BTS (방탄소년단) 'Old Town Road' Live Performance with Lil Nas X and more @ GRAMMYs 2020

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  1. Asta

    Asta31 minut sedan


  2. Chiky Disla

    Chiky DislaTimme sedan

    Amor ❤️🤘🏻 Ohhhhhhh

  3. Eb

    Eb2 timmar sedan

    JHOOOOOPPE!!!! yes please

  4. Eb

    Eb2 timmar sedan

    so im here to request more body rolls in BTS dance performances. please and thank you ~fainted army


    BTS ARMY ENTERTAINMENT3 timmar sedan

    Kim Namjoon Kim SeokJin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook Lil Nas X BTS and Lil Nas X 💜💜


    BTS ARMY ENTERTAINMENT3 timmar sedan

    So perfect

  7. rukiya Abas

    rukiya Abas4 timmar sedan

    Me: *sees RM on screen** DADDY *SCREAMS*

  8. Maria clara REYES BAUTISTA

    Maria clara REYES BAUTISTA4 timmar sedan

    ojala algun dia bit hit se de cuenta que en los gramys sololos usaron para tener audiencia

  9. margot_lpb

    margot_lpb5 timmar sedan


  10. Bangtan Time

    Bangtan Time6 timmar sedan

    My bias in BTS is wearing a jacket

  11. Ragad Ayaydah

    Ragad Ayaydah6 timmar sedan

    Who still watching this performance in 2021

  12. sn. nuna

    sn. nuna6 timmar sedan

    May I know who wrote this song?😁

  13. isingtomyownbeat08

    isingtomyownbeat086 timmar sedan

    I rewatch this for BTS’ outfits alone. Whoever styled them that day, give them a RAISE 🙌🏼

  14. lost soul

    lost soul8 timmar sedan

    BTS owned the stage and set it on fire. bow wow wow. periodtt.

  15. Israt Jahan Prova

    Israt Jahan Prova9 timmar sedan

    Eagerly waiting for bts's performance in Grammy 2021

  16. Carol Oliveira

    Carol Oliveira10 timmar sedan

    olha o estilo dos meninos..... to praticamente sem respirar desde que eles aparecerem

  17. Hani YOUSUF

    Hani YOUSUF10 timmar sedan


  18. TaetAe_miN

    TaetAe_miN11 timmar sedan

    And after some days they are gonna have their own stage😏I'm so hella proud of them

  19. Lylíca

    Lylíca11 timmar sedan

    Eu sempre volto aqui pra ver as harmonizações das vozes deles, QUE SÃO PERFEITAS!!

  20. Winnie Tiopan

    Winnie Tiopan13 timmar sedan

    Jungkook voice💜💜💜💙💙💙

  21. blue nini

    blue nini15 timmar sedan

    me=😮 joon=🥵🥵🤠🤠💪🤘👑👑🎤🔥🔥 me=🤡💍🙏🙏

  22. Itz Chimchim

    Itz Chimchim15 timmar sedan


  23. Sravya sri Reddy

    Sravya sri Reddy15 timmar sedan


  24. John pana

    John pana15 timmar sedan

    that troll lol

  25. Anugraha sobi 3

    Anugraha sobi 316 timmar sedan

    Ok but grammy namjoon was 👁️👄👁️

  26. Brenda

    Brenda17 timmar sedan

    Our Grammy nominated artists!

  27. Brenda

    Brenda17 timmar sedan

    I feel so proud everytime I watch this. Manifesting for this year! 🤞🏻💜

  28. venu gopal

    venu gopal18 timmar sedan

    V and jin voice is amazing

  29. Min yoongi Suga

    Min yoongi Suga19 timmar sedan


  30. Dani Aguilar

    Dani Aguilar20 timmar sedan

    Oh Namjoon .

  31. BTS y ARMY

    BTS y ARMY21 timme sedan

    OMG me encantó 😍

  32. Saiid 0514

    Saiid 051422 timmar sedan

    first time i will like a bts video ... this is beautiful

  33. imghazal

    imghazal22 timmar sedan

    Btssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 👑😎

  34. Gabby Cuellar/Salazar

    Gabby Cuellar/Salazar23 timmar sedan

    Call Ricky and Grandma Grandpa

  35. Gabby Cuellar/Salazar

    Gabby Cuellar/Salazar23 timmar sedan

    Hey Gabby I want to eat some McDonald's you met me please

  36. DicesSerMejor PeroCriticasALosDemasPorSusGustos

    DicesSerMejor PeroCriticasALosDemasPorSusGustos23 timmar sedan

    Bts siempre divinos

  37. عبدالرحمن حيدر

    عبدالرحمن حيدرDag sedan

    صوتهم خرا ليل ناز افضل بكثير

  38. Kookie BTS_1

    Kookie BTS_1Dag sedan

    I hope by this yr. GRAMMYs, BTS will have their own solo performance with their own song since they were nominated.

  39. yelly liz

    yelly lizDag sedan


  40. yelly liz

    yelly lizDag sedan


  41. tae Moonchild

    tae MoonchildDag sedan


  42. Taylor Morgan-Young

    Taylor Morgan-YoungDag sedan

    Watch this every day to remember how 2020 had such a powerful start and still managed to let us down majorly

  43. Taehyungie uwu

    Taehyungie uwuDag sedan


  44. Patrícia Ramos

    Patrícia RamosDag sedan


  45. ooh ouh

    ooh ouhDag sedan

    O M G

  46. Xaviera Briones

    Xaviera BrionesDag sedan

    Ya un año y aun no lo superó 🙇‍♀️💜

  47. shakiba

    shakibaDag sedan

    Tae and baby kid..💜💜🤹🤹

  48. Always Pelin

    Always PelinDag sedan

    Taehyung... 😻😻

  49. shakiba

    shakibaDag sedan

    I wish I was there....those people are so close to them..😭

  50. Ioanna Katsoulidi

    Ioanna KatsoulidiDag sedan

    lucky guys you see this think

  51. Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee

    Eaint Yoon Shwe YeeDag sedan

    i just noticed when they were singing V sounded so low pitched and jimin sounded so high pitched wth

  52. jana

    janaDag sedan

    Armys , can we talk about how v was handsome in that outfit...

  53. Elijah Jones

    Elijah JonesDag sedan

    Barely realized BTS was saying "Seoul Town Road"...very clever!

  54. Park Jimin

    Park JiminDag sedan

    Everyone: talking about Jimin and Jk's voice, Grammy, Jin and Tae harmonise😍😍😍😍 And here Me: Why Tae is wearing a Tie on head 1:27🥴 Why lil Nas is jumping from first to last😶 Why Does he have that much hair....3:43 😵

  55. Jackie S.

    Jackie S.Dag sedan


  56. amelia asilo

    amelia asiloDag sedan

    I can't wait to watch them perform their own song this coming March 14

  57. Dick Head

    Dick HeadDag sedan

    Omg . 😇 Im the 50million viewer . Hi 😊

  58. Imploding Star

    Imploding StarDag sedan

    Wish BTS's feature was longer. No worries, this year, hopefully they'll get to perform on their own instead of featuring in another artist's set.

  59. Sajani Erandika

    Sajani ErandikaDag sedan

    I love BTS (방탄소년단)💜️

  60. manusia biasa

    manusia biasaDag sedan

    Waiting grammy 2021😀

  61. Noelia Acosta

    Noelia AcostaDag sedan

    Esta presentación fue exelente

  62. Meenu Chaudhary

    Meenu ChaudharyDag sedan

    The staff that styled bts I owe them a planet Periodt✋ But From where should I bring a planet from 😅

  63. Yusra Khan

    Yusra KhanDag sedan

    1:30 jimin and jk vocals are amazing😃🐥🐇

  64. A R

    A RDag sedan

    Their voices + Looks+Energy = Nailed it...........

  65. nicnic.c

    nicnic.cDag sedan


  66. Aamenah Khan シ

    Aamenah Khan シDag sedan

    This is my favourite version

  67. Hafsa La bg

    Hafsa La bgDag sedan

    Best part 1:32 at 1:46 ❤️❤️❤️🥵

  68. ᅲᅲ

    ᅲᅲDag sedan

    What is that!! It was clear on BTS face that they didn't want to collaborate with this singer !! Because they know that these singers are exploiting them only for the sake of fame.💅🏼

  69. basm بbasm

    basm بbasmDag sedan


  70. maricel castillo

    maricel castilloDag sedan

    And Jimin

  71. maricel castillo

    maricel castilloDag sedan

    OMG Jin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. reetika naggi

    reetika naggiDag sedan

    Grammy deserved BTS's performance....deadly combination💜💜💜💜Tae's looking damm hot in this headband look...🐯💜💜💜💜💜

  73. ༒Shouq Army ༒

    ༒Shouq Army ༒Dag sedan

    للحين مقدر اتخطىء بتس هنا

  74. Monique Denso

    Monique DensoDag sedan

    Iba talaga aura ni joon...

  75. K i m N a m j o o n

    K i m N a m j o o nDag sedan

    نامجون صوتهه يجنننن😭🔥


    ZAINAB TARIQDag sedan


  77. Sarah 111

    Sarah 111Dag sedan

    الفرص بتكون افضل َاكثر واكبر لكم 🙏🏻🤍 احبكم BTS

  78. Kim Taehung

    Kim TaehungDag sedan

    Bts deserve their own performance with their own song. Agree?

  79. Saranya Solaiyan

    Saranya SolaiyanDag sedan

    Surpassed 50M views

  80. Nafisa Islam

    Nafisa IslamDag sedan

    Tae's beauty is going out of control!

  81. Akshita Dadwal

    Akshita DadwalDag sedan


  82. Geethika Liyanarachchi

    Geethika LiyanarachchiDag sedan

    they dropped 💩 ahhh that's mine They dropped this👑

  83. Geethika Liyanarachchi

    Geethika LiyanarachchiDag sedan

    When jimin said "I'm gonna" I officially died🙂✌

  84. redacted

    redactedDag sedan

    Ayy it's chowder the 4th wall breaker

  85. Seda Akgül'e beyin lütfen-4 #Got7forever

    Seda Akgül'e beyin lütfen-4 #Got7foreverDag sedan

    Ölmek,bitmek,gebermek = :

  86. Naftalia Revani Agnestiana

    Naftalia Revani AgnestianaDag sedan


  87. C.A.Wright

    C.A.WrightDag sedan

    *Ehem* kpop bad lol

  88. Janique Spence

    Janique SpenceDag sedan

    The guy in the red is the hottest person I’ve ever seen. WTH!!?!?!

  89. Akshita Dadwal

    Akshita DadwalDag sedan

    damn ikr thas jhope

  90. Daniela Ordóñez

    Daniela OrdóñezDag sedan

    Man that was amazing but so short they need a whole performance, America is not ready for BTS’ performances

  91. BestWell Engineering

    BestWell EngineeringDag sedan


  92. Lily Dvorachek

    Lily DvorachekDag sedan

    People have the audacity to dislike the video oml

  93. Mike

    Mike2 dagar sedan

    I'm glad John Wayne is saved from seeing this Rhinestone Cowboy one hit wonder! lol!

  94. conservative_bts_army

    conservative_bts_army2 dagar sedan

    Who's the little boy?

  95. Hicham Sahlaoui

    Hicham Sahlaoui2 dagar sedan

    Literally the best video ive ever seen

  96. Hicham Sahlaoui

    Hicham Sahlaoui2 dagar sedan

    Guys help me so i used to watch that cartoon at the begining when i was a kid and i forgot its name i need it

  97. Andrea Lin

    Andrea Lin2 dagar sedan

    Yes my man lil nas got the 24 Kobe shirt in the background

  98. H4m1 1391 Roblox

    H4m1 1391 Roblox2 dagar sedan

    in bed- not in full screen- Reading comments-

  99. CaptainAyaAya 28

    CaptainAyaAya 282 dagar sedan

    I’m not a big fan of BTS but this COOL!

  100. Fabiola

    Fabiola2 dagar sedan

    esta mini aparición fue ofensiva dios premios de mierda

  101. Zehra Naz ÇOLAK

    Zehra Naz ÇOLAK2 dagar sedan

    2.13 What is the name of the child