Sea Bear: Alaska Spring Bear & Seafood | S4E01 | MeatEater

Steve ventures out to his hunting and fishing shack on a remote coastline of southeast Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island. While hunting bears from a skiff and a canoe, Steve gathers seafood and makes a discovery about his own motivations as a hunter.
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  1. Giacomo Giuliani

    Giacomo Giuliani9 timmar sedan

    You're my myth...please invite me to join an experience

  2. Michael Greve

    Michael Greve19 timmar sedan

    I think you and Robert Arrington should do a video

  3. Jesse Trudeau

    Jesse Trudeau3 dagar sedan

    Why does Steve bring gas cans with him in the canoe?

  4. Cesar The Skinwalker

    Cesar The Skinwalker3 dagar sedan

    Sea bear circle 🤣

  5. Living Alaska Native

    Living Alaska Native3 dagar sedan

    Subsistence hunter from Alaska. Just getting started with my channel.

  6. Tomas Skog

    Tomas Skog4 dagar sedan

    Steven..... I can no longer watch this. You have gone from hunter to woke nature guy trying to blend in in the radical lefties agenda. You SHOULD instead be an example, you SHOULD instead be a hunter and preserve the true meaning the word hunter. As it is now you just destroy the future of hunting being a woke tv-profile tying not to offend anyone. What do youngsters learn from you? That it’s morally wrong to kill a bear? That killing an animal is not important in hunting? Well, it’s not always necessary, but this world need hunter profiles to show young people that killing is part of hunting and often it is necessary to kill. That is what needs to be taught. You should have killed that bear, taught the kids that a mature is a good bear to take for conservation, that this is hunting and a hunters responsibility. If that would have hurt their feelings they just need to grow some balls and find their spine.

  7. Tyler Carlson

    Tyler Carlson4 dagar sedan

    Love the show what kind of boat do you use in the show

  8. Emmitt Pérez

    Emmitt Pérez5 dagar sedan

    I shed a tear...

  9. Shantanu Paranji

    Shantanu Paranji5 dagar sedan

    this show's an inspiration

  10. Steven RL Denault

    Steven RL Denault7 dagar sedan

    Just curious, is there a reason not to use salt water directly from the ocean to boil seafood in?

  11. Jeremy Wallace

    Jeremy Wallace7 dagar sedan

    Idea- link up with Chef Roi Choi or Chef David Chang for a celebrity cooking co-host episode. They're amazing chefs who like Steve uses traditional foods from different cultures and combines or alters the techniques and recipes with amazing results. I bet he could help Steve figure out other ways to solve some of the different cooking problems associated with different game meats. They're both funny as heck and specialize in creating new recipes and are definitely open to new experiences like hunting, as you can tell from their Netflix cooking shows, "The Chef Show" and "Ugly Delicious". I bet Steve could take them on a hunt based around what type of game they want to experiment with and make 2 episodes out of it! Take care y'all!

  12. phillip wilkerson

    phillip wilkerson7 dagar sedan

    I am interested in the best headlight lamp (hat-light) which is the best type can you assist me

  13. Steve Schumacher

    Steve Schumacher7 dagar sedan

    Steven, from a big fan who spells his name correctly, Stephen, this is my favorite video of yours. I heart!

  14. Danny Vee

    Danny Vee7 dagar sedan

    Spoiler alert no bear meat in this episode

  15. Kevin B

    Kevin B7 dagar sedan

    As a traditional bow hunter (primarily), this one especially resonates.

  16. Afri Caster

    Afri Caster8 dagar sedan

    It’s only later in life when you start slowing down and enjoying the experience of the journey instead of just rushing to the destination

  17. Lance Gleco

    Lance Gleco8 dagar sedan

    Class Act!!!!!!

  18. Lance Gleco

    Lance Gleco8 dagar sedan

    Lived there in Alaska, I have fished, hunted, chased clams...been in the same exact waters...I camera as my h as the weapons of my hunts!!!I love the life and share the life!! Your shows are just perfect......Keep up the hunt!!! Great stuff!

  19. Song Whisperer

    Song Whisperer8 dagar sedan

    Watching bears and eating like a king, great video 👍

  20. Sol Krush

    Sol Krush9 dagar sedan

    This is seriously so much fun to watch. Always entertained!



    Steve why you adding salt to creek water when you simply boil them with the ocean water.

  22. David Ketchell

    David Ketchell10 dagar sedan

    The good news is you got a jump start on mopping up the mink poop.

  23. eielson1978

    eielson197810 dagar sedan

    I just Have To Smile about the Cabin Mink and the Hot Water Flood!! Floor needed washing anyway. In One Way or Another, We've All Been There!! The Outboard Starting on the First Pull makes up for All of That!!

  24. Victor Castro

    Victor Castro10 dagar sedan

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  25. Everardo Vargas

    Everardo Vargas11 dagar sedan

    Finds every reason not to shoot... Idk theres something about the way the bear looked at me.. idk

  26. Davis

    Davis11 dagar sedan

    Glad it ended that way. Wouldn’t have been sad with the alternative, but that really made it special. Thanks for sharing

  27. TeeCee

    TeeCee11 dagar sedan

    Im hooked- this show is great!

  28. S Sawa

    S Sawa11 dagar sedan

    I respect the way this man hunts!

  29. Scott Foster

    Scott Foster12 dagar sedan

    It's all so beautiful I wana kill it all

  30. Brandon Hanson

    Brandon Hanson12 dagar sedan

    Now I want some snow crab amd crawfish with corn and mushrooms

  31. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres12 dagar sedan

    This is show should be discovery channel good quality, not like others that just make a show for views, likes, comments and selling merchandise keep it up the good work :)

  32. Thad Sanders

    Thad Sanders12 dagar sedan

    Steve is so awesome man

  33. Kelley Ivers

    Kelley Ivers12 dagar sedan

    I really appreciate you doing this show and speaking for us.

  34. TangoAlpha

    TangoAlpha12 dagar sedan

    Man, I was watching that bear and really didn't want it to get shot for some reason. I saw the yawn, thought about the power one had over it and was so thrilled to see Steve not take the shot - no idea why I felt that way. Just have to listen to the moment sometimes.

  35. The Dalton

    The Dalton13 dagar sedan

    The black crow sitting next to the bear that was about to get killed had something mystical to it.

  36. Stuck in Paradise

    Stuck in Paradise13 dagar sedan

    13:05 what a great shot! great cameraman

  37. Stuck in Paradise

    Stuck in Paradise13 dagar sedan

    10:27 star wars vibes anyone?

  38. Stuck in Paradise

    Stuck in Paradise13 dagar sedan

    4:14 you need a checklist bro!

  39. Justin Abramo

    Justin Abramo13 dagar sedan

    What a legend!

  40. weedshoes

    weedshoes14 dagar sedan

    I love everything about this channel. Mostly what I have decided is a spongebob reference, but also life in the mountains.

  41. Mr. Joshua

    Mr. Joshua14 dagar sedan

    To be where he is at right now, I can understand why he wouldn't shoot that bear. Just being there is something we'll never understand unless we experience it ourselves.

  42. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez14 dagar sedan

    Congrats, Nice bears, Nice house, But wonderfull food. Shrimp, crabs. All is good

  43. Ang Mark

    Ang Mark15 dagar sedan

    Should be called seafood eater lol 😂

  44. Internet_User98

    Internet_User9816 dagar sedan

    You better not wear a sombrero ridiculously!

  45. LEL0UP

    LEL0UP16 dagar sedan

    It would probably feel like shooting a dog to shoot a bear, I wouldn't be able to do it either.

  46. Jim Richman Outdoors

    Jim Richman Outdoors16 dagar sedan

    Steve says what so many of us have wanted to say for a very long time. Great stuff.

  47. seti48

    seti4817 dagar sedan

    The crabs and the shrimp, did you kill them before you boiled them or just toss them in the boiling water?

  48. Danny Pathma

    Danny Pathma17 dagar sedan

    Bro you in Canada.

  49. Michael Pereira27

    Michael Pereira2717 dagar sedan

    Wow eating cereal rn and I just saw the mink scat and mmmmmmm. Was that nasty.

  50. Frog_boxing_gloves

    Frog_boxing_gloves17 dagar sedan

    this show is just a big fuck you to vegans

  51. Steven GENNERO Bootz

    Steven GENNERO Bootz18 dagar sedan

    Is this salt water

  52. ScottyJ

    ScottyJ19 dagar sedan

    What a good dude!!

  53. Leon Anton

    Leon Anton19 dagar sedan

    03:11 hahahahahahahaha his nose.

  54. DoItSoloOutdoors

    DoItSoloOutdoors19 dagar sedan

    Just wow you actually like wildlife. We are not killers we are Hunters! Good One!

  55. Robert Vertel

    Robert Vertel19 dagar sedan

    I grew up on Fred Bear movie's. Yours has the same "flavor" to me. Glad I found ya. Nicely done. And yes they do look remarkably like humans when skinned.

  56. Richard Vesey

    Richard Vesey19 dagar sedan

    this guy would never hope to make a living as a professional Deer hunter in New Zealand , hes about as fast as my Grandmothers sister ....far out

  57. gint murphy

    gint murphy19 dagar sedan

    But Steve please learn the J-stroke so that Moe and Dan don't get soaked!

  58. Rou Zah

    Rou Zah19 dagar sedan

    Hey.. you left out a few crucial information about Sea bears! You better not doubt the following information about Sea Bears.. because.. trust me you wouldn't be the _first_ one to doubt it and then regret your disbelief in hindsight! *Ways to attract a sea bear:* _The following are ways that attract a sea bear:_ • Playing the clarinet badly. • Waving a flashlight back and forth really fast (Flashlights are their natural prey) • Stomping around (They take it as a challenge) • Eating cubed cheese; sliced is safe • Wearing a sombrero in a goofy fashion (such as upside down or tilted) • Wearing clown shoes • Wearing a hoop skirt • Screeching like a chimpanzee (This is a very big attractor) • Running (makes them attack again) • Limping (worse than running) • Crawling (even worse than limping) *Prevention:* • Sea bear attacks are preventable by drawing an anti-sea-bear circle in the sand. However, drawing an oval will not work. • They also seem to love tummy tickles and jellyfish jelly. *Here is some Video evidence:* Video proof:

  59. jamieharmoosh

    jamieharmoosh20 dagar sedan

    Sometimes the watching is more rewarding than the hunting.

  60. J C

    J C20 dagar sedan

    Eating Bear to? ugh I don't know about that 1

  61. Yung Gopnik

    Yung Gopnik20 dagar sedan

    I love the pure appreciation for nature that flows outta this

  62. Heather Hillman

    Heather Hillman22 dagar sedan

    Thank you for not shooting one of those beautiful bears. I am not against hunting or meat eating, but there is just something beautiful when you get to watch a bear be itself! Also, I love to listen to you and your stories, you can thank Joe Rogan for introducing me to you! Cant wait to catch up on all the episodes I never knew existed. Good Luck!

  63. Michael Saint James

    Michael Saint James22 dagar sedan

    If you have the balls to do something other than hide like a chicken shit little pussy in the grass and wait to ambush some unsuspecting animal. Next time you feel the urge to go and kill something try watching this first.

  64. No great reset Please

    No great reset Please22 dagar sedan

    Great show

  65. Duane Landaal

    Duane Landaal22 dagar sedan

    Bears are so bad ass I love this show and I’ve lived in Alaska my whole life 37 years and have never hunted by choice of course but you really understand and can really appreciate what Steve knows and acknowledges about these animals and life

  66. M Rainey

    M Rainey22 dagar sedan

    This guy speaks like a white Obama

  67. Colin Bell

    Colin Bell22 dagar sedan

    This video shows that hunters don't just kill because they can

  68. jason ross

    jason ross23 dagar sedan

    Shouldn't take the other camera, just a GoPro. This has descended into a TV show.

  69. Cjay 666

    Cjay 66623 dagar sedan

    Steve is the best I can watch this dude make game recipes and hunt all day everyday

  70. Greg V

    Greg V23 dagar sedan

    Steve is a great creator and teller of stories.

  71. Demorat Destroyer

    Demorat Destroyer23 dagar sedan

    Anderson Cooper gets excited wen he sees Fat Frisky Gerbils at PetSmart

  72. Rami

    Rami23 dagar sedan


  73. WoodlandChef

    WoodlandChef23 dagar sedan

    I relate so much with hunting. So many shots I could have taken, but I just really enjoyed watching the herd of deer move around, seeing their "family structure" interact, learning, instead of hunting. So far though, I haven't made a shot I wasn't comfortable with and I am, probably too particular, about my shots and if I feel there is even a slight chance of failure, I don't take the shot, to the dismay of my brother in law when he came hunting with me a few times.

  74. Rod Pasichnyk

    Rod Pasichnyk24 dagar sedan

    21:15, exactly who needs bear, lol, cheers!

  75. Rod Pasichnyk

    Rod Pasichnyk24 dagar sedan

    The bear is sacred to many native west coast people/cultures, maybe that's why?

  76. Rod Pasichnyk

    Rod Pasichnyk24 dagar sedan

    6:40, a boat in a boat, lol!

  77. Rod Pasichnyk

    Rod Pasichnyk24 dagar sedan

    Fuck, that's a beautiful place, cheers!

  78. Rod Pasichnyk

    Rod Pasichnyk24 dagar sedan

    A black bear 99.9% of the time will turn and run...or at least the 10 or so I've encountered! A brown/grizzly, now that's another story!

  79. Josue Nuno Arandas

    Josue Nuno Arandas24 dagar sedan

    Man I can’t believe he really pussied out

  80. Mark Richardson

    Mark Richardson24 dagar sedan

    You can find sea bears by flashing lights and wearing your hat in a funny fashion

  81. Njord

    Njord25 dagar sedan

    Wait, he take freshwater and ad salt....why no water from the sea? Oo

  82. Kale Pendlebury

    Kale Pendlebury25 dagar sedan

    10:39 Steve looking like he's searching for stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor

  83. David Slater

    David Slater25 dagar sedan

    That crow standing by that bear while you had it scoped in just seemed to be special to me.

  84. Tina Nevitt

    Tina Nevitt25 dagar sedan

    If you would have told me a decade ago, I would watch hunting on you-tube...woyld have laughed out loud but thank you for helping me understand how as someone who loves bears would also like to eat bear & sadly I want a bearskin rug...watching your shows helps me to understand what seems like a irreconcilable difference in my thoughts of the wonderful creatures

  85. Levi Leyba

    Levi Leyba25 dagar sedan

    10:36 was that an Empire Strikes Back reference?

  86. Luis Arteaga

    Luis Arteaga25 dagar sedan

    One day I asked my grandpa why he didn’t hunt as much anymore and he said “I don’t know Mijo...” that’s it... But I seen him look at the birds and I knew what he meant....

  87. Bruce Bolster

    Bruce Bolster25 dagar sedan

    Outstanding. I shot one and only one black bear, made the rug, have the skull, and like you just enjoy watching them now. I still enjoy hunting deer, especially campaigning a big smart old whitetail buck on his own turf, but it has to be done right, you have to earn it. I have let more than one old bruiser walk away when the chances for recovery were poor or the shot was not ideal, and have yet to regret any of those moments. The interaction with the animals is an integral part of hunting, and begins with respect and understanding of them

  88. ego rock

    ego rock25 dagar sedan

    U look like john cena.. Unique cena😅

  89. JD Salinger

    JD Salinger25 dagar sedan

    I'm halfway through this video, if he winds up eating a surf n turf meal of wild Alaskan salmon, crab, prawn and black bear, I need to heavily rethink my life.

  90. Jack_the _Redd

    Jack_the _Redd26 dagar sedan

    if you were to set it at 90-113 ft you'd be sure to catch some good Dungies up here. Have you ever done the Coho or king run in the San Juan Islands?

  91. Whitetail Poet

    Whitetail Poet26 dagar sedan

    I had that same experience on my first younger Whitetail buck with a bow on the ground. In that instant, as it was gazing through me at 5 yards, I decided to be a spectator and let a nice quartering shot slip away away as it moved on past some brush into an opening. I will cherish that memory forever. Thank you for sharing this moment.

  92. TheLoneWolf_NZ

    TheLoneWolf_NZ26 dagar sedan

    A fjord is carved by a glacier, a sound is carved by a river

  93. Kale Pendlebury

    Kale Pendlebury25 dagar sedan

    I learned something new, thanks!

  94. dffvb

    dffvb26 dagar sedan

    Took so much more balls not to shoot than to shoot, he gained my respect

  95. Tony Beaufield

    Tony Beaufield26 dagar sedan

    I noticed that there are seals in the area. Do you hunt them, if you don’t I’m from Newfoundland, Canada, East Coast. This time of the year we hunt seal meat , it’s very rich but we tasted.

  96. natureboy tom

    natureboy tom26 dagar sedan

    My mouth was literally watering at the end over the crustacean an as much as I love eating meat, not shooting the bear and enjoying another living entity is special. Hello from Australia. Great video man. Cheers. tpj

  97. kravanamjesecu

    kravanamjesecu26 dagar sedan

    As a European hunter I can see that Steve Rinella is the closest thing of a american hunter that emphasize the true meaning of being nature conservation oriented.European hunting ethic is maybe too much of a hassle for every day hunter in the States or it may look that way to me by looking some of the videos where hunters in America are loud and don`t take time after the kill to honor the life they have taken...Steve takes the next step which for me is more important than the kill itself and I know that there are a lot more hunters that are like him in the States but for me he holds the flag for that kind of noble men. There is nothing wrong in hunting in every way but it`s the procedure and ethics that close the circle of a great hunt. In Croatia where I come from is one hunters saying:" You have certain and fixed fund of days of your life but days spent in hunting are not included in that fund",so just go outside and do the thing you believe in and love. To all the fellow hunters around the globe I wish you health and a long life in doing something that is far from beeing a hobby-it`s a way of life.

  98. David Schaible

    David Schaible26 dagar sedan

    This reminded me of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" in the snow leopard scene. When Walter sees the snow leopard he asks Sean when he's going to take the picture. He says "Sometimes I don't." And explains that when he has those moments, he likes to just sit in the moment and enjoy it.

  99. Cain2k

    Cain2k26 dagar sedan

    That was a beautiful bear . Im glad u didnt shoot it this time .

  100. Eli Price

    Eli Price26 dagar sedan

    I give you a lot of respect ! I’d love to have the chance to meet you sometime.

  101. David Desmarais

    David Desmarais27 dagar sedan

    When transferring your rifle from boat to canoe do you have a rope tied to it? I ask because you put the rifle in the canoe before you hopped in the canoe. I’d be afraid I’d tip it and loose the gun. Great episode!