Justin Bieber - Hold On

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  1. Syed Ct2018

    Syed Ct20188 minuter sedan

    4:36 looks like hailey idk

  2. Obsidian Pinnacle

    Obsidian Pinnacle34 minuter sedan

    Nice videos justin

  3. MISTI

    MISTITimme sedan

    Isn’t he heaven ??

  4. hk plays roblox

    hk plays robloxTimme sedan

    I all invite u guys for Roblox gameplay walkthrough parts 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Pace LaVicious

    Pace LaVicious2 timmar sedan

    Let's be honest and say that this is exactly why we need universal Health Care so that we can take care of our people. There is no reason why somebody should have to be this desperate to save the one they love when we have so much at our disposal. I understand that this is just a music video but this has happened many times in real life. People have been so desperate to save the ones that they love that they have committed heinous crimes. Beings that never actually hurt anyone else just trying to save the people they love because the Healthcare system is unaffordable to such an extreme. I would be more than willing to pay 5% of my taxes to make sure that my neighbor and their children and their children's children are taken care of. Why can we not just help each other? Aren't we countrymen beings of the same land, daughters and sons of Earth? It is time to be there for each other. So that this scenario is no longer a regular understandable scenario.....

  6. AAYUSH Gaming

    AAYUSH Gaming2 timmar sedan

    This song deserve a lot. And I loved the filmography

  7. 7amo__حموو9و

    7amo__حموو9و3 timmar sedan

    Possible after Azenko support the channel

  8. Lindsey Gatlin

    Lindsey Gatlin3 timmar sedan


  9. Sukhi Muzicall

    Sukhi Muzicall3 timmar sedan

    Please guys share this song, let's make it viral 🙏

  10. chufadin

    chufadin4 timmar sedan

    Who knows what brand is the motorcycle? 4:21

  11. Fan Zou

    Fan Zou5 timmar sedan

    This song is finch level

  12. Zack Sowers

    Zack Sowers5 timmar sedan

    Justin your doing great things brother were close to the same age 1 year apart so watching you grow up and having your music still is a blessing

  13. Maritza Naseath

    Maritza Naseath5 timmar sedan

    The fact he robbed a bank for his Gf

  14. Maritza Naseath

    Maritza Naseath5 timmar sedan

    Hes getting better at writing music(Or whoever writed=s it )_)

  15. Up there

    Up there5 timmar sedan

    Después de escuchar covers en piano de esta canción, creo que uniera sido mejor originalmente sacarla en piano, se aprecia más ❤️ hermosa

  16. Herculano Neto

    Herculano Neto5 timmar sedan

    what the hell did i watch? incredible

  17. Phillip sol

    Phillip sol6 timmar sedan

    this music really fits BANANA FISH 😭😭😭 i cant get over.

  18. Gamit Manish

    Gamit Manish6 timmar sedan

    This is song nice

  19. Riddhi Vaghela

    Riddhi Vaghela7 timmar sedan

    this is one of the best songs you made😄

  20. Horror Gameplay

    Horror Gameplay7 timmar sedan

    When you hear this song you relax psychologically you gorgeous justin ❤

  21. white arrow

    white arrow7 timmar sedan

    arai regent x with a ducati scrambler !

  22. hassant , Esra I have two nams hassant , esra

    hassant , Esra I have two nams hassant , esra7 timmar sedan

    I am sad, there is no answer from you, and as if I am not talking to you, I am talking to no one

  23. Kai Rens

    Kai Rens7 timmar sedan

    Justin beiber is really out here making four minute movies

  24. NOUHAILA Nouha

    NOUHAILA Nouha8 timmar sedan

    Woow amazing heart touching

  25. Nayi YT

    Nayi YT8 timmar sedan

    Me encanta

  26. Miriam Ordaz

    Miriam Ordaz8 timmar sedan

    Why am I crying ????😭

  27. Bob Freeman

    Bob Freeman9 timmar sedan

    Doesn't this guy have a wife?

  28. playboi shilo

    playboi shilo9 timmar sedan

    MGK copy

  29. Veronica Banico

    Veronica Banico9 timmar sedan

    This had be crying like a baby.

  30. sakura s

    sakura s9 timmar sedan

    I got a book about you Justin Bieber I know you got a girlfriend because it hasn't in the book

  31. MichelleP HBIC

    MichelleP HBIC9 timmar sedan

    Oh my!! Simply..... "OUTSTANDING VIDEO!!" I heard this song awhile back and I'm finally catching up & watched the video. Let's just say how amazed I am with Justin's complete immaculate transformation. His vocal control, maturity, balance, acting, writing, you name it! I especially admire & respect his choice to BE HIMSELF on stage, off stage, cameras on, no cameras etc etc...Justin is finally *JUSTIN*. He can wake up slip his comfy sweats on, slippers or sneaks, barefoot who gives a shit! He is, in my mind, a wonderful role model to follow. He finally found his path, & what a perfect direction he has chosen. Born with a gift from God himself: The ability to reach billions of people around the world & display through music, how beautiful life is ALWAYS & what a grandiose blessing it is at that!❤️

  32. Yardım Sever Birii

    Yardım Sever Birii10 timmar sedan


  33. Hafeez Ullah Shah

    Hafeez Ullah Shah10 timmar sedan

    Before you sleep: god I'm thankful and I'm forgiving everyone no matter how many tries they made to knock me down; I'm still peaceful. And no matter how badly I was hit by others, or by my own mistake and blunders, for this, I'm forgiving myself and others. Further, make me rise as sun. Now, I'm going to sleep and I'm patient and tranquil. Life is very beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And I'm having a beautiful and kind soul. "Repeat" these words and you will feel peaceful and Now you can sleep or do something. If you smiled stay blessed! I can help you, visit me. Take care.

  34. cnugg

    cnugg10 timmar sedan

    justins new music is dope ngl

  35. Noah Franz

    Noah Franz11 timmar sedan

    Yo I'm boutta cry....

  36. Esconis

    Esconis11 timmar sedan

    Justin’s grown so much as a person over the last few years

  37. Kendra Charles

    Kendra Charles12 timmar sedan

    Both the song and the video make me cry

  38. Mati_Wnusiu

    Mati_Wnusiu12 timmar sedan

    ban 3 dni

  39. Misstakis

    Misstakis13 timmar sedan

    This my song ❤️🥺

  40. Bobba

    Bobba13 timmar sedan

    Good Time + John Q = Hold On

  41. prabhu varun

    prabhu varun13 timmar sedan

    Was one of them who made fun of your looks and all but bro your songs are the best and am big fan of your voice and your songs

  42. Angela Noel

    Angela Noel13 timmar sedan

    This is his adult version of baby, baby, baby!!! lovvvve it :)

  43. Fatima Aliya Ibrahim

    Fatima Aliya Ibrahim13 timmar sedan

    We all agree his talent make him lovable 🥰

  44. XuAN GfkXxvI

    XuAN GfkXxvI14 timmar sedan


  45. Azhar Izatullaeva

    Azhar Izatullaeva14 timmar sedan

    How could someone not like this song!!!

  46. 『W E A T H E R B O Y』

    『W E A T H E R B O Y』14 timmar sedan

    Bruh I'm not a JB fan but this song and mv is amazing

  47. Guðmundur Hreinsson

    Guðmundur Hreinsson15 timmar sedan


  48. Elysha Girardin Avon

    Elysha Girardin Avon15 timmar sedan

    Another amazing video

  49. Lungchuipou Gonmei

    Lungchuipou Gonmei15 timmar sedan

    Nobody's talking about the music which (hold on) is actually dedicated for Selena Gomez. See the storyline (Selena Gomez even did “Hold on” 6 years ago)

  50. Mustafa Ali

    Mustafa Ali6 timmar sedan

    No it isn't. Stop putting there names together. His married and she's moved on. He emotionally abused her. Please stfu.

  51. Dilruba Akter

    Dilruba Akter15 timmar sedan

    The finishing touches my heart😢😢😢

  52. Turn

    Turn15 timmar sedan


  53. Teylos

    Teylos16 timmar sedan

  54. Pines Pakingan

    Pines Pakingan16 timmar sedan

    This made me cry. Thank you for what you do. God bless you.

  55. Geovanni Trinh

    Geovanni Trinh16 timmar sedan


  56. Devlin Connelly

    Devlin Connelly16 timmar sedan

    Giving me cherry vibes and we love that

  57. Juruxa

    Juruxa16 timmar sedan

    Didn’t like Justin Bieber songs before but now I do 🔥 🔥🔥

  58. Rej Paluhan

    Rej Paluhan16 timmar sedan

    Guys lets stream this so it will reach 1B views💜

  59. 김수정

    김수정16 timmar sedan


  60. Natália Carvalho

    Natália Carvalho17 timmar sedan


  61. SVid

    SVid17 timmar sedan

    The song deserves 1000 billions of reproductions! 😠 Stream this please!

  62. Ruben Trujillo

    Ruben Trujillo17 timmar sedan

    Muy buen video y música, se escucho desde dentro

  63. SVid

    SVid17 timmar sedan

    Hi! I hope you are all OK! Here I put the official video and lyric video of Hold On!

  64. Lai 1989

    Lai 198917 timmar sedan


  65. Unicorn likes roblox

    Unicorn likes roblox17 timmar sedan

    at the end it makes me sad.

  66. 086MARQUIN

    086MARQUIN18 timmar sedan

    The best!!🙌🏼🔥

  67. Warner Put

    Warner Put18 timmar sedan

    This is a Hit!!!

  68. Mia Madelaine

    Mia Madelaine18 timmar sedan


  69. Jacquie Williams

    Jacquie Williams18 timmar sedan

    Tbh i knew the song had a sad meaning to it but , it made me cry a lil watching the video🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  70. lyrics hub

    lyrics hub18 timmar sedan

    This song deserves more 😭

  71. Brett Banfield

    Brett Banfield18 timmar sedan

    Crap song over rated over played.....

  72. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber19 timmar sedan

    setoos.info/name/y6HUmZCWh5isomc/video kak ini apa kak 😭😭😭😭😭

  73. MiMi

    MiMi20 timmar sedan

    #saveralph 💔

  74. Phx

    Phx20 timmar sedan

    4:18 to 4:20 was that Shawn mendes voice I hear 🤔🤔

  75. dhafer jemai

    dhafer jemai20 timmar sedan

    Started with titanic vibes went to future nostalgia

  76. Explorer P U Tube

    Explorer P U Tube20 timmar sedan

    Y did I feel this song is dedicated to Selena Gomez.

  77. Sebastián Kupka

    Sebastián Kupka20 timmar sedan

    Where is Justin Bieber's fame?

  78. Deepak kumar Dora

    Deepak kumar Dora20 timmar sedan

    Show u r love .this deserves much more

  79. PraneethGSKTech360

    PraneethGSKTech36021 timme sedan

    By far this is one of the best songs of Justin Bieber..💜💜

  80. PraneethGSKTech360

    PraneethGSKTech36021 timme sedan

    I’m an ARMY and I have to admit that Justin Bieber is a legend💜💜

  81. Aza Raeven

    Aza Raeven21 timme sedan

    I am so glad to see Asian representation in a music video when the singer is not Asian.. Great song, and amazing music video

  82. Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes21 timme sedan


  83. Brayden

    Brayden21 timme sedan

    2:05 - 2:08: Idk if this is just my headphones that can catch this, but can anyone else hear the piercing sound of auto tune failing to link with Justins voice? 😂 "Can't ge-(auto tune glitch)-t cl(auto tune glitch)ose." Anyone else now wondering what Justin sounds like without auto tune? 😂

  84. Brayden

    Brayden21 timme sedan

    (And its also not like my headphones are cheap or old- I bought them (Bose) like two months ago-)

  85. Nahir Imain

    Nahir Imain22 timmar sedan

    Su voz y este pedazo de video a las 5 AM..

  86. Lillian Kraft

    Lillian Kraft23 timmar sedan

    ahhhh I love this song 🙌 it sounded so good like this! everyone killed it! also down below let's start a Justin Bieber train 👇

  87. Lillie Rose

    Lillie Rose22 timmar sedan

    JUstin bieber!!!!

  88. Wolf Warrior Gaming

    Wolf Warrior GamingDag sedan

    Why does this songs sounds a bit familar to somebody that i used to lnow

  89. Azucena Davila

    Azucena DavilaDag sedan

    Te amo

  90. Kristin Emma Kesek

    Kristin Emma KesekDag sedan

    Omg, i'm crying right now 😭😭

  91. Aahana Thrills

    Aahana ThrillsDag sedan

    i painted my room purple because he said he liked purple ILY JB💜💜💜💜

  92. Sukhi Muzicall

    Sukhi MuzicallDag sedan

    This makes me cry 😭💔

  93. Crissy G

    Crissy G6 timmar sedan

    Me too😢💔

  94. Alondra Berenice Reyes

    Alondra Berenice Reyes11 timmar sedan

    This makes me cry 😭💔 Alondracomotes

  95. Alondra Berenice Reyes

    Alondra Berenice Reyes11 timmar sedan

    This makes mecry 😭💔

  96. Sama Hanri

    Sama Hanri11 timmar sedan



    LORI RANDO13 timmar sedan


  98. Piolin Malo

    Piolin MaloDag sedan

    Pinché viejita

  99. Moun Sreypich

    Moun SreypichDag sedan

    We all make mistakes

  100. Philippine National Prankster Association

    Philippine National Prankster AssociationDag sedan

    JB used to gain 500M plus views before. What happened? Is he no longer relevant? The vibe and feeling of his music has changed significantly. He no longer dances too, its like the JB now is a lot, i mean very much different than JB 5 maybe 6 years ago.

  101. Axel Rosario

    Axel RosarioDag sedan

    Video was much deeper than i was expected. That ending hit deep for personal reasons. Good Shit biebs. Keep blessing us wit this art.

  102. Mauricio Uchiha

    Mauricio UchihaDag sedan

    i like everything about this vid esp.. the ending, beautiful.

  103. davidpro

    davidproDag sedan


  104. Benoit Léonard

    Benoit LéonardDag sedan

    Universal healthcare usa?

  105. Aoife Lee

    Aoife LeeDag sedan

    1 This is HELLA underated and 2 By the end of this video I was literally SOBBING😭😭

  106. Aline Maiara

    Aline MaiaraDag sedan


  107. Aline Maiara

    Aline MaiaraDag sedan


  108. Rizza Jane Escalicas

    Rizza Jane EscalicasDag sedan

    Oh Justin!