Diablo IV - Rogue Announce Trailer

Some call it murder. She calls it a job well done. Learn more at Diablo4.com
The Rogue is the newest addition to the Diablo IV campfire, combining range and melee attacks with incredible speed and mobility. Prepare to slaughter hordes of the damned with imbued weapons and specialized attacks.


  1. shark cartoon

    shark cartoon22 timmar sedan

    D2R is the real D3. D3 & D4 are not diablo, they are bad dilablolike games.

  2. Gary McFarez

    Gary McFarez23 timmar sedan

    hope your level developers are better than last time on d3

  3. Alexander

    AlexanderDag sedan

    I hope that dodge roll we saw was an intrinsic part of the class' kit rather than one out of 6 abilities to choose from. It'd be cool if each class had a unique ability like that which remains baseline.

  4. NOOOKevin

    NOOOKevinDag sedan

    meh wake me up once its got a release date

  5. jon arbuckle

    jon arbuckleDag sedan

    mugly manish broad. guess all those activists from DC comics had to wind up somewhere

  6. Wacho

    Wacho2 dagar sedan

    They screwed up with the game cell phone and now they come with this horrendous cinematic and feminazi character to sell to basics possers gaymersgirls.

  7. bArood '

    bArood '2 dagar sedan

    Diablo 3.5 best game

  8. Hazhadal K

    Hazhadal K3 dagar sedan

    Are you guys ready to see the hype train falling in less than a week just like it happened in diablo 3?

  9. 911

    9113 dagar sedan

    mike tyson?

  10. Felipe Payssé

    Felipe Payssé3 dagar sedan

    This doesn’t look nearly as good as Diablo 2 resurrected. Hard pass

  11. 34smlS

    34smlS3 dagar sedan

    Is what gman ...? 0:50

  12. Hei C

    Hei C3 dagar sedan

    So is this a hint that dueling is available is D4?

  13. Loyal Outfits

    Loyal Outfits4 dagar sedan

    please i wanna play w monk

  14. Loyal Outfits

    Loyal Outfits4 dagar sedan

    wheres the monk

  15. Loyal Outfits

    Loyal Outfits4 dagar sedan

    pelo amor meu monge

  16. Loyal Outfits

    Loyal Outfits4 dagar sedan

    Cade o monge

  17. JB

    JB5 dagar sedan

    The rogue in Diablo is the Dark ranger in wow. Is it the next class, hummm??

  18. Horacio Buenrostro

    Horacio Buenrostro5 dagar sedan

    i only want the necromancer :(

  19. J J

    J J5 dagar sedan

    looks dumb

  20. Vladimir R

    Vladimir R5 dagar sedan

    So far d4 game play looks and feels like d3.

  21. Alex Carrick

    Alex Carrick6 dagar sedan

    Cringe 2d personality. Cringe chinese animation style. I thought this was D4, not a chinese mmo.

  22. Dartaen

    Dartaen7 dagar sedan

    You could say that was... earie. Hehehe... he...?

  23. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue7 dagar sedan

    Still can’t get over the sound of that hook piercing the ear cartridge. Wearing headphones makes me feel like I felt it myself.

  24. Linda Maloy

    Linda Maloy7 dagar sedan

    Very earie!!!

  25. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi6 dagar sedan


  26. larmie hehehe

    larmie hehehe7 dagar sedan

    he collects earrings

  27. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue7 dagar sedan


  28. Lilo

    Lilo8 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know who plays the voice actor for the rogue in this trailer.. it sounds so familiar and I cant put my finger on it.

  29. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi6 dagar sedan

    colors. Dont like that. Just make it look like the Diablo 2 Remastered. That looks great.

  30. Wulfiebaby

    Wulfiebaby8 dagar sedan

    I can't tell if Blizzard's writing gets worse every year, or if they just maintained the same embarrassing level for a quarter century. Guess it doesn't matter. The class looks fun to play.

  31. iriticu mare

    iriticu mare8 dagar sedan

    si cand apare acest joc ?

  32. DCLXVI_89 gaming

    DCLXVI_89 gaming8 dagar sedan

    Yes please

  33. dvls

    dvls8 dagar sedan

    Ahh yes, how to satisfy media with the Feminist class and the Feminist trailer, yay! Cant wait not to buy this game.

  34. Timothy Hutchins

    Timothy Hutchins8 dagar sedan

    I have a growing concern about what is going on in the Diablo 4 team when it comes to class and skill design. I couldn't find a good spot to leave it on the forums, and I don't have a twitter so I'll leave it here. It seems, from my perspective, that someone on the team decided that the sorceress was the only class allowed to use fire skills. First my Druid (yes I am one of those rare Diablo 2 druid mains) lost all his fire skills so that his magic wouldn't be confused with the sorceress. I believe that was the stated reason when the first three classes were revealed anyway. Now the rogue has lost one of her two iconic weapon enchants from Diablo 2 as well. In that game they could do frost and they could do fire that was it, and now in D4 they can do frost, poison, and shadow, but fire is suspiciously absent. Fire claws, molten boulder, firestorm these are all iconic druid abilities to me. Fire arrow and explosive arrow are iconic abilities to rogues and amazons respectively why have they been lost? Why is it that the sorceress is the only class with fire skills? It's weird and a little concerning to me. On the whole I think Diablo 4 is looking really good, and I remain cautiously optimistic. I just had to get this out there while the game was still in development and the potential for change was still there.

  35. Logan Zahn

    Logan Zahn8 dagar sedan

    New league champ?

  36. simich

    simich8 dagar sedan

    The cinematic trailer captures the Diablo spirit. Yes, it's dark, brutal and gruesome. Not for the squeamish of heart. I'm not sure about the gameplay though. Still looks childishly funky. But hey, this game is for everybody, right?

  37. HuginAndMunin

    HuginAndMunin8 dagar sedan

    I wish they got rid of cooldowns on spells :( I think it was much cooler the way it was in Diablo 2, where you could use any spell/skill as much as you want until your mana was fully drained. It gives you much more freedom of what to do with your resources, I hate having cooldowns forced upon me, it's a terribly boring mechanic. Remove cooldowns and bring back mana potions (and make them expensive). Give the players freedom to play their way :)

  38. Jestę Krytykię

    Jestę Krytykię8 dagar sedan

    Let's just copy a Demon hunter and make it into a new character.

  39. Jestę Krytykię

    Jestę Krytykię7 dagar sedan

    @No Name yes

  40. No Name

    No Name7 dagar sedan

    Ever played Diablo 1 ?

  41. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu8 dagar sedan

    "Do you guys not have phones?!"

  42. Torben Hornbak

    Torben Hornbak8 dagar sedan

    I cant wait till year 2054 when this is released!

  43. keegan wade

    keegan wade41 minut sedan

    @Black cp2077 shows this statement some light lol

  44. Black

    Black9 timmar sedan

    better late than buggy.

  45. Andros 93

    Andros 933 dagar sedan

    With all the bugs we deserve.

  46. Aver Valeriuos

    Aver Valeriuos8 dagar sedan

    OKAY! where is the WHITE MALE WARRIOR???? or why there isnt dat OPTION??? no gender option? wtf?? its a pure anti-white rasism!!

  47. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu8 dagar sedan

    I'll hope D4 is more like D2.

  48. Olivier Pouchet

    Olivier Pouchet9 dagar sedan

    Game already looks old..........

  49. elukok

    elukok9 dagar sedan

    I am sorry, but the gameplay is still not dark enough. Compare it to Diablo 2 or Diablo 1 where everything is dark, scary and derpessing. This has more brightness and poping colors. Dont like that. Just make it look like the Diablo 2 Remastered. That looks great.

  50. fozi cosplays

    fozi cosplays9 dagar sedan


  51. Littles_shlong 15

    Littles_shlong 159 dagar sedan

    We’re gonna look at this years from now at be nostalgic

  52. lecooper

    lecooper9 dagar sedan

    Awesome !

  53. Corey badoni

    Corey badoni9 dagar sedan

    hey! they really stepped up their game... combat looks fun =)

  54. Rui Amaral

    Rui Amaral9 dagar sedan

    She killed Kratos!

  55. Luiza Gamer

    Luiza Gamer9 dagar sedan

    Best game ever Forever in my soul

  56. Brother Lobotronus

    Brother Lobotronus9 dagar sedan

    Give the opportunity to assign more skills anywhere on the keyboard please as it was possible with D2 . I don't want to play D3 again like ( 1234 LM RM )

  57. Fred Smith

    Fred Smith9 dagar sedan

    Looks like diablo 3 which is a shame , thank god they are doing the D2 remaster.

  58. Hazhadal K

    Hazhadal K2 dagar sedan

    Looks better than both.

  59. Nathan Veach

    Nathan Veach10 dagar sedan

    Nice they are bringing back PVP. Going to get them ears.

  60. Brandon Parker

    Brandon Parker10 dagar sedan

    glad to see we're bringing back ears from diablo 2 pvp

  61. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi10 dagar sedan

    "Do you guys not have phones?!"

  62. Kulíček

    Kulíček10 dagar sedan

    Warlock next pls, And you have me in

  63. 빵빵레후

    빵빵레후10 dagar sedan

    It's garbage. This is not Diablo.

  64. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi10 dagar sedan

    Но вот опять вы наступаете на те же грабли что и с D3 - превращаете игру в спинномозговую дрочильню.

  65. JHcola

    JHcola10 dagar sedan

    I'll hope D4 is more like D2.

  66. Josh Davis

    Josh Davis10 dagar sedan

    I hope this game still has a few elements of comedy like the previous titles. Like the mad cow levels. 😊

  67. KIFFklipp

    KIFFklipp10 dagar sedan

    I remember after playing Diablo 1, I thought Diablo 2 would be 3D. :D

  68. KIFFklipp

    KIFFklipp9 dagar sedan

    @Dark Metamorphosis Yep, Diablo 2 is one of my top five games ever.

  69. Dark Metamorphosis

    Dark Metamorphosis9 dagar sedan

    I'm extremely grateful that didn't happen. The graphics in Diablo 2 makes that game for It's time. It's incredible to get a remastere now when we have the assets to make it look good in 3D.

  70. Christian Weisser E.

    Christian Weisser E.10 dagar sedan

    I think that whaat Diablo 4 needs to look like it should (like diablo 1 and 2) is to decrease the light and insert the concept of light radius from the characters and also give importance to the light sources like the candles, fire, light entries, etc...... ( if you see the gameplays the floor is too bright) and by the other hand if you see Diablo 2 resurrected gameplays you can feel the darknes with the light mechanics

  71. Traian Ticu

    Traian Ticu10 dagar sedan

    Do you guys remember when they asked us if we have phones?

  72. Pedro Braunger de Vasconcelos

    Pedro Braunger de Vasconcelos10 dagar sedan


  73. Gerome Cruz

    Gerome Cruz10 dagar sedan

    When the assassin class had a baby with demon hunter.

  74. Cenaberk Atcan

    Cenaberk Atcan10 dagar sedan

    Lol she brought the ears of noob hardcore ladder players that she slaughtered with her enchanted hacked character 😂 Jokes aside, she looks like a perfect combination of a zon from d2 and DH from d3 in the appearance of a rogue from d1. Being a javazon boomer for 18 years this is what I'm going to play 😋

  75. Jesse g

    Jesse g10 dagar sedan

    Why does the CGI look better in diablo 3? I know this is only 720p but just the polygons look dated

  76. Jason Roland

    Jason Roland10 dagar sedan

    Andariel !!!!!!

  77. Bez imienia Bez znaczenia

    Bez imienia Bez znaczenia10 dagar sedan

    Graphic like on D2. 30 years of Blizzard. And the jest news is we can pay for D2 egain. WoW , Diablo , Warcraft 3 , StarCraft ... how about someting new ? Can you still do IT Blizzard ? Can you be a legend egain ? Or you just give us same game over and over egain ?

  78. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu11 dagar sedan

    Andariel screaming at the end.

  79. urdream22

    urdream2211 dagar sedan

    Too much graphics. Skipped D3. Will skip D4 most likely.

  80. I like nougat

    I like nougat11 dagar sedan

    What would you think a trailer is? Of course it would have graphics

  81. HerbIsGaming

    HerbIsGaming11 dagar sedan

    bro are those ears

  82. HerbIsGaming

    HerbIsGaming11 dagar sedan

    oh, yep they sure are

  83. dendi

    dendi11 dagar sedan

    to be honest D2R graphics looks better than D4, , seriously why not just use D2R graphics as template for all future Diablo 5,6,7,8, just need to add new characters and plots

  84. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu11 dagar sedan

    I see a bunch of DH skills that were flashy but totally useless in builds. Big woop. Hope they don't kill the meta with d3's endless powerspike system.

  85. ToskaForsite

    ToskaForsite11 dagar sedan

    Но вот опять вы наступаете на те же грабли что и с D3 - превращаете игру в спинномозговую дрочильню.

  86. Isadora Costa

    Isadora Costa11 dagar sedan

    What character will be able to heal himself?

  87. Josh Richardson

    Josh Richardson3 dagar sedan

    Most likely the mage

  88. Michael Niedetzki

    Michael Niedetzki11 dagar sedan

    Unpopular opinion: I hope they stagger the release of D2R and D4 so I can get a satisfying amount of time in on one title before fully jumping into the other!

  89. David.S

    David.S11 dagar sedan

    Can we please have an option not to have that camera nudge/shake on every bow attack. Thanks for reading blizz devs

  90. Style Runner

    Style Runner11 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of Diablo 1

  91. Qwit

    Qwit11 dagar sedan

    The diablo franchise has been a let down once D3 launched. This looks even more less appealing as a "Hack and slash" game style.

  92. ASAFYY

    ASAFYY11 dagar sedan

    it look like silverfall

  93. Jin Chen

    Jin Chen11 dagar sedan

    So the priest is the employer, ja!

  94. K Dubz

    K Dubz11 dagar sedan

    Is this how the string of ears was made?

  95. Vapor Rafaioli

    Vapor Rafaioli11 dagar sedan

    Diablo strayed from a horror survival game to mob blasting with colorful skills.. so stupid At least From software took it ahead

  96. Hazhadal K

    Hazhadal K2 dagar sedan

    Lay down the crack son, diablo always has been a H&S - roguelike. I don't know why you brought up FromSoft.

  97. Vapor Rafaioli

    Vapor Rafaioli11 dagar sedan

    Diablo strayed from a horror survival game to mob blasting with colorful skills.. so stupid At least From software took it ahead

  98. KrizalisKiev

    KrizalisKiev11 dagar sedan

    Hello, Path of Exile! Now you in Diablo))

  99. Thinh Nguyen

    Thinh Nguyen12 dagar sedan

    Diablo 3 remake = diablo 4? i will be never pay for it. I will be wait diablo 2R.

  100. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml12 dagar sedan

    Hello, Humans. "Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?"-Abraham Lincoln TERRANCE OUT

  101. dreamsofmishra

    dreamsofmishra12 dagar sedan

    I see a bunch of DH skills that were flashy but totally useless in builds. Big woop. Hope they don't kill the meta with d3's endless powerspike system.

  102. Raving Pain

    Raving Pain12 dagar sedan

    Booooooo. Generic as hecc.

  103. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml12 dagar sedan

    necromancer like in d2 i would like it to be back

  104. The Knof

    The Knof12 dagar sedan

    So the graphics turned info d3 suddenly

  105. Irongrim

    Irongrim12 dagar sedan

    Still can’t get over the sound of that hook piercing the ear cartridge. Wearing headphones makes me feel like I felt it myself.

  106. sixledg3r

    sixledg3r12 dagar sedan

    This looks and feels more like Diablo 3 then Diablo 2, and I don't like it at all.

  107. tedthexeopian

    tedthexeopian12 dagar sedan

    This game made by chinese doesn't it?

  108. Kamuie

    Kamuie12 dagar sedan

    i hope this game get some focus on pvp, by what i have noticed on trailers it maybe true

  109. Ilia Draznin

    Ilia Draznin12 dagar sedan

    I'm so confused. His ears closet looked full, but surely he's not done hiring assassins to get rid of whoever he doesn't like. So like, is the plan to build a new closet with more hooks, or does it have multiple layers and what we saw are just panels that open up to reveal more hooks? Also, it's not really space efficient - there's such a large gap between the hooks and for what, he doesn't even have labels for all the ears. In fact, without labels how does he even keep track of this stuff. Also, without proper ventilation those ears will rot and smell something nasty. The whole thing is really so impractical it's just ridiculous! You know what - this ruined the game for me! :D

  110. JoseX

    JoseX12 dagar sedan

    Linuuuuuuxxxxx pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  111. Tim Newsome

    Tim Newsome12 dagar sedan

    This gameplay looks like Diablo 3. Gross.

  112. RedFlamingoTV

    RedFlamingoTV12 dagar sedan

    What's with the poor quality? Every year blizzard cinematics are fire, this year all complete garbage quality.

  113. leon wija

    leon wija12 dagar sedan

    Nice, i like the original rogue class better than demon hunter and amazon 👏👏👏

  114. Ean Moody

    Ean Moody12 dagar sedan

    "Dang, looks like I need to get a bigger ear cabinet."

  115. Cr4zyEse

    Cr4zyEse12 dagar sedan

    So a mix of assassin and amazon?? :)

  116. BekirHan

    BekirHan12 dagar sedan

    The music is the apex of this trailer. That is just Impressive. They should share the soundtrack on youtube individually. Drums are delicious.

  117. roargathor

    roargathor9 dagar sedan


  118. TheDarkYogi

    TheDarkYogi10 dagar sedan

    Yea, very great. I'm getting goosebumps while watching the trailer. An amazing speedkiller with this soundtrack. Reminds me a bit to the Wonder Woman Fight Theme.

  119. Tante Marianne

    Tante Marianne12 dagar sedan

    Why does the gameplay always look a bit off? Its not fluid...

  120. Irongrim

    Irongrim12 dagar sedan

    It’s still in development. Most gameplay teasers are nothing compared to what they look like when they release.

  121. Gabriel Ekehed

    Gabriel Ekehed12 dagar sedan

    I've got literal goosebumps... This is so hype.

  122. Jokery

    Jokery12 dagar sedan

    necromancer like in d2 i would like it to be back

  123. Brad

    Brad12 dagar sedan

    Wow what a shocker....