Marcus Lemonis + Appeal for Refugees + those in need, 2

  21. Shahid Ullah

    Shahid UllahÅr sedan

    Let the guy answer

  22. Gabo's Dad

    Gabo's DadÅr sedan

    This interviewer has a horrible tone and presumptive manner of speaking. I bet I counted 50 times Marcus disagreed with his assumed all-knowing attitude that is present in every question. Let Marcus talk without your color commentary. UGHHH

  23. raxx coin

    raxx coinÅr sedan

    I love Marcus, I really enjoyed hearing about how he saw Mr. Corey's Cookies and grew their business out in that episode!

  24. ALXS

    ALXSÅr sedan

    Hate the interviewers delivery. Marcus is a nice guy for sitting through this.

  25. S S

    S SÅr sedan

    Wow Marcus is not only a great business man. He’s a man who is among the greats. Great humility honesty and integrity.

  26. Joe Lanning

    Joe Lanning3 månader sedan

    Gigi Stetler

  27. Tristan Bailey

    Tristan Bailey8 månader sedan

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  28. Tristan Bailey

    Tristan Bailey8 månader sedan


  29. Tristan Bailey

    Tristan Bailey8 månader sedan

    T try

  30. Tristan Bailey

    Tristan Bailey8 månader sedan


  31. al rodriguez

    al rodriguezÅr sedan

    Does this guy know what "LOW HANGING FRUIT:" even means?????

  32. Dudley Graham

    Dudley GrahamÅr sedan

    Maekus, would you be prepared to come to South Africa?

  33. Brenda Scott

    Brenda ScottÅr sedan

    I love his honesty, integrity and emotion! Most of all his emotion/empathy. Business by in large really have not time for this. Wonderful

  34. Covid19 is COMMUNISM

    Covid19 is COMMUNISMÅr sedan


  35. kyawzayarhlaing hlaing

    kyawzayarhlaing hlaingÅr sedan

    Murcus great person and idol

  36. Peter Mason

    Peter MasonÅr sedan

    This interviewer needs an intervention.

  37. Arthur Histder

    Arthur HistderÅr sedan

    Dont let markus to speak

  38. Peter Mason

    Peter MasonÅr sedan

    Does the interviewer realize there is an audience? We don’t really care how cute he thinks his questions are. For god sake‘s Marcus is 1000 times ahead of you let him speak and never interrupt.... like he did about 15 times.

  39. Rob Markus

    Rob Markus7 månader sedan

    James Altucher is another businessman.. I wouldn't consider him a professional interviewer lol

  40. Nyakarima King

    Nyakarima KingÅr sedan

    Could you let Marcus talk and shine Mr. Interviewer. Its not about you.

  41. Christy Murphy

    Christy MurphyMånad sedan

    I totally agree!

  42. Mended And Whole

    Mended And WholeÅr sedan

    Nyakarima King no kiddin’! 🤣

  43. Becky Hanson

    Becky HansonÅr sedan

    Thank you for share about the trauma you have experienced in your life and crediting your success to. Your compassion, empathy, passion and wisdom are evidence to the importance of self care and the condition of your emotional and mental health. I love what you said about tapping into what the person was created to do or their born purpose. A persons identity is talked about secondary to status quo or someone else’s ideal. This is the root of all evils in my opinion. Without the self love and acceptance based on the fact that they are the only one of them there ever will be success will not equal satisfaction and work will feel like work leaving a tired person wrestling with the same problems. Healing is more profitable then an 80hr week cuz hurt people, hurt people or can’t connect with them.

  44. Tammy Hensley

    Tammy HensleyÅr sedan

    Marcus is awesome 👏 interviewer not so much. Low hanging fruit 🍉 Also Trump people do suck btw.

  45. Jay Bee

    Jay BeeÅr sedan

    nobody cares what you think, because you don’t

  46. Kimberly Grace

    Kimberly GraceÅr sedan

    Thanks! A must watch, again and again

  47. Mended And Whole

    Mended And WholeÅr sedan

    Kimberly Grace he’s amazing!

  48. Brad Mccray

    Brad MccrayÅr sedan

    Lemonis for President!

  49. Jane

    JaneÅr sedan

    Great interview. Thanks James and Marcus

  50. flumpf

    flumpf2 år sedan


  51. Chawanne Burns

    Chawanne Burns2 år sedan

    I do that with my employees, I had a customer curse my employee out over the phone and hang up on her, and I told her I do not need you business.

  52. Adan Cedillo

    Adan Cedillo2 år sedan

    Agreed - Interviewer is pretty bad - Sorry, but wow. My 6 year son would be better.

  53. Clickr

    Clickr2 år sedan

    Luckily Marcus is so good because this interviewer is horrible.

  54. Yes Yes

    Yes Yes2 år sedan

    If that interviews says "low hanging fruit again" i will lose it.. Soooooooooooo annoying

  55. Spalatorie Auto

    Spalatorie Auto2 år sedan

    I have to admit that during the show sometimes I did not like Marcus to much , however I have to say that I really like the fact that he is a true person, not hiding behind complicated words and give give true answers questions . I have realized that takes a lot of confidence to admit that we make mistakes, we have problems that we cannot solved ourselves , we need help and the most important when someone come to help to try not to be against the person who can help us. Thank you very much Marcus for taking your time and sharing with us some secretes of how to be successful.

  56. Pierre Vorster

    Pierre Vorster2 år sedan

    James - You interview people: Please keep microphone away from your speech. "Popping" noise is terrible. HOLD THE MIC FURTHER AWAY FROM YOUR SPEECH. Great interview otherwise. Love learning from Marcus.

  57. Oliver C.

    Oliver C.2 år sedan

    Me and my wife ♥️ Marcus Lemonis. So much value! Inspiring!

  58. F. Russo

    F. Russo2 år sedan

    Marcus is truly an amazing man in business

  59. Real Gagne

    Real Gagne2 år sedan

    He's the biggest SCAMMER and he own Camping World who has deceived many many customers, and stole $1000.'s from them. So don't go telling me he's honest. That would be a slap in the face to many Camping World customers.

  60. OfftoShambala

    OfftoShambalaÅr sedan

    Can you give an example of how camping world customers are scammed?

  61. Buddey’s life

    Buddey’s lifeÅr sedan

    Real Gagne was wondering if it was known back then! piece of dirt!

  62. Island Home Builders Inc. IHBHAWAII

    Island Home Builders Inc. IHBHAWAII2 år sedan

    Marcus's Solution to Handling Depression & Anxiety 19:39 (KEEP BUSY)

  63. Jeffrey Ashbrook

    Jeffrey Ashbrook2 år sedan

    Ted Mosby interviewed him very well.

  64. Life_raft_fam

    Life_raft_fam2 år sedan

    Interviewer is annoying.

  65. Harpoon_Bakery

    Harpoon_BakeryÅr sedan

    nick -- yep, lemonis was itchy to shut him up at times, questions went to long and he kept repeating same things. you're blind and deaf if you didn't see and hear that. it's like irritation like he was doing that deposition, lol God, if the interviewer says low hanging fruit one more time, ugh.

  66. Jane

    JaneÅr sedan

    He did a great job. Keep your hate.

  67. GLR

    GLR2 år sedan

    i found him ok... don't get your point... we are here for marcus and he is delivering again. .. the rest is inexistent.

  68. Wendell & Rogina Amburgy

    Wendell & Rogina Amburgy2 år sedan

    He runs his mouth about people who voted for Trump when it's the middle class (working people) who buys from him. Poor business skills

  69. OfftoShambala

    OfftoShambalaÅr sedan

    Narfyak2 not to dismiss the difference ... but in trumps defense, a lot of people who were given money by their family, fail in business. Not saying trump is some wonderful person, but he took what he was given and created great success in the business world... and as far as I know, of all the crap he’s accused of, he isn’t surrounded by a bunch of murdered people situations where the murdered people were connected to him and posed a threat to him prior to being murdered ... as in the ‘Clinton body count’... if we are going to compare trump to others.

  70. FTG

    FTG2 år sedan

    Lol yeh right he's already worth billions, he's self made (unlike trump who's daddy gave him tons of $ and more important- connections), and he's still young. And btw who says business is about kissing everyone’s ass? Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, list goes on...all share their opinions and their success is unparalleled (they obviously profit off every group of folks). I think they know what they’re doing.

  71. Albert Barcellos

    Albert Barcellos3 år sedan

    To his credit , he explains his effort and returns and has no dishonesty which is why he is the real deal

  72. Mended And Whole

    Mended And WholeÅr sedan

    Albert Barcellos he seems to be so transparent and trustworthy...!

  73. Albert Barcellos

    Albert Barcellos3 år sedan

    Yes Marcus is great .. Can't work out why he does not charge cnbc and have the show in uk on time ..any ideas ?

  74. Bo Guss

    Bo Guss3 år sedan

    Marcus is genuine. The interviewer is just trying to be cute. Makes light of very serious ideas and comments. Does Marcus really believe Trump believes in hate a violence. How could he swallow the left's mantra. Very surprising.

  75. FTG

    FTG2 år sedan

    Bo Guss well he has 2 eyes and a brain so I think he's capable of having a valid opinion. Disagree if you like but try not to be a snowflake

  76. Jon Roberts

    Jon Roberts3 år sedan

    Low hanging fruit....