LET’S BUILD LUNA PARK - Boris plays Crossout

Check out Crossout and jump in game: xo.link/BorisCrazyBoost
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  1. Tas

    Tas16 dagar sedan

    0:46 Those are some nice..... links you got there, yea links heh

  2. Fish Of Ages

    Fish Of Ages20 dagar sedan

    it is *back*!

  3. Fred Krazé

    Fred KrazéMånad sedan

    Okay, now I need to go listen to the song!!!

  4. *-leon-*

    *-leon-*Månad sedan

    Boris, is that normal that, i got PS4 and slaved it? Because i got my pet russian play it too much :(

  5. Brevin

    BrevinMånad sedan

    You should try making an entire big car agility and obstacle course that tests all the skills needed for the game.

  6. Bread

    BreadMånad sedan

    if i download it from link i get bonus and will it connect to steam?

  7. Eg

    EgMånad sedan

    I am near u (im in poland)

  8. Quit callin me Bill

    Quit callin me BillMånad sedan

    Just downloaded. Hope u got paid fornit

  9. Alexandre Gastinel

    Alexandre Gastinel2 månader sedan

    Now this makes me think a lot... A new slav saying. At 3:09 Even the smallest mistake can make a big pizdec

  10. Petr Mach

    Petr Mach2 månader sedan

    U should try to build T-34 in crossout

  11. Len

    Len2 månader sedan

    Ya know what, I wanted to be an engineer at nasa, but now I want to be an engineer at The Gopnik Space Program

  12. Len

    Len2 månader sedan

    I sensed Serbian in the title

  13. Adriano Bocci

    Adriano Bocci2 månader sedan

    Too bad it's Crossout and not Robocraft

  14. Dontae Gomez

    Dontae Gomez2 månader sedan

    This guy is funny

  15. Oscar Sanfilippo

    Oscar Sanfilippo2 månader sedan

    I’m Australian Luna Park Australia

  16. Atomic slav yt

    Atomic slav yt2 månader sedan

    You should play Minecraft

  17. o maskarado

    o maskarado2 månader sedan

    0:41 Lmao

  18. FlameTheGame

    FlameTheGame3 månader sedan

    1 month ago.... WHAT THE BLIN

  19. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira3 månader sedan

    this is the best of russiab technollagy

  20. Voinnoyed

    Voinnoyed3 månader sedan

    Idk where it is but my comment about disliking over a sponsor that I’m now neutral with and understanding now is dumb anyway this comment is sponsored by rai-

  21. Cheech Wizard

    Cheech Wizard3 månader sedan

    For me, end of month is all month. I'm ready for 2020 to be over.

  22. Andres Rincon

    Andres Rincon3 månader sedan

    His laugh is like the gnomed gnome

  23. Mr. Me

    Mr. Me3 månader sedan

    Boris when hes out of sponsors colorised: GAIJIN BLYAT

  24. simple sigh

    simple sigh3 månader sedan


  25. SketoThanos

    SketoThanos3 månader sedan

    If I get the game from your link will I also get that sweet looking ass?

  26. Crimson Vortex

    Crimson Vortex3 månader sedan

    Cool Gamer fact : *listenin to russian hardbass make u play 10x better,Thanks for intruducing me to the slavic lifestyle comerade*

  27. Franklin Fure

    Franklin Fure3 månader sedan

    I mean is it really slavic if it dosent have three stripes?

  28. A ghost Leviathan

    A ghost Leviathan3 månader sedan

    9:09 German panzer’s fighting off Russian t-34’s 1945 colorized

  29. O w O

    O w O3 månader sedan

    10:08 butt u wellcum

  30. Steven Gorham

    Steven Gorham3 månader sedan

    Please make vodka in awesome game.

  31. Rossitter Forbes

    Rossitter Forbes3 månader sedan

    Thank you. For another crossout video. ❤️

  32. aeson ramirez

    aeson ramirez3 månader sedan


  33. Fox Jack

    Fox Jack3 månader sedan

    I have 11 subscribers

  34. Fox Jack

    Fox Jack3 månader sedan

    5:22 welll cuca BLYAT HE DONE IT

  35. Nooriqmal Hafiey Mierza Bin Noorhisyam

    Nooriqmal Hafiey Mierza Bin Noorhisyam3 månader sedan

    Boris why the hell would you destroy some one build respect there build cyka blyat

  36. Reladaf Majes

    Reladaf Majes3 månader sedan

    5:47 you made rocket league in cross out, this is the true power of Slav engineering

  37. OKGplayz

    OKGplayz3 månader sedan

    6:18 comrade D U C C

  38. TJ

    TJ3 månader sedan

    How does Boris have so much good stuff i want that too :/

  39. Corrugate Industries

    Corrugate Industries4 månader sedan

    Anything to say about reviving gopnik gaming?

  40. That1idiot

    That1idiot4 månader sedan

    Its a epic slavic park until Vadim show up Vadim BLYAT!

  41. Anirudh Shukla

    Anirudh Shukla4 månader sedan

    _We have vadim launcher_

  42. Andrew Gaming

    Andrew Gaming4 månader sedan

    Squating all day in macedonia NEVER NORTH OR WESTRN

  43. Sunneva

    Sunneva4 månader sedan

    Is it a bit normal to have a deep voice for you

  44. GTXGaming

    GTXGaming4 månader sedan

    3 weeks and Boris still hadn’t realized that there was only one side running board that was making his battle car turn left all the time

  45. patat123. Bye, I quit

    patat123. Bye, I quit4 månader sedan

    How do I receive the free kit (attacker or defender kit) on PS4?

  46. Jennmark Minoza

    Jennmark Minoza4 månader sedan

    no ammunition limit?

  47. Tash Jansson

    Tash Jansson4 månader sedan


  48. Amber Shipley

    Amber Shipley4 månader sedan

    Boris blyat where have you been?? How's Artyom(aka, slav kat)??

  49. GD XModX

    GD XModX4 månader sedan

    Crossout is also availiable for android devices for free as well. So if some of you don't have pc then you Can play on your smartphone and feel like playing On pc.

  50. AlphanAkpunar

    AlphanAkpunar4 månader sedan

    play universe sandbox 2 and make a adidas planet.

  51. Nolan Wright

    Nolan Wright4 månader sedan

    Just made really good breakfast this morning wanted to share it Two strips of bacon One sausage or two Chop up into small pieces Add 1/2 teaspoon of Chopped garlic 1 teaspoon of maple syrup And a 1/4 of pepper Mix with hands until all the flavors are blended together well Butter up a pan and put the mix in. Stir occasionally until the bacon is a nice brown crisp color Put the bacon mix into a bowl and top it with cheddar cheese Grab two eggs three if you’re hungrier Add salt and pepper and a small bit of milk Scramble the eggs Cook until a Little brown put the eggs in with the mix and add a little bit more cheddar cheese

  52. Der KurwaKanal

    Der KurwaKanal4 månader sedan

    Intro music?

  53. Jeremy Sitorus

    Jeremy Sitorus4 månader sedan

    Hey Boris, play Ace Combat 7. No tanks, no good Soviet helicopter, but is very modern Russian bias simulator

  54. Edward Lesmana88

    Edward Lesmana884 månader sedan


  55. bhpowerup

    bhpowerup4 månader sedan

    Fuck this

  56. miguel prado

    miguel prado4 månader sedan


  57. Gopnik Lewis

    Gopnik Lewis4 månader sedan

    My land has Chernobyl mode

  58. Cesar ST

    Cesar ST4 månader sedan

    Slav's kid cars in the school creative proyects

  59. Peace was never An option

    Peace was never An option4 månader sedan

    Types of your girl If your girl had 1. vodka 2 . 4 jet boosted car 3. A svd sniper rifle Thats not ur girl That is boris , king of slav

  60. Ольга Маматова

    Ольга Маматова4 månader sedan

    If you really slave - you need to play on russian language. Even if you don't know him.

  61. GTXGaming

    GTXGaming4 månader sedan

    this is what spurred my interest in dis game. thx boris

  62. Jexim SK

    Jexim SK4 månader sedan

    Crashed car

  63. 4TAP

    4TAP4 månader sedan

    if u lshould try RUST its a game that would be noic on ur channel

  64. A.S. Petkov

    A.S. Petkov4 månader sedan

    I first started playing this game when I saw your previous video. This update is kinda pointless. They should add more guns.

  65. B3astcodeer 1555

    B3astcodeer 15554 månader sedan

    After watching this made me want to get crossout

  66. sxbrina_fl

    sxbrina_fl4 månader sedan

    this is called real content

  67. Potato Boi

    Potato Boi4 månader sedan

    Boris please make more gaming videos :D

  68. Dorian Kucio

    Dorian Kucio4 månader sedan

    9:13 when you finish a enemy with only 12 shields left but they have a fuze car

  69. Firenzar Frenzy

    Firenzar Frenzy4 månader sedan

    I swear sometimes when he laughs he sounds like the gnomed meme

  70. Step Bro

    Step Bro4 månader sedan

    just realize you will only get like 30% of what he has without shelling out a serious roll of cash

  71. Novice Leader

    Novice Leader4 månader sedan

    Boris: "Get the game, link in the description" Meanwhile the background: dat ass

  72. Worm on A string

    Worm on A string4 månader sedan

    Boris: * *has legendary and purple parts with thousands of guns,boosters and parts with great value* * Me: * *just started playing the game and has 3 cabins 1 booster and 2 guns with no boosters* *

  73. FBI agent 3412

    FBI agent 34124 månader sedan

    i once saw this on bing Boris is a contraction (German, Russian, and Slavic) of the Russian and Slavic Borislav. See also the related categories, rulers (king), slavic, son (heir), brother, battle (war), element, russian, actor, kingdom, german, opera, and bulgarian.

  74. zero

    zero4 månader sedan

    U know how he as a translation to what he says is it just me or not because I can tell already what he's saying

  75. Bezimienny

    Bezimienny4 månader sedan

    Polish clock tyka Russian clock cyka

  76. RandomEggHead -

    RandomEggHead -4 månader sedan

    Crossout: A post apocalyptic dystopian car shooting game Boris: 5:48 Rocket League

  77. Крутой Уокер

    Крутой Уокер4 månader sedan

    ууу сука кроссовок !!!

  78. fiya rosanita

    fiya rosanita4 månader sedan

    Gnome? 4:04

  79. KGB

    KGB4 månader sedan


  80. Ahzaee

    Ahzaee4 månader sedan

    I know this is not a Q&A but here is a question. Im Muslim, i want to be slav but i cant drink vodka. But can i still be slav tho?

  81. R

    R4 månader sedan

    Sry, but where is lada?

  82. заброшенный XXXsashaXXX заброшенный

    заброшенный XXXsashaXXX заброшенный4 månader sedan

    ты случайно не русский который изображаеш англичанина

  83. Yusuff Irfan.

    Yusuff Irfan.4 månader sedan

    Fun fact : homework is made as punishment

  84. 19,I Putu Ferdynantha Ivena Maheswara Giri

    19,I Putu Ferdynantha Ivena Maheswara Giri4 månader sedan

    Dear Boris,i have a really blyatifull channel that you must react to..i promise it will be entertaining.if your interested the channel is called Nickocado Avocado.he is a fat gopnik that eat junk food.

  85. VerticalPug Studios

    VerticalPug Studios4 månader sedan

    Luna Park? Sounds like a pretty good reference imo.

  86. died2pinwheel

    died2pinwheel4 månader sedan

    durak tutorial pl0x

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    Eric De Lima costa4 månader sedan

    Shout me out in next video blin

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    Dulcinea Parker4 månader sedan

    I swear I still have problems understanding words through the accent and I have watched so many of these vids.

  89. Nuno Miguel

    Nuno Miguel4 månader sedan


  90. WowaxTGOD Karpo

    WowaxTGOD Karpo4 månader sedan

    Hey Boris, I just found a game called “Boris the rocket” made by indie devs I think it would be funny

  91. VikingWarrior HU

    VikingWarrior HU4 månader sedan

    Thanks for the hat, comrade! It's perfekt

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    PatLans4 månader sedan

    Life of Artyom 3 plz

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    Panji Setiawardhana4 månader sedan

    Boris miss you come back comrade

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    Jeremy Sitorus4 månader sedan

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    Cúc Trần Thị Kim4 månader sedan

    are you russian or not

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    Antics Corp4 månader sedan

    Boris do something crazy Please teach us "How to Use a Dragunov and how to aim properly to Vadim"

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    То чувство когда ты один Русский

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