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"The Profit" episode "SJC Drums" is now available to watch in just 10 minutes! Hear the Full Episode with The Profit Podcast:
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About The Profit:
When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In each one-hour episode of The Profit, Lemonis makes an offer that’s impossible to refuse; his cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. And once inside these companies, he’ll do almost anything to save the business and make himself a profit; even if it means firing the president, promoting the secretary or doing the work himself.
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The Profit In 10 Minutes: SJC Drums | CNBC Prime


  1. Samsung note 7

    Samsung note 713 timmar sedan

    I love sjc

  2. godz13

    godz1313 dagar sedan

    wait so he just has to give up 33% to his friend for nothing? i could understand 10% maybe, but at 33% he should at least buy in some. he is pretty much giving the other guy 400k out of nowhere even though he has paid him over the years. dont see walmart managers getting a slice of the pie just for taking a leadership role. i can understand wanting to keep him but that equity is the owners, and now he is 400k out of pocket. the brother should own at least 15% and 15% to the shop manager instead.

  3. ofomaja joshua

    ofomaja joshua23 dagar sedan

    Love this episode

  4. Jason Edlund

    Jason EdlundMånad sedan

    I’m a huge fan of SJC is this 100% true shocking never heard this before!

  5. Mark Richard

    Mark Richard2 månader sedan

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  6. Pizzonia

    PizzoniaMånad sedan

    This is weird type of scam

  7. Terrance Thomas

    Terrance Thomas4 månader sedan

    The uncool guy with the knows the operation always get kicked out. Egos to broke Egos.

  8. Ravinder Talwar

    Ravinder Talwar4 månader sedan

    Wonderful discovery.My sincere appreciations for you.

  9. L MO

    L MO4 månader sedan

    SJC drums are like the red headed step child of DW drums. They just do not compare to DW drums in sound quality but they try so hard. They will throw in the towel in the next 5 year's.

  10. Bond 007

    Bond 007Månad sedan

    ....not 4 you to say!

  11. I love fords429

    I love fords4294 månader sedan

    I've played on the tour series kit and to me it sounds amazing

  12. Anderson Lima

    Anderson Lima4 månader sedan

    Good Morning! all well? my name is Anderson Luiz, I live in the city of Contagem-MG. I watch the program the partner, with Marcus, aqyi in Brazil is broadcast on the history channel. I followed the episode with your company, and I wish you success. I have a project that I really wanted to present to Marcus. But I can't get this contact, I would like to ask for your help with this approach, by forwarding it from e-mail or passing my contacts to him. I thank you for your attention. Anderson Luiz e-mail: Phone: 55 31 99314-8006

  13. TheGooglySmoog

    TheGooglySmoog4 månader sedan

    I love this show and I trust Marcus but Music instruments is such a bad business to invest in.

  14. GManGT

    GManGT4 månader sedan

    In every episode of The Profit....the owner always cries.....EVERY TIME.

  15. Jason Bateman

    Jason Bateman3 månader sedan

    I am a small business owner. I cried wasn't the first time.

  16. Muyiwa Osifuye

    Muyiwa Osifuye4 månader sedan

    Small business is tough!

  17. Are Are

    Are Are4 månader sedan

    What i love with this episode is the healing process between the 2 brothers... That is worth more than profit and gain that money can buy. Congratulations Marcus for being the bridge in healing their bad feelings. Awesome, the Profit is gaining also on the priceless aspects of business.... !

  18. Andres Sierra

    Andres Sierra19 dagar sedan

    there is no priceless aspect, a good relationship between them will create profit. have you not learned anything?

  19. Daryl Johnson

    Daryl Johnson4 månader sedan

    At the end of the day no matter how messed up he is he's still your this episode

  20. Fish

    Fish4 månader sedan

    I love when this channel posts a video