I Opened A FAKE Starbucks

I opened a fake starbucks, previously I opened a fake mcdonalds but now it's starbucks turn.
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  1. NDL

    NDL19 dagar sedan


  2. Xiao Dogge

    Xiao Dogge4 timmar sedan

    Is this legal?

  3. Fazani Fazani

    Fazani Fazani19 timmar sedan

    @Sidness ora.

  4. Craze -x

    Craze -x21 timme sedan

    Done it

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  7. Jim Profit

    Jim Profit32 minuter sedan

    Hot thiccc Legends 0:25

  8. Ranjan Panda

    Ranjan Panda49 minuter sedan

    That much wastage of milk.



    Dude wasted milk like it's nothing ,bruh

  10. SAM

    SAMTimme sedan

    Most annoying video I have ever seen . First of all I really hate when people waste food dunno what message he is giving through his video when he started wasting that milk.

  11. Panav KALRA

    Panav KALRA2 timmar sedan

    To be honest I find a number of your videos funny, however, within this video to have displayed an immense wastage of valuable resources such as milk, water, etc. Such food could be easily provided to the less fortunate rather than wasting it and producing extremely rude jokes about your "customers"

  12. olaoluwa akomolafe

    olaoluwa akomolafe2 timmar sedan

    Ayu this was actually funny lol

  13. Jackson Timmins

    Jackson Timmins3 timmar sedan

    great video neeeko

  14. • SERAPHA

    • SERAPHA4 timmar sedan

    Waste of milk😒

  15. joe mama

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  16. DMN Genza

    DMN Genza5 timmar sedan

    Wow. So this is what content is?

  17. Ross but better

    Ross but better7 timmar sedan

    kick one man, spark a revolution

  18. poorvi Jagga

    poorvi Jagga8 timmar sedan

    this guy is a real life larry david

  19. amera al

    amera al8 timmar sedan

    Why would you waste more than a cup of milk and laughing without any care when there are more 3 billion people that can found something to eat or to drink shame on you all!!

  20. pripri maths

    pripri maths9 timmar sedan

    14:15 sharky looks lost lol 😂

  21. Wolzza

    Wolzza9 timmar sedan

    This is the funniest video I've seen all month

  22. Ayaan Vaswani

    Ayaan Vaswani11 timmar sedan

    the commitment

  23. Gwen Phalan

    Gwen Phalan11 timmar sedan

    Crazy how you stole this idea from Nathan For You

  24. James Lin

    James Lin12 timmar sedan

    Dumb Starbucks, but Dumber


    CASH GAMERS12 timmar sedan

    Stop wasting food neeko

  26. Mason Turner

    Mason Turner14 timmar sedan

    Niko for mayor

  27. Boris de Bruin

    Boris de Bruin15 timmar sedan

    Literally yoinked this from Nathan Fielder

  28. Sir Narwhal

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  29. Barry Wang

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  30. peter pan

    peter pan17 timmar sedan

    ohh no you didnt...mirror hsuhs needed for that one moob!

  31. STOMOBRO!!!

    STOMOBRO!!!17 timmar sedan

    Hey when he’s mayor he can ban star bucks from London

  32. Umphe Munyai

    Umphe Munyai18 timmar sedan

    i wish you should have just named it Notstarbucks

  33. BlueLazar TTV

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  34. BlueLazar TTV

    BlueLazar TTV19 timmar sedan

    So your a foot

  35. BlueLazar TTV

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    Niko sundee told me to call you a foot

  36. _kawaii_ duck_

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  37. YT Branquilo

    YT Branquilo21 timme sedan

    When can we Invest in your business

  38. GKS

    GKS21 timme sedan

    I dont get how people find this rudeness and food waste funny tbh, not McDonalds at least was entertaining

  39. Munchkin Frost

    Munchkin Frost21 timme sedan

    but i like star bucks-

  40. Jade Mckeag

    Jade Mckeag22 timmar sedan

    This idea was completely ripped off from Nathan For you. Search on youtube Dumb Starbucks

  41. Marcel Jabłoński

    Marcel Jabłoński23 timmar sedan

    those human verification moments got me dead

  42. C is Epic

    C is Epic23 timmar sedan

    Mom can we get Starbucks? No, sweetie we have Starbucks at home Starbucks at home:

  43. C is Epic

    C is Epic8 timmar sedan

    @It's a me idk, but i still thought it would be funny

  44. It's a me

    It's a me9 timmar sedan

    isn't that trend dead already?

  45. Black Panther

    Black Panther23 timmar sedan

    100k like till you open that NDL drive thru!!!

  46. Killer Akame

    Killer AkameDag sedan

    I love how you put so much effort to entertain us much love bro

  47. Aceser

    AceserDag sedan

    Massage : Dont mess with Niko.

  48. sneaky salma

    sneaky salmaDag sedan

    is it just me or do i think that they were being very mean to some costumers

  49. Ibn Hafeez - Social Quran

    Ibn Hafeez - Social QuranDag sedan

    Funny but don't be making jokes of names like yusufs name it hurts hearing that while being muslim

  50. Assault FN

    Assault FNDag sedan


  51. Schmexxy

    SchmexxyDag sedan

    UK version of Nathan For You?

  52. Nasafi Ilam

    Nasafi IlamDag sedan

    for NDL !

  53. Charlie Dance

    Charlie DanceDag sedan

    Go round london and offer money and food to people sat down and when they say no say i thought you were homeless

  54. umm mm

    umm mmDag sedan

    Ur kinda rude tho

  55. Naud van Veggel

    Naud van VeggelDag sedan

    He doesnt speak english😭😭😭😭

  56. Daniel Brunton

    Daniel BruntonDag sedan

    NDL for LDN

  57. simon the digger

    simon the diggerDag sedan

    ngl i cringed at the milk being wasted

  58. Akbar Mehdi

    Akbar MehdiDag sedan

    ayy big up randolph for playing the security guard

  59. Dwagon

    DwagonDag sedan

    Starbucks opened a fake staschmuks

  60. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyDag sedan

    That "the service is terrible, but the food is great" lives up to its line.

  61. drip boi

    drip boiDag sedan

    stop wasting milk milk gang attack

  62. drip boi

    drip boiDag sedan

    milk gang

  63. Rillionaire Adam-might

    Rillionaire Adam-mightDag sedan

    Once I saw the wasting of milk I had to leave the video not my cup of tea mate

  64. ITrain

    ITrainDag sedan

    This would be such a good coffee place its like those places where there supposed to insult you i love it

  65. Goldy nz

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    We NEED to get 420,069 likes now!!

  66. Angie Vann

    Angie VannDag sedan

    best customer service :D

  67. Starbucks Official

    Starbucks OfficialDag sedan

    Not Cool

  68. Tessïa Emard

    Tessïa EmardDag sedan

    1:54 His friends dead laughing 😂😂

  69. Billy Brendan

    Billy BrendanDag sedan

    Copied from Nathen Fielder

  70. Katherine Le Courtois-O'Neill

    Katherine Le Courtois-O'NeillDag sedan

    This is literally a Nathan For You bit

  71. Yasinator99

    Yasinator99Dag sedan

    next video : I created my own country

  72. Dennisdailycom1

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  73. Boy Phantom

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    Imagine if this video got 420,069 likes on 4/20

  74. Lomps The Kid

    Lomps The KidDag sedan

    I feel like this was stolen from Nathan4you’s Dumb Starbucks...

  75. Lucas Roots

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    Luv your vids❤️

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    Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️

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    Rip his phone


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    420069K NOW

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    that was hilarious stawppppp lmaooo

  80. FreedomYorkshire

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    i burnt my tongue like 5 times but its still peng hahahahaha


    Jovan STANISAVLJEVICDag sedan

    Помаже бог!

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    You are gonna blow up one day like crazy

  84. Amman Mahmood

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    What a waste of milk

  85. hack sick

    hack sickDag sedan

    ngl ndl but this was kinda cringe

  86. Em_playz

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  87. armalite

    armaliteDag sedan

    4:47 he said yousef not joseph

  88. The Epic Shadow Sheep

    The Epic Shadow SheepDag sedan

    N D L (Never do lose)

  89. Martijn Prins

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  90. F.

    F.Dag sedan

    This dude carrying my quarantine

  91. Dog of mordor

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    didn't know randolph was a security guard

  92. Timothy. C

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    Chuck the cup 😂

  93. Armaan Ilyas

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    If only darkest man was here

  94. Secret Gamer

    Secret GamerDag sedan

    he partnered with an Indian group (CHAIWALLA )

  95. Drew Goetz

    Drew GoetzDag sedan

    My dude straight up copied Nathan for you but it was still good

  96. Negotiator

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    6:08 angry bird confirmed

  97. Ryan

    Ryan2 dagar sedan

    Why did he waste so much milk it hurts 😂

  98. soobders

    soobders2 dagar sedan

    6:45 she was actually cool lmao

  99. EinfachEnrIc

    EinfachEnrIc2 dagar sedan

    That’s why you don’t kick out niko of any restaurant

  100. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui2 dagar sedan

    Just found out that Niko is standing for mayor of London 🤣😂😂😂

  101. Abed elchafei

    Abed elchafei2 dagar sedan

    What’s up 2025 is the corono over


    TOXIC_ PLAYZ2 dagar sedan

    dont fly kick niko simple

  103. Abdul Muqsit

    Abdul Muqsit2 dagar sedan

    It’s actually great how niko fights against big corporations by helping smaller business gain customers

  104. Maynird

    Maynird2 dagar sedan

    Nathan for you....

  105. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres2 dagar sedan

    walmart Randolph

  106. KuroBou

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  107. Arif Ramen noodles

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    He should do a fake taxi

  108. Collin Banik

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    is that security guard @pounds448