Try Guys Swap Mystery Cooking Boxes

#Ad The #MysteryBoxCookingChallenge is back and fresher than ever! Watch us challenge each other to the ultimate cooking contest! 4 boxes, tons of mystery ingredients, and endless fun! Special thanks to Kroger for sponsoring this video!
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  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys26 dagar sedan

    Who do you think will dish out the most goodness in today's competition?

  2. I love my cat more than you

    I love my cat more than you2 dagar sedan

    the only cooking show that doesnt make me hungry

  3. no_ one

    no_ one4 dagar sedan


  4. Karen Talachy

    Karen Talachy12 dagar sedan

    Keith is my bought

  5. LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds

    LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds15 dagar sedan


  6. Ronalt Gomez

    Ronalt Gomez16 dagar sedan

    Sorry guys, Eugene!

  7. No one Absolutely no one

    No one Absolutely no one3 timmar sedan

    Zach made an SMG free dish

  8. No one Absolutely no one

    No one Absolutely no one3 timmar sedan

    Nick is such a multi talented person

  9. Areshi

    Areshi5 timmar sedan

    I Loved that pun.

  10. amanda Sondergaard

    amanda Sondergaard7 timmar sedan

    I thought that fruit was a dinosaur egg 😂 it’s huge

  11. M

    M11 timmar sedan

    This was awesome

  12. Kaitlyn M

    Kaitlyn M14 timmar sedan


  13. ehixxz

    ehixxz19 timmar sedan

    Zach opening a mango will forever be etched into the walls of my skull

  14. O J

    O J21 timme sedan

    Should’ve given Zach a whole durian

  15. Ryen Rakis

    Ryen RakisDag sedan

    The way zach opened the mango... is just a preview of the end of the world

  16. Shauna-Lee Hildred

    Shauna-Lee HildredDag sedan

    I am honestly so shook that Eugene did not cook with any booze. At all. Or even try to...

  17. Mori Satsuki

    Mori SatsukiDag sedan

    "This is a very positive show" Very missed opportunity to cut to all of the yelling, profanity, ranting and enraged antics that go on when they do other cooking episodes.

  18. i am shakuri.

    i am shakuri.Dag sedan

    Eugene is amazingly talented

  19. Marly Hess

    Marly HessDag sedan

    Can we see keith watch tangled please

  20. Hillary Day

    Hillary DayDag sedan

    “sizzle me daddy” -Zach, 2021

  21. nomqhele ndora

    nomqhele ndoraDag sedan

    sizzle me daddy lmfaooo

  22. Butterfly Forever53

    Butterfly Forever53Dag sedan

    Ugene your beautiful you no that but the beard is just uncomfortable I can’t

  23. Khaedon Durocher

    Khaedon DurocherDag sedan

    I would love if the try guys opened up a restaurant with all their unique dishes they've successfully created in the try guys without recipes show!!!! All of which turned out to look amazingly good !!! Please give it a thought TRY GUYS

  24. onlineriku

    onlinerikuDag sedan

    my home economic-instincts is getting mad at Ned for putting cooked food on raw meat.

  25. Natalia Opozda

    Natalia OpozdaDag sedan

    ,,Sizzle me daddy" I LOST IT

  26. Magdalena Raicheva

    Magdalena RaichevaDag sedan

    5:50 i read too much fanfiction for this so i love it how eugene was like snickering on the side like

  27. cheerbabymidget

    cheerbabymidgetDag sedan

    No alcohol eugene?!?!?!

  28. Ragashree R

    Ragashree R2 dagar sedan

    Welcome to" CHAOS KITCHEN" , where they teach you how not to cook .

  29. mahealani stegehuis

    mahealani stegehuis2 dagar sedan

    Eugene: I'd make a great killer😏 Me: nods head* yeahhhh😃

  30. Nabila Eka

    Nabila Eka2 dagar sedan

    wow the editing was phenomenal

  31. tif

    tif2 dagar sedan

    i love that pun

  32. Scott Elliott

    Scott Elliott2 dagar sedan

    I love how Eugene had ex-ZACH-ly the ingredients he needed.

  33. iPodFayne

    iPodFayne2 dagar sedan

    Love the positivity in this one

  34. Maxie Kiehne

    Maxie Kiehne2 dagar sedan

    It would be interesting to see real chefs cook with the same ingredients for comparison haha 😂

  35. Jonathan E

    Jonathan E2 dagar sedan

    Sponsored by Kroger *cries in East Coast*

  36. Brianna Huefner

    Brianna Huefner2 dagar sedan

    14:46 You’re welcome

  37. libz c

    libz c2 dagar sedan

    What happened to the 4 colours?

  38. Ash Benamti

    Ash Benamti3 dagar sedan

    The Try Guys need to make a cook book with these recipes and of course.....Daddy's favorite

  39. kai kai

    kai kai3 dagar sedan

    ned seemed like he was inspired by that one dish louis made for eleanorhisgirlfirendwhoisalsovegan.

  40. Zamora Freitas

    Zamora Freitas3 dagar sedan

    Ned's dish should be in his cook book. Who agrees?

  41. AlphaxWolf18

    AlphaxWolf183 dagar sedan

    Euguine looks amazing with a beard

  42. InTheMindOfBash

    InTheMindOfBash3 dagar sedan

    “Did it bring you down south?” 😂😂😂😂

  43. kolim jone

    kolim jone4 dagar sedan

    and at the end he almost always wins

  44. Ashley Erkes

    Ashley Erkes4 dagar sedan

    Keith is my favorite.

  45. elizabeth soria

    elizabeth soria4 dagar sedan

    Damn. I haven't seen their videos in a while. Eugene is rocking that beard.

  46. kolim jone

    kolim jone4 dagar sedan

    xD the best food they've ever made without a recipe hahaha but it's not that competition AHAHHAHAH you did great you guys hahahahahaha

  47. *v dyme

    *v dyme4 dagar sedan

    I think the mystery boxes should all be the same to give everybody the right opportunity to win because some of these boxes the ingredients will never go together and you're just going to lose by default

  48. Lily Espinosa

    Lily Espinosa4 dagar sedan

    the way Zack opened that mango is just torturing me

  49. Neahkaiy Hosier

    Neahkaiy Hosier4 dagar sedan

    Love the Nachozack! So creative and pretty!

  50. Tokiiyo Worlld

    Tokiiyo Worlld4 dagar sedan

    Eugene: Go really cut yourself and I'll kiss it Zack: *looks at Eugene then the knife, then picks it up* Okay~ *starts waking away*

  51. liya wilson

    liya wilson4 dagar sedan

    Why is no one talking ab the fact that keith keeps talking ab the gnocchi and wondering how pasta and potatoes will work? Gnocchi is pare from potato

  52. diya kumar

    diya kumar4 dagar sedan

    please tell me someone else heard zack say "sizzle me daddy" at 7:07 i am deceased.......

  53. Sangeetha Nair

    Sangeetha Nair4 dagar sedan

    Yess 😂

  54. LOVE4everSher

    LOVE4everSher5 dagar sedan

    I think Zach's dish would've been better served with rice

  55. swekshya rajbhandari

    swekshya rajbhandari5 dagar sedan

    eugene is always eugenine

  56. Benedikte Henriksen

    Benedikte Henriksen5 dagar sedan

    He became 4th 😲

  57. Surya Prakash

    Surya Prakash5 dagar sedan

    This is the first time I've seen Eugene cook without booze😂

  58. Erin Sullivan

    Erin Sullivan5 dagar sedan

    this is my new favorite video. the ending!?!? terrifically funny.

  59. Anisha Khan

    Anisha Khan5 dagar sedan

    Zach: *says something about Eugene being a wizard* Me: *flashback to the Try Guys Dirty Tour when they were racing in different places, Eugene was a wizard and the guys refused to call Zach by his name*

  60. Tiiti

    Tiiti5 dagar sedan

    Could be in a cookbook? I see.

  61. Miradori

    Miradori5 dagar sedan

    are there any krogers in socal for them to even regularlly go to?

  62. Jenny Jinx

    Jenny Jinx5 dagar sedan

    xD the best food they've ever made without a recipe hahaha but it's not that competition AHAHHAHAH you did great you guys hahahahahaha

  63. Jasmine Barry

    Jasmine Barry6 dagar sedan

    Somebody needs to check that Zack is genuinely okay. He seems sad :(

  64. maria isabela

    maria isabela6 dagar sedan

    29:47 don't mind me im just gonna leave this here and come back later :)

  65. Kacy Mah

    Kacy Mah7 dagar sedan

    Eugene’s Nacho Zach was so cute and creative

  66. AshleyNicole

    AshleyNicole7 dagar sedan

    I thought Kroger was a strict Midwest thing

  67. Bia ijusthavemyphone

    Bia ijusthavemyphone7 dagar sedan

    Eugene: "A! A is for... God I wanted to say all the dirty words." This is why Eugene is my favorite.

  68. sweatpantsprincess

    sweatpantsprincess7 dagar sedan


  69. Liz

    Liz8 dagar sedan

    The vision of Zach opening fruits will haunt me forever Im glad hes marrying a nurse

  70. Rat Q

    Rat Q8 dagar sedan

    Pears and beets. The pair that can’t be beat.

  71. Rat Q

    Rat Q8 dagar sedan

    Sugared coconut water

  72. mingz

    mingz8 dagar sedan

    Didn't Kroger close some of its stores because they didn't want to pay its employees $15 minimum wage? 😒

  73. Jessie Ray

    Jessie Ray8 dagar sedan

    Keith's dish actually looked bomb 👌

  74. Hodaya Mahluf

    Hodaya Mahluf8 dagar sedan

    Yes to the we love you outro. Big fan.

  75. Caitlin R

    Caitlin R8 dagar sedan

    I watched the Ned and Ariel make a cookbook video before this and Keith dropped that "This could be in a cookbook" lmao

  76. Baby's Human

    Baby's Human8 dagar sedan

    Zach's laugh after getting into that cocoanut is just so great!

  77. Connie Wilson

    Connie Wilson9 dagar sedan

    Just found you guys! This is great

  78. paddygirl

    paddygirl9 dagar sedan

    Zach is looking cute!

  79. Diana Mercado

    Diana Mercado9 dagar sedan

    Is anyone else yelling "get the knife away from Zack!"

  80. Alex Fe

    Alex Fe10 dagar sedan

    The way zack opened the mango hurt my soul 🥲

  81. Jessica Ross

    Jessica Ross10 dagar sedan

    Should do this again but let spouse do for all of you

  82. Alexandra Meyer

    Alexandra Meyer10 dagar sedan

    lol the smiles at the end

  83. Kristy Ravens

    Kristy Ravens10 dagar sedan

    Eugene's beard makes me want to be a gay man

  84. peanut

    peanut11 dagar sedan

    the ending tf HAHAHAHHAA

  85. Fruit Cake

    Fruit Cake11 dagar sedan

    Raw jackfruit is one of the tastiest thing to cook..

  86. Tyne Blackburn

    Tyne Blackburn11 dagar sedan

    Keith admits to terrorizing his animals as a child, but only regrets the waste of grapes. What a sociopath.

  87. Maria Antonia Gouveia

    Maria Antonia Gouveia11 dagar sedan

    here in brazil we have something called medalhão de frango, ned. just like you did

  88. ItsKxtie

    ItsKxtie11 dagar sedan

    Did all of the try guys literally just grow beards?

  89. Krishna Gupta

    Krishna Gupta11 dagar sedan

    Keith really just gave us a spoiler with the it could be in a cookbook

  90. Vanessa Fleig

    Vanessa Fleig12 dagar sedan

    I really appreciate Ned is the only one with class NOT hanging one arm down while eating with the right one.

  91. Lena Helen Østhaug

    Lena Helen Østhaug12 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does Eugene look more like a warrior from the past with the beard?

  92. G

    G12 dagar sedan

    Food doesn’t slap, music does!!

  93. Karen Talachy

    Karen Talachy12 dagar sedan

    Yeah I’m a Stan

  94. Sandy

    Sandy12 dagar sedan

    Zack cracking the coconut open by throwing it on the floor is everything!!! Absolutely hilarious xD

  95. Vijay Manchiraju

    Vijay Manchiraju12 dagar sedan

    Imagine chef Ramseys reaction to this

  96. Amber Cotter

    Amber Cotter12 dagar sedan

    Holy crap Eugene. That Facial hair is hot...

  97. xoshesliketexas

    xoshesliketexas12 dagar sedan

    The cookbook comment from Keith to Ned 🤩

  98. muri ella

    muri ella12 dagar sedan

    At about 25:59

  99. Im A meme

    Im A meme12 dagar sedan

    when you realize Keith could’ve made potato salad 😔

  100. Damien Tang

    Damien Tang13 dagar sedan

    Zach Nacho should be called a "Zacho"...

  101. Benjamin Wilkin

    Benjamin Wilkin13 dagar sedan

    "meat hands" are refered to in the industry as "chicken fingers" (usually if it's chicken)

  102. Aiyana Lovely

    Aiyana Lovely13 dagar sedan

    omg zach couldve put it all in the coconut !

  103. Exam Vidya Academy

    Exam Vidya Academy13 dagar sedan

    7:34 can somebody please tell what this music is?

  104. Natalia Papagayo Medina

    Natalia Papagayo Medina13 dagar sedan

    I really regret watching this late night, all the things the guys prepared made me so hungry. :(

  105. Michelle Vandal

    Michelle Vandal13 dagar sedan

    I actually love that they all did so well! Very happy for them. It's no wonder they are getting a food network show!

  106. Green Wizard

    Green Wizard13 dagar sedan

    Trigger warning !!!24:58 MOIST

  107. Miss Amanda's world

    Miss Amanda's world13 dagar sedan

    you have to do this 2 more rimes so we can see all combinations of mystery boxes via try guys.

  108. yixuan

    yixuan14 dagar sedan

    so like, not one person is going to comment on how keith spit grapes on cats? 😳