If you're a Zoomer, these songs will get you TURNT!
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  1. Gaming with DUDE BOI

    Gaming with DUDE BOI43 minuter sedan

    Bruh thengummy bear song when i was 6 and im 10 now there was a game of thw gummy bear song i played on mh tablet on bus muted but the music was the same

  2. Hali Gibbs

    Hali GibbsTimme sedan

    So I will say I didn’t know more than a few but I am indeed a 2000s kid another thing that I just find funny is I don’t know if anyone else had this but me and my sisters had a whole dance routine to dynamite.

  3. cynical

    cynicalTimme sedan

    Bro im 14 and know all of them

  4. milkyv

    milkyv2 timmar sedan

    watching man watch youtube videos about music

  5. Gacha_potatopeeps XO

    Gacha_potatopeeps XO3 timmar sedan

    Who else wants The Sidemen to react to this just to see the part with KSI in it

  6. Aabruh

    Aabruh3 timmar sedan

    Where's since u been gone?????????


    SAMA AL KHUDAIRY3 timmar sedan

    The spooder that I it is my worst fear this is not a hate comment just I dunno what I am saying 😶🤐

  8. 1D is the best Don’t change my mind

    1D is the best Don’t change my mind4 timmar sedan

    I consider a 2000s kid born in 2000-2013 mainly when a lot music came out and become popular. I was born in late 2008.

  9. guccisoupz 。

    guccisoupz 。4 timmar sedan


  10. guccisoupz 。

    guccisoupz 。4 timmar sedan

    Any of u guys remember that song red nose by sage the Gemini? It was pretty popular back then at my elementary school lol

  11. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ5 timmar sedan

    Clear bias in favour of pop and against literally everything else

  12. Chelsey Cunningham

    Chelsey Cunningham5 timmar sedan

    Didn’t the term “Stan” come from Eminem’s song Stan because of how obsessed “Stan” was with Eminem that he even killed himself with a 1/5 of vodka and his pregnant girl in the trunk?

  13. Chelsey Cunningham

    Chelsey Cunningham5 timmar sedan

    Rihanna’s song, We found Love, is about her relationship with Chris Brown I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  14. Troy Wishon

    Troy Wishon5 timmar sedan

    On most of these songs his opinions to me are "how can you say something so contraversal yet so brave" or to the nastalgic people "why are you booing me im right"

  15. Caitlan Hutton

    Caitlan Hutton5 timmar sedan


  16. Caitlan Hutton

    Caitlan Hutton6 timmar sedan

    If you don't like the lyrics to royals by lorde why did your do a cover of it? @roomieofficail

  17. Justin Jones

    Justin Jones6 timmar sedan

    The ruining of should of put a ring on it.

  18. Animus

    Animus6 timmar sedan

    This guy has never heard of teriyaki boys *total bruh*

  19. thesurferdude223

    thesurferdude2236 timmar sedan

    How do you not know all these songs??? You got garbage taste

  20. thesurferdude223

    thesurferdude2236 timmar sedan

    How do you not remember Tokyo drift??

  21. Maria Victoria Rêgo

    Maria Victoria Rêgo7 timmar sedan

    That makes me think about how old is Joel, because he really looks like a 2000s kid

  22. Kyle Lufc

    Kyle Lufc7 timmar sedan

    He said bonkers was meh

  23. The Gamer That's Afk

    The Gamer That's Afk8 timmar sedan

    why does he have a problem with Pitbull just curious

  24. The Gamer That's Afk

    The Gamer That's Afk8 timmar sedan

    i know that its your opinion but your opinion is wrong mate

  25. Lapyn Khongsit

    Lapyn Khongsit8 timmar sedan

    I'm with u some i dnt know either

  26. Uwugav

    Uwugav8 timmar sedan

    Why did he put tokyo drift in bad

  27. Doge theminster

    Doge theminster8 timmar sedan

    The `fircky` chick I only hear BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  28. Rufus Andrade Knight

    Rufus Andrade Knight10 timmar sedan

    how dare you, tokyo drift is a 雰囲気 (vibe)

  29. Tanishq Thakur

    Tanishq Thakur11 timmar sedan

    that tokyo drift song is dope for car guys bruh

  30. Brian Dishong

    Brian Dishong11 timmar sedan

    Joel listening to cups: puts in meh Me: :o WHAAT!

  31. Tymon Madziag Uciha

    Tymon Madziag Uciha13 timmar sedan

    im 2009i know allof them

  32. Hunter 1

    Hunter 114 timmar sedan

    I didnt know 15 of em lul

  33. Bethany Hanna

    Bethany Hanna16 timmar sedan



    CURSED PATRICK AND SPONGEBOB :016 timmar sedan


  35. ChrizEditz

    ChrizEditz18 timmar sedan

    Why did you do Tokyo drift like that😭

  36. dominik ćurčić

    dominik ćurčić19 timmar sedan

    8:29 is not music

  37. Matthew Land11

    Matthew Land1119 timmar sedan

    Ngl I was a little offended about roomie putting some of the classic rap songs on meh😂

  38. Algis Veiksys

    Algis Veiksys19 timmar sedan

    16:03 - _-its the best and 17:34 its the best tooo

  39. Techno VRX

    Techno VRX19 timmar sedan

    If I made this video the title would be "70 songs that I grew up with" as i only know 70 of them...

  40. One For All

    One For All19 timmar sedan

    Wait didn't we all grew up with "Baby" by justin bieber?

  41. One For All

    One For All20 timmar sedan

    The nostalgia of being a 2000s kid

  42. Danielle Long

    Danielle Long21 timme sedan

    Watching this gives me memories.

  43. Luca_ world gameing

    Luca_ world gameing22 timmar sedan

    Uk Lads and las

  44. Jake Paisley

    Jake Paisley22 timmar sedan

    even tho i was never into music i know most of them theres a few in there i have no clue of but thats cuz music was never my thing

  45. Esme Wood

    Esme Wood23 timmar sedan

    Replay is going to replay in my head throughout my entire life...

  46. Kodofat Jk

    Kodofat Jk23 timmar sedan

    The facts roomie put Tokyo drift in bad makes me angry

  47. Rowan Emde

    Rowan Emde23 timmar sedan

    It's so sad that I know all of them I'm just like, ok, because I was born in the 2 thousand's, but like.these songs are just what I grew up too, and I'm just like haha

  48. Katherine Grey

    Katherine GreyDag sedan

    Well, I almost know none of them

  49. • tammy •

    • tammy •Dag sedan

    3:48 *offended British noises*

  50. tiffney heflin

    tiffney heflinDag sedan

    Milkers? 6:21

  51. Bia Caroline Pereira

    Bia Caroline PereiraDag sedan

    Absolutely looove your videos!! Just have to say, "Ai se eu te pego" from Michel Teló is a brazilian song and the music gender (????? sorry I'm a dummie) is something kinda brazilian country, it's huuuuge here. Anyways, idk why the heck it became so popular out of Brazil, I mean, he has better songs xD And Im feeling SO GRANNY bc a lot of these are from my teenage years like going to high school :O

  52. Creamted Nugget

    Creamted NuggetDag sedan

    Does 2008 count cuz I’ve heard almost all of these

  53. Skull_splitter Goat

    Skull_splitter GoatDag sedan

    You have no taste in music all of them are good well better than what goes up these days on about gangs and that shit

  54. Liam Hasselmann

    Liam HasselmannDag sedan

    Can't hold us Meh!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?

  55. Isaac Boyce

    Isaac BoyceDag sedan

    How does he know the Barbie song but not the Tokyo drift

  56. KNMVids

    KNMVidsDag sedan

    Literally the only reason I know thrift shop is because of the Hillywood Sherlock parody they did.

  57. vlabska 4326

    vlabska 4326Dag sedan

    yOu dArE puT paYphOne on MEH!!?? It belongs on EPIC!!!!

  58. Nofly Motion

    Nofly MotionDag sedan

    Im twelf and i now alot of these songs idk why

  59. punnykin

    punnykinDag sedan


  60. Gellert Mark

    Gellert MarkDag sedan

    I love tokyo drift😀

  61. NObIE s

    NObIE sDag sedan

    Got a new target

  62. mimi 25

    mimi 25Dag sedan

    Me: being born in 2011 and basically knowing every song on here

  63. Jakemc 07

    Jakemc 07Dag sedan

    Every song you said was good I agreed with and the bad too. Every song you said you didn’t know I didn’t ether

  64. Vo Alana

    Vo AlanaDag sedan

    Never in my life have I ever heard these songs exept for the gacha life/club ones :/ but I'm glad I didn't those made me cringe so hard :/

  65. Datapack122 Re

    Datapack122 ReDag sedan

    die antwoord is a south african band, their music is far from good, but you can listen to it when you in the mood

  66. Snowdogbro

    SnowdogbroDag sedan

    Me being born in 2005 I didn’t know most of these tbh

  67. Amandi

    AmandiDag sedan

    gummy bear good but tokyo drift bad?

  68. Riley Macnutt

    Riley MacnuttDag sedan

    Tokyo drift was the shit come on Joel get it together 😂❤️

  69. Unholy Todoroki

    Unholy TodorokiDag sedan

    Me: A kid born in the 2000's Joel: puts a song on bad Me:ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?😤

  70. Emre Aliosman

    Emre AliosmanDag sedan

    The Tokyo one is in the 3rd fast ad furious

  71. iwillturnaniggaintoaconvertible

    iwillturnaniggaintoaconvertibleDag sedan

    Rommie when he hears a legendary song : MEH Also roomie when he hears a song nobody heard of before : N O I C E

  72. Man Royan

    Man RoyanDag sedan

    I feel old just by hearing all of these songs that I heard when I was in elementary school

  73. Adam Johnston

    Adam JohnstonDag sedan

    Why is my microwave beep in this video? Can someone get that food?

  74. Sir_Whack_Boi

    Sir_Whack_BoiDag sedan

    I’ve heard every single one of these

  75. dominik ćurčić

    dominik ćurčićDag sedan

    I know bonkers from need for speed most wanteds 2012 remake.

  76. Ilyas Abarkane Amghar

    Ilyas Abarkane AmgharDag sedan

    Me: you put payphone on meh. Joel: Trash Me:rages

  77. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler AndersonDag sedan

    Never heard ****** in Paris sadge

  78. shota turava

    shota turavaDag sedan

    I still don't know why tf did they put day n nite remix and not just day n nite

  79. maxboy12

    maxboy12Dag sedan

    im a 2000 kid well 2012 kid

  80. Oskar Lindström

    Oskar LindströmDag sedan

    How doesnt he know the fast and furius Tokyo drift dont?????

  81. Иван Гешторовичъ

    Иван ГешторовичъDag sedan

    awww, pitbull

  82. Otto Lundberg

    Otto LundbergDag sedan

    One of the most iconic songs of 2000´s (Tokyo Drift) Roomie put it on bad..... Shame

  83. ;; コピーキャット

    ;; コピーキャットDag sedan


  84. pavlos05-katiana_ Yt

    pavlos05-katiana_ YtDag sedan

    You do t know Tokyo drift

  85. Steven Baksh

    Steven BakshDag sedan

    How have you never heard man down I dispise pop music but even I have heard that song an annoying number of times or maybe it was only big in the Caribbean?

  86. Ida Ploumann

    Ida PloumannDag sedan

    im born in 2000 and i new all exept 6 thats the tea

  87. Farzin Nasser

    Farzin NasserDag sedan

    i saw the gummy bear song and IMMEDIATELY CLICKED LIKE

  88. Zarenna Angel

    Zarenna AngelDag sedan

    They forgot Pon De Replay by Rihanna released in 2005. I'm a millennial.

  89. gsblack

    gsblackDag sedan

    Avril lavigne hello, where are her songs :O?

  90. Dhruv Record

    Dhruv RecordDag sedan

    tbh id think so that was a list of 2000's songs, like where is oops i did it again, hips don't lie, baby, someone like u, toxic, whenever wherever, rolling in the deep etc...... u should not include 2011, 2012, 2013 song

  91. Storm

    StormDag sedan

    I was a 2000s kid but I only knew 47 of these

  92. PlastiekMC

    PlastiekMCDag sedan

    the nostalgia bruh.

  93. Darrel Is dead

    Darrel Is deadDag sedan

    I just realized that flo Rida’s name was just Florida spaced I guess I’m smooth brain

  94. Adrian Smith

    Adrian SmithDag sedan

    Whip my hair back and forth is just some one saying words with a beat in the back round

  95. fenik funnies

    fenik funniesDag sedan

    Joel: "never heard this in my life" Me:"now you have"

  96. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu AsuiDag sedan

    i’m just casually singing with all the songs ykdgjejt

  97. Camden

    CamdenDag sedan

    Is this guy anti ellie?

  98. Camden

    CamdenDag sedan

    Joels special talent: Doing the intro 2 minutes in

  99. bobthepuinguin

    bobthepuinguinDag sedan

    For a second it looked like he forgot waka waka

  100. Matt Baker

    Matt BakerDag sedan

    ngl too much non iconic rhiana should've been more jb and Bruno mars