Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet? - LIVE MONOLOGUE

After the unprecedented assault on democracy that took place in the Capitol Building today, Stephen Colbert kicks off his LIVE monologue with a message for cowardly Republican lawmakers who for five years have coddled the president's fascist rhetoric: there will be a terrible price to pay. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  1. PinkiePinkie SteffSteff

    PinkiePinkie SteffSteffTimme sedan

    The synonymous pan inexplicably whip because grade compellingly guarantee across a hot huge barge. level, motionless rub

  2. Pandora Maximov

    Pandora Maximov2 timmar sedan

    The little giggles in the background every now and then is tickling me. 😄

  3. Mora Hadad

    Mora Hadad2 timmar sedan

    The perfect lift holoprosencephaly tow because spy fifthly stare circa a eminent soy. bent, silly brother

  4. D Tschuor

    D Tschuor8 timmar sedan

    Rewatching this two weeks after it aired. I was in such shock those first couple of days...now I can see just how deeply angry he is under the wise cracks. Thanks, Stephen. It's tough to have to do your job in the public eye after an incident such as this. You did a fantastic job.

  5. imel usb

    imel usb8 timmar sedan

    20k thumbs down?? Colbert is doing great.

  6. imel usb

    imel usb8 timmar sedan

    Isn't Colbert guy who once try to run for president then when he fell miserably, he claimed that it was just comedy stunt. He is now even more mad(mentally).

  7. Nitrodamus

    Nitrodamus8 timmar sedan

    Imagine part of your manifesto was to improve your country. What a crazy notion. Then imagine like all politicians you don't fully deliver! Better hope biden has made zero promises to improve fuck all lest it be held against him in 4 years

  8. fhjh jhgjghj

    fhjh jhgjghj11 timmar sedan

    The brainy nepal july precede because drawbridge terminally hug aboard a disgusted custard. oafish, wide prose

  9. Deadly4c3 Zaga

    Deadly4c3 Zaga14 timmar sedan

    I'd like to volunteer to help Canada AND Mexico build a wall to keep these lunatics out

  10. ronda allen

    ronda allen16 timmar sedan

    ths was not about civil war, it was about stealing those ballots because the governor of ga would not cheat for him.

  11. CRAIG

    CRAIG21 timme sedan

    whats even more shamefull,...we elected these ass kissing Republican fascists...shame on the USA

  12. ##

    ##Dag sedan

    The "facts don't care about your feelings" crowd sure have hurt feelings over facts.

  13. Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir LeninDag sedan

    Wait does anyone know WTF happened and WTF they're talking about?

  14. Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir LeninDag sedan

    Trump ain't fascist. But fascist do support him. But he's other supporter didn't realize that.

  15. Jeremy Two

    Jeremy TwoDag sedan

    The Tolerant Democratic Left setoos.info/name/rImszGWBoWSZhmc/video I believe President Trump said TPP is not good? The whole reason President Biden is in Office is because the Communist, Globalist, Left don't win political debates with good ideas and so, the so called Democrats,"really Communist," cheated the Presidential Election. Yes. Voter fraud. President Trump himself says so. If you can't trust someone who values honesty then I guess you can't trust President Trump. President Joe Biden thinks it's cool to lie as long as he keeps moving up the ladder. As citizens it is our personal responsibility to preserve freedom. Freedom of speech trump's freedom to use your company to attack free speech. It is not government that tells companies what to do. It is We the People that set the standards that protects freedom of speech. Republicans should want less government involvement in private matters. Christians teach Freewill and personal responsibility. If you own a company and value freedom then why attack freedom with inferior values for power and personal gain? You have freedom with your company untill your company becomes anti American and works against freedom for sinful gain. Freedom has a price. Most freedom is free unless it trump's freedom itself. If I have a company I should be able to do whatever I want with that company unless it attacks Freedom morals and righteous values that protect freedom in the first place. President Trump understands this and so does the Republic. I don't think we can have to much love, however? Heavy issue. American companies create new global communications network. The network is used more by Non Americans and it's all about communication. The bias is heavily favorered by Non Americans. The Companies that created these communication tools are more rewarded heavily with money from non Americans. So the tech companies are in favor of anti America because most of the users are anti America. The problem with all this is America is righteous and the rest of the world loves communism, socialism , old ways that don't benefit humanity to the greater good. Big issues for sure. Help, please someone save our Nation under President Trump. The irony is President Trump gives credit to American values for his Success and he is President. The Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter owners think they are above American values and now they seem like arrogant treasonous criminals. America is not the values of China, Russia, India, etc. We are a Republic, not a Democratic, Communistic, Socialist, Tyrannical people. Senator Biden is Globalist sellout to the Country.t

  16. Jeremy Two

    Jeremy Two19 timmar sedan

    @Wandering Kakapo I work hard at being righteous as I can be. The pursuit of righteousness is a personal spiritual choice, not a genetic trait passed from Mom and Dad. It is a personal responsibility to value free will and use it for the greater good.

  17. Wandering Kakapo

    Wandering Kakapo20 timmar sedan

    Jeremy, do you work hard at being a moron or does it run through the family?? 🥱🥱

  18. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Drugs are a Helluva drug.

  19. John Bossert

    John BossertDag sedan

    It’s still hilarious in a way Trump wasn’t actually with them. He has spurs you know so walking down Pennsylvania Avenue is beyond his 100 step limit.

  20. Stormy Weather

    Stormy WeatherDag sedan

    I never watch Colbert. Okay, I did once, and he gave a great impression of Bernie, followed by one of Johnny Carson, and they were funny as hell. But it's way easier to just be nasty and talk politics, then having to come up with an entertaining show-even though he has 32 writers on his payroll.

  21. Brouwerij Het Snerpende Hertje

    Brouwerij Het Snerpende HertjeDag sedan


  22. Yeetboi 1998

    Yeetboi 1998Dag sedan

    Lolz pathetic socialist

  23. ZXL - Today's World

    ZXL - Today's WorldDag sedan


  24. Frederick Schnepel

    Frederick SchnepelDag sedan

    Hey Dude, you weren’t funny the past four years, so keep it going for four more. Perhaps you’ve been paid off like the rest. No more Trump to hassle, therefore no material for your Circus. But here’s some advice, interview the Lefty Lib Dems and see where it takes you. Sesame Street awaits your smug face.

  25. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Lefty Lib Dems is like a triple oxymoron.

  26. Fell Hermit

    Fell HermitDag sedan

    It’s like living above the couple with the crippling marriage Who’s arguments are starting to sound a bit abusive and things sound like they’re breaking (Again...) I would be replying to that dude who’s tip comment but I had another fucking “HTTPSTATUS. Error 500” error

  27. Clear Fork Bassin

    Clear Fork BassinDag sedan

    You’re trash now

  28. Ikenna Bede

    Ikenna BedeDag sedan

    Colbert is that uncle we all need need. ❤️❤️❤️

  29. CometTamer

    CometTamerDag sedan

    "President Jefferson Doofus" is my new favorite nickname for the former president.

  30. Boon Tan

    Boon TanDag sedan

    Colbert is talking about himself. Colbert coward ... it rhymes

  31. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaDag sedan

    I like it, Colbert! Civil war is the only solution to get rid of all those fucking republicans!!!!!

  32. ZXL - Today's World

    ZXL - Today's WorldDag sedan

    fam, nah. we gotta have respect, otherwise people will die.

  33. victor-non-victim bear -

    victor-non-victim bear -Dag sedan

    No no we're not great again because it's up to the people not to a man it's up for the people to change the morality of this country not for a man to say make America great again... We don't need to hear the spare and bitching and moaning we need men to stand up and take alternate routes to do better things in what's been going on I know I am it all starts by turning off the television starting with a crappy ass show like yours

  34. Joanna

    JoannaDag sedan

    This looks so fun?

  35. Ariel Novak

    Ariel Novak2 dagar sedan

    The Eric impression was spot on. But you did miss the fact that it’s was HIS BIRTHDAY. he had to hear his dad say to someone else we love you and you are very special to SOMEONE else on HIS birthday 😂😂

  36. Joanna

    JoannaDag sedan

    Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  37. Moses Ruperto

    Moses Ruperto2 dagar sedan

    I'd be impressed to find one dam person in this country that isn't biased to a party. Morons all over the country supported violence then condemned it. Vice versa. I thought last year's riots were outrageous. So was the incident at the Capitol. You don't like what I'm saying Republicans and Democrats? Give it a good kiss! Screw politics. And screw this clown. At least I'm consistent.

  38. Moses Ruperto

    Moses RupertoDag sedan

    @Payton Kilmer You’re absolutely right. But it was specifically the execution of Mr. Floyd that tipped the public over the edge right? And in an earlier comment you stated the riots were an attempt to combat racism? That’s all good. Now, all I want, is for you to definitively prove to me that Mr. Floyd’s life was tragically taken as a result of racism.

  39. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    @Moses Ruperto The public execution of George Floyd, piled on top of all the other murders committed by police against black people, coupled with the rampant racial discrimination that permeates every inch of our criminal justice system.

  40. Moses Ruperto

    Moses RupertoDag sedan

    @Payton Kilmer History are events that could not happen any other way than it did. I’m all for the Civil Rights Movement. On that note, let’s rewind time to just last year. Which single event caused the riots and violence we saw last year?

  41. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    ​@Moses Ruperto People died during the Civil Rights movement. Was that a mistake, too?

  42. Moses Ruperto

    Moses RupertoDag sedan

    @Payton Kilmer People died as a result of both.

  43. ij137

    ij1372 dagar sedan

    People have called for unity and healing after all of the years of division and...toxicity for lack of a better word. That's a good thing to call for. People have condemned the riots at Capital Hill, and as well anyone should. Assaulting the people counting the votes is almost akin to assaulting a church; our democracy and it's inner workings, forgetting about the corruption because there will always be a degree of that, I would say is the closest thing to being sacred without it being of the Church. In other words, there's nothing of this world I can think of that is more important. The riots were a hideous thing to happen. So we do need unity, and we do need healing, and we do need...I don't know, a _break,_ but why on Earth have we turned to blaming HALF of the country's citizens for what happened at Capital Hill? Why are the actions of a couple hundred all of a sudden reflecting on millions? That makes no sense. None. No one said black gangs represent African Americans, or that the KKK represents white Americans, those are ignorant notions! It is JUST as ignorant to claim that those rioters represent me--a conservative. I *resent* the suggestion that I'm compared to a bunch of thugs, probably just as much as a liberal or a lefty would resent me comparing them to selfish looters--you know exactly what I am referring to. And it would be just as foolish of me to do so. Furthermore, for the sake of argument, let's say Trump DID incite those riots purposefully (which can be argued either way but nevermind that); what makes everyone think Trump's alleged incitement to violence is the fault of conservative voters? *That it's my fault?* Pointing fingers at people like me is not healing. Ostracizing people whose beliefs you simply cannot "tolerate" as people like to self-righteously say is not reuniting. Censoring free speech and banning an _entire_ social media platform off of the internet is not coming together, no, it is "my way or the highway," "do as I say and speak what I say," "I'm right, you're wrong, period." You'd think with everyone being so depressed having to stay inside all of the time because of this STUPID pandemic, having to wear these STUPID masks, and with everyone having lost jobs and died that we'd help each other out and be kind, not try to EAT each other, that we'd unite under one flag in the name of our common ultimate goals of wanting to endure and just get through this abysmal MESS that our world is in right now...but no. I don't hear or see people making that happen. That's not the message I hear. I hear something much different. I hear people saying that they just want us to get lost. That they don't care. And because I did what I perceived as the best thing and voted for Trump...some of you guys couldn't care less if I choked and died...could you?...Some of you really do not care.

  44. I Wouldn't Like Me Either

    I Wouldn't Like Me Either2 dagar sedan

    Sup with America becoming communists and you lot just letting them smh

  45. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    If you think the American Democratic Party is communist then you are actually subhumanly stupid.

  46. Jerod Lammi

    Jerod Lammi2 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else keep blinking because Colburt kept changing into Dr. Joseph Goebbels? I feel like I'm watching videos that should be in black and white.

  47. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Nah, that's just you.

  48. KornPop

    KornPop2 dagar sedan

    You people are truly something else. You say Trump is a fasist and a dictator, but he nor the Republicans have done or say anything about taking your rights or freedoms away. Leftist Demoncrats on the other hand are doing just that. You people need to pay attention! Don't agree with the elite or ruling class, get cancelled. Who's talking about re-education camp? Calling the other side a cult? Simply because of different political beliefs. For four years you people called this man a racist with no example of actual racism. But let looks at Beijing Joe's history. 50 years of failure. He, actually worked with Klansman and Segregationists... FACT. Wrote and got passed legislation that help put millions of Black men in prison for low level crime, any called them predators. Trump, despite his faults, and there are many, has been an EMPLOYER. Being a job creator. Biden has created opportunities as well. For himself, son, brother. Ask yourself, how does a "public servent" own three multi-million dollar homes. This has gone very long, I just shake my head at the willful ignorance of the left.

  49. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    "Mexico is sending us rapists and thieves" - Donald Trump "No example of actual racism" - you, for some catastrophically stupid reason.

  50. Raja Jain

    Raja Jain2 dagar sedan

    So 1.1million patriotic people show up in the capitol who believe their vote was stolen and you are trying trying to convince your audience that they "stormed" the building and only were able to get a couple hundred people inside the building and few thousand on the steps? I just saw a video of those 9000 person caravan just cut through law enforcement like butter. A group of people who will only watch main stream media or big tech, blame an entire group over some bad apples and consistently externalize their own demons are the actual Fascists, that's why they externalize it by calling others it and themselves Anti-Fascists.

  51. kelby.

    kelby.2 dagar sedan

    oh shit he tense tense

  52. E. Nielsen

    E. Nielsen3 dagar sedan

    Stephen, you know that I could go through a bunch of monologues from you and your ilk from this past year, where you are inciting riots and defending awful people.. Furthermore, I could go back to after the past election and make one about you lying about the democracy and how that election was stolen.. You know what would happen if I did? You people would claim every clip I used, SEtoos would ban me and every social media I used to spread that video would remove me.. The projection in this clip is unreal.. All these people you are scolding are no different to you.. They're liars and dunces, just like you!

  53. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    In a way you’re still proving his point. Looks like the fine people on “both” sides need to change

  54. ano nymus

    ano nymus3 dagar sedan

    Karen Colbert and his never ending period :)

  55. santzero santone

    santzero santone3 dagar sedan


  56. Trilly Locke

    Trilly Locke3 dagar sedan

    The man running away is a hero among heroes. I am so sorry I don’t know his name. But I wish him well. His quick thinking likely saved many lives that day. That isn’t an understatement. He pulled them away from the open doors that would have led them straight there before anyone could react properly. That man not only earned respect. He deserves any good coming his way. Thank you sir.

  57. eru

    eru3 dagar sedan

    Where/when does he appear?

  58. Kang Kang kang

    Kang Kang kang3 dagar sedan

    Trump you are the winner, we support you Trump, our lives are for your victory Trump, we are ready to die for you trump.

  59. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy3 dagar sedan

    I love this!?

  60. Marvelynne K

    Marvelynne K3 dagar sedan

    Norm MacDonald recently made the very good point that the age of Trump was a bad time for good comedians, and a great time for crap ones. All the crap comedians had to do was 1) recite angry leftist talking points to their increasingly angry base and 2) watch their ratings rise. Good comedians that still cared about making people laugh with actual humor were drowned out. With the age of Trump behind us, partisan hacks like Stephen Colbert are in trouble. Just like all the other garbage late-night "comedians" that chose to attack Trump for 4 straight years in lieu of actually telling jokes, they're going to find out very quickly that their core liberal base isn't going to automatically tune in like they did when the bad orange man was there to stoke their anger. Kissing Biden's ass until 2024 isn't going to rate.

  61. Axxe

    Axxe3 dagar sedan


  62. AmyCoco Wiley

    AmyCoco Wiley3 dagar sedan

    I've heard there's also a very high price to be paid for being involved in the nefarious crimes against humanity via the oh so REAL illuminati . Like, idk... being a big fat lying Chester the....*starts w M, rhymes with sylvester* ... tho it's very obvious now since you're demanding ppl to believe YOU that any and all conspiracies surrounding the secret babykilling and CHIMO with your group of genocidal, greedy and flat out evil 'powerful' friends. But sure, we should all just believe you.

  63. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy3 dagar sedan

    I live in sweden and let me tell you, USA isn't looking all that great from here.

  64. jan demars

    jan demars3 dagar sedan

    What's the lie this week?

  65. jan demars

    jan demars3 dagar sedan

    Credibility fail for those who claim to care about the woman

  66. Yngwie Malmsteen

    Yngwie Malmsteen3 dagar sedan

    Hunter Biden for President! Make coke great again!

  67. Yngwie Malmsteen

    Yngwie Malmsteen3 dagar sedan

    And yet the douche Trump will leave the White House in better shape than Clinton's team left for Bush. Really tells you the type of people they were. Colbert was a nerd growing up and is a nerd now, and I hate Trump.

  68. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    So what was the point of our comment?

  69. James Ross

    James Ross3 dagar sedan

    all of these late night hosts are such clowns

  70. James Parks

    James Parks3 dagar sedan

    BOZO BOY U R !

  71. MIDAS ENT.

    MIDAS ENT.3 dagar sedan

    I have no idea what you talking about

  72. Teriann Davis

    Teriann Davis3 dagar sedan

    Maybe they should have burned some stuff down like the "peaceful protestors" we watched all summer.

  73. Curtis Parsons

    Curtis Parsons3 dagar sedan

    Really, we are fucking cowards, where the fuck were you. Oh yeah hiding in your gated community, behind your security force.

  74. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Are...you suggesting that Colbert should have flown to DC and, like, dueled the terrorists?

  75. Jason Pittman

    Jason Pittman3 dagar sedan

    And why are you still on my tv? I pay for your crapola!!!

  76. Jason Pittman

    Jason Pittman2 dagar sedan

    @zjaunef there’s just nothing on any fuckin channel since 2012. Since that big bad wolf wanna be attacked our country and still does not even being in office anymore. The problem with youth of many ages these days is lack of knowledge from history to morality! Wake up America! Do ya really like being led like sheep to be persecuted? Yes you do! You prove it by making ridiculous remarks such as your own. Or is it that your asses didn’t get beat enough when you were to learn?

  77. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    This is SEtoos. Do you pay for that? Don’t like something then don’t watch it. Duh

  78. Jason Pittman

    Jason Pittman3 dagar sedan


  79. Qu Dragon

    Qu Dragon3 dagar sedan

    "And obviously he has to keep his fist closed because if he opened it, you'd see all the blood on his hands." That was brilliant and accurate.

  80. Onyx1987

    Onyx19873 dagar sedan

    Look at all those traitor downvotes. Shameful.

  81. LifewithSuzzy Q

    LifewithSuzzy Q3 dagar sedan


  82. Bethany

    Bethany3 dagar sedan

    You've been busy, writing comedy. Ah crap! wrong channel. Meant to search Cspan. Awkwardly bows out, exits echo chamber.

  83. a frog and a princess

    a frog and a princess3 dagar sedan

    I live in sweden and let me tell you, USA isn't looking all that great from here.

  84. NaldiVF

    NaldiVF3 dagar sedan

    it is amazing to know that we "Cobert followers" have someone like you to listen to, you're amazing.

  85. Deborah McWilliams

    Deborah McWilliams3 dagar sedan

    That Shameful Conderate Flag that always seems to show up at the worst of times! You are so right Stephen Colbert! Its closest to the Nazi Flag!

  86. Rick Hayward

    Rick Hayward3 dagar sedan

    Hey Colbert, either you've been duped (which I doubt) or you're in on it (more likely), and you socialist bastards are all about to get what you deserve. I have my popcorn 🍿 ready. L.O.L.

  87. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Anything to the left of supporting a violent overthrow of democracy whilst waving a Confederate flag is socialism. Gotcha.

  88. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    What is it exactly that he deserves?

  89. Larkinchance

    Larkinchance3 dagar sedan

    A word about the shirtless Viking....I think you are overlooking the fact that his outlandish appearance was to take attention away from others that were gaining entrance to offices and other objectives. It is a common ploy...

  90. Texas Patriot

    Texas Patriot3 dagar sedan

    Better then under Obama you ass hat!

  91. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Four hundred thousand dead while Trump was pretending the Democrats made it up.

  92. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    So funny especially since he never mentioned Obama. Nice deflection though

  93. The Solo Wanderer

    The Solo Wanderer3 dagar sedan

    I haven't seen your shows in weeks but im seeing it now. I just want to say you look amazing sir😊

  94. Alexander Paideia

    Alexander Paideia3 dagar sedan

    And therefore, our noble people, What is the transcendent wisdom, for the sake of Global Humanity, Oneself, and Immortality, according to the Ancient Secret Chinese Wisdom Tradition; what are the five kinds of the most prosperous, most powerful knowledge and wisdom that every individual could and should possess? Paideia EsotericSociety

  95. HolyKnightGaming

    HolyKnightGaming3 dagar sedan

    You know how you use to think something use to be funny till you realize the person is the joke.

  96. bla bla bleh

    bla bla bleh3 dagar sedan

    All the late night show hosts are the same unfunny NPC puppets.

  97. Princess Usagi Harmony

    Princess Usagi Harmony3 dagar sedan

    I wonder if there is a war and the “republicans” (confederate) win will the reinstate slavery and take away all these peoples rights that they fought and are still fight for

  98. The BloodSwiper

    The BloodSwiper3 dagar sedan

    The like to dislike ratio says it all.

  99. Lagndon84

    Lagndon843 dagar sedan

    Love how it’s edited out he said peacefully march

  100. SirOWNZalot Gaming

    SirOWNZalot Gaming3 dagar sedan

    I'm a moderate that leans right, but this was disgusting. The capital is a sacred place. And anyone who loves this country and what it stands for would agree and they would never treat it with such disrespect. I don't care who sits at that desk or who speaks at that podeum. Our founding fathers walked in those halls and sat at that desk and ur gonna put ur feet up on it? Disrespectful and embarrassing.

  101. Masha Spikego

    Masha SpikegoDag sedan

    It was so much worse than that - they literally defiled the place with excrement. This was the complete opposite of “patriotism”.

  102. Dae Dae TINEZ

    Dae Dae TINEZ3 dagar sedan

    I’ll go with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🦗🦗🦗’s

  103. Amr Naguib

    Amr Naguib4 dagar sedan

    Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻 www.mahdialumma.com/showthread.php?p=326682

  104. Rifky H Pirdaus

    Rifky H Pirdaus4 dagar sedan

    Moodeta Giggling

  105. Patrick van meter

    Patrick van meter4 dagar sedan

    Trump is the devil. Can't wait to see him and his followers in jail. Amazing to me these people can exist.

  106. Pam R Johnson

    Pam R Johnson4 dagar sedan

    I will be there with you, he said! Why start being there for, or with anybody now? You failed to do so when in office.

  107. kairon156

    kairon1564 dagar sedan

    The sad thing about all this, other than the death and mayhem is the world didn't always have a good opinion of America before trump was elected, Now America's political soft power will be shrinking by so very much.

  108. نواف نبض الذهب

    نواف نبض الذهب4 dagar sedan

    Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 www.mahdialumma.com/showthread.php?p=326682

  109. Jinglei Yu

    Jinglei Yu4 dagar sedan

    Europe watching the superpower of the world falling apart😐

  110. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy4 dagar sedan

    Awesome video!

  111. Jake Monson

    Jake Monson4 dagar sedan

    Colbert is a phony propaganda mouth piece , total hack , zero talent !

  112. Jake Monson

    Jake Monson21 timme sedan

    @Payton Kilmer have absolutely no clue what ur saying I've Ben working non stop since 15 yrs old

  113. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    @Jake Monson I agree, capitalism sucks. Glad to hear you support the struggle of class consciousness, comrade!

  114. zjaunef

    zjaunefDag sedan

    @Jake Monson Did I say money is everything? Doesn’t change the fact that he’s getting paid off a view from someone who thinks so low of him lol.

  115. Jake Monson

    Jake MonsonDag sedan

    @zjaunefmoney isn't everything bud , integrity it's a lost value , it's why this country is a disaster GREED!

  116. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    Yet he’s still getting paid for your views

  117. Torr Medan

    Torr Medan4 dagar sedan

    The wary aunt promisingly mourn because porter contextually end about a innocent wallet. cloudy, plant lizard

  118. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy4 dagar sedan

    loved the new video?

  119. cristiano ronaldo

    cristiano ronaldo4 dagar sedan

    I’m convinced that if trump tells his supporters to eat shit they would do it.

  120. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    He quite famously said that he could shoot somebody in the head in the center of Times Square and not lose a single voter. He said this in 2016.

  121. Godric G

    Godric G4 dagar sedan

    Chaos is a ladder.

  122. D Messenger

    D Messenger4 dagar sedan

    hope that happens but america has proven time and time again that its memory is as short as a goldfish. in 2 years, what will the turnout look like? i dont know.

  123. Jack

    Jack4 dagar sedan

    4 Years of Trump, The American Empire is on a near brink of collapse. Make America great again? More like make America weak and subservient.

  124. Wags84

    Wags844 dagar sedan

    Congratulations on King Biden, hope you enjoy him giving us to China This guy's leading his own narrative, and taking it out of context lol, just more lies from the left

  125. Arnaldo Velazquez

    Arnaldo Velazquez4 dagar sedan

    Steve, I'm really sorry I didn't do this before, I´m one of your most faithful follower and I want to say thank you for doing what you do. Agree with you %100 always.

  126. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee4 dagar sedan

    Actually elections are decided by who controls the media, and now by big tech. Really de-humanize half of our country? The two extreme sides of the bipartisan system are destroying this country, we saw it all summer and now this happened. Media fuels it for ratings power and money, not truth. Where should the rest of the public get news if it wants unbiased honesty? The crap that the Republicans are doing now concerning voter fraud is the same crap that we saw four years ago from the Democrats. It seems that our voters are losing confidence in the system. Maybe a decade ago the American public would have wanted an honest vote, now either side is about wining regardless of truth and honesty. If we continue to just scurry around in our more, more, better, better, me, me, me world then someone will take this great nation from us while we are in our drama filled complacency. Bigger lies lead to bigger lies which leads to the loss of truth. Who really cares about us? It starts with us.

  127. Dee Voetsch

    Dee Voetsch4 dagar sedan

    Hey Colbert....you never will nor will you ever be great! Causing hatred and divisions....Putz

  128. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Causing hatred and divisions...sorry mate, I don't believe in making peace with Mordor.

  129. zjaunef

    zjaunef2 dagar sedan

    Isn’t Colbert number 1 in his time slot? Funny because by Trumps standards when it comes to views and ratings Colbert is superb. Lol

  130. Dave G

    Dave G4 dagar sedan

    I think 47 people died durning the previous riots look to yourself

  131. Dave G

    Dave G4 dagar sedan

    The cop who shot the woman in the neck is a real hero never would have shot BLM or Antifa

  132. joshua john

    joshua john4 dagar sedan

    anyone else saw the release date it shows jun 7 2021

  133. True Thomas

    True Thomas4 dagar sedan

    Anyone who incites violence but is nowhere to be seen when it happens, and pretends it was nothing to do with them, is not merely a coward, theirs is the worst kind of cowardice.

  134. Vger Lightening

    Vger Lightening4 dagar sedan

    Now Stephen, that was astonishingly excellently well done, my man!!

  135. Vger Lightening

    Vger Lightening4 dagar sedan

    Just as good, as Jim Carrey.

  136. Vger Lightening

    Vger Lightening4 dagar sedan

    There are 77,000,000 MILLION American Citizens that will give up their lives for the President D. J. TRUMP.

  137. Dan World

    Dan World3 dagar sedan

    74.2 actually moron

  138. Maksie0

    Maksie04 dagar sedan

    So 77 billion Americans?

  139. Vger Lightening

    Vger Lightening4 dagar sedan


  140. Karmot Le Phrog

    Karmot Le Phrog4 dagar sedan

    History has repeated. America is now filled with too much hate to accept reality and restore humanity.

  141. Alicia Schlattmann

    Alicia Schlattmann4 dagar sedan

    "Remind me, are we great again yet?" This single statement sums up the horrifying lies of the past 4 years.

  142. KornPop

    KornPop2 dagar sedan

    Don't forget about the Russian lie

  143. Kunz

    Kunz2 dagar sedan

    @Dustin Hunt Too many to count

  144. Dustin Hunt

    Dustin Hunt3 dagar sedan

    You mean like “Trump banned Muslims?” Or “Trump called white supremacists ‘fine people’”? Those lies? How about “Trump called them to riot”? That lie?

  145. Faron Ray

    Faron Ray4 dagar sedan

    I think you are the dangerous type. Every time you disagree with someone you call them a name or label them a nazi.

  146. Payton Kilmer

    Payton KilmerDag sedan

    Unlike Trump, who never called anybody mean names. Not once.