The PS4 Has a Built-In Design Flaw That Will Render It USELESS

Sony is shutting down the PS3, PSP, and PSvita stores which is bad enough, but concerning news has come out that when the internal battery of the PS4 and PS3 dies, so does your ability to play games.
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    FANTAVISIONMånad sedan

    Follow me over on twitter for more gaming news and random thoughts! PS: To those that are commenting "just change the battery" my response is to "just watch the video". I explain EXACTLY what is going on here and what will happen when you change the battery once the servers are all down.

  2. Steven 1773

    Steven 177316 dagar sedan

    We call it a Flaw, They call it a feature.

  3. brutalhonesty07

    brutalhonesty0718 dagar sedan

    Updated: PS5 has the same problem.....

  4. Pedro Canas

    Pedro Canas19 dagar sedan

    Heres something new and funny: The Ps5 has the exactly built in design feature that will render it useless.

  5. Ravonies Ravenshir

    Ravonies Ravenshir19 dagar sedan

    I think that is Grounds for a Class Action Lawsuit right? If when they stop caring, it goes into "If we aren't doing shit, you don't get to do shit"

  6. Stormbird

    Stormbird20 dagar sedan

    @DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon That's ok but if you change the battery, how do you know how the bios will work? No one's know at the moment how the ps3 system can or can't download the codes for the normal works. If the content server is enough for the ps3 after the battery issue that's ok, if not? we sucked

  7. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    But PlayStation did say the owner of the the guy that owns PlayStation he was on PlayStation and he made his little announcement about PlayStation being shut down for a time to rebuild a server but far as the service now being shut down permanently their comeback probably more advanced than better but far as like taking away a server and starting over fresh and depending on the PlayStation 5 to hold this crisis down no they're not going to do that there depending on backwards compatibility pack backwards compatibility is going to come and take over watch this before it's shutting down servers and stop telling PSN numbers for the slim PlayStation 4 not going to happen if that happened they made a huge mistake they're going to lose the money

  8. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I'm going to listen to Walmart you know she was kind of fishy do but you know she seen the one that's telling me that shark card okay so how long is that sarkar going to last meet am I going to get to keep my money in a couple months yes

  9. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Now digital content

  10. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    I don't think PlayStation with jeopardize their company like that by kicking all the consoles off the internet but far as far as taking away digital content yeah they're not going to sell digital content but far as just letting you go on their Network and play a game yeah they going to let us do what to do that we still paying thirty bucks a month for a PSN number we're not really paying off they want the money

  11. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Now far is digital content they might be taking that away

  12. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Visual content

  13. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    As far as

  14. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Grand Theft Auto is still selling Shark cards at the moment and everybody is saying the opposite in the real world you saying something online about PlayStation 4 being over with I don't think you know what you talking about for sure you got to have facts

  15. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I'm not worried about my PlayStation 4 I got me a flash drive I can just upload to PlayStation 5 and reboot my data into a new console and get back all of my games I'm not worried about that right now I am worried about what's really going on with the franchise

  16. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    I'm not waiting testing 1

  17. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I don't know what you talking about bro maybe for digital games but not hard copy we still have twenty years that battery is a lifetime warranty on that battery lifetime warranty not 20 years not 30 years a lifetime warranty bro a lifetime warranty on that battery

  18. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Met before digital games

  19. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    If you should pay for PSN number Walmart still selling PSN numbers at Walmart is still selling PSN numbers the network is not shut down

  20. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 is nowhere

  21. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    We still got backwards compatibility if they shut down the network PlayStation will lose a lot of money a lot of money they were not prepared to stand on the battlefield and lose all millions of dollars people just bought these PlayStations Call of Duty just came out on the PlayStation 4 what are you talkin about bro Mortal Kombat just came out its advertising in the studios

  22. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Where are you getting your information that the service will shut down where are you getting your information if Walmart is still selling PSN numbers the servers are not going to shut down maybe for the old stuff like PlayStation 3 but Walmart is still selling PSN numbers and Shark cards

  23. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    PlayStation announced that they shut down the server to make updates to the server just called Walmart or wallago they still selling Shark cards for the PlayStation 4 and PSN numbers

  24. Steve Stephens

    Steve Stephens2 dagar sedan

    Bro where do you get your information from bro I haven't heard nobody say nothing about PlayStation shutting down to the network

  25. lilpoppa502

    lilpoppa5023 dagar sedan

    This situation is one that's not going to happen for years to come. CMOS batteries don't just go out like that, and if the servers are down, Is it really going to matter if the CMOS battery is bad, you won't be able to connect to a downed server anyway. IF THE SERVER IS STILL GOOD , swap the CMOS battery out for one that's a good battery, go to your account management and restore the license to your titles. Problem solved. depending on if those servers are good at the time. the problem really exsist on active servers.

  26. Armada Gaming

    Armada Gaming4 dagar sedan

    How is this not fraud? if you bought digital and can’t play them if CMOS dies?

  27. 24321619

    243216194 dagar sedan

    A local man put a device in all the house alarms he was fitting that would make them stop working after one year, so he could then charge the customer with the costs of fixing them. He was charged in court with Fraudulent Trading not much difference here from this.

  28. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob4 dagar sedan

    I have great news for you I have a solution for that. Disassemble your PlayStation 3, pull out that old battery do not install another one solder a red wire on the positive terminal as well as a white or black on the negative. Pull the wires to the external of the PlayStation three. Then create two external three volt battery seats, in parallel, in conjunction with those new terminals you created screw them on the outside of the unit or use double-sided tape. What you're going to do is pretty much double the capacity of the battery, or you can intermittently change them or swap them out but always leave one in place so you always keep the time and date. It should work pretty much all you're doing is expanding the capacity of the battery when you link them in parallel, do not link them series you're going to make 6 volts and probably burn out the clock system or the CPU itself. I would assume when you link them in series the CPU is going to pull what's needed. Milliamps are going to be higher. But it's possible the CPU is going to pull what's needed. The 3v cells don't have much amperage I believe it's in milliamps. Which is why I suggest using probably an older battery as well as a new one and intermittently change one each time. Feel free to comment I would love to hear your suggestions on this solution.

  29. jayden goodman

    jayden goodman7 dagar sedan

    When will the ps4 battery die

  30. No Thanks

    No Thanks8 dagar sedan

    Well im ditching ps for life after hearing this. Because they keep doing shit like this and they think its cute. Ill never fuck with them again.

  31. Jerome

    Jerome8 dagar sedan

    I agree with everything you said.

  32. Justin Horton

    Justin Horton10 dagar sedan

    Just stopped in to say I wouldn't worry about this. And if you are worried about it, buy a battery and save it until you hear PS4 network is shutting down. But worrying about this is whack.

  33. F.L Swope

    F.L Swope10 dagar sedan

    Fuck it I am going old school.

  34. MrCaveMan8588 Official

    MrCaveMan8588 Official11 dagar sedan

    So if I'm understand this video right If I decided to repair my console it would have been a huge waste of time??????

  35. ITCHYisVegeta

    ITCHYisVegeta12 dagar sedan

    The CMOS thing is total bullshit. I was planning on buying a PS5 later, or a PS4 when I see one on sale. Not going to now until they fix this. Also total bullshit that they were shutting down the stores for PS3 and Vita while there were still indy games in development. Yeah, we know that will happen eventually, and Sony only lackluster supports backwards compatability. But when games are still being developed? Total bullshit move. There is a reason why my gsme shelves have a huge amount of previous gen games, and hardly any current gen (now past gen) games.

  36. Absolynth

    Absolynth12 dagar sedan

    Why is this industry such an asshole? My God lol

  37. Vampires Crypt

    Vampires Crypt13 dagar sedan

    they wil hack the PS4 in the future dont worry

  38. Vampires Crypt

    Vampires Crypt13 dagar sedan

    just cfw the hell out of ps3 and be on your marry way!

  39. Jarius Foster

    Jarius Foster13 dagar sedan

    Emulators is the way,Team Sega,NES,SNES

  40. GMDKeepnclassy

    GMDKeepnclassy14 dagar sedan

    Well the ps4 is already useless before i even buy who cares? Sony sucks and it blows my mind people STILL fail to see this. PS3 network almost went DOWN and all content removed. Microsoft ever do that? Nope. Sony is the REASON why crossplay and the current state of gaming is as shitty as it is.

  41. Timeeater200

    Timeeater20014 dagar sedan

    That's kinda nasty. Once you buy a sofa or a tv. There is no ticking timebomb inplanted to take that from you. Im so confiused ... and conflicted.

  42. I Keeps It 100

    I Keeps It 10014 dagar sedan

    The solution is simple. Stop 🤬ing with them‼️ They're a bunch of 🐴🕳's‼️

  43. Armando Carromeu

    Armando Carromeu14 dagar sedan

    Well now that Sony re-thinked their action,guess we can lay off a bit.As for the digital future,I like physical games as much as the next person,but I don’t think that physical games will save us from losing games.They can simply release a patch for your console or for the game that blocks it’s use,and to think that those updates happens in such a subtle way in plus,idk seems like a problem.”I just have to stay off the internet”,well,I think most people want to play online ,so...

  44. thE tEST

    thE tEST14 dagar sedan

    Remember the great reset people yea its coming and coming hard be ready to fight for your property im just talking about your ps4, ps3 You know

  45. The Boys

    The Boys14 dagar sedan

    Playstation and xbox moving to all digital more and more all the time there trying to turn there platforms into more of a service like Netflix so we have no control over nothing personally I really only buy physical but the ps4 really needs a patch to fix this problem

  46. Cray Jonz

    Cray Jonz14 dagar sedan

    I was born in the fifties when things, everything aged wore out and just stopped working. A metaphor for life, sure, but that’s reality don’t know why some people actually think stuff is supposed to last forever, nothing does that, nothing!

  47. TitanGamer HD

    TitanGamer HD15 dagar sedan

    Tic tac tic tac tic tac..... BOOM 💥

  48. Christopher DeFabis

    Christopher DeFabis15 dagar sedan

    Also if u need help tear down ps4 consoles all models they got tear down and reassemble videos from regular ps4 to ps4 slim and ps4 pro

  49. Saffron Dallimore

    Saffron Dallimore15 dagar sedan

    After learning about this stuff, I don’t feel I will be gaming in far future. Seems pointless and that I lost a shit tone of money.

  50. John Ó Dubh

    John Ó Dubh15 dagar sedan

    Ps3 store is not closing

  51. Herowebcomics

    Herowebcomics16 dagar sedan

    You know you messed up when you force your customers to pirate your games! You could have sold them for download on your new systems, but if you don't then you are driving people to find other options! Thankfully, they are reconsidering shutting down the stores!


    AUTOMANIA16 dagar sedan

    How does it matter there won't be another ps6 its all gonna be on cloud all the famous og games will be playable anytime anywhere

  53. The Morris Channel

    The Morris Channel16 dagar sedan

    So selling your console would pointless?

  54. The Morris Channel

    The Morris Channel16 dagar sedan

    This is getting weird. Not to mention going offline, you would think you still be able to play the digital game because its "installed" and be able to play it like a pc game. Steam has been kinda doing the same thing.

  55. soundmanbk11

    soundmanbk1116 dagar sedan

    My ps4pro shutdown after a update lol

  56. DDD

    DDD16 dagar sedan

    A couple questions... cant you just replace the cmos battery thingy, and also, has anyone had this happen to them yet? These batteries seem to last a long time

  57. Fishes 002

    Fishes 00216 dagar sedan

    Theyve said that once the ps3 stores are gone it doesnt mean we cant download or play the stuff we already bought. We are going to be able to still download anything we own if its digital.

  58. Grotesque Angel

    Grotesque Angel16 dagar sedan

    just replace the battery and stop cryin

  59. D C

    D C16 dagar sedan

    They backtracked on their plans to shut down the ps3 server after the backlash.

  60. Mango Expert

    Mango Expert17 dagar sedan

    So will ps3 physical games still work?

  61. Robert Meyers

    Robert Meyers16 dagar sedan

    @Adam Cunningham but what about games like Lego Dimensions?

  62. Adam Cunningham

    Adam Cunningham16 dagar sedan


  63. Michael De Santa

    Michael De Santa17 dagar sedan

    So this means if I bought digital games on PS3 and PS4 my console will die? I don't play games that much anymore.

  64. Kami

    Kami17 dagar sedan

    Couldn't publishers still revoke your games even if they are "Physical"

  65. Swaggyb34

    Swaggyb3417 dagar sedan

    I agree bro! They may as well be asking me to mod my PS3(if I had one)!

  66. Scranton 1987

    Scranton 198717 dagar sedan

    Not bothered and I prefer digital and my PS4 pro won’t have that problem because I bought PS4 pro just before I pre ordered my ps5 digital edition only used my PS4 pro for 3 months before I got ps5 and last but not leased I don’t have modded console and never have

  67. j2323j

    j2323j15 dagar sedan

    Must be nice 👍

  68. Caitiff

    Caitiff17 dagar sedan

    While I agree with this, in principle, I do feel a requirement to be the devil's advocate, for one moment. Sony has directly stated that anything that you have purchased, or received, when they were giving out those games on PSPlus, would still be availible, for download. Assumng they keep their word on this, that would mean that servers, of some variety, would remain open for the foreseeable future. Now, that does not change the fact that Sony is heavily fucking people over, on this. But, it is not as immediate as people are making it out to be.

  69. Kyle Carson

    Kyle Carson17 dagar sedan

    I’ve always been a Sony guy but after learning about the expiration of these chips in their systems Sony may be taking a back seat to Microsoft

  70. Mark Caldwell

    Mark Caldwell18 dagar sedan

    PlayStation needs to get this issue fixed. Unfortunately they don't seem too interested because the same problem has been confirmed to affect the ps5.

  71. Rock Duck

    Rock Duck18 dagar sedan

    LOL no more ps4 games for me . back to collecting original xbox games and dvds and anime and manga

  72. AlexVK

    AlexVK18 dagar sedan

    and this is why i jailbreak my ps4

  73. rápido

    rápido18 dagar sedan

    The ps5 have the same problem someone took apart their ps5 and found the same problem.


    FANTAVISION18 dagar sedan

    I know lol I have a video on it

  75. SovietDogo

    SovietDogo18 dagar sedan

    As a PC guy but as a colector myself this pissed me off, thats why I love physical games and just to have the physical stuff on my hands.

  76. CT2 Xtra

    CT2 Xtra18 dagar sedan

    A very stupid question. Can you recharge the Cmos battery?

  77. J D

    J D18 dagar sedan

    Yes the problem is once it's shuts down the PlayStation you will need to connect to the online store to activate your consoles and that won't happen if the store is gone

  78. CT2 Xtra

    CT2 Xtra18 dagar sedan

    The people that disliked this video must be calling this a good thing.

  79. MGE MAGE

    MGE MAGE18 dagar sedan

    Playstation finally show there real colors Greatness awaits, Now We Know

  80. marios m

    marios m18 dagar sedan

    It is so sad. Sony is actually telling you to become a pirate. I always leaned towards physical games but now they just tell you that they don't give a sh!t about the money that you spent on their system. And that is why the PS should have continued to be a Japanese business.

  81. Nigel Reardon

    Nigel Reardon18 dagar sedan

    XBOX 360 stores are still open and running

  82. N30 M4RV

    N30 M4RV18 dagar sedan

    Sony: we dont trust you well enough to jump to next gen with us so we gonna put a doomsday insurance in your last gen consoles to guarantee oblivion of our old tech that you originally paid a lot of money for to force you to buy our current gen console whatever it will be. Now hows that for "Play Has A Limit!" Cool right?! Me: what?!

  83. Chaos McAnahrcy

    Chaos McAnahrcy18 dagar sedan

    There is more content now than there ever was. There is more content than I have time to play . I doubt I'll be putting time into last gen games

  84. Chaos McAnahrcy

    Chaos McAnahrcy18 dagar sedan

    Planned obsolescence dawg

  85. Phantom R

    Phantom R18 dagar sedan

    So just like that after ps4 racking in sales, that we gave them, they gave the final F U to all those million who bought the product. Ps 5 is gonna have it watch.

  86. jonathan singh

    jonathan singh18 dagar sedan


  87. Zaitona1

    Zaitona118 dagar sedan

    Moding it better

  88. Misfit

    Misfit18 dagar sedan

    I'm sure some clever hacker somewhere will figure out how to spoof the PSN server for the system at some point. Just make sure you change your battery ASAP until then. A new one should last for a few years.

  89. Kyle Sweetin

    Kyle Sweetin19 dagar sedan

    They should be away to were you are still able to play disc base on your ps4 if they don't get rid of this they you will have a lot of people suing this company that brought disk Base games

  90. dodolemagnifique

    dodolemagnifique19 dagar sedan

    Good to know. Thanks !!

  91. Charmlover John

    Charmlover John19 dagar sedan

    If your battery goes out, you can either get it replaced or try my method. I just go to time and date and set the time using the internet. This method works if you cant open your system to replace the battery. You will have to do it every time you turn on the system, takes under a minute

  92. DuckGrow

    DuckGrow19 dagar sedan

    I hope they put a patch out for PS3 and ps4

  93. eric1911a1

    eric1911a119 dagar sedan

    This stuff is why emulation is needed, and also why piracy will never go away! I'll probably go thru with soft-modding my PS3 when the servers shut down.

  94. Indra Kuromiya

    Indra Kuromiya19 dagar sedan

    If the battery died why didn't just replace it 🤔

  95. Veljko Galovic

    Veljko Galovic19 dagar sedan

    Why couldn't you just replace cmos baterry?

  96. reality

    reality19 dagar sedan

    This is 2 week and you still think xbox won't release a physical disk version? C'mon bro there's many reasons why it will exist

  97. luke virgil

    luke virgil19 dagar sedan

    I think its stupid to shut down the store because when they shut down the store the companies that made the games won't be making money

  98. OmegaJoeXD

    OmegaJoeXD19 dagar sedan

    They should make it where all your digital games you bought automatically transfer to the console with all save data passed to the new gen, really easy.

  99. OmegaJoeXD

    OmegaJoeXD19 dagar sedan

    And they should allow them to play all of those old games on The New gen consoles as well

  100. Dark Heart2

    Dark Heart219 dagar sedan

    Honestly I was shakey on emulatation and I love the idea of owning my favorite games in person but with resellers on ebay and the like being crazy with prices I dipped my toe into emulation and honestly yeah it's justified modding proves systems can handle having emulators built in and 3d all stars proves these companies have a majority of the libraries for each console in the end sony is run by idiots who don't understand classic games

  101. Josh Bacon

    Josh Bacon19 dagar sedan

    Sony: “Why do I suddenly hear sea shanties?”

  102. User - ing

    User - ing19 dagar sedan

    In future : PS5 had this feaurure too !

  103. rtyuik7

    rtyuik719 dagar sedan

    you raise a fair point, about 3 and a half minutes in...obviously, "piracy" isnt so much a Concern these days...if Sony WANTED people to play their PS3 games (during the PS7's launch), then they wouldve Kept Them Available...but if Sony is shutting down Shop Servers for older games, then they OBVIOUSLY dont need My Money anymore...and if they Dont Need my money, im not gonna Spend it...if i want to play a game in 2025, that i PAID FOR back in 2015, you better god-damn believe im gonna Play That Game that i paid for a decade ago...and if the PS9 doesnt include PS1-8 Compatibility, then i guess the Only Way to play these older games is to skirt around the Legality behind it...i mean, its ridiculous enough that Nintendo wants me to buy the PhoenixWright Trilogy a SECOND time-- i have it for 3DS, but the Barely-Improved Switch version is a-whole-nother Thirty Bucks...for a game that i Already Beat, on another system...without Any significant improvements (its not like they remade Ace Attorney into a First-Person Shooter)...i mean, at This point, if my 3DS craps out on me, id much rather "find" a copy online, since ive already 'paid my dues' to be allowed to play it...

  104. Slavomír

    Slavomír19 dagar sedan

    No it won’t. These hoaxes are so silly. SONY wouldn’t be so stupid to let this go through.

  105. yan bin loh

    yan bin loh19 dagar sedan


  106. Kazuhira Miller

    Kazuhira Miller19 dagar sedan

    These corporate bastards don't want us to own a damn thing. It's not by accident that everything is so trashy and low quality even if there isn't a clock block like this on it

  107. Nayna Parmar

    Nayna Parmar19 dagar sedan

    Yo I don't get it you say that inside the ps4 has a c moss battery and when it dies you can't play disc based games and then you said you can't play digital games unless you reconnect but then you said PS3 is shutting their servers down you never said ps4 was shutting it down

  108. Readyset Shrimps

    Readyset Shrimps19 dagar sedan

    The way I understand it is that Sony are erasing games from existence unless a remake is made for newer consoles or an emulator emerges. But with more games coming out as we speak would there be enough interest in keeping alive a 10 year old game for example? Is it good for gaming to keep evolving while abandoning its roots completely? Edit: What bothers me is if this keeps on going games won’t just be improved (which sound great) but they will be replaced by new ones completely. Correct me if I misunderstood anything.

  109. Ben Tennyson

    Ben Tennyson19 dagar sedan

    And this is proof that the ps4 had drm all along, remember back in 2013 when I said that Sony lied by saying that they will never require the user to sign in 😆


    HIPSRIQ BTS19 dagar sedan

    does this shit will hapend to microsoft .. I mean as far as i know that all modern motherboard design have a cmos battery in it

  111. CJ Namikaze

    CJ Namikaze19 dagar sedan

    Most of my games on PS4 is digital only games 🤦🏾‍♂️